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Chapter 14 - Fight or Not?

Chapter 14: Fight or Not?


Fang MingHui was stunned, but before she could say anything, a boy ran over, spoke hurriedly, “No! She’s mine!”


Song ZiNing’s face suddenly darkened, he coldly said, “Who the heck are you to dare challenge me over a girl?”


That boy’s face instantly turned pale as he stammered, “But, but… you already have two women.”


“Two aren’t enough.” Song ZiNing replied carelessly.


This sentence caused the boy to be speechless, he could only stare at Qian Ye unwillingly, then slowly retreated.


That boy was in a group with a few other companions, when he ran over, the rest stood still and observed.


This time, one of the taller youngster in the group walked over. He said with a deep tone, “Song ZiNing, you’re not right. We have always respected you, indulged you. However, you cannot monopolize all the good things for yourself. Moreover, you shouldn’t bully my brother!”


Qian Ye recognized this fellow, his name was Wu Jin, he ranked second only after Song ZiNing, but the difference in their overall scores was not too large.


Song ZiNing ignored Wu Jin’s gentle but threatening words and smirked, “I’ve just bullied your brother, so what?”


Qian Ye squinted his eyes, murderous aura spread out from Wu Jin’s body as he slowly said, “There isn’t a big gap between us, now thinking about it, it’s been awhile since I have seriously fought you!”


“That’s because you’re too much of a coward to challenge me, I didn’t intend to avoid a match with you.” Song ZiNing sneered as he straightened his body, his knife-sharp killing intent rising in the air.


Song ZiNing sneered as he started activating his joints, “Wu Jin, you’re not that stupid to just believe in the rankings? Let’s go to the battle ground now, this time, I won’t show any mercy. After this match, I’ll kill myself if you still stand in that shitty second place!”


Facing Song ZiNing’s challenge, Wu Jin’s facial expression changed to reluctance. He grunted, turned around, and left.


Facing Wu Jin’s back, Song ZiNing leisurely said, “Wu Jin, if you want to join powers with other people, do it faster. After two months, I will soon have ignited my second Node!”


Second Class Soldier!


Wu Jin’s body trembled, turned back to glare at Song ZiNing with an unbelieving expression then left with hurry, this time his aura had completely left.


A dozen of the kids surround were also shocked, their attitude towards him became more respectful. Fang MingHui immediately changed her attitude and obediently walked to Song ZiNing’s side, said gently, “I’ll do whatever brother Song wants me to, anyone is fine.”


Pointing at Fang MingHui, Song ZiNing talked to Qian Ye, “Qian Ye, you deserve her. In this place, if you don’t get what belongs to you, people will start to doubt your capabilities, then keep testing you. Showing off a bit could reduce a lot of troubles.”


Qian Ye wanted to reject, but after seeing Song ZiNing’s determined look, he could only let Fang MingHui follow him.


Getting back to his bed, Qian Ye recalled the earlier incident.


What Song ZiNing wanted to tell Qian Ye was that strength surpassed everything. Without it, facing someone like Song ZiNing, one could have only retreat and relent, or being killed on the spot.


Even at second place Wu Jin had to endure the humiliation and retreat when he had faced against Song ZiNing. As for Fang MingHui, this type of lower bottom ranking girl would have followed any man, and her will couldn’t do much in this case.


Qian Ye felt like he was clear about what Song ZiNing had meant.


Fang MingHui silently climbed up Qian Ye’s bed, but after being tortured all day long by the ‘Art of Retaliation’ Qian Ye had no interests in doing anything else, just reached out and touched her soft waist then fell asleep.


The following period, Fang MingHui followed Qian Ye around, though not touching her once, Qian Ye didn’t let her leave. Amongst the students, Qian Ye’s current ranking had climbed up within the first ten.


Thanks to his excellent performance in every course, especially in some of the knowledge based lessons as well as the firearms and machinery related subjects, Qian Ye’s scores was close to absolute. As for the physical courses, he was slightly off, but in the battle course where they had to directly fight, thanks to his viciousness, he managed to stay within the top twenty.


Song ZiNing was right, with Qian Ye’s comprehensive rank, he indeed had the right to have a female companion. But he never looked for one, and as a result, in the other people’s eye, it became the proof of the lack of power.


Days in the training camp had never been peaceful.


One day, during machinery class, Qian Ye had used some simple equipment, and after failing for more than ten times he finally created a high-precision cartridge. He was extremely satisfied with his work. It was pretty easy to make a simple cartridge, but creating a high precision cartridge without highly-complex equipment was difficult. One needed to have certain strength and control to have accomplished such work.


This was a core skill in the battlefield maintenance. With this ability, Qian Ye could repair any broken firearms and other equipment in the battlefield. It’s meaning was self-evident.


