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Chapter 6 - The Empire's Dawn

Chapter 6: The Empire’s Dawn


After Zhang Jing disappeared behind the door, Qian Ye left the classroom. Holding in his hands was the new literacy material. Within this month, he must have had remembered a thousand commonly used words in order to have passed the exam. Otherwise, ten whips it was!


At that moment, Qian Ye just realized, that the whip was the all-time favorite instrument of all the instructors in the Golden Spring training camp.


However, the next training sessions were not delayed because the children had some words to read. After all, the physical training schedule had no changes.


Coming back to the bedroom at night, Qian Ye was so exhausted that he felt like falling apart. He went to bed, and immediately fell asleep. Only until the next morning, when he was awakened by a thorny ring that he realized that he hadn’t memorized a single word!


Obviously, more than just a few kids had ended up in the same situation. So at the end of the second night, the children insisted on not sleeping, and studied hard instead in order to remember the entire thousand-words length book.


Qian Ye barely made it through the first fifty words. Unable to stay awake, he fell in the bed and passed out.


Time flew, a month of study time seemed to have been finished in the blink of an eye.


Zhang Jing’s second lesson was after the exam. In that boring one and a half hour exam, Qian Ye wrote down a thousand and five hundred words. This was the results from working hard the entire month.


Among all the children, Qian Ye ranked the fifth. The four kids ranked above Qian Ye came from the Royal Families. They had been taught in how to read and write since childhood. Among the illiterate, Qian Ye was the best without doubt. The three ranked below him were the literate children.


A total of eleven students did not pass the exam.


“Now, it is time for you to pay the price of not studying hard for my class!” This beauty gently said. She then actually picked up the leather whip, faced those that had failed her test, and brutally thrashed. That strength was even more tenacious than Long Hai’s!


Ten whips was a severe punishment. Two of the children were actually beaten to death in front of Qian Ye!


Qian Ye then realized that this stunning teacher was even more cruel, compared to Long Hai!


The exam served as a reminder to Qian Ye and all the other kids that reading and exercising were just as important.


Zhang Jing called in two brawny brutes to bring the corpses out. Then, without any changes in her expression, she headed to the blackboard and wrote four characters, “The War against Darkness.”


While writing these four words, Zhang Jing turned solemn. Even her sound had a heavy tone, “The War had ended for 1,200 years…”


The War occurred in the world’s bottom part -The Abandoned Continent. It was also the human’s origin and development.


During the War, the humans had used all of their Force, which was the Light Force, burning Blackstone, spewing steam, roaring firearms, and using gigantic rough machines to fight against the Dark Force!


In this great battle of destiny that had spanned over 100 years, humanity had paid a heavy price. The total population dropped down to one-tenth of which before the war. However, they managed to defeat the Dark Race. Escaped from enslavement, being treated like livestock. The Dark Race was deported to the Eternal Darkness area. Humanity then founded their new Empire: Qin.


In human’s history, the battle was named the Daybreak war. Humans had been living in the Dark. The first time that they had witnessed daybreak was at the battle. For the first time, their Original Force was awakened, and it was known as Daybreak at that time. Moreover, the daybreak line was the boundary dividing the Light Army and the Dark Army camp.


The War was just the beginning. During the 1,200 years, Humanity was on a winning streak, and captured the world’s four new lower and middle continents. They then began to lay eyes on the Upper Continent. Qin’s capital officially moved, and took with it most of the distinguished Noble Families to the new continents. More countries were then established.


The War started at the Landfill. Later on, because of its harsh environment and limited resources, it ultimately turned into a dump planet. Finally invaded by the Dark Race who was waiting for the chance to rise again.


He shuddered upon hearing that. Qian Ye had never been to the dumping sites. However, he had heard the tough adults exaggerating about how awful those Dark Creatures were. It wasn’t just gossip, but real darkness and blood.


However, what terrified Qian Ye was the fact that Zhang Jing had talked about these matters with an ice-cold tone and expression, it was an empathetically sign of calmness.


Yes, one thousand two hundred years, the Dark Race and Humanity had never ceased fire. They had battled in every continent, at every border of the areas. Hatred and blood splattered everywhere. The Landfill was not special, though, it was the neglected one.


At the end of the class, Qian Ye felt burdened. Something had weighed his heart down. However, the other kids didn’t seem to understand the solemnness of the history  After leaving the classroom, they immediately rushed towards the training yard to avoid the three whips punishment.


Life was back on its original track.


A half year later.


Qian Ye had grown ten centimeters taller thanks to the rigorous training outdoors and the camp’s food.



