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Chapter 8 - Manjusaka

Chapter 8: Manjusaka [1]


Another week just began. A tall, timid, but gloomy-looking man instead, of Zhang Jing, stood on the podium. A group of men had carried a few heavy rectangular metal cabinets inside. When they had opened the top cover, it was full of hundreds of different kinds of firearms!


The man coldly said, “You can call me Yin Ying (the shadow).” It was his only opening remark.


Then, Yin Ying went to the gun cabinet, pulling out two similar pistol models, and raised them up to show to the children.


With a close look, the two pistols had some differences. One was polished as smooth as a mirror from the barrel to the grip. While the other was covered with a wide variety of patterns.


“This is the famous Eagle Series, the standard firearm of most of the Empire’s border troops, known for its great power.” The man said, directly pointing towards the classroom wall and pulled the trigger of the smooth pistol.


A blast buzzed everyone’s ear. A hole as big as a bowl appeared in The classroom’s hardened wall, revealing the destruction powers of the gun.


Qian Ye instantly clicked his tongue! Even the walls could have been damaged easily. If it had hit a human body, the shot would have created a gaping hole. If it had hit someone’s hands or feet, the shot would have directly torn their limbs off.


“Powerful? Of course not!” Yin Ying’s icy voice resounded again.


The other pistol suddenly lit up, to be more precise, it was the pattern on its body that was emitting light. Only the sound of the trigger being pulled was heard. There was the sound of a hammer colliding, followed by heavy object sounds that pierced the air. The muzzle shot out a massive amount of blue light, that sprayed the wall, then the entire wall loudly exploded!


Strong air waves made the numerous gravels scattered all over. The children were unable to lift up their heads.

When Qian Ye put down the arm that had covered his face earlier, he was stunned to see that on the thick stone wall, appeared a big hole, through it, he could clearly see the scenery outside!


This blue light! What a power!


The man raised the glowing pistol, and said, “This is the firearm that uses the Force to initialize, its force isn’t something that any of the ordinary gunpowder weapons can compare to. Such a low-level force gun can be equal in terms of strength to that of a machine gun. Due to the guns that utilized the Force, we were able to have overpowered those repulsive dark bastards, and build the foundation of the Empire!


Next, Yin Ying explained in detail the principles of the original force firearms.


Although the original force and the traditional gunpowder firearms had similar appearances, the principles were completely different. The bullets and the gunpowder chambers had been replaced with an energy compression device. In order to load the gun, the user needed to inject their own force, condense the Force and then waited for the right opportunity to shoot.


The firearms construction materials were also dissimilar, since it endured different amounts of compressive force. Some Original Force firearms even had added special abilities. Such arms, had been very famous guns.


There were also the top-rated among the famous guns.


There were the Big-Ten eminent guns in the world, each with extraordinary firepower. If one could have gotten ahold any of the top ten guns, one could have changed the current situation within the mainland!


For the past hundreds of thousands of years, there had been countless battles surrounding these ten legends. Even brilliant fighters had sacrificed themselves for this. But that didn’t deter people from trying..


At that moment, three of the ten legendary firearms were in the hands of humanity, five belonged to the Dark Races, and the other two were still missing.

The dispersal of the Ten-Legends revealed the distribution of Force between Humanity, the Dark Race and the other neutral forces in between.


This was perhaps the most attention-catching class so far at the training camp. Even those from the elite families were currently fantasizing about it.


Yin Ying opened a board, showing a three-dimensional model. It was an antique and exquisite pistol.


This gun was the old-fashioned flintlock pistol [2] with a short hammer positioned at the rear of the silver barrel. The grip and the barrel were plated with gold, engraved with rich patterns. One of the details was a blood colored flower, its petals and stamens stretched in all directions along the gun’s body.


Yin Ying straightened up his body, his face was full of seriousness. Began to explain fervently word by word, “This is one of the Ten-Legends that belonged to one of the elite families, and it’s also the first gun that Humanity had possessed: Manjusaka, also known as the Lycoris.”


Qian Ye recited the name inside of his head, Manjusaka, the name itself seemed to describe such mysterious beauty, and it was ingrained deeply in his heart.


A child dared to ask, “Does it also have any special abilities?”


“Good question!” Yin Ying’s enthusiasm was now completely ignited. Looking fanatical, he went on, “What I’m going to tell is the legend of the Manjusaka, it is said to grow by the riverside of the Styx River, when a life left the Living World, a small flower bloomed by the riverside. This gun! It can light up the forces of the primitive world, illuminate the way leading to the River of Hell, that is its legendary skill ‘Wang Chuan’! [2]


In the next few weeks, Qian Ye had found out that three gun-related courses had been added to his original schedule; Hydro-force, Mechanics, Firearms Dismantling and Maintenance, as well as shooting.


Qian Ye got into the top five of all three subjects. His ranking was boosted to the top 50. When the weekend results were announced, he was at the forty-ninth position.


Forty-ninth and fifty-first, only a difference of two ranks, but it was like the distance between Heaven and Hell. Qian Ye had seen enough to know that the bottom fifty was the throwaway and would have definitely been eliminated. There was only one fate left for them: Death.

Monday soon came, Qian Ye entered the practice room feeling excited. Obviously, the black slave had put down two portions of  the ‘Zhu Yan blood’ inside of the burner!


