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These three youths must not be normal. Their clothes were luxurious and elegant. However, they wore the same clothes, so they must have not been the dandies from any family. After coming inside, they looked around, and then they looked at An Zheng.

– “Are you An Zheng?”

The first one pointed to An Zheng and asked:

– “I am from the Chen family. My name is Chen Qi. Now you should go with me to the Chen Mansion. Immediately!”

Having finished speaking, he turned back and left. After two steps, he found that An Zheng had not followed him. He turned back and saw that An Zheng was still sitting on the chair and petting the kitten.

– “I am talking with you. Didn’t you hear me?”

His tone was cold.

An Zheng knitted his brows and looked at him:

– “Call me An ye!”

Chen Qi became annoyed. He was a crew member of the Chen family’s little son, and he was very important in the Chen Mansion. Everyone who walked on the main street of the South Mountain Town was subservient whenever seeing them. However, that little child was outraged in front of him. As a result, he got crazily mad:

– “An Zheng, if was not because that the little dandy would have liked to meet you, did you think that you would have still been alive?”

An Zheng calmly said:

– “Call me An Ye!”

Chen Qi moved forward a bit:

– “I will give you one more chance. Stand up and follow me now, and I will spare your life.”

An Zheng sighed:

– “I gave you two chances.”

At first, Chen Qi did not get what An Zheng’s had meant. Once he had understood, he got terribly mad. He pointed:

– “I will disable you, and then I will take you to dandy!”

The two black clothed youths behind him rushed strongly forward. Their steps were absolute and steady, which showed that they had been trained very well and strictly. One of them sent a kick towards An Zheng’s neck. The remaining one grazed to take down An Zheng’s chair. They together sent out a kick, sharply and rapidly.

An Zheng stepped on the ground once, and the chair was moved backwards, avoiding the two easily.

Du ShouShou rushed forward:

– “How dare you fight with my friend!”

He sent out a fist to one of the youths with reasonable speed. Actually, his movement was as common as that of a ruffian. No matter if it was good or bad, he usually fought with the other students in the school. Therefore, although his skills were common, it was practical. If a normal person had taken the fists to the nose, he would have sat down and held his nose for a while before he started fighting again.

A black clothed youth moved his body to avoid Du ShouShou’s fists, and then he caught the wrist and threw him aside. Du ShouShou fell on the ground. However, when he nearly fell to the ground, the other youths turned downwards and caught his ankle. They took Du ShouShou’s wrist and ankle together, and then they jumped back.

It seemed that Du ShouShou’s body would have been torn apart in no time.


A youth was beaten on his nape. He did not notice that An Zheng had already stood up. Being in extreme pain had made him lose vitality and dropped his hands. The remaining black-clothed youth was not ready to fight back, so he, along with Du ShouShou fell back.

An Zheng sent out a fist towards the nape of the black clothed youth, and then he caught the enemy’s hair, pulling backwards. That youth shouted out in pain and fell to the ground. An Zheng trod on the youth’s throat and broke it. The youth vomited blood and died by the kick from An Zheng.

In the past, when fighting with the scoundrels, An Zheng did not kill anyone. However, this time he fought with no mercy.

– “I’ve just killed him with some cruel tricks.”

An Zheng put the kitten into his chest and stretched out shortly:

– “I have serious injuries, so I did not want to fight any more. However, based on that reason did you force me to fight.”

He kicked the the youth’s corpse away, and then he moved towards Chen Qi:

– “Was this cruel trick taught by the dandy of the Chen Mansion?”

Chen Qi’s face turned pale white. He couldn’t have imagined that An Zheng could have finished that fast and brutal. He did not follow the dandy of the Chen Mansion to An Zheng’s house, so he did not see An Zheng defeat the tens of people with a single knife. If he had seen, he would not have been so arrogant. He was just jealous with An Zheng because the dandy of the Chen Mansion had counted on An Zheng greatly, even more than him.

He had just wanted to teach An Zhen a lesson. For that fatty, killing him was nothing.

– “An Zheng… you should know that you are fighting against the Chen Mansion.”

An Zheng ignored his words, and he kept moving forward quickly. Seeing An Zheng moving towards him, Chen Qi was frightened as if he had seen a great wild beast behind of An Zheng. That wild beast had caused him to be terribly nervous as if his heart was about to burst.

– “Sparing such people like you is like cultivating the germs of disaster.”

In his movements, An Zheng kicked away the youths who were laying on top of Du ShouShou. This youth’s body was bent over and spat out, breaking a table. Du ShouShou immediately stood up, put his big buttocks on the youth’s body, and then he continuously sent out fists.

– “Let this fatty teach you how to fight with people!”

– “An Zheng… don’t think that I won’t dare to kill you because the dandy wants to meet you.”

Chen Qi stepped back three times to realize that he could not lose his manners. He forced himself to stop, and then he took out a dagger from his sleeves, pointing to An Zheng:

– “I tell you for the last time, if you dare to move forward, I will surely disable you.”

An Zheng did not care about Chen Qi, and he kept moving forward as fast as lightning. Chen Qi stabbed the dagger into An Zheng’s chest cruelly.

