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The Blue Boorish Mountain located in the north of the Yan Kingdom, bordering the You Kingdom. This place was not controlled by anyone, and no one intended to conquer it. Its location was dangerous, so there were lots of scoundrel’s who had appeared. The Yan Kingdom [1], You Kingdom [2], Ba Kingdom [3], and Zhou Kingdom [4], and there were sixteen small kingdoms with thousands of square miles, known as the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan. The Yan Kingdom and You Kingdom were seen to be the two strongest kingdoms. These two kingdoms had continuously fought for years. Therefore, their civilians ran away to the Blue Boorish Mountain to seclude themselves from the world.


This place was just like a small world in which anything could have happened.


Such the place like that did not lack the existence of the scoundrels. Those scoundrels who lived there seemed to be in their element. Gradually, this place became the paradise for scoundrels. There were not only the scoundrels who fought the Blue Boorish Mountain from the Yan and You Kingdoms but also from the other kingdoms. During the tens of years, the populations of the Blue Boorish Mountain became more and more crowded, creating a mountainous castle with many inhabitants.


A group of baddies gathered together in one place, but they named the place beautifully, the Illusory Perennial Domicile.


Wherever there were people there would be schools. No matter if the place was noisy and gaudy or in the middle of nowhere, children had to go to school. Obviously, in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, no school could educationally teach.
Wherever there were people, there was division. There was also the rich and the poor, the inferior and the superior.


Once there was division, there was obviously constraint. However, seventeen years ago, there was a young student coming to the Illusory Perennial Domicile, and he himself defeated thirty-six bandits in the castle, regulating his own rules. From then on, the lives of the people in the castle got much better. They only needed to pay enough taxes to be able to live in peace.


In the Southern Mountain Town, a small town located at the end of the southern castle based on power division, ruled by the Great Nine Bandits.


In the school of the Southern Mountain Town, there were around more than forty children aged around five or six to fourteen or fifteen years old who were lazily sitting there, swinging their hips. Some were nodding, and the others were gossiping.


Actually, there were no specific teachers in this school. The Great Nine Bandits were the only ones. Nine guys who had appointed themselves as the greatest scoundrels in the world took their turns in teaching survival skills to the children. [i]


– “Who will teach us today?”


– Fatty Du ShouShou asked his skinny classmate next to him. Du ShouShou was ten years old. Although his name meant “skinny”, he surely was not. Because he was quite strong, he was like the boss of the school except Gao Di, his henchmen. The child next to him named An Zheng in which “An” in peace and “Zheng” in aggression. In spite of the name, this person did not dare to fight for anything. He was the weakest one in the school. If Du ShouShou did not protect him, the other students would have certainly struck him silly.


An Zheng was always so subservient that Du ShouShou felt angry whenever looking at him. Usually, when Du ShouShou asked him a question, he would respond immediately. No one knew why today Du ShouShou had asked a question for many times, and An Zheng did not respond. Du ShouShou knew that An Zheng was a terribly weak person, and he had tried many times to train An Zheng to be little cruel. However, after three days, he gave up because An Zheng did not even dare to kill a mouse.


Du ShouShou glared at him:


– “What are you thinking?”


And then he found out that An Zheng was being quite abnormal. An Zheng stretched down on the table without any movements. In the morning, when going to school, An Zheng was beaten by the two henchmen of Gao Di. It was lucky of him that Du ShouShou saw and had saved him, and took him to the classroom. Since then An Zheng had been motionless, and Du ShouShou saw An Zheng stretching down on the table already in a pool of blood. He immediately wanted to hold An Zheng up, but he found that An Zheng’s body got hard, even as cold as ice.


– “Gao Di, you jerk!”


Although Du ShouShou was a just little child, he understood what had happened.


An Zheng was the weakest student in this school, he did not dare to shout although being beaten, but finally, he was beaten to death. If anyone asked him to sit down and hold his head, he certainly would not have dared to stand up. If the others had asked him to kneel down and lick their shoes, he certainly did not dare to ignore them. However, his weakness could not exchange with the tolerance from the other children. In contrast, they did like to torture An Zheng. At first there was only scolding and a few beat downs, but later, it turned to torture.


The high child who sat on the first front table was Gao Di. He was also the oldest student of the school, as strong and muscular as a poddy. He was also the one who had usually bullied An Zheng terribly the most, even though his house was not far from An Zheng’s.


– “Fat Piggie Du, you wanna die, don’t you?”


Gao Di stood up and turned to Du ShouShou with the wicked look of an adult.


– “Don’t think that I do not dare to kill you. If it is not due to my respect to your big brother who led a religious life in the ancestry, I would have killed you and fed you to the dogs. If your motherfucker still dares to scold me by no means, I will definitely break your hands and legs.”


The eyes of Du ShouShou turned red as a wild beast. He pointed into An Zheng, shouting loudly:


– “You have beaten him to death!”


Gao Di got surprised a little, and then he had a cold smile.


– “Playing dead? Was it true that the biggest role of this coward was to play dead? This morning, we had just beaten him a little. Usually, we beat him more cruelly. How could he have died?”


Gao Di kicked a chair foward, and then he kicked An Zheng’s back.


– “Don’t play dead to your father. Your father knows you haven’t been harmed.”


An Zheng fell down by one kick, but the body maintained stubled down. At that time, Gao Di and Du ShouShou saw An Zheng’s face as white as a sheet. His eyes closed and the eyebrows frowned tightly as admitting his extreme pain, and obviously dead. When this weak child was about to die, basically, he was unbearably hurt. However, he did not shout out, he only frowned his eyebrows, and grinded his mouth tightly.


– “You bastard!”