With his sensitivities increasing ten fold, Qian Ye felt as if he had integrated into the force of resonance. Practicing the Art of Retaliation, Qian Ye experienced the forces that were gradually surging inside of his body, waves after waves merged together creating higher and higher waves. Compared to the past day without the Zhu Yan blood, it was a significant improvement.


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Without the help of this special ingredient, Qian Ye’s sensation and absorbance process was sluggish, he could have only accumulated a little bit of force, guided it, then slowly stored enough to form a faded momentum in impacting with the next wave.


However, now with the double portions of the ‘Zhu Yan blood’, Qian Ye’s absorbing speed was dramatically improved. Force gradually flushed into his body, and pushed up a stronger wave force every single time.


Finally, the force of the waves had reached its peak, Qian Ye’s ears could hear the murmur of the uproar tide, and then it receded force.


The first wave force had finally been completed!


This wave of the Original Force had not been completely receded yet, and the new one had already arrived. They came together as one, forming a more forceful wave. This second wave was even greater than the first one. The momentum was stronger. When it had almost reached the next peak, only a tiny bit more, was ultimately felt, due to lack of force.


The long bell awakened Qian Ye, and ended the time of his practice.


The most difficult step was in forming the first wave, after that the second wave and the third wave would have been much easier. Along with the surging of the first wave, it would have produced a strong suction, pulling more force into the body.


If it wasn’t because of the help of the ‘Zhu Yan blood’, it would have taken Qian Ye at least another two weeks to generate the first wave. It would have been almost impossible to complete Zhang Zing’s nine-waves creation task within a three-month deadline.


The next few weeks, Qian Ye’s practices had went on smoothly. A month before the due day, Qian Ye had been able to control the fifth wave. This progress was significant. Qian Ye estimated that in another half month he would have been able to form the first complete nine wave tide.


In the training camp, although most of the time the students were buried within their individual training, the gossip was still spreading around. In the third month of the practice period, one of the children in Qian Ye’s group had already built a complete nine wave tide! It was said that in the entire spring training camp, that the most talented guy had been close to the first spiritual node ignition!


That boy was called Xu Lang, he was rumoured to have had come from the Emperor’s Noble Family, and was also the finest talent!


Upon hearing this news, Qian Ye felt bitter deep down. As far as he could remember, his chest injury had already been there. And the training camp life had reminded him of the existence of the scar. Without this scar, he should have also been the finest talent.


Whenever he had started practicing the Art of Retaliation, the Original Force was surging, but once it reached the scarred area it immediately became stagnant. And because of that reason, he needed more Force than the other people to be able to guide a complete wave force.


Qian Ye didn’t know who was it that had left him with this scar. It had happened when he wasn’t even three years old!


This was his fate, Qian Ye had no other choice but to accept it.

The training continued, and the third month added a new knowledge course, which was in mechanics.


This was an all encompassing subject, in which there weren’t only mathematics, physics, but also subjects from other fields. Thus, they could understand why the people had changed the world’s great mechanics.


The first generation of machinery were steam engines with coal as fuel. After the success of miniaturization, the first generation of steam engines was active on every continent. With many advantages, such as stability and power, but the biggest advantage was of the low cost.


Both the manufacturing and maintenance costs were minimal as well. Blackstone could have been found anywhere. In the best case, with iron and steel being well-reserved, even if thousands of years had passed, the steam engine would still have been the most appropriate choice.


Thanks to the new knowledge courses, Qian Ye quickly rose up in ranking. He was close to the top twenties, and had even hoped to reach the top ten.


It was finally the time for the March exam, Qian Ye had completed the ninth wave two weeks ago, and undoubtedly passed the exam. In the same group with him, there were three kids that failed the requirements, and were flogged by Zhang Jing into serious injuries, then got towed away.


It had been three months without any deaths, so long that these children had almost forgotten that this place was the Golden Spring training camp, the Imperial Military selector, and elimination machine. The extremely brutal training camp!


At the beginning of the fourth month, there was a new course: Hand to Hand Combat!


From this moment on, the easy cultivation period was over. The hand to hand combat classes were mostly coached by the instructor at the beginning. Then the students would spar against each other.


Throughout the first week of this class, most people had came back with their faces swollen, Qian Ye’s injuries were particularly severe.


Students did their very best in attacking without any mercy. Qian Ye was the weakest one, and naturally received special ‘care’.


If Qian Ye were to be beaten up to the point of being unable to leave the bed, then there would have been one less opponent competing for the ‘Zhu Yan blood’.


This place was always the spring training camp, not a gentle type like the aristocratic schools.


When the ranking was announced in the weekend, Qian Ye’s ranking dropped significantly to the forty-eighth, barely staying within the top fifty.


After the children had checked their rankings, it was time to sleep.


When Qian Ye had just got into the bedroom, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him, followed by a few shadows, firmly gripping him. An arm locked his throat, choking him and stopped him from screaming.


This was the freshly learnt attacking move. And some people had already used it on Qian Ye.


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[1] Manjusaka (ManShu ShaHua): also called Hurricane Lilies, Red Spider Lilies or Cluster Amaryllis. It’s a genus of Lycoris or Spider Lilies-The Flower of Hell. According to Chinese legend, this was the only flower blossom on the way to Hell, the Golden Spring. When the flowers of Lycoris bloom, their leaves would have fallen; when their leaves grow, the flowers would have wilted. This habit gave rise to various legends. (Source: Wikipedia and Google)



[2] Flint pistol



[3] Wang Chuan: also known as the Lethe River in Greek myth. It is one of the nine Golden River on the way to Hell in Chinese myth.


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