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Chapter 11 - Is This a... Friend?

Chapter 11: Is This a… Friend?


The bedroom door was kicked opened once again. Long Hai frowned his eyes and walked in, coldly asked, “Who screamed?”


Chen Lei struggled towards Long Hai like a little frightened animal.


Long Hai’s face flashed disgust, fiercely whipped him to the ground, and scolded, “Garbage!” He then flipped Chen Lei over with the tip of his foot.


Chen Lei’s clothes had already been crumpled. His face wasn’t injured, but the dark purple mark on his throat obviously wasn’t normal.


Long Hai took no interests to look at him, raised his voice, and howled, “Who did this?”


Qian Ye sat up from his bed, and calmly answered, “Me.”


Long Hai squinted his eyes, scanned Qian Ye up and down for a while then said, “Well, kid, you are one of a kind! Come here! Take him out, ten whips, then hang him up till tomorrow morning!


Qian Ye didn’t make any attempts to resist. Without any fear, he followed the guard outside.


It was not long before the window sounded the familiar sound of the whips splashed on skin. Every single whip awakened the dark memories deep down in their hearts. Many of the children had an unnatural expression on their faces.


There was only the sound of whips outside without Qian Ye’s voice accompanying it.


No screams, nor groans, not even a little sound was heard as if the guards was slapping a block of wood.


Long Hai had left, but Chen Lei was still paralyzed on the ground. He couldn’t move no matter how hard he had tried. The whip wasn’t light and added up to the previous injuries which made it even worse. It would have been impossible for him to heal within one month.


The kids around looked at Chen Lei with contempt. Now everyone came to realize that skinny Qian Ye was the real ruthless one. Chen Lei just wanted to assert himself, unfortunately, he had chosen the wrong opponent. Moreover, it was such a grave mistake.


“Go back to bed!” The strongest kid ordered.


The next morning, when Qian Ye was let down, he was so weak that he couldn’t even stand. Even so, he still staggered to keep up with the morning run. Although he could barely run one round while the other children had completed their third rounds, he eventually completed all the training tasks. Even though it took up more than half of the breakfast time.


Until that night, Qian Ye had only completed half of the amount of training scheduled for the whole day. His results with no doubt would have dropped to the bottom. However, the whole bedroom had suddenly forgotten this matter. No one mentioned even a sentence.


In the past, if the child was beaten ten whips, the next few days he had to stay in bed. No one was like Qian Ye. Every move would have affected the wound. The children would have given up trying, not even a little bit of training could have been done, not mentioning completing half of the schedule.


Late at night, the children were all in bed.


Chen Lei suddenly knelt down in front of Qian Ye and wrapped his arms around Qian Ye’s thighs. Chen Lei then began to beg for mercy.


Qian Ye glanced at Chen Lei once then slowly but firmly pushed him away, climbed in his bed, and went back to sleep.

All the children were asleep, except for Chen Lei. He stood on the floor with both of his fists clenching for a while. His face was all struggles.


Qian Ye was weak, and Chen Lei was also injured. There couldn’t have been any better chance to kill Qian Ye. However, Chen Lei was afraid of the punishment, or he just simply couldn’t admit that deep down in his heart that he was scared. He was afraid that he couldn’t defeat Qian Ye even with his current injuries.


This week, Qian Ye’s training results fell off the first half as expected. However, on the way to the practice room, the kid who ranked the first suddenly approached Qian Ye with a ‘Zhu Yan blood’ and handed it over him.


“I have four of these things and actually don’t use that much,” he said.


Being in the first place in the list, the child had had extra rewards.


Qian Ye was surprised and looked at him. He thought for a moment, and accepted the offer. Then he reached out his hand, “My name is Qian Ye.”


The boy laughed, “My name is Song ZiNing.”


The kids shook hands, re-introducing each other, although they had already known each other’ s name.


This week, Song ZiNing would give Qian Ye one ‘Zhu Yan blood’ every day until the Qian Ye had his ‘Zhu Yan blood’ back on the weekend.


Otherwise, Song ZiNing and Qian Ye didn’t communicate much. They didn’t even speak more than a few sentences with each other.


In the tenth month, Qian Ye had finally practiced the third round of the original tide and began to impact the node barrier with full power. And two months ago, Song ZiNing had already ignited his force node.


This time, Qian Ye figured out that the third round of tide created a rebound as strong as two times of the first round. Each tide bounced back and brought with it severe pain for his body. If it kept developing this way, the tenth round of the wave would have been as painful as the whips on their bodies. He wondered how many people could have kept up with this.


