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Chapter 9 - Night Sneak Attack

Chapter 9: Night Sneak Attack


A group of kids were surrounding Qian Ye, as they were from another group and had merged into this class after the last elimination. They often went together as a band.


A tall curly haired kid leaned towards Qian Ye, and stared at him like a predator looking at its prey.


This child was named Chen Lei. He was aggressive and sinister. His physical performance was always in the top ten, but the knowledge courses were always below mediocre, thus, his combined rankings were further down from Qian Ye’s a while ago.


Chen Lei edged a little closer. The two tips of their noses almost came in touch with one another’s.


He lowered his voice, and ferociously whispered, “You, listen! Let me officially bring down your knowledge courses ranking down! The ‘Zhu Yan blood’ is wasted on trash like you. If you little fuck don’t obey, after each fighting class, my boys will teach you a lesson. Every day, there would also be another one before bed time. Today will be the first one!”


The threat ended with a vicious punch into Qian Ye’s stomach!


This punch was brutal. Chen Lei had used almost all his strength!


Qian Ye’s stomach painfully twitched, and he attempted to vomit. But his throat was grabbed tightly, he simply couldn’t spit anything out at the moment. His face immediately turned into a dark shade of purple!


Chen Lei took out a piece of tape, and slapped it over Qian Ye’s mouth, then signaled, “Well, he can’t make any noise now. Beat him up hard!”


Qian Ye was knocked down to the ground, with seven or eight children repeatedly kicking him. One of the fight course’s subject was the biological structures, explaining the structures of the human body. Having learnt of the structure, they became even more cruel, and only aimed for the visceral and hidden positions, but avoided his head and face where the wounds could have been easily seen with one’s bare eyes.

Being beaten like this every day would leave Qian Ye with much more permanent injuries, he would slowly have lost the ability to withstand the intensive training. He would have ended up as a corpse within a few days. Chen Lei and the kids did not just want to give Qian Ye a lesson, but to actually eliminate the garbage land kid!


The other children in the bedroom were just watching coldly. Nobody came out to help, nor went outside to inform the guards or instructors. The children ,who had higher ranking than Chen Lei, alertly glanced at him.


The training camp didn’t allow fighting outside of the training time, but most people clearly understood why Chen Lei had chosen Qian Ye for the kill. It was because he was an orphan that came from the Landfill – The bottom of all the continents. From the beginning of the knowledge class, each student’s information was either purposely or unintentionally leaked. As long as someone paid attention, they could always have figured out the others’ origin and identity.


Finally, Chen Lei had set this precedent, and it was a dangerous one! All the children began to reevaluate their relationships with one another and their positions.


Qian Ye felt as if he had went back to the days at the Landfill, being beaten up by the other kids. At that time he had refused to bow down. And because of that, he got trampled even more.


All he could do was in trying to protect his weakest spots, and waited for an opportunity. His body was constantly in pain. But the more pain that he felt, the calmer that he got.


“Keep Calm! Keep Calm! Only get angry when needed, bring all the wrath together then express it in the most efficient way!” The  Instructor’s rumble echoed again in Qian Ye’s mind.


Little by little, Qian Ye felt the pain fading away. The kids had had enough of playing, and also afraid that the injuries would have come out too obvious.


“In the future, you will have chances to kill each other, but not at the moment! If anyone dares to kill the others now, I’ll slay him first!” Long Hai had repeated several times those exact same words.


Chen Lei also thought that was enough. His hand waved in the air and said, “Enough! A Landfill trash and yet, you want to stand at the same place with us…”


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However, before he could finish cursing, Qian Ye suddenly bounced up from the ground like a cheetah, headed to one of big child’s arms. His right-hand grasped at the kid’s junk.


The children were all shocked. None of them could have dared to move while being grabbed at that sensitive place.


Qian Ye tore off the tape with the other hand. His movements were very slow, even his standing were reluctant.


When the tape was torn off, the people were all waiting for Qian Ye’s following move. Chen Lei’s face showed an aggressive expression. He then signaled his companions with a wink. As soon as Qian Ye called the guards, they would point out together that Qian Ye had started this. According to the rules of the training camp, both sides would have gotten punished if there was insufficient proof.


Qian Ye looked at the kid dead in the eye. His eyes were crystal clear. There was no anger, no resentment. Nothing, it was just cold, and carried no feelings.


“I will not call.” Qian Ye suddenly whispered.


The boy’s heart apparently dropped. He really felt fear for the first time.


Qian Ye’s right-hand began to squeeze harder, then slowly twisted it!


The kid’s face became pale. His mouth opened up wide enough to have swallowed a whole egg! He was speechless. Everyone could clearly hear the heavy breathing sounds within his throat. But everyone knew that the next moment there would have been earth-shattering screams!


Immediately, the children understood! The first to shout out would clearly become the one who violated the noise after lights-out rule and received the heaviest punishment! In the training camp, in calling out for help, you had to pay a big price!


