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The scornful attitude of the kitten had made Du ShouShou displeased:

– “Shan-ye, you hide inside people’s chest all day and sleep. How can you look down on me?”

The kitten stretched its back and looked at Du ShouShou as if it wanted to say: “I’m beautiful, so I will definitely have the right. Beauty rules all.”

Du ShouShou carried An Zheng to the pharmacy and missed the kitten’s manners behind. He was walking while breathing strongly:

– “An Zheng, why do you look skinny but are actually heavy?”

An Zheng smiled a bit:

– “Fatty, do you know that it isn’t a good sign when you are carrying a person and feel that he is getting heavier and heavier?”

– “Why? What does that mean?”

– “It means you are tired.”

Du ShouShou was surprised and sneered:

– “How can you still joke around in this situation?Don’t think that I know nothing at all. My mother used to tell me that my grandmother was seriously ill in the past.


That my mother had to carry her on her back to the clinic. After half way that way, she felt that my grandmother had gotten heavier and heavier. When she got there, she had then found out that my grandmother had already… Qu FengZi in the pharmacy had said that a dead person would have become heavier. However, don’t worry! An Zheng, I am here, so you cannot die.”

An Zheng smiled a bit:

– “I will not die again, that easily.”

Du ShouShou did not notice that An Zheng had meant another thing. He just thought that An Zheng had mentioned about being beaten closely to death by Gao Di’s men in the past. He could not know that the person he was carrying on his back had used to fight numerous death matches with many of the tartars in the Blue Boorish Mountain. At that time, even mountains and rivers were shaken along with them. At that time, An Zheng was close to death. From that battle onwards, An Zheng had also realized that in the Fuxi Dynasty there were not only his opponents that had wanted him to die, but also those, who had used to fight side by side with him, had also wanted the same.

An Zheng’s house was not far from the pharmacy in the South Mountain Town. Qu FengZi’s medical skills were not bad, but he was a greedy person. Without money, he would not have cured anyone even if they had died in front of him.

When Du ShouShou carried An Zheng to the pharmacy, the disciple of Qu FengZi, Qu Liu’er had been about to close the door. It was dark at night, and there was no one on the street. Qu Liu’er was about seventeen or eighteen years old. He was small, skinny, and pale. Closing the door seemed to be overwhelming for him. He had thin eyelashes, round eyes, and sharp eyebrows.He had an oval face which made him more girly.

– “Xiao Liu’er, go ask your master to cure An Zheng!”

Du ShouShou suddenly rushed into the pharmacy and frightened Qu Liu’er out of his wits. He turned pale when seeing that An Zheng was full of blood throughout his body. The news that An Zheng had fought with the Tyrants outside of the tavern was spread rapidly. Therefore, the first thing that Qu Liu’er thought was that An Zheng had been beaten.

– “But… but my master will not cure him.”

Everyone in the South Mountain Town knew that Qu FengZi would not cure anyone due to three reasons: when he got drunk, when it was at night, and when the patient didn’t have any money.

The voice of Qu Liu’er was quite soft and embarrassing:

– “It’s night time now, my master is about to go out and drink…”

– “But he is going to die if no one saves him.”

Du ShouShou shouted out, and his tone was imploring.

When Qu Liu’er still did not know what to do, Qu FengZi who was nearly over fifty with his goat’s beard on his ugly face came out:

– “Who dares to cause trouble in my area? Don’t you see where you are? No one in this South Mountain Town dares to cause trouble in Qu-ye’s pharmacy.

Du ShouShou saw Qu FengZi show up, and he hurriedly carried An Zheng to him:

– “Qu-ye, I beg you to save An Zheng. He was seriously injured.”

Qu FengZi knitted his brows to look at An Zheng, and he was frightened by An Zheng’s bloody body. However, he chilled out just in a minute and shook his head:

– “Everyone in South Mountain Town knows of the three reasons why I will have refused to cure a patient: When it was nighttime, when there is no money, and when I get drunk. However, you two have violated all of them. Go away! Go away! Today Qu-ye will not resent you children. Just go away.”

Du ShouShou took out a silver bar and slapped it on the stall:

– “Qu-ye, I have money!”

Qu FengZi had just seen the silver bar full of blood, his eyes shined:

– “This one…”

Du ShouShou asked with haste:

– “Is it enough? If it is not enough, I still have more in my house. You feel free to tell me any price it is that you want.”

Qu FengZi hesitated a bit:

– “You have also known that I am a methodical person because if I am not methodical, how can I convince other people? I will not cure at night time and when I get drunk… However, why didn’t you two tell me that you had money earlier? Come inside, hurry! Xiao Qu, why don’t you help An Gege sit down? You little An ye, what did you do to get all this blood all over your body like that?”

Qu FengZi had told An Zheng’s that his body was covered with blood, which made An Zheng little surprised. I am on Du ShouShou’s back, and Qu FengZi cannot see me clearly. However, he said “got blood on” not “bleeding”. It’s certain that Qu FengZi knows that the blood is not mine.

Qu Liu’er ran to help An Zheng sit down from Du ShouShou’s back. He looked at An Zheng with his pale white face. Moreover, An Zheng’s body was covered entirely with blood, which made him terribly scared.

– “Hold him for me so I can check his pulse!”

Qu FengZi shortened his sleeves, took An Zheng’s wrist to check. After a while, he got pale:

– “This… how can this happen? You… are you really human?”

He shouted out shortly and unconsciously stepped back.