While Qian Ye was enjoying his own work, suddenly sounded a girl’s voice, “How amazing!”


Qian Ye turned around and saw that a young lady standing next to him was staring at the cartridge.


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Her appearance could only be described as ordinary, but her figure was quite good, her height was over 1.7 meters. It was Mimi, one of the few girls in the class that didn’t rely on anyone else and her comprehensive ranking was even higher than Qian Ye’s, she was steadily ranked at the sixth.


“It was just my luck.” Qian Ye casually threw the cartridges to the side.


Picking up the cartridge, Mimi checked it carefully while talking to Qian Ye, “I’m interested in you. If a team has you, it won’t need to worry about broken firearms in battle or lack of bullets.”


“My maintenance skill is not much better than yours.” He remembered that Mimi’s scores weren’t too far behind him.


“This skill isn’t something to be considered too much! I can tell you’re not interested in that Fang MingHui, why don’t you team up with me?” Mimi straightforwardly invited him.


Qian Ye frowned his eyebrows, “Partners? In… ‘that’ aspect?”


“No, in battle.” Mimi suddenly moved closer to Qian Ye. She whispered, “You don’t seem to be interested in women, neither do I for men. Our battle styles can make up each other’s weakness. Our partnership is very well-matched. In the future, we can battle as a team!”


Qian Ye was moved with this suggestion, he nodded, “Let me think carefully.”


In the next few months, Qian Ye and Mimi got closer, they spent more and more time with each other. As for Fang MingHui, she was kicked away by Mimi.


Song ZiNing didn’t have any comments. In this case, he only wanted Qian Ye to have a female partner, no matter whoever it was. And Mimi was obviously more helpful for Qian Ye compared to Fang MingHui.


In this period, Mimi and Qian Ye usually practiced together in the battle course. Mimi’s battle style was close to perfect, her defense was firm and steady while her attacks was were unpredictable. Her fighting skills was better than Qian Ye’s. Song ZiNing had mentioned that Mimi probably had her foundations trained before entering the camp.


For her, Qian Ye certainly wouldn’t have used his ‘injuries exchanging’ style. Therefore, he lost most of the matches. But battling with Mimi had let him gain more experience.


Just like that, a year had passed. The children experienced their first survival test.


All the students of the ten classes were taken to a primitive mountainous area along with hundreds of the Dark Race fighters.


The students needed to survive in this vast and complex terrain for ten days. Within that time, their enemies, not only just the Dark Race, but also the other students. The way this test’s system worked was that killing students and the dark race earned the same amount of points.


The rule was fairly simple. One would pass by killing one Dark Race member or student. The top ten killers would have received additional rewards.


If one didn’t have the capability to kill, just hide well. The test would end when there was only six hundred students left in the area, or the ten days limit had passed.


Every student was provided a single dagger, the only permitted weapon in this exam.


When dawn had came, a whistle was sounded as sharp as a night owl, the test had started!


Quickly entering the forest, Qian Ye hid himself. Only when the night had fully covered the forest did he came out, and began to move forward carefully.


Hiding in the dark, with patience Qian Ye moved while observing his surroundings. His actions were extremely slow, he was quietly moving and didn’t create a single sound. The knowledge he had learned from the wilderness course was especially helpful. Qian Ye meticulously moved in a stealthy manner, occasionally changing his movements according to the terrain.


After passing a large tree, Qian Ye suddenly stopped under its shadow. In about ten meters away, two students suddenly appeared, they started fighting the moment they met. And in only a few minutes, the result came out. One of them fell after receiving multiple stabs.


The teenager who won didn’t seem to have finished venting his anger yet, ruthlessly stabbed the corpse a few more times before pulling off the special whistle from its waist, and after carefully checking the marks on it, he murmured something between the curses.


The surviving teenager had a few wounds as well. After simply taking care of his wounds and stopping the bleeding, he took out the whistle to blow it. The whistles were specially made so that when one blew with force, the sound it produced would have been able to travel a few kilometers. The instructors roaming around the area would come after hearing the sound, and take the passing student away after they had verified the results.


The whistle had already been placed in his mouth, but he lost the ability to blow on it. At his throat suddenly appeared the tip of a dagger.


The teenager turned around, but not a word could escape from his mouth, he could have only stared at Mimi appearing from the forest as he fell.


Bent over the youngster’s corpse, Mimi pulled out her dagger and searched the two corpses, took away their daggers and whistles. These whistles were all numbered with the identification number of the participating students.


At the end of the test would have been the evaluation session. The evaluation was to find the person with the highest number of whistles. As for those who had survived but lost their whistles would have fallen to the bottom of the rankings.


Mimi inserted the daggers to the sheath at her waist. Suddenly she felt something and turned to Qian Ye’s direction and shouted, “Who is it? Come out!”


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