Du ShouShou sent a fist into Gao Di’s face. Gao Di was beaten surprisingly, and he was about to fall down. He unconsciously looked over An Zheng’s dead body, worrying a little. This was his first time seeing a person who had been beaten to death. Moreover, it was him who had arranged people to beat An Zheng. However, in a short time, his aggressive characteristic blew his fear out. He waved his hand and shouted a word:


– “Wang Meng, Wang Zhuang, why don’t you jerks come here and take him away from me? You two had beaten him to death, why am I the one get the punishment?!”


Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang were two henchmen of Gao Di, these guys came and held Du ShouShou. Although Du ShouShou disregarded An Zheng, and he always believed that he only felt pity for An Zheng, he realized An Zheng was his friend when seeing that An Zheng had been beaten to death.


Du ShouShou struggled crazily:


– “You have killed my friend, I will revenge!”


– “Revenge your mother“beep!”


Gao Di rushed into Du ShouShou and kicked off of his stomach, Du ShouShou was terribly hurt.


– “Your friend? Uh huh!”


Gao Di wiped his mouth, and then he caught the hair of Du ShouShou:


– “Being a friend with a coward? In this Southern Mountain Town, there is only you, who sees that coward as a friend. That coward who has no parents obviously died, but the Illusory Perennial Domicile is still fine without him. Fat Piggie, you motherfucker, anyway you are a good child, why did you make friends with such a coward like An Zheng?!”


He smacked Du ShouShou once:


– “Say sorry to me!”


Du ShouShou looked up, tried to struggle, but Wang Meng and Weng Shuang were as strong as him, so he could not escape. Seeing him not intend to say sorry, Gao Di caught his hair again and smacked him non-stop, creating such brassy sounds.


– “Say sorry, now!”


Gao Di smacked until his hand turned red.


The face of Du ShouShou was at first red, but later turned into blue. However, due to his stubborn characteristics, he tried to stand stand up:


– “Gao Di you jerk! Today if you do not kill me, I will kill you to take revenge for An Zheng, sooner or later. You have killed my friend. You are not going to be tolerated.”


– “So, I will kill you now!”


Gao Di turned back to his seat, took a dagger out, and went toward with a cruel face:


– “Don’t think that your father will not dare to kill you. This place is the Blue Boorish Mountain, so human killing is just as usual. Today, if your father does not kill you, you will also be disowned by me, so you will realize who the true boss of the Southern Mountain Town is.”


– “Big bro, no!”


The other children ran into Gao Di and stopped him:


– “You cannot kill him. His big brother is the man of ancestry. In case he takes revenge on you, it will be hard to predict. Just teach him a lesson and that will be fine. He is not like that wasted An Zheng. An Zheng had no parents, no one will have concern in his death.”


– “You are not allowed to call my friend wasted. You motherfuckers!”


Du ShouShou looked crazy, finally, he could escape from Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang, rushing towards and sending a fist into the mouth of Gao Di’s, taking out one tooth from Gao Di. Gao Gi shouted painfully, and this eyes flared up. He sent out a kick to a child who had wanted to prevent him, then stabbing Du ShouShou with a dagger into his stomach:


– “Fat Piggie, you and An Zheng are all wasted. Today your father will kill the both of you two.”




He stabbed the dagger, and fresh blood was bled.


Du ShouShou was surprised, so was Gao Di.


A skinny hand suddenly appeared, shielding Du ShouShou’s stomach. The hand took the dagger, and the blood from the hand ran down. The dagger was very sharp, and it was going to cut down on a finger, but that hand still kept the dagger tightly and steadily. Du ShouShou and Gao Di’s henchmen turned their look, then they saw An Zheng who had been obviously dead appeared out of nowhere, holding the dagger of Gao Di tightly.


– “Devil!”


The children screamed terribly, turned their backs and ran away.


At that time, Kou Lu, one of the Great Nine Bandits came into the classroom, seeing the situation. He did not know what was happening, and he still thought that the children had fought against each other with a dagger:


– “Your father asks you to stop! Do you motherfuckers believe that I will bring you to the market for selling?!”


Gao Di tried to take back his dagger, but he could not. The dagger clashed his bone, making a creepy sound. He unconsciously stared at the eyes of An Zheng, realizing how wicked the essentially weak eyes had ever become. These cruel eyes were similar to the eyes of a wild beast in which Gao Di used to see. It was full of blood and brutality.


Gao Di was so scared that he knocked off, falling back continuously.


Kou Lu stepped toward:


– “An Zheng, you bloody dare to hold the dagger? Drop it off for your father!”


Du ShouShou knew how cruel the Great Nine Bandits were. He took An Zheng back in hurry, but he realized An Zheng’s eyes had turned to Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang, then he heard An Zheng’s saying:


– “Who killed me?”


Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang was deathly pale, turning their backs and running. An Zheng stood up, one hand took Wang Meng’s neck, another hand stabbed his stomach with the dagger:


– “Did you kill me?”


– “Devil… It’s the devil!”


Wang Meng shouted frightfully.


Kou Lu got mad:


– “Damn it! Do you believe me that I will tear you up into pieces?”


– “Tear me up?”


An Zheng turned his look to Kou Lu, his eyes that were  full of brutality startled Kou Lu.


An Zheng suddenly had a cold smile, his teeth were still bloody.


– “Tear me up? Let’s wait for me, until I am done with my revenge!”


He raised his hand up, and stabbed Wang Meng’s thigh with the dagger.


[1] Yan is a state in the Zhou dynasty


[2] You is an ancient name for the region from Hebei to Liaoning (China’s two provinces)


[3] Litterally meant Hegemon Kingdom


[4] Zhuo is a common name for places in Hebei province 

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