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Chapter 13 - The Rite of Majurity

Chapter 13: The Rite of Maturity


Qian Ye headed to the sofa where Zhang Jing could reach him.

Zhang Zing reached both of her hands out and touched all over Qian Ye’s body as threads of Force entered his body, checking for the reactions on every part of his body.

This was an indescribable feeling. It was a mixture of pain and numbness, extremely uncomfortable. As for Qian Ye, it was even worse than being whipped


Qian Ye could only distract his attention to something else. He straightened himself, stood still while his eyes was roaming around. For some reason, it swept past Zhang Jing’s chest and froze for a moment.

Chang Jing’s bathrobe was stretched to the maximum due to her chest. Qian Ye could clearly see everything inside, even the faint pink point passed by his eyesight.

Qian Ye had never seen this scene before. He did not really understand what it was that was in front of him, but he still could not control the instinctive feelings for the snow white chest.

Fortunately, Zhang Jing didn’t take long, “Alright, I’ve checked your situation. Let me think… Look like your Node’s injury is much worse than I thought, but it’s not completely hopeless. Don’t be too hasty with your cultivation, start by getting used to controlling the pain in an acceptable range. You need at least 1.5 times more Force than of normal people to light this node.”

Then Zhang Zing let Qian Ye leave after having explained every detail of the new method.

Returning to his room, Qian Ye couldn’t fall asleep at all. Zhang Zing’s large snow white chest kept wobbling in front of his face. And from this night onwards, Qian Ye started noticing of the differences between men and women. It wasn’t just the differences that he learnt from biology class, neither statistics nor images.

However, the pain of cultivating the next day immediately erased all the fascinating thoughts out of Qian Ye’s virgin mind.

Qian Ye withstood the pain with all his will, though he felt like fainting a few times. The suffering was beyond human limits, and if he was just a normal person, he would have probably died of pain, but Qian Ye endured it thanks to his first level soldier’s constitution.

Qian Ye had learned a lesson and didn’t try to rush the cultivation anymore. Instead carefully controlled his Force waves, and kept it within his limit.

This training session was particularly torturous. When the bell rang, Qian Ye did not even  believe that he had just endured two hours of cultivating. But this session had brought him an unhappy news, he didn’t need just 1.5 times… but three times more!

Though he could accumulate more Force, it took him the time of lighting two Nodes to light just a single one. Immediately, his cultivation speed was drastically reduced from the top to the last of the class.

However, there were no shortcuts to cultivation, and after learning that fact, Qian Ye accepted this reality and his heart eased down, no longer feeling hurried.

He could still reach the second level, although he needed extra time to do so. There were countless of humans who had spent their entire lives but still couldn’t even have reached level two. According to the standards of the training camp, a second level would meet the requirements to graduate. There was still a chance for him to escape this hell.

Therefore, Qian Ye started training step by step, and practicing in a calmer way.

Perhaps because he had let go of the definitions of gain and loss, or perhaps he had concentrated so hard, Qian Ye’s training results had actually increased. After countless suffering, Qian Ye’s force was much more powerful compared to any normal people. Just like that, he barely managed to keep up with the class.

After half a year, Qian Ye and the others had completed their foundations for fighting bare handed, the next course would be weapon training. They started with the various bladed weapons of all shapes and sizes.

From this day onwards, many more children had carried bodily injuries. Moreover, children who had survived until now were all first leveled soldiers with not only powerful bodies, but their attacks that contained Force, allowing the results of each attack to be more effective. A stab from one of them was no joke. Many of them had suffered more in battles, therefore, they had also learned to apply Force in defense.

At this point Qian Ye started to show off his extraordinary ability. Against the children who had caused him trouble, Qian Ye would have prefered exchanging wounds with wounds equally. Stabs and punches were painless to his body as if the pain would vanish easily without affecting his actions at all, but those that received his stabs would suffer serious injuries.

One of the big children that had fought with Qian Ye. After exchanging ten stabs, he eventually fell down after his painful screaming. On the opposite, Qian Ye still stood straight, steady in front of the kid even though his body was soaked in blood. This tiny pain he had was nothing compared with the pain he had suffered every day during the cultivations.

And after that, no one looked for trouble with Qian Ye in the battle course anymore.

The main reason was that the big child originally ranked the fifth in the physical fighting skill. He scored better than Qian Ye in every single battle test, but in real battle, he had lost. And in the camp, the children had learned to look only at the outcomes.