The children were provided with a variety of nutritious foods, and some had been taken directly from the Dark Races. In addition, a few special herbs was also added to the daily soups, to quickly bring out the bodies potentials.


Qian Ye felt that days were repeated as if it had never changed. The only thing difference was the steady reduction of his fellows.


When the number had dropped down under fifty, new members arrived. There was about fifty new children from different ages. The only thing in common between them and Qian Ye was strength.


Another half year, when the group had been reduced to fifty again, a new batch arrived. He knew that those hundred fellows and himself were regarded as a detachment. Every time the number was cut in half, a new group would be added in to make up the supplementary principle, with similar strength.


When Qian Ye had spent a whole year in the training camp, the children were all suddenly summoned. They quickly lined up in the training field, waiting for further instructions.


While waiting, Qian Ye suddenly had an urge to look around, although such a trivial action would have likely resulted with a lashing.


He quickly glanced to the left and the right of his shoulder. While the instructor turned away, using the blind spot, he turned his head around to take a peek. then immediately returned to his stand of attention. Such a simple little trick, yet his heart bounced non-stop.


Because Qian Ye had suddenly found out that there were less than thirty familiar faces surrounding him! Most of the original hundred children had left this world for eternity.


Only until this very minute, Qian Ye had fully grasped the true meaning of the phrase at the valley’s entrance, “Welcome to Hell.”


Long Hai appeared in front of the children, his one-eyed coldly swept around. He seemed to have become even more ferocious than before. However, all the children looked straight back at Long Hai fearlessly. Either they had become brave, or already dead on the inside.


Long Hai was very satisfied, and said, “Very good! After all the trash had been dredged out, this lot finally looks much better now. Though …”


After a long pause, Long Hai revealed his cunning smile, “The good news is that you have received preliminary approval. You shall get trained intensively. You guys won’t be punished for small mistakes. Of course, the results of violating the rules remains the same. The bad news is that you will find out that real training is starting soon!


Long Hai walked back and forth in front of the team, his roaring sound was constantly bombing the children’s ears, “In the next few years, you will start practicing for real! Practice the Force! You will learn the most direct, effective killing techniques. You will have the opportunity to slay each kind of the Dark Creatures yourselves. Of course, there is also a great chance to be slaughtered by them. So, pray, you little brats! Finally, I can tell you this, among all those standing here today, there will be less than a quarter lucky enough to survive and leave this place.”


The last sentence was brutal, but that didn’t bother Qian Ye. He had learned to not let what was outside of his control torment him.


No matter how small the probability was, as long as it existed, Qian Ye would fight for it with all his heart. Without such perseverance and endurance, he would not be standing there but buried deep down in the soil of the Landfill.


Long Hai swung his hand up, several men approached and distributed a new textbook to the students.


The textbook cover was written ‘Act of retaliation’. Such a vigorous brush movement, with each stroke as sharp as a sword! Qian Ye looked at it, obviously feeling a painful sensation.


This was the basic method of Force! It was meant to differentiate between the ordinary and the supreme to the core. Lifting up the book, Qian Ye’s young heart suddenly missed a beat, his fate would change because of this small book!


The children were brought back into the classroom. On the podium, Zhang Jing was in charge again. It seemed that under her beautiful appearance was hidden an extraordinary strength. Qian Ye noticed that Long Hai had never stood close to Zhang Jing, a distance of about five meters,  now he understood that it was fear.


Zhang Jing pushed up her glasses. Her bulging chest bounced about with every little action.


‘Act of Retaliation’ is designed for you to become a human shield!”


Her comment stunned Qian Ye.


After a year, although surviving inside of the camp was much more ruthless than the dumping site, but the camp could be considered an ordinary society under normal circumstances. From the very limited exchange between the students, Qian Ye understood some social manners, and it dawned on him that they had invested lots of money and resources into this camp.


The Golden Spring training camp had the highest elimination rate. It was said there could only be one person that walked out of here out of a hundred people, which meant that the resources that were spent on those ninety nine people would have been wasted. All these expenditures just to turn them into a human shield?


The numbers that were having the same thoughts as Qian Ye weren’t just a few.


The moment that Zhang Jing saw the expression change in their eyes, she sneered, “Do not dismiss the idea of being a human shield! Not many people qualify to become one! Only when you get out alive from this place then are you entitled as a human shield! Then, you need to practice in a three month period to master the Tidal Primary Force, and then within a year to ignite the First Force Node! If you can’t do as I have said then…


Zhang Jing suddenly licked her lips, and softly said, “It’s going to be Punish Time.”




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