An Zheng held the dagger with two fingers and bent it. Crack! Chen Qi’s wrist had been terribly broken. An Zheng took over the dagger, and he moved the dagger smoothly to cut a long line on Chen Qi’s arm. The dagger left the body and took with it a long strip of  the arm’s tendon. It was miraculous that the tendon had not snapped apart, but it just slipped out from Chen Qi’s arm.

This trick was so horrifying that it scared the people out of their wits.

An Zheng held the dagger and said:

– “Did you just say that you had wanted to disable me? So do you know how you will become if I move this dagger just a little?”

– “An… An ye.”

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Chen Qi’s face was as white as a sheet, and his forehead was full of sweat. He knew that he was wrong to have caused trouble with a person whom he should have avoided, and he was also wrong for being innocent. How could a person whom dandy had counted on be insufficient? Because I was stupid and zealous, I have caused trouble with An Zheng. Now my tendon is hanging on the enemy’s dagger, if he just moves the dagger a little, and then this arm will be completely disabled.

– “It’s too late. I already gave you two chances.”


An Zheng had just finished, when someone came in from the outside:

– “An ye, please show mercy.”

Chen Pu with black clothes came inside, and he was consistent with his good-natured smile. Based on his status, Chen Pu was the third uncle of the dandy, but his position was far behind because he was not the oldest son. However, based on his efforts and cruel mind, he counted himself as an important person in the Chen Mansion.

He clasped his hands and said:

– “An ye, was it necessary for you to win over these children? They did not know any rules, which made An ye annoyed. On behalf of the Chen Mansion, I would like to apologize An ye.”

He moved forward one step and stood between An Zheng and Du ShouShou. He just needed to move a little to have been able to have catched Du ShouShou easily.

An Zheng pouted. Boof! Chen Qi’s tendon had been sliced.

– “But it’s necessary for me because almost all people cannot compete with me in winning or losing.”

Chen Qi shouted with pain and moved backwards, bringing down some chairs along with him. Qu Liu’er ran out from inside to stop them, but she was kept away by Qu FengZi:

– “Stay here, Liu’er! You must keep in your mind carefully that Chen Pu is your enemy. If you can practice one day, don’t forget to tear him to pieces. Before your father died, he gave his last will that I shouldn’t have told you these things. However, I think that you must take revenge for your father no matter if you are a boy or a girl.”

Qu Liu’re nodded strongly with tears streaming down her face.

Chen Pu had intended not to see An Zheng cut apart the tendon of Chen Qi, and he said politely:

– “An ye is appreciated for teaching those disobedient children a lesson. If An ye is available, please come visit the Chen Mansion. Our dandy does want to meet you.

An Zheng nodded:

– Wait for me to take some medicines. I will definitely come afterwards.

Chen Pu clasped his hands:

– “So I will go home and wait for An ye.”

He turned back and carried out Chen Qi with one hand:

– “Wasted!”

Chen Qi:

– “Dad…”

Chen Pu:

– “Shut up!”

And then Chen Pu went away.

An Zheng’s eyes revealed merciless feelings… This Chen Pu is too wicked. He can stand even this situation. In the future when he takes action, it may become hell or high water… Such a person like Chen Pu is not a cowardice but forbear. Chen Pu understood his position clearly. Although An Zheng was an outsider, he would not drive the dandy of Chen Mansion nuts. However, An Zheng really looked down on him because he had no reaction when seeing him disable his son.

An Zheng turned back, and Du ShouShou had already beaten the black-clothed youth to unconsciousness. An Zheng moved forwards and helped Du ShouShou to stand up:

– “Stop fighting. If you still fight, you will kill him, and you will not like it. Once you kill a person, you will only dream of nightmares.”

– “How about you?”

Du ShouShou looked over the youth who had been killed by An Zheng:

– “Aren’t you scared of nightmares?”

An Zheng smiled a bit:

– “Me? I’m the nightmare of many people, so I will not dream of nightmares.”

Qu FengZi showed up from inside:

– “You should take the medicines and leave with haste. My place cannot protect you. Go with haste! Go!”

An Zheng knew that Qu FengZi did not want to make any mistakes to the Chen family, so he took the medicines and did not stay for long. He said thanks to Qu FengZi, and then he wrote down some prescription formulas:

– “If you understand, you will have benefits.”

Qu FengZi did not know in which he could have trusted this youth. He stared at An Zheng once and kept the formulas.

An Zheng and Du ShouShou left the pharmacy. Du ShouShou said while walking:

– “You could still fight with them. Why did you ask me to carry you on the way to the pharmacy?”

An Zheng:

– “Just for fun, nothing special.”

Du ShouShou nodded:

– “But I feel that something is wrong…”

An Zheng:

– “From now on, it’s better for you to get familiar with it.”

Du ShouShou:

– “…”

At that time, there were only a few people on the main street. The Illusory Perennial Domicile was always a place for crimes, and it became more dangerous at night. Therefore, no one dared to travel at night. They just closed their doors and went to bed very early. At that time, there was a litter carried by four crews with blue clothes. When passing by Du ShouShou and An Zheng, the person inside the litter opened the curtains and looked at An Zheng:

– “Wow, what a beautiful kitten!”

He pointed to the kitten:

– “Give it to me or I will smoke you.”

An Zheng smiled a bit:

– Before sterilizing, have you fulfilled your filial duty yet?


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