When Qian Ye was eleven, the children had finally completed learning the human biology course. As a result, the old man Shen Tu brought them a strange body, it was a corpse of a few meter long spider!

Only after that did Qian Ye learn that this was not any normal spider, but a powerful branch of the Dark Race: Half-human spider. The creature in front of them was just a low leveled member of the Half-human spider species that hadn’t formed its human appearance and appendages, for that reason it was called the Crypt Spider.


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From that day onwards, the children came into contact with all kinds of dark races. After a year, other than the most mysterious and strongest Demons, they had met every well-known dark race on the dissecting bench, including the human-like vampire and werewolves.

At that point, the children all matured into young men and woman. Despite that, they still lived together in the dorm, changed and washed in the same place. Of course, because of the differences between the two had been clearly revealed, and some of the early matured boys would find some reasons to bother the girls. However, they didn’t dare to do anything more since this was prohibited in the camp.

Qian Ye started thinking more and more about the things he had seen in Zhang Zing’s room.

When he turned twelve, the camp introduced a special moment: The Rite of Maturity

On the day of the ceremony, the girls and boys were gathered in a large hall and ate a meal with full of aphrodisiacs.

In the next moment, Qian Ye could feel that his consciousness had become blurry as his body became hot. His breath seemed to carry fire with it and strange thoughts kept jumping into his mind. He quickly noticed that he couldn’t even properly think and started leaning towards his instincts.

And at that moment, many naked men and women came into the hall and paired with each children. The entire hall was filled with sexual activity.

Only Zhang Jing and Long Hai remained expressionless, while looking around, occasionally waving their whips to punish someone. They completely ignored the temptations of the activities before them. However, some of the weaker willed teachers and senior guards even joined the orgy. Those youngsters were the bonuses for them.

However, they restrained themselves not to overcome the limit. They could enjoy this day, but not allowed to damage the girls. The moment someone had lost control, Zhang Jing and Long Hai’s whips would have made them immediately regret it.

And from this day, the prohibition of bodily contact between the two sexes was canceled. For the weaker females, this was the beginning of hell.

The purpose of the camp was to terminate any weaknesses a human could have. The girl’s body could be her weakness, but it could also have been a weapon.

A few girls silently disappeared from this activity, the power of their families had protected them from this ritual.

The rite of maturity lasted for the entire night. Qian Ye and the others fell asleep after exhausting themselves before waking up at the noon of the next day. Only then did the effects of the aphrodisiacs in Qian Ye’s body disappear.

What happened yesterday was like a dream, he couldn’t remember all the little details, but he knew what had happened.

After the ceremony, Qian Ye’s life went back to normal. He continued training, learning and fighting as usual. He also learned how to use the mechanical parts in the manufacture maintenance class.

The biggest changes happened to the females, many of them chose to look for male partners. Only the powerful and those who had avoided the ceremony managed to maintain their solitary life.

Song ZiNing who was always at the first place had managed to get two beautiful girls. Nobody said anything in objection, even the two girls themselves.

Life in the camp was permanently like that, one needed to win his opponent first before protesting.

Qian Ye remained by himself as if he was wrapped in his own world, unaffected by the events that occurred outside. Because of the hellish pain of the cultivation, he was always stuck with suffering. It resulted in an incredibly strong will and indifference in everything that happened outside of the cultivation.

To him, the sooner his QiHai Node was lit up, the sooner he could leave this hell. Since the things he wanted were all on the outside of this isolated mountainous area.

One day, Qian Ye had just returned to his room and saw Song ZiNing leaning against the door as he watched the sky, once again, looking at his road and future.

Nodding his head at him, Qian Ye was just about to enter the room before Song ZiNing suddenly called out, “Qian Ye, wait a moment.”

“What is it?” He didn’t know what was going on.

Song ZiNing laughed, “Good thing. The thing that can make you grow up faster.”

Glancing at a group of students passing by, he suddenly pointed at a pretty girl and spoke, “You, yes you! Fang MingHui, come here!”

The girl was confused, however, ran over without any objections, standing in front of Song ZiNing and Qian Ye.

Glancing up and down, Song ZiNing spoke straight forward, “Tonight, sleep with Qian Ye, then wake up with him tomorrow as well as every day later on!”


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