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Chapter 16 - The Longest Time

Chapter 16: The Longest Time


Where did the skirt come from? Qian Ye tried so hard to make this clear. Shaking his head forcefully, he then noticed the girls around, and it suddenly came to mind where the skirt had come from.


Was this how being drunk felt like? It wasn’t bad at all! After giving it a thought, he became full of excitement.


Song ZiNing and the two other teenagers seemed to have been chatting about something. Sometimes they would turn around and ask him a few question. However, Qian Ye’s consciousness was blurry as if his mind was still floating in the air. He couldn’t catch up with them, and even if he did, he just couldn’t understand what they had meant.


But Qian Ye could still understand the gist of it. These three little annoying bees were buzzing him to drink, drink more, and keep on drinking! They also said that since Qian Ye was the first one to get drunk, he had to do what he said, get changed and dance or they would stop him from drinking any further.


Song ZiNing smiled evilly at Qian Ye. He pulled a girl closer and started to undo her skirt. The girl laughed cheerfully without any signs of embarrassment. She even shook her hips for the skirt to fall easier.


But Qian Ye didn’t feel like he was drunk even a little bit.


“Of course I can still drink! Come on, all in!” as he shouted out loudly, he rose his wine cup and poured it into his throat then immediately reached for another cup.


Seeing him refusing to take the lost, Song ZiNing and the two other kids also didn’t give up and also started drinking as fast as Qian Ye.


Qian Ye looked at the sky with his blurry eyes. Qian Ye felt like the moon was moving particularly fast tonight. How come it appeared on his right side just a moment after hanging on his left side?


The night was very quiet like it had always been.


In this silent night, Qian Ye couldn’t help but yawn, he felt like sleeping now. And just as he thought, he laid down, landing his head on something very soft and comfortable.


But in the next moment, he shot up as sweat was pouring down his back!


This night was not supposed to be quiet! These annoying people were bickering only a while ago, why was it suddenly so silent!?


Searching around, he saw Song ZiNing in a pile of young men and women laying on the ground, every each one of them was snoring. They were absolutely having a beautiful sleep.


Stunned for a while, Qian Ye finally understood, they were all drunk.


In this drinking contest, Qian Ye himself had beaten three powerful opponents. He became the first person to wake up after sweating all the alcohol out of his body.


However, being the first one awake wasn’t that good for him, looking at the mess in front of him, Qian Ye felt a headache thinking of cleaning up this mess. It wouldn’t have been easy to carry all those ‘dead-pigs’ back.


At that moment, a gentle voice flew in his ears from behind, “Here seemed to be so lively!”


Hearing this voice, Qian Ye’s instincts jumped up, stood straight as he loudly greeted, “Teacher!”


Zhang Zing slowly walked out from the forest as she looked at the countless alcohol bottles that were littered on the ground, then at Qian Ye. Though she was smiling, she wasn’t truly smiling, “Did you do all this?”


“This… is, no…” Qian Ye didn’t know how to answer. He felt a strange atmosphere surrounding him at the moment. Zhang Zing’s eyes were particularly shining and the air seemed to carry some danger.


Scanning up and down Qian Ye for multiple times, Zhang Zing suddenly sighed, the shine in her eyes gradually shrunk.


Waving her hand, there was a sense of loneliness deep down in her voice, “Go back first, don’t worry about this place. Tomorrow morning, go and take attendance with Yin Ying. He will give you a week’s worth of private lessons as a reward for your results in this test.”


Qian Ye was both shocked and elated. Yin Ying was a specialist in gun and sneak attack techniques, being able to privately study with him for a week was an incredible chance.


Returning to his room, the effects of the alcohol was still there, so he quickly fell asleep.


When the next morning came, Qian Ye was awakened by the commotion from the training court. Not knowing what was going on, he went over in curiosity and was shocked to see Song ZiNing and the two other kids had been tied to the pillars, completely naked, each of them had three whip marks on their bodies.


The three were all ranked in the top ten of the examination. They were said to have come from Noble families. Now, not only were they punished together but hung like bared pigs and exhibited in front of people! To the children that came from the poor families, this was nothing, it was like a normal news. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence to see three extraordinary kids being naked!


Another reason that got them so shocked was why Song ZiNing and the others were in such a terrible situation.


Someone said that they had a 3vs1 drinking contest and completely lost. Moreover, they were caught by Zhang Zing who was accidentally passing by. This demonic female teacher thought that these three fellows were too shameful. As a result, not only did she whip them thrice, she made a show out of them.


This was nothing but a small funny episode and was easily forgotten in the camp. Since then, no matter what happened Song ZiNing never agreed to drink with him anymore, he would always run away when Qian Ye had brought up the word alcohol.


This was an actually regretful matter for Qian Ye. He really liked the feeling of being a little bit drunk. But without Song ZiNing, the penniless Qian Ye could not have afforded alcohol, not even the cheapest kinds.


In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Song ZiNing had managed to lit his second node and directly went to the final graduation assessment. After passing the test, he left the camp without looking back.

At that point, Qian Ye was still fighting against his Original Force wave in the training room. He only heard the news after coming out of the training room, as well as receiving a wooden box from Zhang Zing with four pieces of the Zhu Yan Blood neatly laying inside of it.


