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Chapter 17 - Graduation

Chapter 17: Graduation


The Imperial army had an unwritten rule that when a person had reached the Level Two Soldier before eighteen they would have been able to enter the Army’s Special Force Unit. However, in fact, those people seated at the top only recruited seventeen year old soldiers, and this was just the minimum threshold. There were additional conditions waiting for them on the line before getting in the eyes of those at the top.


Qian Ye had already been sixteen now.


Time was obviously necessary to prepare for the graduation exam, lit up the Force Nodes as well as strengthened experience. Even if he reached the Level two Soldier at seventeen, it would still have been very difficult for him to be qualified by the Special Force Legion.


Students graduated from the camp usually came and worked for the army in the few first years then started to seek development. From the moment he had walked into the training camp, Qian Ye had already had an ambition set in his mind. Not only in getting out alive, but he also wanted to stand on top, at least at the first class of the special forces.


Only so, Qian Ye wouldn’t feel like he was disgracing that surname, Lin.


Qian Ye had talent, but that old wound had almost ruined him! However, in this war zone and turbulent world, people only looked at the results, no one cared about the process.


Qian Ye had been sixteen years old, and still, he couldn’t break through the second barrier. This was his results so far, but tonight, he was about to change this!


Under the moonlight, Qian Ye’s force started surging, gradually converged into a tide, and then slowly flew to the scarred area, and began to impact the node barrier.


Round after round of tides continued to be generated. It came along with the excruciating pain beyond the endurance limit of a human being. However, Qian Ye’s mind had already went blank, he could only wait for the results in silence.


The seventeenth round of the original force tide had passed, the eighteenth round had finally arrived!


His face turned pale as sweat poured out like rain. The force rebounded, together, with pain that made him trembled constantly. Every bit of the original force wave was like repeatedly killing him alive!


The ninth wave came in the blink of an eye. When it had finally hit the barrier, Qian Ye found himself hearing a crackling sound, the original unbreakable barrier under the powerful force impact finally cracked at multiple places. It was about to collapse!


As the tide slowly receded and the original force attributes started to calm. Qian Ye finally let loose of himself. A second later his consciousness was covered in blackness and he fainted.


When he woke up, it had already been two days later.


He opened his eyes to see the familiar classroom, and the feeling under his back belonged to the same cold metal platform. Apparently Shen Tu had once again saved him.


“Stupid! Totally stupid!” That old man who never took any living thing as a serious matter did actually scold Qian Ye this time.


Shen Tu’s medical skills were amazing. Qian Ye’s internal organs were totally damaged by his forceful force impact. Shen Tu still could have brought him back from the dead with such injuries, moreover, left no hidden dangers. No matter how much Shen Tu had scolded him. Qian Ye could have only felt grateful.


With eighteen rounds of original force, a month later, Qian Ye had finally lit the Node, and became a Level Two soldier.


Becoming a level two soldier, most people would also awakened their force related abilities, some of the lucky ones could have also made a choice between several abilities. Fortunately, Qian Ye originally had great talents, thus had the ability to choose between the heavy warhead, force jump, and double shot talents.


Qian Ye didn’t have to think a lot and directly selected heavy warhead.


Heavy warhead was a very common ability dedicated to the firearms that used the original force. When the ability was initialized, one could blast a much more powerful force than a normal blow. Its power was about one-half of the ordinary long-range shooting.


After igniting the second force node, Qian Ye soon realized that the force generated from this node was extremely vigorous and difficult to control. In this case, the heavy warhead, which focused only on releasing power, was the most suitable for him.


And after two months of careful preparation, Qian Ye applied for the graduation exam. When he went to the grand canyon, in addition to the basic battlefield dagger provided, also appeared a strange rifle behind his back.


This was a force rifle. Although it was only the simplest, most basic model, it was still an original force gun!


The training camp would not have allowed the students to carry any other equipment but given a dagger for the exam. However, the student’s hand-made equipment was an exception, no matter what it was, it would still have been qualified for the examination area.


Qian Ye’s max score for the courses had finally paid off. He had began with the most basic materials and he was able to have actually made a force rifle! Although this was only one of the most simple, most primitive force gun and the energy compression device could have only stored one shot, containing the force.


In this way, Qian Ye became the first student to have brought a force firearm to a graduation exam in three decades.


The Crystal Stone Lizard was worthy of being called a rival, but that was only for the students with a simple dagger. From 100 meters away, Qian Ye began to charge the original force, aimed, placed the heavy warheads into position, and then shoot.


A group of blazing red lights flew from the rifle and directly blew off half of the Lizard’s head!


It was that simple, no original force firearms were prohibited, as long as you could have made one. And this shot was particularly powerful, equivalent to a level three soldier’s hit after the addition of the heavy warhead.


Three months after his 16 birthday, Qian Ye had finally graduated from the training camp.


The news of his graduation had spread around quickly. A few days later, Shi Yan came on the military truck to the training camp entrance.


