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Chapter 12 - The Price of The Past

Chapter 12: The Price of The Past


Listening to Sun Ni’ words, Zhang Jing immediately relaxed. Shrugged her shoulder and said, “That’s the game of the higher ups, and we have nothing to do with it, do we?


Yin Ying just nodded his head without saying anything else.


Sun Ni’s gazed landed on Qian Ye, said, “Well, it does concern us, it’s not a big deal. We do not have to find out how this child could survive. We only need to focus on what we can do about him from now on. Continue his usual training. It’s up to his will whether he manages to get out of here alive. Even if he’s dead, it has nothing to do with our Golden Spring camp.”


Sun Ni continued after a short pause, “In short, just treat him the normal way as if this scar doesn’t exist. No matter who did it, that won’t have anything to do with our camp. If the culprit wants to get us involved, we definitely have nothing to be afraid of! Therefore, no need to worry about this. It’s the minister’s command.”


This time, even Zhang Jing also put away the casual expression. They were all surprised,


“The minister is back?”


Sun Ni did not answer and just nodded his head slightly.


All the instructors immediately became excited, and Long Hai even giggled in the silliest of ways.


Director Sun walked around Qian Ye and said, “However, it’s ok to give him a little extra care now, or else he will probably not be able to make it at this stage. This timing is fairly bad. If he just dies like this, we would have appeared to have been afraid of those families! Well, I have checked his body, the speed of the impact on the chest node needs some specific changes. That is the case… so, Zhang Zing, when he wakes up, you will teach him yourself!”


“That’s fine.”


Sun Ni nodded his head, turned away and left.


The instructors stared at each other for a moment, then Shen Tu began to treat Qian Ye.


This time, Zhang Jing and the other instructor looked at Qian Ye with pity in their eyes. What a great talent to have been spotted by those families. He was so unfortunate to have become the target of this taboo act!


Anyway, everything had fallen to the past, even the most talented of all, after suffering the Force Despoiling would have become an ordinary, no more than that! Just A mediocre person with nothing different from ordinary practitioners.


When Qian Ye woke up, his eyesight spotted a familiar scene. He found out that he had been lying on the metal platform in the biological classroom. His heart immediately jumped a few times, if it weren’t because of his numbness, he would have accidentally fallen off of the platform.


Then he felt that his chest was still burning, his entire body was throbbing in pain.


“You’re awake? Get down yourself!”


Turning around and looked, he saw that Zhang Jing was facing her back against him. Her upper body was resting on a bench, bent into a gorgeous curve as she kept writing something non-stop.


Qian Ye tried to move his fingers, and reluctantly sat up before getting off the table. Once his feet touched the floor, his body immediately went soft and directly collapsed to the ground.


Zhang Jing exclaimed. Zhang Zing finally noticed, “I forgot your anesthetic effects had not passed yet.”


Zhang Jing came over to help Qian Ye get up and placed him on the chair, and then handed him a piece of paper and said, “Memorize this, here, and then ask me if you don’t understand anything. This paper can only stay here. You can’t take it outside.”


Zhang Jing’s unexpected kindness did not make Qian Ye feel comfortable. In contrast, he felt uneasy. She was definitely not as gentle as the way she appeared. She was so vicious that even Long Hai avoided her as if she was a poisonous snake.


There was a description written on the paper with detailed notes below. Qian Ye stared at it for a while to understand that this description was part of an edited version of the ‘Art of Retaliation, its detail was about the QiHai Node.


“After today, use this method to practice until you have lit up your QiHai Node. However, there will be some pains in the process. If there’re any other places that feel uncomfortable, you can find me anytime. I’ll let the guards know and let you in. ”


Zhang Jing departed right after finishing her words, leaving Qian Ye to quietly recite the instructions.


Half an hour later, Qian Ye had memorized all the contents on the paper. Followed Zhang Zing’s instruction he ripped the paper into pieces before carefully placing them on the table. He left the room after that.


Zhang Jing’s place was not far from the camp. While passing through the forest, Qian Ye suddenly saw Song ZiNing leaning against a tree, looking up at the sky.


Qian Ye followed along with his sight and looked up as well. It was nothing than the normal blue sky and white clouds. Nothing, not even a bird was flying.


“What are you looking at?” Qian Ye curiously asked.


“The future avenue.” Song ZiNing gave a surprising answer.


Qian Ye understood the future part but not the meaning of the ‘Avenue’.


He didn’t wait for Qian Ye to say anything else, Song ZiNing asked as if nothing had happened, “Are you okay?”


Qian Ye hesitated, “The instructor said I had some problems with the original force cultivation method and gave me some adjustments.”


Song ZiNing suddenly looked tense while he asked “Which instructor?”


“Zhang Jing.”


Song ZiNing looked relaxed and said, “You don’t have to worry, everyone has different constitutions, so the general practice exercises are often not the most suitable for everyone. If needed, little changes would bring a lot of advantage. Zhang Jing is not simple. It’s only good for you if she guides you with the cultivation. However…”


Seeing Song ZiNing’s hesitant look, Qian Ye quickly asked, “But what?”