A year before, that Xulang had already graduated.


Qian Ye was still struggling to attack the barriers of the QiHai Node. He could now withstand twelve Original Force waves, but his speed belonged to the lower middle rank amongst the children of the camp.


After countless rounds of elimination, the remaining children were all excellent in capabilities and temperance. Most of the children could have lead up towards fifteen rounds of Original Force waves and above. However, as the number of Original Force Waves increased, so did the pain. Therefore, the number of children who could have truly bared the fifteenth round of the Original Force waves barely even reached ten.


The amount that was increased of the Original Force that piled up inside of the body, the stronger the attacks were, and the more harm and pain to the body would have had to endured.


The ‘Art of Retaliation’ relied on both will and physical strength, one couldn’t have lasted without the other.


Therefore, in the imperial army, the maximum number of Original Force Cycles that one could have endured was used to rank the soldier’s capability. Withstanding seven and eight rounds were considered cowards, ten and above were acceptable, and everything above fifteen and above gave someone bragging rights. If one passed the twentieth round, they would have been able to have gone tyrannically around in the military base.


When Song ZiNing had graduated, he was said to be able to have mastered seventeen cycles of the Original Force waves, while a few people in the class was also able to withstand the fifteenth cycle, they were extremely close to lighting their second Original Force Node. In the top ten for the combined results, Qian Ye was the weakest in withstanding his Origin Force waves.


However, no one knew how painful the Original Force waves for Qian Ye were. The pain in his twelfth Origin wave was the same as someone having the nineteenth cycle for normal cultivators!


After half a year, nine children had graduated.


Qian Ye’s cultivating speed was extremely slowly, until now, he had barely managed to be able to control his fifteenth Original Force wave, but he was still far away from lighting his second node.


More children were supplemented into their classes, more than half was younger than Qian Ye. Qian Ye was the youngest when he had first entered the Acheron camp, and now, he was an elder member.


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The additional students were all capable of withstanding the fifteenth Origin Force wave, they started from the same place that Qian Ye did, but their improvement speeds were way faster than his. Qian Ye needed three times more Original Force than that of the usual cultivations that were needed to have achieved the same goal.


The later he got in the stages, the slower was his cultivating speed. Qian Ye noticed that not only did he had to withstand the excruciating pain but also because of his old injury, the QiHai Node’s barrier was much tougher than the usual cultivator’s.


With three times stronger of Original Force placed in a normal body, it would have only needed only one round to be able to break the barrier, but in Qian Ye’s body, the Original Force waves’ attacks were like that of smashing a mountain, the barrier didn’t even budge!


In this situation, even Zhang Jing didn’t know what to do. She could only have Qian Ye accumulate his Original Force and have fate take its work, letting the nodes naturally ignite.


Just like that, when Qian Ye finally could have withstand the seventeenth Original Force Wave, the barrier of his Node finally had a trace of loosening. And at that point, Qian Ye was already fifteen years old, the eldest amongst the class.


This class was the highest ranking one, the students that entered were all top fighters that could have withstand the fifteenth wave. They usually took only a few months to ignite their node and only needed a while more to have stabilized it before participating in the graduation exam.


There was only one test in the graduation exam of the camp. They had to go to the back of the mountain to hunt and kill a Crystal Stone Lizard. These creatures were over ten meters long, if fully matured, it had the strength of a second level soldier.


Despite that every survivor of the camp was a talent chosen out from every hundreds of men that had survived under the harshest training, killing such a Lizard with just only one dagger was not quite easy. People said that the death rate of the students would have always gone up to about 15% every exam.


It was said that every student qualified for the graduation exams were as strong as a commander in an imperial army unit. It was to know how incredible the death rate of 15% was.


Even though Qian Ye already had sufficient experience, without igniting his second node at the moment, he wasn’t qualified to sign up for the graduation assessment. Rules were set in stone in this camp, unchangeable for anyone or anything.


Though in this period, Qian Ye did reap some benefits here. He had gotten full scores in every lesson that didn’t relate to the Original Force.


But the Original Force was the core of everything. Without it, the other achievements were seen as nothing.


In the blink of an eye, Qian Ye had turned sixteen. The night before his birthday, Qian Ye didn’t go to sleep. Instead he left the dorm to a quiet place and sat under the moonlight.


“Already sixteen…” Qian Ye silently thought as while remembering of the destiny light at the Landfill.


Actually, Qian Ye didn’t know his real birthday. Even his age was something tested out by Gu TuoHai’s secret method. Therefore, the day that Lin XiTang had picked Qian Ye up from the Landfill had become his birthday.


Until now, Qian Ye still remembered clearly the warm and strong large hand. It was the only hand that brought the first light into his world which originally existed only in cold and darkness.


At that moment, Qian Ye was like a bird that escaped from its shell. He secretly took Lin XiTang as his father. However, he had never told anyone this thought since then.


Sitting silently, Qian Ye collected his thoughts and started cultivating. On this special night, he would bet everything he had on withstanding the eighteenth Original Force Wave. If he succeeded, he would have been able to have ignited his node. If he failed, it would have become a permanent injury from the attempts recoil, or he could have just simply exploded and died immediately.


Qian Ye had stuck at his second Original Force Node for too long, so long he had forced himself to choose the most dangerous way.


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