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Chapter 15 - The First Time

Chapter 15: The First Time


Qian Ye didn’t expect that Mimi’s senses would have been this sharp. He was so surprised in seeing her killing a person, unconsciously moved his hand by the bush, creating a faint sound, and was unexpectedly noticed.


“It’s me, Qian Ye.” he walked out from his hiding spot.


Qian Ye felt lucky to have met Mimi not long after entering the battle zone. Having a partner in a place where enemies surrounded him in every direction was an advantage.


Realizing it was Qian Ye, Mimi softened her expression, “So it’s you! You scared me! How about now, will we team up?”


This was what Qian Ye had wanted. He nodded without thinking twice, “Alright!”


“Take this.” Mimi threw a whistle at Qian Ye.


Taking it, Qian Ye said, “You’re pretty lucky, we can go back now!”


Mimi immediately shook her head, “No, we can’t. There’re two of us now, we can kill more and get the rewards. We have a chance to be in the top ten.”



Qian Ye hesitated but eventually agreed.


Actually, even with a team of two, the risks were still high, not much better than the risks of moving in solitary.


The other students could form teams as well. Furthermore, the soldiers of the Dark Races were all very strong. They weren’t things that these immature girls and boys could have easily gone against. According to the descriptions given, even Qian Ye and Mimi together might not have been able to win over a single dark race fighter.


Sweeping pass Mimi, Qian Ye suddenly noticed three whistles hanging from her waist!


Other than her own whistle, within a short time since the test had started, she had already killed three people!


One of the whistles on her waist swayed along with her movements, revealing a number. Qian Ye’s heart unexpectedly missed a beat. He had seen this number somewhere before.


Just as Qian Ye was sinking deep in his thought, Mimi suddenly made a gesture towards him, signaling him to lead in the front while they kept moving forward.


Qian Ye lowered his body and slowly moved in the forest. Meanwhile, Mimi was a few steps behind him, occasionally glanced back as if she was checking their back.


After walking a few steps forward, suddenly a lightning bolt stroked through the mist in his mind! He remembered where he had seen this number!


That whistle belonged to a strong teenager in their class, his rank was close to Qian Ye’s.


That kid was also close to Mimi. There were rumors that they had had an intimate relationship. And because of Mimi, that guy looked at Qian Ye as his enemy.


However, because of Song ZiNing blatant guarding, as well as his own fame of being vicious and not easy to mess with, that guy didn’t have the courage to show his anger at Qian Ye’s relationship with Mimi. On the other hand, Qian Ye wasn’t interested in the other parts of Mimi’s life since they didn’t have a loving relationship or even planned to have one.


But now, that guy’s whistle appeared on Mimi’s waist!


At that instant, Qian Ye caught a shocking thought inside his mind, immediately felt a burst of palpitation!


Qian Ye immediately pounced forwards without thinking twice!


A shout of surprise came from Mimi behind him, followed right after that was the sound of something sharp cutting through the wind toward his waist. Even though Qian Ye’s reaction was fast, his waist still felt cold, followed by a burning pain!


Qian Ye rolled forwards continuously until he found a large tree and hid behind it. Only then did he get a chance to stand up. As escaping, he quickly dodged multiple attacks from Mimi, even so, he still got two wounds on his body.


Looking down at the wounds on his body, he asked Mimi coldly, “Why?”


“The test, the reward.”


Mimi gently fixed her hair while laughing coldly, “If it weren’t to let you guys put down all your guards, why would I be willing to have gotten close to the few of you? F**k, I even slept with those idiots! Thankfully you’re not like a man at all, asking nothing from me. However, you’re way more careful than I had expected, though, you’re still injured? Therefore, you’re doomed!”


“I thought teaming up would have been more beneficial.” He frowned at Mimi.


Mimi grunted a smile, “Beneficial? Will it get me the top ten if I have to share my points? If you were Song ZiNing, it would have made sense!  But with your level now? What are you? Without Song ZiNing, you think that you could still be standing here?”


Qian Ye weighed the dagger in his hand. A flame started to burn in his eyes. He spoke, “I understand now. If you want to kill me, come on!”


“Then, I won’t go easy on you!”


Mimi jumped up like a panther and instantly fought with Qian Ye.


They had fought more than once in the battle courses, Mimi was confident that she was used to every movement of Qian Ye’s, but the first moment that they fought this time, she suddenly realized that something was different. Not the delicate counterattacking as before but instead, every hit was extremely destructive!


Qian Ye let go of defending himself and went for a strategy where both sides were injured. Mimi instantly left three stabs on his body, in return, Qian Ye had similarly struck her twice! Both of them were injured at their arms.


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When the two daggers collided again with the strength of Force created by “Art of Retaliation”, Mimi involuntarily trembled because of her injured arm.


At that moment, Qian Ye shouted out while releasing a fierce amount of the Force and transferred it to the dagger.


Mimi’s entire body trembled, and her hands went soft, an opening appeared! Qian Ye’s dagger flew out of his hand and instantly sliced a deep gash on her shoulder. From there her white bones could have been clearly seen.


“You, you…” Mimi seized her wound, shocked and scared.


Qian Ye also had wounds on his arms, even deeper than hers. However, his strength and attacks were completely unaffected as if those injuries did not even exist. Mimi doubted whether Qian Ye could have even feel any pain!


She would never know that Qian Ye had suffered the same pains as hers, but thanks to the constant excruciating torment of the cultivations, these physical wounds could have been considered as nothing.