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Song ZiNing did not answer, just looked up and down at Qian Ye, and then said, “Nothing, you know when the time comes! Haha.”


His laugh sounded weird, and then ignored Qian Ye. He then sped away.


Qian Ye looked after Song ZiNing’s shadow and couldn’t believe that he would suddenly come here just to see how the ‘Future Avenue’ looked like. Perhaps this guy was worried about something and had came here to wait for Qian Ye.


Although Song ZiNing always secured his place at the top of the rankings, the other children were right behind. In the training camp, time was the most valuable thing. One could be eliminated at any moment if he did not work hard. Deep down in their hearts, time and the ‘Zhu Yan blood’ were the most precious things.


Therefore, Qian Ye buried Song ZiNing into the bottom of his heart.


Sometimes there was no need for words, when the time came, things would naturally unfold itself.


This was the longest chat in the past few months between the two. Song ZiNing said a lot of words that Qian Ye had never heard of before. It seemed like that child’s life experience was not as simple as how he had introduced himself.


Checking the time, Qian Ye realized that there were only ten minutes left until the next class. He sped up and rushed to the small valley.


When the ‘Zhu Yan blood’ fragrance wrapped around his body, Qian Ye had entered the ethereal state of his mind and then began to cultivate. This time, he slowly guided the original force tide flowing to the QiHai Node according to the new method


However, when the force tide rushed to the wounded area. As if the force was captured in the mud, each surge had become difficult and astringent. Force in the scar area was like the iron brush scratching on the fresh wound. The pain had almost knocked Qian Ye out again.


The modified method was clearly less painful than the original, Qian Ye was able to stay conscious throughout the process.


Qian Ye, with great perseverance, clenched his teeth and endured the pain without letting a sound escape his mouth. Fast enough, Qian Ye soon realized that the force through the injured area would not only produce severe pain, but that the speed would also slow down, so the impact was weakened. Only the accumulation of a stronger force could have achieved the effect of the normal force.


However, a stronger force meant more pain.


Qian Ye decided to ignore the pain as if this body wasn’t his anymore. This pain simply was inhuman and unbearable. Only for half an hour of the two hours practice period, Qian Ye felt completely exhausted and fell down.


But this practice still produced some results. His force did increase, just incredibly slow. Touching the scar on his chest, Qian Ye felt like his heart was being covered by a dark shadow. He didn’t know who brought this on him, but it had been affecting his fate, and dragged him down to the deep abyss!


At night, the children had a short amount of free time. They used this time to learn or train themselves. From that moment on, the children actually had a little freedom to determine their future direction.


Qian Ye went to Zhang Jing’s place. The guards already got the order and let Qian Ye in.


Zhang Jing lived in a small courtyard. It was in a different class from the building made of metal and stone that could be found everywhere else in the training camp. The whole courtyard was a cornice two floor with a very elegant structure.


Just from the residence hall, it could be seen that Zhang Zing was different from the other instructors. Long Hai and the others lived in a building that didn’t look much different from a metal box from the outside.


Qian Ye gently knocked on the lion copper ring on the door. Then to his ears, came Zhang Jing’s voice, “The door is not locked, let yourself in.”


Qian Ye walked through the courtyard into the main house, being careful not to touch anything.


Zhang Jing was not in the living room, but from the bedroom, directly came the rushing sound of water as if she was taking a bath.


In the past few years, he had learned to obey and be patient. In the absence of a new order, not moving was the best choice.


Not long after, Zhang Jing came out with a bathrobe wrapped around her body. She looked at Qian Ye while throwing herself on a sofa nearby.


Her bathrobe seemed to be a little small for her. The hem was also unusually short, simply could not cover her extremely long and white thighs. Her plump chest was squeezed in the collar as if it would jump out at any given time.


In Qian Ye’s eyes, the two long legs were very seducing at the moment, every bit of her actions were like lightning bolts that struck him.


The kids came from the countryside and the war usually matured very fast. Before the existence of the Empire, for human beings to have reproduced more soldiers, they kept pushing the marrying age forward. Moreover, the human body had adapted to increasingly mature faster to survive the game of war. As a result, a fourteen year old could have formed his own family.


A ten year old Qian Ye couldn’t have been considered too young anymore. Furthermore, the kids in the training camp had practiced cultivation according to the ‘Art of Retaliation’ method, which was a heat-bursting strategy, also tempered their bodies to grow faster. On the other hand, the biological class also gave them a thorough enlightenment.


But Zhang Jing did not seem to realize that Qian Ye wasn’t an innocent child who didn’t understand anything. Wantonly turned her body, straightened her long white legs, and even exposed the places that shouldn’t have been exposed.


Qian Ye’s small heart was like being slammed by a hammer, suddenly felt dizzy and his mind had become dull. It felt like the whole world had become somewhat different. However, was it the world that had changed or was it simply just his feelings?


“Little Qian Ye, what did you find me for?” Zhang Jing asked lazily.


Qian Ye didn’t dare to look straight at her and quickly asked about the problems he had encountered in the practice process. He couldn’t tell if the extra pain and the stagnant feeling in the process of cultivation was a normal reaction.


Zhang Jing turned a little serious, waved at Qian Ye and asked, “Stand closer.”


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