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Chapter 3 - The Decision

Chapter 3: The Decision

 Lin XiTang’s Inscrutable Spell was extremely extraordinary. It could have exposed a person’s potential and guide them towards cultivating their potential, then turned it into a massive source of Original Force. Those with great talent would then sync with the Spell and produce an extraordinary phenomenon.


These were divided into five stages. For example, the blurry shining stars at the Landfill were just the lowest first stages which had showed the potential of the cultivations. They could have only created a small amount of the Original Force. The highest fifth stages appeared in the form of shiny star beams. Moreover, different colors and shapes would surround the lights, each color or shape indicated the various types of talent. The second stage was just a bright beam with no shape nor color. The third stage was as hot as plasma. The fourth stage was simply a pure color beam that could have lit up an entire continent.


As for the fifth stage, it was said that only the supreme talents could reached it. The light was in the shape of a mountain and a river, or rare animals, looking as if it was alive.


The light down there was red, equaled to the lowest level of the fifth stage. But even so, among the Empire’s countless citizens, it was a 1: 100,000 ratios. If invested carefully, he could then become the future of the Empire’s military.


This light was like a slap in Gu TuoHai’s face regarding every word  that he had said earlier. His face was burning red.


“Come closer and check it out!” without waiting for the cruise to turn around, Lin XiTang directly plunged down from a few hundred-meter leap.


A dozen heavily-armed guards also followed his steps. Gu TuoHai bitterly took off after them.


What happened to the boy’s body had scared the other kids, but not the girl. She felt the strength emerging in her body, thus rushed to get another piece of stone, and again, struggled to drag it back.


The little boy’s consciousness had returned to him, he groaned and turned over.


Above his head, suddenly appeared a strange pair of suede military boots.


The boots as well as its owner didn’t land but floated a few inches off the ground. An invisible pressure then quietly spread. Dust, mud and garbage were settling down.


The little girl was petrified and stared at the white haired man that had appeared out of nowhere. Her beautiful, naïve eyes widely opened. She then appeared as an innocent and harmless girl while sneakily throwing away the stone.


She didn’t even know that she was glowing. Her sweaty body had now been dried. However, the silver-haired man didn’t even bother to glance at her.


Lin XiTang frowned at the little boy covered in blood and scars, several of his organs were severely injured. It was worse than what he had expected. He swung his arm up into the air. A mist appeared with blue rain drops splashing all over the boy, soaking into his flesh.


Each rain drop contained a huge amount of Original Force, the boy’s injury healed at a speed that was clearly observable with the naked eyes. He moaned and slowly opened his eyes.


The first thing he saw after regaining consciousness was a white haired man with a somber look on his face.


He didn’t know what had happened, but his instincts didn’t allow him to stay lying on the ground. Once again, he struggled to stand up. Looked around and realized that the kids were still there, and immediately turned back into defense mode.


Lin XiTang followed the little boy’s stare and noticed the kids around him as well as the oily paper on the ground. It became clear to him what had happened, which was a normal daily occurrence at this Landfill.


He leaned over to the boy, reached out his hand, and gently said, “Come, give me your hand! What is your name?”


The little boy was startled at first. Finally, after gathering enough courage, he replied quietly, “Qian… Qian Ye” [1]. Though, when his hand reached half way, it stopped midair, full of hesitation.


Because… the small hand was dirty, covered in mud and blood. Although his wounds had been completely healed by the rain and no was longer bleeding, the blood stains still remained.


He did not dare to give his filthy hand to the white-haired man, a person, without even a speck of dust on him. Even though, in little Qian Ye’s eyes, the hand that was in front of him was the only warmth that was left in this world.


Lin XiTang smiled and encouraged, “It’s ok, give me your hand.”


Gu TuoHai also landed from the sky above. Even a calm person like him, got mad, while looking at Qian Ye covered in injuries. He couldn’t help but angrily glare at the surrounding kids.


