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Chapter 2 - Stood Still

Chapter 2: Stood Still

The kid immediately dragged the little boy out of his nest like a dog, and the last half of the bread couldn’t escape the same fate, it was then passed to the strongest kid. The whole group was above ten years old, with the spearhead being twelve.


The big kid took a deep breath of the bread’s aroma, then without any hesitation, he took off a big piece, and stuffed it into his mouth, and swallowed it in just a blink. The kids behind were staring at him and swallowed down their saliva desperately.


But the bread wasn’t enough to satisfy him, in contrast, it only exacerbated his anger, “How dare you hide food from us! Where is the other half? Where did you hide it? You won’t talk? Crush him!!”


The little boy was thrusted to the ground, the kids surrounded him and bombarded him with punches and kicks, they used all of their strengths as if he was just a rag doll to release their anger on. He was like a rag doll rolling among those kid’s hands and feet.


The little girl was frightened, and quietly moved back two steps away from the chaos. She was afraid that if the boy snitched on her to them about the other half of the bread; she would be beaten up to death as well.


Though, the boy’s lips were as if they had been sealed with hot melted iron, not even a word came out of his mouth, not even the smallest groan was heard. He was still enduring the pain silently.


The kids finally got tired of beating him. They then went to search every corner of his nest but nothing was found.


“He ate the other half!” One of the kids said jealously.


“Let’s open him up! We might find the other half in there!” Another skinny-tanned boy jumped in and said viciously.


The leader fiercely kicked the little boy, and shouted, “Where! Where is the other half? If you have eaten it, then die!”


Upon hearing that, the little girl was drained of color.


However, contradictory to what she had in her mind, the boy didn’t say anything but started to struggle in standing up.


His lips quivered, as if he had wanted to say something, but no one could hear it. The other kids couldn’t help but move closer to him so that they make out what is was that he was saying.


Suddenly, the little boy used his fist, cast-off all his power and struck the kid square in his face!


The kid shrieked in pain, covered his face, and staggered backwards. Blood was dripping out between his fingers. While being beaten up and rolling around on the ground, the boy had quietly caught a sharp piece of metal and waited for this chance. He successfully slashed a deep wound on his opponent’s face.


“Kill him! Kill him!” The injured kid barked crazily while clutching his bloody face.


The boy fought back with all his strength, but still, he was instantly knocked down again by the others. He clenched his teeth, tried to shield all of his bodies weak spots. He neither begged nor groaned once.


The big kids got tired eventually, so they slowed down. But the injured kid wasn’t satisfied, he dragged the boy up from the ground, and was about to say something. When all of a sudden, with an amazing effort, the little boy leapt up and banged his head against the kid’s nose like a sledgehammer.


Snap! The kid’s nose broke, sinking into his face for a quick second.


He covered his face and squealed in agony, the rest of them stared at that little boy, there was fear in their eyes this time. Deep down they knew that they couldn’t take that many injuries as the little boy had, they didn’t know what kind of power was supporting the boy helping him stand up. He was still standing in front of them!


This time, without any need for a command, all the kids marched towards the little boy together, and knocked him down one more time. The boy suffered the third round of torturing. When they were worn out, the little boy moved, still shivering, but again, he stood up.


What a stubborn child. Even if he died, he must die standing.


“Kill… kill him…!” One of the boys said, his voice was trembling. Deep down in that kid’s mind, he knew that he would never sleep soundly again if the skinny boy in front of him was still alive.


No one followed suit, but the boy had been knocked down yet again. This time, they struck him with much less power, it was because they instinctively feared the boy’s endurance and they were all exhausted as well. Today, they didn’t harvest much from the garbage, their strength reached their limit. They wouldn’t be that aggressive if not for the Blood Moon, they would have left right after snatching the bread.


While the kids were taking a break to recover, appearing beside them was the little girl.


She was trying her best to drag a giant stone with her, it was way too big for her size.


