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Chapter 0 - Prologue

The War of Dawn against darkness had been over for a thousand years.


This was a survival race between human beings and the Beasts of the Dark. It was the war of Primary Force, burning Blackstone, spewing steam, roaring firearms, huge rough machines against the dark power of the night.


This was the Era of Ultimate Power!



Hi guys!


I’m Tiny, the new editor of the Monks (Tiny Monk ^_^!). Welcome to join me in my journey!


I found a version of the airship in the game version coming up in the first chapter. I post it as an opening gift for you. Hope we’ll have good time together!





4 thoughts on “The Legend of Eternal Night’s Sovereign – Prologue”

  1. Thanks for picking this up! I’ve been waiting a while for someone to translate it. Look forward to reading your translations.

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me! I’ll try my best to bring you the greatest version of the story. I’ll post new chapter every other day (Tues-Thurs-Sat). Hope you’ll enjoy the story!

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