– “What’s wrong, Qu-ye?”

Du ShouShou immediately asked:

Qu FengZi’s face was ice white:

– “Although I have never done any charity, I have had never done anything bad either. You devil, if you need a life, don’t find me… If you still have some injustices to resolve, just find your enemy, not me. This place is for saving human lives, not for harming.”

Seeing Qu FengZi out of control, Du ShouShou moved forward and pulled him:

– “Can you save him or not?”

Qu FengZi slapped Du ShouShou’s hands off of him:

– “He’s already a dead man, how can I save him?”


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Qu Liu’er knitted his brows and took An Zheng’s wrist. After a while, he also got horrified:

– “The internal organs are injured. Moreover, the spleen has been destroyed, and the liver had also cracked. It’s clearly… It’s clear that he had already died.”

An Zheng took a breath, and then he smiled:

– “Now I am not dead. However, if you don’t save me, I am afraid that I am not able to suffer more. My internal organs are probably injured, but it is not as serious as you think. If you have Snake String Seed, Nine-eye Iron Leaf, Cinnabar Guts, and Reed, please bring some here. After that, you can use the three poison Blood as a catalyst and make me a prescription.”

-“It’s nonsense!”

Qu FengZi got mad when he heard An Zheng listed the kinds of herbs:

-“If you don’t know anything about medicine, don’t speak thoughtlessly! The medicines that you have just mentioned basically cannot be formulated together. Anyone who drinks them will definitely die. Although you are a demon, I cannot use randomly mix medicines to cure you.”

An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:

– “Take more money!”

Du ShouShou took out another silver bar and put it on the stall:

– “Just do as my brother said. Although I don’t know any about medicines, I trust in him.”

– “This doesn’t relate to money!”

Qu FengZi spoke with loud voice:

– “A doctor has his own principles. These rules of mine can be solved by money, but his prescription is impossible. I will have no problem if I refuse to you. Once I have opened my door to cure you, I cannot let you die here. Otherwise, news of this will be spread out, and my reputation will be ruined. Xiao Qu! Bring the Little Pillet here for him, and then use my ancient prescriptions to cure him! Although this one is about to die, I will take him out of the Gates of Hell.”

– “Just give me the medicines that I had told you.”

An Zheng talked to Qu FengZi:

– “The medicine efficacy of the Little Pillet is too strong. Although this body is trained, it is just in appearance. It is too weak inside, so it is hard to suffer. Even though the medicines I have told you have great toxins, they can stop the bleeding. Now my internal organs are injured, so common medicines cannot stop the bleeding quickly, but it is possible with poison. Although it’s risky, it’s better than bleeding to death. Moreover, it’s fine if the poison is measured with a correct dosage so it will not cause death.”

Qu FengZi knitted his brows doubtfully:

– “How can you know of these things?”

An Zheng replied:

– “When I had picked up firewood behind the mountain, I used to see an ancient book in which it mentioned some kinds of medicine. However, the ancient book was too old to remain its original form. If you make the medicines as I had told you, I will write down the prescriptions in the ancient book.”

Qu FengZi thought for a while and said:

– “It’s up to you to find it yourself for a way to die. Well, when you use medicine, just get out of here first. You can die anywhere it is that you want, except my area. One more thing, you only need to give me the prescription formulations from the ancient book, and I won’t collect your money.

He pushed the two silver bars on the table forward without any hesitations.

– “Just keep the money!”

An Zheng waved his hand to reject:

– “Moreover, if you don’t mind, please find me a big wooden tub. I want to take a shower.”

– “He must be crazy!”

Qu FengZi got mad again:

– “Your internal organs are bleeding. If you take a shower with hot water, you must be suicidal!”

An Zheng shook his head:

– “Just follow my instructions! Whether I die or not is not your business.”

Qu FengZi waved his hand up:

– “It’s your business if you insist on your own death! Xiao Qu, come assist him with his suicide!”

Having finished speaking, he turned back to his room with the silver bars in his hand. Qu Liu’er did not know how to do, and he confusedly looked at An Zheng.


An Zheng smiled at him:

– “Don’t be scared! I know my injury. If you don’t mind, please give me the medicines as I had said, and then prepare a hot tub for me. One more thing, prepare a Little Pillet so that I can use it in the future.”

Qu Liu’er hurriedly went to prepare the ingredients. He did not know why he had trusted this younger child. He ran so quickly that no one was able to have caught  up with him.

– “Qu FengZi is not a bad person!”

An Zheng said:

– “Qu Liu’er is a girl. Moreover, she has no blood-relationships with Qu FengZi. She must have been taken and raised by him.”

– “How could you know that she is a girl?”

– “Is Qu Liu’re beautiful?”

– “Yes, she is!”

– “Is Qu FengZi good-looking?”

– “He definitely is not.”

– “So tell me. Even though Qu FengZi had slept with a fairy, was it possible for him to have such a beautiful child like Qu Liu’er?”

Du ShouShou was surprised for a while:

– “It makes sense. Although she had a quite similar face to Qu FengZi’s, she would not be still good looking enough to gawk at. But why are you so talkative like this? It’s not your business. We came here to cure you of your injuries.”

An Zheng smiled and shook his head with no more saying:

He petted the kitten inside his chest and felt that Qu FengZi and Qu Liu’er must have had something in the past.

At that time, three youths wearing black silk clothes came. Their face was dark with cruel eyes. After coming inside, they looked around, and finally they looked at An Zheng. Their eyes revealed cruelty.


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