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Chapter 19 - Esoteric Lore: Thousandfold Mountain!

Chapter 19: Esoteric Lore: Thousandfold Mountain!


The youth also shot through the target, leaving an egg-sized hole, but still, the distance from the bull’s eye to his shot was further than his daily performance. It was a rather odd result. Even his daily training had a muzzle-sight.


“70!” The examiner’s immutable sound came to his ears.


The youth felt a little disappointed but it soon turned into satisfaction. After all, he had the best shot so far.


“Your turn!” He stared at Qian Ye and said fiercely.


Qian Ye smiled, picked up the gun, launched, and shot.


A red ray of force ejected out of the gun heading to the target, but its trajectory seemed a bit further away from the bull’s eye, up to a 50 ring range.


The youth was happy, but then his smile was stopped midway.


As a roar sounded, the red Original Force suddenly bombarded the target, more than half of the target crashed immediately! The bull’s eye couldn’t escape the same fate.


“100!” Heard was the voice of the examiner that reported, the youth was suddenly dumbfounded. He felt that he was losing his voice, “Is this also OK?”


Of course.


After that, Qian Ye still fired his shots casually, the cohesion, although some had deviated, still broke the entire target. All of his shots got perfect scores.


Later, in the long-range shooting, short-range shooting as well as sports shooting and quick-fire, Each of Qian Ye’s shots were ‘all kill’.


The youth was no longer laughing.


He had figured out that Qian Ye’s full score wasn’t coincident. Not mentioning other things, he could only have made a slightly bigger hole when compared to the other candidates. However, Qian Ye’s shots had crashed all of the targets. This was the gap between their Original Force!


As the test was finished, the youth immediately took off his necklace and placed it on Qian Ye’s hand, “I’m Wei PoTian! We, the Wei family are famous in the Far East province. If you ever come to the Far East just ask for us.”


Hearing this mighty bossy name, Qian Ye was slightly stifled. If he had not thrown all of his knowledge back at Zhang Jing, the youth’s name tag was obviously written with two words Wei QiYang.


Seeing Qian Ye’s expression, immediately slapped at his chest, and loudly said, “PoTian is my nickname. What do you think, good? Aren’t you admiring my decency? I, Wei PoTian, will be the man who crushes the sky with only one fist!”


Qian Ye took the necklace, his prejudice against Wei PoTian had changed a little bit. This guy was a man who kept his word. Although he had the behaviors of a scoundrel, in the end, he didn’t seem arrogant like a noble kid. Though his name was a bit silly, still, he wasn’t bad at all.


On the way to the next examination room, Qian Ye finally asked Wei PoTian the question he had been holding for a while, “Why did you want to get me in trouble? Was it because of my origin?”


Wei PoTian immediately scoffed at this statement, “Plight? Civilians? Nonsense, I am not one of those idiots who are always conceited of their high-class birth, not to mention the civilians who made it here were all tough people. I picked on you just because of your face! ”


Qian Ye touched his face, and asked surprisingly, “My face? Oh, I see, your enemies and I  somehow look alike, don’t I?


Wei PoTian immediately shook his head, “Of course not! I just hate your little white face! I just wanted to punch you in the face while looking at you! How can you be more beautiful than my woman!”


Listening to the explanation, Qian Ye felt like his fist was itching as if he wanted to use that ‘crush the sky’ fist to break… Wei PoTian’s nose.


Wei PoTian suddenly revealed a cunning smile while lowering his voice, “How about we bet one more time? Bet the next text’s result? The pledge will still be the same! If you lose, give me back the necklace!”


Qian Ye looked at him and said, “But you seem to have only one necklace.”


Wei PoTian immediately raised his wrist and said, “I still have this!” There was a bracelet on his wrist with the same material and the same medal as the necklace.


Qian Ye frowned slightly, “How come I always feel like this thing is useless. Oh, with your little b… hum appearance, you really have some kind of authority within your family?”


He almost said out ‘little bear face.’ However, to this extent, Wei PoTian certainly knew what Qian Ye had wanted to say.


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Because of Qian Ye’s obvious suspicion, Wei PoTian’s had turned livid. Said Wei PoTian with rage, “I’ll definitely take my necklace back after the next test. It’s none of your business what authority I have anyway!”


The next exam was the fighting skill.


The rules of the fighting were very simple. One against one, one could arbitrarily challenge the fighter, but could not refuse the challenge. Regardless of how many times a person lost in the entire exam, as long as they could have accumulated over five games, they would be considered as having finished their exam. And then based on the winning percentage to determine the rankings.


The gigantic court was divided into hundreds of fighting fields. Each field had a soldier standing as a referee.


Qian Ye had just embarked on the fighting field, and Wei PoTian immediately stood in front of his face, cracking his knuckles while laughing maliciously at Qian Ye.


“Hey, Lin, you still have time to throw in the towel now and spare yourself the misery!” Wei PoTian had come back to his original roguish tone.


Qian Ye’s face appeared a faint smile, “But it’s too late for you to back down.”