The kids were startled upon seeing her. Showing on that pretty, little face was perseverance and madness, she lifted the stone over her head, and without hesitation, smashed the boy’s head with it!


Bang! The boy finally stopped moving, blood spurting out from where his head was, bleeding out quickly.


Surrounding air stop flowing, the kids unconsciously moved away from that little girl.


The little girl went to a side where the stone rolled to earlier, she and picked it up again. Blood was all over the stone, some of the blood even stained her face. When that little body reached the boy again, even the biggest kid felt the chill.


At this moment, suddenly, a gentle breeze swept over the place, rolled up some pieces of papers. The cool night turned unusually cold and creeped out all the people who were still looking for food.


When they still hadn’t realized yet, an invisible force field quietly enclosed the entire area.


The vast majority of the people were unaware of this, they ignored the cold and went back to their rubbish digging task, while a few people felt as if something had jumped up and down inside of their bodies, but it was so feeble that they disregarded it as an illusion. The feeling soon disappeared, and not many people bothered thinking about it since they were too busy in finding food to survive yet another day.


Only with a few exceptions that some stood in a daze, they were stunned looking at their own hands, their hands since, God knows when, started emitting a faint light, and it was especially eye-catching in the night. Soon not only their hands but their whole bodies were shining. There was a mysterious force penetrating their body.


Looking down from the sky, the whole cemetery was lit up with shiny lights, like a galaxy on earth.


The girl’s body also beamed brightly, her strength increased in a matter of seconds. However, it didn’t interrupt what she was doing, she sprinted toward the boy’s body. And once again, and threw the stone on his head!


All of them were waiting for the boy’s flesh and blood to splash out this time. Some felt uncomfortable, they turned their head aside, reluctant to look at the truth.


Unexpectedly, the boy also emitted a bright light, even with a faint red hue mixed in it, headed straight up ten-meters high, it was spectacular in the night! Inside of that light perimeter, there was also a few other mysterious halos orbiting.


The heavy stone was on its way, but was then blocked by an invisible power, bounced back and shocked all the kids. Some even jumped up, dumbfounded in regards of what to do next.


Up in the night sky, under the huge blood moon, appeared a ten-meter long cruise floating past.


It had an old-fashioned design, its mast, boat floor, and deck were all in shape. The ship’s bow was painted greyish-blue, the copper part was embossed with the statue of King Kong. The statue seemed mighty with both fists clutched.


The express cruise had two wings on both sides, each filled with propellers. They moved independently at their own speeds and kept the cruise floating in the sky. It didn’t have an helium balloon, or any other devices, such a miracle how those wings kept the cruiser from falling down from the sky.


The cruisers body was glassy and smooth. It didn’t look gorgeous, but whether the mast’s seams, the side-rails, the glyphs, or any other details showed the elegance in its simplicity.


Inside the floating cruiser, stood a man looking down at the landfill from the window. His hair was all white.


He didn’t look particularly old, and should have been in the liveliest age of his life. He had deep, bright eyes. His chin looked sculpted, but elegantly curved upwards, suggesting a determined, but wise character. He was wearing the Empire’s military uniform standard style, but wore no rank. There were only two rows of silver buttons, as well as a long sword with fire patterns highlighting his extraordinary identity.


The white haired man was just standing there, but his posture naturally indicated his sharp mind, as if he was a sword that had just been taken out of its scabbard.


Inside the room sat another man, he looked rather chubby in his fifties. He had a square face, big ears, the first impression about him was that he was kind, and that he had always enjoyed an easy, wealthy life [1]. He was staring at the Go table [2] in front of him, he had been holding a first-class warm jade that turned into a white stone for a while, he couldn’t find an opening to place it down.


The game was approaching the end, the white stones were like big dragon struggling inside of a black net.


He took a long sigh, placed the stone on the board, and gave up.