The kids were unexpectedly surrounded by the guards as soon as Gu TouHai had arrived. They blocked the area and didn’t let anyone escape.


Lin XiTang slightly bent over, stretched his hands further, waited patiently with his clear, and gentle eyes. Qian Ye finally had enough courage to put his hand into the sincere, dry, and powerful big hand.


Lin XiTang gently held Qian Ye’s tiny hands, closed his eyes, and silently sensed.


Gu TuoHai gazed at Qian Ye, frowned as if he was thinking of something.


“Oh!” Lin XiTang exclaimed, opened his eyes, and scanned Qian Ye from top to bottom as if he was searching for something from that tiny body. Suddenly, he lifted a piece of Qian Ye’s clothes up. His gaze froze.


On Qian Ye’s bony chest, an enormous scar ran from the lower half of the atrium straight to the navel. This ugly scar was the trace of a gruesome dissection!


How old was Qian Ye when it happened? How could he have survived such an ordeal?


Startled for a moment, Lin XiTang straightened up and asked, “TuoHai Bro, you are proficient in medicine, come help me check this.”


Gu TuoHai headed straight to Qian Ye without a single word. Despite the muddy body, he touched all over the little boy’s body with his hands. Every inch of Qian Ye’s body burnt wherever his hands went, but he clenched his teeth tightly, and didn’t even make a little sound.


Gu TuoHai’s eyes flashed surprisingly, “What a brave kid at such young age, not bad!”


He stood up and said to Lin XiTang, “This child could initially rank the fifth stage. Unfortunately, due to this horrendous wound, his fundamentals have been destroyed. Moreover, I also suspect that there originally was a crystallized Original Force inside of his body.”


Lin XiTang immediately thought of an offensive word, Plunder! His Forces had been stolen. He hesitated, “You mean…”


“No, it was only my guess. You know, that kind of thing is forbidden, but he must’ve had this for several years now, since he was less than three years old. As you see, for now, since his foundation had been badly damaged, although he might possess more talent than the others here, he is  no longer at the highest stage.” Gu TuoHai answered with a serious tone.


Qian Ye’s wound was significant, yet it still stimulated the red beam, which meant that his original talent might have even reached the Supreme. However, at this moment, he would have been very lucky to reach the fourth stage with his current physical condition.


This was only slightly stronger than the ordinary people in the Empire, though worthless to them-Two emperors from the Royal Military. Moreover, this child carried a hidden danger inside of his body, whether he could endure the harsh training was also another question.


Gu TuoHai sighed regretfully.


Lin XiTang looked at Qian Ye and the little boy looked back at him. Perhaps because of the warmth in the little boy’s hand, he unconsciously felt dependent on the man that he had just met for the first time.


Lin XiTang skip a beat, and slowly said, “It was fated for us to meet here. Well, I’ll take you away, as to where, it’s your choice.”


He took out a few pieces of the jade card. With a slight touch, some handwriting appeared on one side of the Jade. He put the written side faced down, and handed it to Qian Ye.


Qian Ye hesitated for a while, then picked out the middle card, turned it over, there were two words on it, but he couldn’t read any of them.


Gu TuoHai saw it, took a long sigh, then shook his head once more.


Lin XiTang gently read the words to Qian Ye, “Golden Spring [2].” Then retrieved the jade card back from his hand. He patted Qian Ye’s head and asked, “What is your last name?”


“I have no last name, just Qian Ye.”


Lin XiTang nodded and said softly, “Well, if you come out of that place alive, you can use my last name, Lin!”


Qian Ye didn’t fully understand what XiTang had said; he just obliviously listened to it.


Lin XiTang didn’t need for him to understand right away, turned to his people and commanded, “Take him back to “Blue Bird,” [3] give him a bath, treat his wounds, prepare some food, and get his clothes changed.”


Finished delegating the tasks, Lin XiTang and Gu TuoHai flew up. They gradually sped up, headed straight to the hovering cruiser above.


