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Chapter 7 - Specialized Human Shield

Chapter 7: Specialized Human Shield


Without a smile, this woman could have been described as elegant and dignified as a Dame mentioned in a history book. But she would have appeared particularly alluring had her face lit up.


Such as this time, her voice and her movements were extremely enticing. Some of the children started gasping for air. In contrast, the nearby men waiting for the errand requests looked frightened, even the expressions of Long Hai were obviously not natural.


Qian Ye suddenly remembered the two kids who had failed the last exam. She had actually belted them to death. This had made his blood run cold.


Next, Zhang Jing explained in detail the principles of the power training, as well as the beginnings of the Art of Retaliation.


The body had nine main force nodes. Three of which were located in the lower abdomen, chest, and forehead. The other six were in both hands and feet, as well as the knees. The force nodes contained the Original Force, and also the key to withdraw one’s Force.


Because the history of humanity had also been a history of war, the ranking of the powers had also been applied to the military rankings. When a person ignited the first force node, he could have been entitled to a warrior. Later on, he would then belong to the First-Class if he could have ignited more nodes.


Once all the nine nodes were ignited, there would have been an immediate opportunity to break through the first barrier. If successful, all the nodes would have opened up and formed the spinning primary forces. It was a significant breakthrough! Such a person was righteous and strong. He would then hold the ability in opposing the Dark Race. On the battlefield, he was the pillar, and would be worshipped as the God of War.


Although the Art of Retaliation was the Imperial Army’s most basic exercise, both its style and reputation was extremely vicious. It’s biggest advantage was the express learning process. As long as one succeeded in igniting the first node, the powers from within would have been like the surging tide. One wave would then stack upon the others, hitting the force node.


Compared with the Royal Family’s secret technique, training in the Art of Retaliation had quick advancements. Boosting them, so that they could even break through their original talent barriers, but its consequences were quite significant. That was, the force of the tide-like powers were too great to bear, it would have damaged the practitioner’s body. The more that one practiced, the more damage it would have caused.


Because of that reason, no one could have had reached the War General position, just based only on the Art of Retaliation. They had to find another way to break through the barrier. For that reason, the Art of Retaliation had also been known as the human shield strategy.


But as Zhang Jing had said,  the Art of Retaliations practitioners, regardless of their backgrounds, had a reason to commit to this kind of life, and that the vast majority couldn’t have surpassed level nine. So… why bother?


If someone could have had broken through the level nine, he would have became a War General with prosperity. As a result, infinite opportunities would have naturally come to him. He would no longer need to worry about the resources in practicing his powers.


In retrospect, since the first year that Qian Ye and these children had arrived at the training camp, it had always been about improving one’s strength and endurance. Only with a powerful physique, could one withstand the Art of Retaliations brutality.


From this day on, added to Qian Ye’s schedule was two more hours of practice time in total, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. However, the amount of physical exercise, theory studies, and skill learning had not been reduced at all. upon hearing the new arrangement, the faces of the children who had survived through the whole bloody year, started to brood.


In the afternoon, the children were taken to a small valley not very far from the camp.


In the center of the valley was a hot spring. Dozens of thick metal tubes had been inserted into the hot springs at one end while the other ends were winding together.


These huge metal pipes with the diameter of more than one meter, had ran through the whole valley like a spider net. There were a few machines up to about ten meters in height with unknown functions. Those machines did not have covers, revealing all of its gears. The smallest gear had the diameter of probably one meter. They were bound by the dense net of conveyor belts and metal chains.


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The machine cluster were surrounded by long rows of metal rooms. These giant room’s external walls were shiny and golden. They were plated with copper, and no rust could have been found anywhere.


The children were divided into a couple of groups. Every ten children had entered a big room, which housed several smaller rooms inside. It was their individual practice rooms.


The practice room was quite small with a unexpectedly thick wall. Inside, all of the copper had been all tarnished. The ground was divided with a copper fence. Only the dark deep bottomless bottom could have been seen through the gap.


Qian Ye entered a small empty room that was in order. There was no furniture, except in the corner, which stood a small cabinet wrapped in leather.


He took off his shirt and trousers, and stuffed them into the cabinet. Then he recalled the previous demonstration, sitting cross-legged. Almost immediately after that, the door was flung open.


A half-naked, black slave walked in, opened a door on the copper wall, took a small piece of dark wood and lit it up, then cast it inside of the wall.


The slave did not say a word from the beginning to the end and closed the door right after he left.


With a shrieking bell ring, the training room was slightly shaken, at the same time a faint machine roar could be heard. A moment later, the 4 walls and the ceiling belched forth a large amount of hot steam, rapidly filling up the entire tiny space.


Suddenly there was a stream of gas that escaped from the copper wall into the room full of steam. At first, he could clearly see the curly-elongated white smoke, then it gradually dispersed outwards. Finally, after thoroughly mixing with the steam, it swiftly filled up the room with a bold fragrance.