In a blink of an eye, Qian Ye had stayed in the spring camp for nine years.


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At the moment, Qian Ye was 185cm tall, just a little shorter than Shi Yan. Though he didn’t look as burly as Shi Yan with blocks of muscles, he looked strong with a slender symmetrical body. Each muscle chord was full of tension.


Shi Yan was still the same. Just that the time of his stay had left some traces at the corner of his eyes. It would have startled people of how ruthless that the time could have been.


Looking at Qian Ye, Shi Yan’s stone-face became more lively. He raised his hand, habitually touching Qian Ye’s head but instead changed midway into a heavy punch onto Qian Ye’s chest. He praised, “Good boy! You finally came out! Come, let me take a look!


The features on Qian Ye’s face was pure, clean and elegant. He took a punch from Shi Yan but did not even shake for a little bit. Shi Yan was obviously pleased with that. His stiff face, as if carved out by mallet and knife, cracked a smile.


After greeting Qian Ye, Shi Yan jumped in the truck’s driver seat. He loved this type of heavy truck.


The truck immediately drove away as soon as Qian Ye had gotten in.


In the cab, Shi Yan said, “Lin Shuai was happy to have received the news of your graduation. He had asked me to pick you up immediately. Unfortunately, Lin Shuai’s busy with the station at the Empire’s Western town. I am afraid that you won’t see him in a short time.


“What happened on the West side?” Asked Qian Ye.


“The rebellions are rising for independence at the two towns of the West side. They’re such devious scumbags. Those scumbags always mixed themselves into some civilians’ homes to hide their identities,” he said.


“Rebellion?” It was the first time for Qian Ye to have heard this word.


“Just some stupid idiots. The Empire is fighting with the Dark Races, and these guys have not only escaped duty on the front line but also constantly caused trouble behind our backs,” said Shi Yan with hatred, “They even want to overthrow the Empire. Huh! The Empire had been founded for one thousand two hundred years. We had expanded to a total of three hundred provinces, across the four continents. How can these clowns pull us down?”


Qian Ye listened silently. If the power of the of the rebellions at only two of the provinces were able to drag Lin XiTang to the West, then they weren’t so vulnerable as Shi Yan had said.


Shi Yan continued in a solemn voice, “I’ve just said that they often disguised as ordinary civilians, and the people there are also very ignorant. They’d rather have their families ruined than giving up on covering up for those brats. Lin Shuai couldn’t do anything in a short time, and they thought that they were winning the fight. Huh! Those fools, they don’t understand anything! Lin Shuai just doesn’t want to hurt innocent people with ruthless tricks. He could’ve, and they would have had to back away for sure!”


Speaking of this, Shi Yan paused for a long time before he heavily breathed out, “Life like this won’t last for long anyway. If there’s still no progress in the next few months, they will replace Lin Shuai with someone else. The new general will be a person from a different faction. Whoever he is, the two provinces will turn into rivers of blood.


Qian Ye suddenly felt inexplicably heavy. Even a person like Shi Yan had used the word river to describe the blood flow, then how many people would have had to die?


In the training camp, Qian Ye was used to killing people, so he didn’t take life as something that was very difficult to have been taken away. However, compared with the people of the Empire’s Army, Qian Ye was still far away from nothing. In the future, even if he had became a top killer, no matter how many humans or Dark Race’s life he slayed, he still couldn’t go against these general’s orders.


The truck bolted the entire way.


“Qian Ye!” Shi Yan suddenly said.




“Tomorrow is just the right time for the recruitment of the Empire’s Army. I will take you to the assessment. Perform well, this time two of the five of the Empire’s most elite regiment will have people come to the exam. If you perform well, you’ll have a great opportunity!


“I will try my best!”


Shi Yan suddenly sighed, “I hope you can get in one of those elite armies and become a powerful emperor one day in the future! Lin Shuai, he has too many enemies in the army.”


Hearing the situation Shi Yan had just said, Qian Ye’s heart suddenly sunk to the bottom.


Shi Yan took out something from his chest and handed it to Qian Ye, “This is what Lin Shuai wanted to give you.”


Qian Ye took it and looked over it. He realized that it was a neatly folded letter. The paper had a signified sign. On the other side was written three words “Lin Qian Ye” with solid handwriting. The paper’s corner had turned yellow as if had been stored for years, and the ink was also a bit bleak.


“It was written by Lin Shuai nine years ago.” Shi Yan replied as if he knew what Qian Ye was thinking.


“Nine years ago?” Qian Ye found it incredible. Wasn’t it when he had just gotten into the training camp?


“Lin Shuai told me the day that I had brought you to the camp was that he knew you would have made it out of there alive.” Shi Yan said with a smile.


The truck kept running. Until late at night, it reached the destination at the airship base. Fortunately, there was an airship parking. Shi Yan drove the car directly into the airship.


The airship was just simply replenished then made the return journey in the middle of the night.


Destination: Xiang Yang.


The largest military city of Qin. The third largest city in the whole Empire.


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