The big kids were waiting for a long time, witnessed everything with their eyes, though they might not have fully understood what the other people had said, nevertheless the words bath, clothes, and food were clearly tempting.


Seeing that the guards were ready to leave with Qian Ye, the biggest kid suddenly rushed over, and screamed, “Take me with you! I want a bath and food too!”


He tried to hold onto the guard’s thighs and reached out to pull Qian Ye at the same time. He wanted to drag Qian Ye down from the guard.


The injured kid hauled Qian Ye’s leg, and cried, “This is my position! Don’t you dare to steal it from me! You are so dead! Kill this brat! He hit me with his damn head! That food is all mine!”


The big kid got even more spiteful than before, intentionally looked for Qian Ye’s wounds and gripped them. There was one survival rule here, kill a person and you could have everything that was theirs.


The burly guards didn’t move, and had let the kids clamor all that they had wanted. The little girl observed and quietly moved in closer.


Until Qian Ye showed his pain from being dragged down, the captain of the guards coldly said, “It’s all good now, even Sir TuoHai couldn’t say anything more.”


As soon as the captain had finished his sentence, the guard who was holding Qian Ye’s blank face turned fierce immediately. He used the other hand and tossed the big kid aside!


His foot contained a powerful force, the kid flew backwards, and burst into a red fog.


Another guard stepped forward while grinning, stomped his burly foot on the ground and yelled, “You scumbags, how dare you disturb Lin Shuai’s [4] business!”


Ripples suddenly appeared from all over the ground, with his foot at the center, it quickly spread to the other kids, they were immediately thrown out from the ground, forcefully thrust into the air. Their blood splashed, their bones rattled, their bodies contorted beyond recognition!


The wave swept through the captain and the other guards, but they didn’t move as if nothing had happened.


It was a miracle that the little girl wasn’t affected. While the big kids were still in a daze upon hearing what the captain had said, some even sillier, rushed up to Qian Ye, she already turned around and fled, and didn’t even look back but desperately ran away.


In that way, she had just escaped the range of  the shock waves, and miraculously survived.


Saw an escaped rat, the guard’s face turned red, and heavily grunted. He was about to make another wave. The one earlier had only used a third of his force. However, the captain grabbed his shoulder, and didn’t let him do what he had wanted to.


The captain leaned his ears over and listened to something, then nodded his head.
He dragged Qian Ye over, pulled out a pistol and then put his small hands on the trigger.


The captain kept the pistol, aimed at that little girl’s heart from the back, and said to Qian Ye, “She tried to kill you several times. Come, pull the trigger back, hard, and then she will… Bang!… Meet her ancestors!”


Qian Ye used his whole hands to grab the trigger, looked at the staggered fleeing little shadow. He knew that if he had pulled the trigger, her body would have blossomed into a blood flower.


He was still very quiet, and his swarthy eyes stared at the front. However, in the end, he shook his head, and released the trigger.


Inside the cruiser, Gu TuoHai smiled, “Sure enough, as I expected, haha! Old man, you finally lost! Come, you must take responsibility for what you’ve said, your ‘Shui Se Yan Hua’ [5] belongs to me now!”


Lin XiTang kept his unique faint smile, from the beginning to the end his eyes were as calm as still water. It seemed to reflect the whole universe with its original instinct.


The guards took Qian Ye back to the cruiser. It slowly turned around, pulled up high, and disappeared into the Scarlet Moonlight.


As for the garbage dumpster, and that desperately fleeing girl, they were all forgotten.


The same as this abandoned continent.



[1] Qian Ye: The main character’s name, also means thousand nights, which is the close to the name of this novel.


[2] Golden Spring: in Chinese’s ancient myth, there are nine Golden Springs in the Netherland. It is also known as the River of Vows, the boundary between the Living World and the Underworld.


[3] “Blue Bird”: the name of the cruise.


[4] Lin Shuai: General Lin, who is Lin XiTang.


[5] Shui Se Yan Hua: name of a sword, meaning Hazy Water Color Blossom.


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