Wei PoTian face sank at once. He sneered, “Then I’ll have to turn you into a pig-head! Don’t cry that I used my family influence to bully you!”


Wei PoTian stretched his feet and slowly rounded his arms into a full circle. With force surging, his whole momentum suddenly changed, became very immense, like a mountain standing in front of Qian Ye!


“I’ll show you what the real art of fighting is! Wei’s esoteric lore: Thousandfold Mountain!” Wei PoTian had changed completely from sound to momentum, magnificent, calm and sturdy as if he was replaced with someone else just a second ago.


Qian Ye suddenly felt invisible pressure blowing.


There was such fighting skills! In the past at the training camp, Long Hai once mentioned that some families and sects had created their own unique secret fighting arts based on force. Those arts were often mysterious, unpredictable, and contained great power.


However, he had never been taught any special arts of fighting before in the training camp, Long Hai only explained the basic principles of fighting, living vitals, and how to use the most effective ways to reduce the injuries, and to increase the damages on the opponent.


This was the first time that Qian Ye had faced a real fighting art! He was a little nervous, but more excited. A desire for fighting exhilaration!


Wei PoTian waved his finger at Qian Ye and said, “Come, this uncle will let you start first! Once I start, you won’t stand a chance!”


The training camp had taught Qian Ye many things, except politeness and etiquette. Qian Ye did not hesitate for a moment. Even before Wei PoTian could have had finished his words, he suddenly stepped forward, swept his legs fiercely towards Wei PoTian, then retrieved it back!


This move was as fast as thunder and lightning. The air actually sounded a slight crackling!


As soon as Qian Ye had made his first move, Wei PoTian’s face immediately turned pale and exclaimed his surprise! His reaction speed was also at its maximum. He immediately changed his posture, lowered his waist, and with both hands reaching forward he stopped Qian Ye’s sweep!


Thud! Sounded a heavy object falling.


Qian Ye had kicked him a few meters away! The air was still echoing the sound of crackling like frying beans, which was the result of the two forces confrontation.


Qian Ye also made a hum. His opponent’s reaction had been fast enough and the defense was quite exquisite. However, the force that he received from the collision was surprisingly small.


This kick was just testing the waters. He had only used 80 percent of his powers and Wei PoTian had already flew away!


If it was at the training camp, the majority of the students could have easily stopped this kick as if it was nothing.


Wei PoTian didn’t seem like he was acting surprised. Without a second thought, Qian Ye immediately kicked again with his right foot. This time, he used his full powers!


Wei PoTian’s face changed while he heard the familiar little sound of force surging. Shrieked out a strange sound, his body suddenly glowed up a faint yellow light. Using his arms as protection and attacked on behalf of the defense, he aimed his fist directly at Qian Ye. Left with no other choices, Wei PoTian would have been kicked away again if he didn’t take the risk and attack. Then he would have been expelled out of the fighting court.


A heavy sound like thunder buzzed everyone’s ears! However, Wei PoTian didn’t move back. Though, it was not a good thing, because he wouldn’t have been able to decrease the force of Qian Ye’s kick.


Wei PoTian was barely able to swallow down the blood boiling inside of his chest. He felt shocked and depressed, since the power of this kick had already caught up with a level three soldier! Such a seventeen year old youth like him could have reached that level would have been hunted like a treasure by those legion armies.


As he was complaining, Qian Ye had rushed forward. Punches, kicks, knees, hits and elbows… those attacks had formed a storm, each of them heavily hitting each of the weak points with full power!


Wei PoTian was like a small boat inside of a storm, trying to survive under seven or eight attacks. His defense was completely crushed by Qian Ye. The protecting arms were broken open, all the weaknesses of his torso were exposed. Qian Ye held Wei PoTian with one hand while the other ‘gently’ slapped at his stomach.


It was really ‘gentle’ because he had retrieved nearly half of his force. However, Wei PoTian’s  belly was unexpectedly soft, Qian Ye’s hands were like it was sucked into it. If Qian Ye had used his full power, then Wei PoTian’s internal organs would have been surely smashed into pieces.


Qian Ye didn’t expect of that either. The abdomen, or to be more correct, the QiHai was where the force was stored. He knew that his original force was much stronger as well as heavier than ordinary people, but he didn’t expect that his punch would have solved anything.


In fact, even the kids in the training camp would slightly have been affected by this punch. Therefore, Qian Ye had prepared seven or eight kinds of follow-up attacks to completely take down the opponents in case he still got back on his feet, but now those had seemed to have been completely useless.


This little dandy of the Wei family and his powerful esoteric lore: Thousandfold Mountain seemed to have been knocked down by a single punch.


Qian Ye suddenly rushed back a few meters and opened up the distance with Wei PoTian.


Wei PoTian’s face was changing colors from blue to pale at that moment. His trembling fingers were pointing at Qian Ye, and with an incredible expression, he barely finished the sentence, ” Is this… even… possible?” Then suddenly kneeled down to the ground, and began to throw up.


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