No wonder not many people could have practiced the ‘Art of Retaliation’, even fewer could have reached the highest level. Not only because of the harm that was brought upon one’s self, but also the pain from the cultivation process was not something that the people could always tolerate. Also, for Qian Ye, there was extra trouble. Whenever the force waves passed by his chest, the old wound throbbed painfully.


Eleven months, and he finally broke the barrier!


The second the barrier broke, the Force flowed into his body like a tsunami, and the node became a suction machine. It gathered the force as if it was a whale inhaling water. The force outside took double speed to rush inside of Qian Ye’s body.


When the force reached its extreme, deep inside of the force node lit up a blurry light beam. This was the sign that the force node had ignited.


Qian Ye finally reached the First Level soldier. From now, he was no longer an ordinary.

After the instructors had confirmed that his force node had successfully lit up, Qian Ye had received one more item for his practicing resources. It was a dark brown pill that was used to repair the visceral injuries caused by the ‘Art of Retaliation’.


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The next month, Qian Ye was required to pause his cultivation speed, and instead control the flow of the original tide, nourish and tempered his node. Making the integration of the two forces inside and outside more natural and smooth.


But his force was still increasing rapidly, and with the growth of his force, Qian Ye’s physical fitness had significantly increased. Despite the fact that he wasn’t even ten years old, he had already been capable of lifting a 50kg weight with one hand.


After Qian Ye, the other children ignited their nodes continuously. When it came to Zhang Zing’s one year deadline, the rest of the class who survived the elimination had more than sixty children who ignited the force node, leaving only three children who did not succeed. After the exam, Qian Ye never saw them again.


Just like that, the second year of the Golden Spring camp had passed. The third year began with a make-up of a hundred people in number once again.


The third year, Qian Ye was now ten years old.


From this year onwards, he would officially practice attacking the second force node, also the node on his chest. This node was very important amongst the nine force nodes. It was the second important force node, only after the node on the forehead. In many of the exercises, it was called the QiHai, it determined how further a person could have gone into the future journey of cultivation.

After the first node was completely nourished, Qian Ye calmly began to impact the second force node.


The force waves gradually surged, rushed to the chest node. However, when it flew by the scarred area, severe pain suddenly hit him!


This pain was completely far beyond a human’s endurance! With a shout, Qian Ye directly fell to the ground. He kept twitching, blood gushing out of his mouth then he fainted in a blink of an eye.


The guards immediately rushed into the room after hearing the sound. Shocked to see this abnormal situation, they quickly took Qian Ye away.


After a moment, in one of the biology class, Qian Ye was naked, lying on the metal table. There wasn’t such a full function clinic in the camp.


Only Zhang Jing and Longhai was present. Yin Ying was outside to stop the other people from coming in.


Over at the podium, Shen Tu was moving as slowly as he usually did. With a variety of tools, he opened up three tiny holes in Qian Ye’s chest.


After a moment, the old man stopped then slowly packed up all his tools. He didn’t look at Qian Ye who was laying unconsciousness on the table, instead turned to Zhang Jing and Longhai, “As his instructors for a while, you must have noticed. . .”


Long Hai’s face became a bit unnatural.


Zhang Jing revealed a charming smile and casually said, “Isn’t it Force despoiling?”


Long Hai’s face turned uglier as Shen Tu’s mouth was twitching. In fact, even Zhang Zing’s smile was a bit unnatural.


At that moment, the classroom door was suddenly swung opened as a person sprinted in and said, “That’s true, it is force despoiling.” Yin Ying followed behind him.


People were surprised, and even more surprised when they saw who had just come.


“Director Sun!”


He was a short and chubby middle aged man. His facial features were so common that people would have easily forgotten him after the first glance. This was the director of the training camp-Sun Ni. He was wearing a faded old military uniform without any ranking medals.


Sun Ni walked towards Qian Ye and reached his hand out to touch the scars on his chest. In his hand appeared a faint light of force. After a moment, he withdrew his hand and sighed, “Sure enough! This child, what a pity!”


Zhang Jing sensitively noticed the difference in his voice, “This child was from Lin Shuai, is there a problem?”


“What did You just say?” Sun Ni questioned.


Long Hai who had brought him here, said, “Although Lin Shuai sent him, there wasn’t any special instructions, they didn’t even ask to keep him alive.” I heard that he was the orphan that Lin Shuai had impulsively picked up. If there’s a problem with his past…”


Shen Tu ‘s rough voice got deeper, carried a sorrowful feeling, “Only those few families have the ability to do such a thing, but why did they leave a survivor? It’s strange.”


Sun Ni laughed meaningfully and slowly said, “I already know this news. In fact, other people know that too. In other words, the people that should have known this, have already known it.”


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