With the deep gash affecting her bones and tendon, Mimi couldn’t raise her right arm.


Staring at Qian Ye while he was approaching her step by step, Mimi couldn’t find any other expressions but the cold and emotionless face that she used to belittle. She suddenly cried out and shrieked, “No… don’t kill me, I don’t want to die! Let me go!”


She was utterly terrified, crying and moaning. Suddenly, she turned around and fled, her appearance from the back was extremely embarrassed as she ran with her back completely exposed. She had collapsed under the fear of death.


Hesitated for a while, Qian Ye suddenly gripped his dagger tightly, circulated his Force then threw it out with all of his strength.


The dagger surrounded with a blurry red mist of Original Force. The sharp whistle of the blade cutting through air sounded like shooting star as it instantly penetrated into Mimi’s heart through her back!


Mimi suddenly stopped, looked back in shock. One step to death and she still couldn’t believe that Qian Ye had actually killed her.


Though looking panicked, she was slowly storing her Origin Force, waiting for it to reach the climax and she would have been able to escape through the Origin Force explosion. With this secret weapon in using the explosion of force to reach the highest speed in a short time, she was confident that nobody in the camp would have been able to have chased after her. However, she didn’t expect that at the last moment, Qian Ye’s dagger had appeared.


At that moment, a soft sigh sounded deep down in Qian Ye’s heart, though it was quickly frozen in the deepest corner. This was his first time killing a person with his own hands.


After gathering the whistles, he rushed back into the forest. His surroundings suddenly sounded some movements. Someone had obviously heard the sounds of the battle and came to take advantage of the situation.


That night was an especially long in the dark forest, Qian Ye met with two powerful opponents. Suffering two painful fights, he used his ‘injuries pays injures’ method to kill them. It had helped him collect a total of nine whistles from them. It was obvious to see how powerful they were.


After killing three opponents continuously, Qian Ye suffered many injuries and could not hold it in anymore, forcing him to find a hidden spot amongst the trees to hide and wait for the next opponent. Because of his  severe injuries, his Original Force was close to empty, but after some thinking, he chose not to use the whistles to leave.


The Original Force that Qian had painstakingly cultivated was much more tyrannical than any of the others. Because of that reason, he was able to save the last strike of force which could have been equal to the second-ranking soldier! If he was unfortunate enough to have been found by another opponent, he still could have fought another match.


Of course, since he already had endured to this point, Qian Ye wanted to stay until the end. Not only to increase his score but to get himself ready for the worse scenarios  that could happen in the future battlefield. If he had failed to stay in this test till the end, he would have easily died in the future. Slowly, Qian Ye’s heart calmed down as he stopped moving to save the last bits of his energy.


But only a while after he had hidden himself, three sharp whistles sounded throughout the mountainous area, this was the signal of the end!


Qian Ye was shocked! Was it over? Not even a night had passed, and it had actually ended?


It should be made clear that more than half of the thousand students that came into the forest had died.


Looking at the dozen or more whistles hanging on his waist, the heavy feelings inside of his heart now turned into numbness. Casually picking up one of the whistles and blew on it, a teacher immediately appeared in front of him. Following the teacher, Qian Ye slowly left the testing area.


But he knew that he had left something on this field for eternity. In this world, this kind of an environment, things that were once expected to have lasted forever, was finally slowly changing.


On the morning of the second day, the results were announced. Unexpectedly, Qian Ye saw that his name was in the top ten list! The participation count was over a thousand!


In his class, no one else, except him and Song ZiNing who ranked the seventh, had entered the top ten. Being in the top ten position meant that Qian Ye would have received bountiful prizes, and the prizes of the camp were always known to have been extremely worthy. Even a person as calm as Qian Ye now felt excited about the upcoming rewards.


Song ZiNing suddenly appeared next to Qian Ye, he patted his shoulder and laughed, “Good job! Take a night off tonight, how about we celebrate together?”


Qian Ye was confused, “How?”


“Of course, with women and wine! I have two annoying fellows to introduce to you.” Song ZiNing said as if he had experienced the money-wasting establishments on the upper continent of the empire before.


Qian Ye could not help but rolled his eyes. Song ZiNing had clearly entered the camp in the same year that Qian Ye did. It was just that they were not in the same group for the first few years. The year that they came in, Qian Ye was seven and Song ZiNing was eight. Was it possible that he was born so abnormally that he was able to have entered this place at the age of eight?


As expected, they were given their first night off.


Song ZiNing, Qian Ye, and two other teenagers that came from another class brought food from the cafeteria as well as alcohol from God-knows-where to a mountain slope with good scenery. They lit a bonfire and had a picnic. The two other children were both ranked in the top ten list.


There were four of them present, accompanied by eight girls. The alcohol was decent, all of them were over a few years old and pretty strong.


Just from a small sip, Qian Ye was chocked into coughing. His face was instantly dyed red as his body was swaying.


Seeing how weak he was, Song ZiNing and the other two children roared with laughter. They kept forcing him to drink more as if they had wanted to drown him in wine.


Qian Ye only felt that every mouthful was like a bundle of fire in his stomach. His consciousness became blurry as strange thoughts appeared. His guts, all of a sudden, seemed to have been bloated as well. It became so big that even Qian Ye was surprised himself. As he drank, he seemed to get into some crazy deals.


Qian Ye was originally a daring child. But now, it was like he did not have a single fear at all. For example, he seemed to have promised that whoever that fell unconscious first would have to wear a skirt and dance in front of everyone.


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