In such a small space, the humidity suddenly rose up, resulting in breathing difficulties. Qian Ye instinctively took a deep breath. He then suddenly felt a shock within his spirit, it was actually a faintly exciting feeling, as if something inside of him was dancing around. It was similar to the blue raindrops of the Scarlet Night but still a bit different.


It was the resonance power!


Qian Ye’s heart was rejoicing. He hastily focused his mind and immediately meditated the Art of Retaliation. It was as if something had woke up in the silence. The periphery of the force became more lively, as if the rays were entering into his body.


Two hours soon passed. The valley suddenly echoed a clear bell ring, and woke the children up from their meditative state.


Qian Ye slowly opened his eyes, lamenting.


This afternoon, his body had condensed a small trace of substantial power, although it was still very small, it intermittently appeared but was enough to make Qian Ye ecstatic. According to the Art of Retaliations description, if someone had been able to have condensed the primary powers into shape on the first day, it meant that he had high talent, and could have reached level seven and higher, thus becoming an elite warrior.


The herbs inside of the copper door had been completely incinerated. There was no more aromas spreading around. Although the room was still full of steam, Qian Ye’s sense of the force had gradually become dull and fuzzy.


This course was over.


The room suddenly roared the sound of a machine operating. The walls began to shake. From the ground underneath the fence came a strong suction force and the steam disappeared in the blink of an eye. Gears and chains were squeaking, and the heavy copper door was slowly raised.


Ignoring his soaked underwear, he put on his clothes with the fastest speed and rushed out of the practice room towards the designated assembly site, and stood in position.


Long Hai appeared again, he still had that same fake and cruel smile, and slowly said, “With the exercise just now, you should have realized the benefits of the ‘Zhu Yan blood.’ You should know that with such a tiny amount…” He waved his long, wide index finger, grinning showing his gleaming silver teeth, “…is enough to buy dozens of lives!


Qian Ye knew that the piece of wood wasn’t ordinary, but he did not think that it would have been that valuable either.


But the cost of more than a dozen lives depended on how they had evaluated it. For the children like Qian Ye who grew up in the Landfill,  the dozen of live’s wasn’t even worth a silver coin. Before he met Lin XiTang, Qian Ye had only seen a copper coin twice, one of which, was missing a corner, but never a silver coin.


Long Hai paused, suddenly raised his voice, rumbled, “After that, you will not have it easy! From this week onwards, your performance in all training subjects will be evaluated, and checked after a week! If you are in the bottom half, there will be no ‘Zhu Yan blood’ for you, and the first half will have twice the amount. If you are in the top ten, then congratulations! You get the third batch of the ‘Zhu Yan blood’!


The children’s faces all changed. looking at their companions, their eyes showed caution.


A few eyes swept past Qian Ye, then quickly turned to the other people. Qian Ye wasn’t an outstanding student. In his past trainings, he usually took a low rank.


In this way, the first week soon passed. His ranking at that weekend, Qian Ye was in the seventy-fifth, which meant that he would have had to have gone through the next entire week without any of the ‘Zhu Yan blood.’


That night, after the ranking was published, Qian Ye could not fall asleep.


He reflected on each of the training subjects in his mind. In Zhang Jing’s knowledge courses, Qian Ye would have always been among the best. However, the majority of the points accumulated were still from the physical trainings, and he had always stayed in the bottom tier.


Qian Ye laid quietly, staring at the ceiling. His hands gently touched the huge scar on his chest. Many years of malnutrition in the landfill had almost been fully supplemented by the training camp’s food. However, because of this injury, his physique, when compared to the normal children had weakened a lot.

Qian Ye now understood a little bit of what Gu TuoHai had said before. This injury had left hidden dangers. Whenever he was overloaded with training, the wound started hurting, reducing his intensity and strength. Qian Ye could have only relied on his strong will, with blood, sweat and tears. He was barely able in keeping up with the fast pace of the training.


But now, the new rules had been obviously in place, to accelerate the elimination process. The ‘Zhu Yan blood’ had contributed to one’s cultivation progress, thus the gap between them would only gradually widen.


Qian Ye was finally exhausted to sleep, he had thought of a lot of things except in giving up. Just to stick to it, tomorrow would come, and there would finally be a speck of light in the dark.


Qian Ye needed a strategy to make up for his disadvantages. Each subject, every points he had to fight as hard as he possibly could have!


This week, Qian Ye had put his life on the line during his trainings, thus his ranking had increased, but only by one spot.


Another week had passed, and Qian Ye successfully climbed out of the seventy mark, and had gotten into the sixty-ninth position. But the third week, because of the excessive training, Qian Ye had gotten sick, his ranking had dropped to ninety-three.


Perhaps Lady Luck had noticed of his struggles and efforts. From the fourth week onwards, the knowledge course’s portions suddenly enlarged significantly.


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