The child himself knew the consequences of calling out, desperately endured, but Qian Ye’s hand mercilessly continued to tighten as if inside that hand was a stress relief squeeze ball.


The kid abruptly understood, that Qian Ye would really break his balls! This girly Landfill kid was actually a psychopath deep down!


“Ahhhh!!” screams vibrated through the whole camp.


Pain and fear crushed the kid instantly. Without any strength left to resist or attack Qian Ye, he began to scream hysterically. All his senses had been overwhelmed by the excruciating pain.


In the blink of an eye, the screams halted abruptly. The big child had passed out. Qian Ye then loosened his hand, letting him fall to the ground.


Bang! The bedroom door was kicked open.


The guards rushed in and frowned at this scene. Their faces then turned hideous. Took off the lash from the side of their waist, they then took a malicious glance at the kids in the room.


Three minutes later, Long Hai walked in, only wearing a pair of leather pants. He looked at the scene and saw the blood that was constantly gushing out from Qian Ye’s mouth, but still stubbornly stood straight. Long Hai couldn’t help but frowned his brows. Suddenly a lash sounded the air, and snapped Qian Ye down to the ground.


The whip had weakened his body. He laid completely paralyzed on the ground, curling up into a ball. The pain from being whipped was still there, but the Force attached with it had helped to destroy the blood clots inside of his body and eased his pains.


A man came to the unconsciousness child. He bent over and shooked him twice, then untied his pants, took a look and shrugged his shoulders, “Crushed.”


Long Hai had slightly shaken, and then nodded his head, “Tow away, but later.”


And then he gently patted his palm with the lash, said, “Now, who will tell me what had just happened?


Chen Lei bowed his head slightly, but his eyes swept the other children insidiously.


Suddenly, the lash in Long Hai’s hand was like a snake snapped and struck the back of Chen Lei, bashed him down to the ground. This was obviously a lot stronger than the one for Qian Ye, Chen Lei’s shirt was torn apart, his skin and flesh came off. Fortunately, he had learned his lesson, and grinded his teeth not to make a sound. However, he was close to passing out.


“You dare to play those dirty tricks right in front of me. Wanna die?” Long Hai grinned but didn’t make another whip.


Not every child was afraid of Chen Lei. Two of the kids honestly reported what had happened. This time not only Chen Lei but those who had joined him to beat Qian Ye up was frightened as well.


Long Hai kicked the kid who was fainting, and coldly said, “If that is the case! That is to say, this unlucky guy not only couldn’t even have successfully bullied people but ended up half dead? What A piece of garbage! We don’t need this kind of trash here, drag him out! ”


With the usual cruel style of Long Hai, all the kids who were involved in the fight, except Chen Lei, were all dragged out to the training yard, and belted ten whips. It was enough to have brought them close to death, but the training courses would have continued the the same.


This meant that in the next couple of weeks, they simply couldn’t have been able to have stayed in the top 50. Moreover, they would have to find other ways to overcome the pain, otherwise they would have been beaten into disability during the fighting courses.


It was foreseeable that most of these guys will have soon been knocked out for the next eliminating period.


While the cries echoed continuously in the training yard, Chen Lei was still in daze standing in the bedroom, couldn’t believe that he didn’t have to suffer the pains penetrating to his bone marrow like his companions. Long Hai didn’t give out any other punishments. Only when he had left with the guards, did Chen Lei then seemed to realize that the whole ordeal was over.

Qian Ye slowly stood up, still shaking. The strength Long Hai’s whip was still there so he felt weary. However, the visceral injuries also got a lot better.


Chen Lei suddenly headed straight towards Qian Ye, grabbed his collar,  and ferociously said, “This isn’t over yet!


Qian Ye looked at him calmly, and replied, “This is definitely not the end. Either you kill me now or, in the future, you will have to be on your guard while you are sleeping. Maybe someday you will become that hapless guy.


Qian Ye’s careless tone and expression were very natural as if they were chatting casually. However, this calmness had made other people’s hair stand on end, letting all the children understand the real brutality and danger.


Thinking of what had just happened to that big boy, the boys unconsciously clamped their legs.


Chen Lei’s face turned pale. He definitely did not want his balls crushed in his sleep. Even killing Qian Ye afterwards would have been useless. Why not just simply kill him now?


This was actually a very difficult decision to make. Chen Lei couldn’t make up his mind whether to sacrifice himself and die with Qian Ye. The burning whip marks on his back seemed to worsen.


The incident seemed to end there. No one had come to provoke Qian Ye since then. The children had a premonition, unless they had killed Qian Ye instantly, the next moments would have become endless nightmares.


Because of that, a month passed by peacefully. Qian Ye had maintained his position in the top half of the rankings thanks to Chen Lei’s group. Their position had dropped to the bottom since that night.

With the help of the ‘Zhu Yan blood,’ Qian Ye’s cultivation speed began to accelerate. The tidal force impacted more and more. He faintly had a feeling of big waves coming into contact with the shoreline.


In his lower abdomen position, Qian Ye had felt the existence of a force node.


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