“XiTang Bro, seven years has passed, you are still so good at this game!” The man stood up, walked towards the window, stood beside the white haired man, and looked down at the cemetery.


Through the window, nearly a 100 square feet of the landfill flashed with twinkling lights like a bunch of will-o’-the-wisp.


Upon seeing the scene, the chubby man disagreeing said, “XiTang Bro, you need to change this bad habit of yours. I know your Inscrutable Spell is a unique way to expose a human’s Original Force, but have you used this on the whole cemetery? Could it be that your Force never has a limit? If it doesn’t, you could share me some. I love enjoying the benefits of it!” (To use the Spell, one must put his Original Force and place the spell on each person, the more people that get the spell, the more Force that is released. It needs a massive source of Force to achieve the spell on an entire continent.)


The white haired man, Lin XiTang replied with a smile, “TuoHai Bro, you are always jumping the gun. Look at the people down there, they have potential to train the Original Force.”


Gu TuoHai begged to differ, “So what? Please don’t say that you especially came and took me to this hell hole just to show off how powerful your spell is.”


Lin XiTang chuckled, pointed at the window and said, “I’m not that boring. Look, if you only considered the pure blood line of the potentials, of course, these people in this continent couldn’t even compare to the lowest level of the Empire’s civilians. When the Empire moved to the Upper land, we took all the of the highest Force families with us. Now 800 years had passed, the number of the Empire’s civilians who have this potential is much lower than this continent. It seems like they have been spoiled since they have lived so easily for so long.”


“I’m not so sure of this!” Gu TuoHai shook his head, “Having potential is one thing, mastering it to a certain level is another. The families came with us to Upper land that year had their own unique Talent, once their potential is inspired, they would at least reach level 3, or 4. But the people here, they have no Talent and are congenitally deficient, distorted, most of them are mentally ill. Even if they get to practice, the furthest possibility would be just the first level. It isn’t worth your efforts.”


Lin XiTang calmly said, “However, the more people facing despair daily, the higher the chance of them in having potential. It’s an undeniable fact!”


Gu TuoHai grunted, “You’re still the same! After all these years, you have never gotten over with it!”


“Since I was right, why should I get over it? Do you see the sparks down there? These are our Empire’s inheritance. Also, they are the future hope of mankind. My ancestors many years ago started from such a place like this, for the past hundred years, we have slayed countless of the Dark races, accomplished multiple duties. From the bottom of the abandoned land to having a title. Now that it’s my Lin XiTang generation, Your Majesty has trusted me to expand the Empire’s Force! So long as it is useful for the Empire, I’ll do it! A little criticism? I don’t care!”


Gu TuoHai stomped his feet, and wheezed loudly, “A little criticism?!! You! You…stubborn guy that will never listen! Oh, I Gu TuoHai was stupid in convincing the Empire to give you ten years! Anyway, this time I am reporting for duty, don’t let me be responsible for any big tasks. And there is no shortage of pretty ladies and wines!”


He saw a smirk on Lin XiTang’s face, Gu TuoHai couldn’t help but get even angrier, pointed to the side of the window, and raised his voice, “You see stars, but all I see are miserable people. If not, the Empire wouldn’t have given up on this land, how could it become an abandoned place like this today? Do you see? This is a misfortunate place. There will never be a qualified person here! If there is, it will just be a fucking ghost!


But in the direction of his finger, there suddenly appeared a thin red hue column of light!


Although the light was weak, among the many lights, it was still a spectacular sight. Even the Scarlet Moon couldn’t cover it.


Gu TuoHai stunned, and murmured, “What the hell is going on?”

[1] Here’s how I imagine of the chubby man:

Buddha ^ ^







[2] Go board game: originated in China. It is an ancient game (invented more than 2,500 years ago). Go is played on a grid of black lines (usually 19×19). Game pieces, called stones, are played on the lines’ intersections. It was through Japan that Go was introduced to Western culture. Here is a picture of a Go table

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