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Chapter 10 - No Need to Wait

Chapter 10: No Need to Wait


Qian Ye could feel a strange space forming inside of his abdominal cavity, and vaguely sensed a force surging as if a young butterfly was about to break out of its cocoon. But this space was wrapped inside of an invisible barrier. In order to ignite this node, he must break through the barrier so that the force could flow unobstructed from the outside into his body.


There were various different methods to break the barrier. Many of them were moderate, using the slowly grinding method. The waves gradually wore away the barrier so that it became thinner and thinner. Finally it unified the forces on the inside and the outside.


And some other methods were vigorous. The tides came across the barrier and repeatedly impacted against it. This was the case for the ‘Art of Retaliation,’ it drove the original tidal force to impact it fiercely, thus created higher potential to rapidly master the first-class power. However, the process would have harmed the bodies organs.


Qian Ye had been able to start a complete force tide and his goal today was to try and hit the node barrier.


He carefully guided the surging force towards the abdomen node. The force waves gradually came into place and hit the node’s barrier.


However, the barrier was like a high embankment, and firmly stopped the force waves from the outside.


Qian Ye was so immersed in it that he couldn’t even sense that the fragrance of the ‘Zhu Yan blood’ was disappearing. He seemed to be integrated and followed the waves’ movement up high. He felt himself becoming one with the wave and hit the barrier, collapsed, then splashed into millions of little force droplets.


But the next wave was higher and the impact was also stronger. Each round of the force rebounded back and made Qian Ye’s body slightly trembled.


In the process of impacting the node, the external resonance force was also constantly building up inside so that his force gradually increased.


The boring cycle repeated over and over until a strange round of the original force suddenly appeared. The raging force did not subside completely, and after a brief fall, had raised up and merged with the new wave!


Qian Ye was surprised and anxious at the same time, and quickly guided the waves to the barrier. The echo of the waves buzzed his ears. The rumbling sounds almost shocked him out of his seat.


This was the first wave of the second round, superimposed with the first round of the tide. Its impact corresponded to the first wave of the fourth round or even of the fifth round.


This was a successful beginning. As a result of the accumulation of force within Qian Ye’s body, the second round of the original force tide would be soon generated, and even the third round, then the fourth round. The stronger that the tide got, the higher chance it had to break the barrier.


It was said that the moment that the third round of the original tide had successfully generated, was the time to open the abdomen node.


When the bell rang, Qian Ye packed up as usual, and quickly rushed out of the practice room. He made a big advance in his progress. Among the children, there were some people that looked just as happy.


But Qian Ye’s didn’t drown in his happiness. Though, his progress could be considered fast, he ranked around the top one-third. It had been almost six months of learning the ‘Art of Retaliation’,and some of the other children had already achieved the first Force Note.


As usual, when the children lined up at the Valley, Chen Lei somehow ended up standing next to Qian Ye.


While they were moving toward the training yard, Chen Lei suddenly reached closer to Qian Ye, whispered, “I have begun to practice the third round of force tide. Wait till I achieve igniting my Node!”


Qian Ye’s eyes didn’t even blink. He was still staring ahead as if he didn’t hear anything.


After that was a fighting course and a section of the biological structures.


In the fighting course, his opponent this time was a stranger. There were no hatred nor friendship between the two. The results included both winner and loser. Then was followed by a biological structure section.


But this time the instructor was a strange bald old man. He was as thin as a dried tree with a pair of noticeable turbid gray eyes. Qian Ye shuddered when those eyes scanned past him, he felt like he had been seen through inside and out.


The moment that the old man’s eyes had swept past Qian Ye, his eyelids twitched. Then he turned around and stared at Qian Ye again.


In front of each student was a typical long bench used for the experiment. The ‘thing’ on it was covered with a long strip of white cloth.


The old man cleared his throat. His voice sounded as rough and dry as a raven, “Little brats! From today onward, I will turn you into the real devils! As for my name, I don’t think any of you wish to remember it. However, in the next six months, this name will stay in your head for a long time. I’m called Shen – Tu!”


After that, Shen Tu talked about his classroom discipline. It was to simply complete his tasks within a specific given time without… vomiting.


“Alright! Now, take off the white cloth in front of you, and then pick up this thing!” Shen Tu raised a small object that resembled a hook in front of the children.


Qian Ye stepped forward and took off the white cloth in front of him. He was startled!


Underneath the white cloth was a dead body, an ice-cold corpse! His face looked familiar, and Qian Ye realized that it was the kid that had entered the training camp at the same time as him.


The body was well-preserved. Even though it had been nearly a year, it was still perfectly intact. There was no signs of decomposition.


In the corner of the dissecting table was placed a tray. There were dozens of different neatly organized tools. The hook that Shen Tu picked up was one of them.


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Over at the podium, there was also a body. Shen Tu inserted the dissecting hook [1] into the corpse’s chest, pulled it up high, and then used a sharp knife to cut off a thin layer of skin.


Facing an acquaintance, Qian Ye felt bothered and indecisive. He couldn’t put his hand on the body no matter how hard he tried. More than half of the kids weren’t much different from Qian Ye. They looked panicked and confused. On the other hand, a few children had already started, even some of them were doing it with a gruesome grin on their face.


A guard suddenly began counting down loudly from ten.


All the children were surprised. They knew better than anyone else about this human-timer type! At the end of the countdown, anyone who couldn’t have finished the task would have gotten punished. Shen Tu’s punishment might have even been more cruel than Zhang Jing!


Including Qian Ye, all the children rushed over to grab the tools, copied Shen Tu and began to dissect the corpse in front of them.


While Qian Ye had just finished the last step, a girl suddenly cried out, then squatting on the ground and desperately vomited. She threw up so much that even if the sky had fallen, she wouldn’t have cared.

Shen Tu halted, quietly looked at the little girl and also did the other kids. The room fell into silence for a moment.


And so when the little girl had almost finished crying and vomiting. Shen Tu said gently, “Take her down, clean up.”


Two wolf-like guards grabbed the little girl by her neck as if she was no more than a chicken despite her efforts to struggle out of the situation.


The course continued and the children listened to Shen Tu’s teaching in silence.


Only the old man’s rough voice reverberated in the classroom.


A week later, Shen Tu appeared in front of the children again. In this anatomy class, the old man intended to use all three class periods to talk about the weaknesses as well as the most vulnerable places of the human physiological structure.


When Qian Ye lifted up the white cloth again, he unconsciously took a step away from the dissecting table. In front of him was that little girl’s body!


Qian Ye came to realize what Shen Tu did mean by ‘clean up’ at that moment. Suddenly, he felt that Shen Tu’s eyes were firmly staring at him.


This time, Qian Ye didn’t raise his head up. With stable hands, he picked up the tweezers and scalpel, and began to follow the required procedures.


He didn’t know how he’d managed through the class. He didn’t even know how he had went on with his day. The evening had come before he realized it and he was lying on the bed.


The bedroom sounded some random voices, most of the children were having fun in their dreams. However, Qian Ye couldn’t sleep.


The Golden Spring training camp was indeed hell, Qian Ye didn’t know how long he could have last. On the other hand, he knew that if he could stick to it, there would be changes in him sooner or later.


Qian Ye didn’t think about that fuzzy shadow for a long time. He thought that he would forget it but now it appeared once again in his mind. He had a premonition that it would lose out eventually.


The second floating face was of Shi Yan. His stoned face appeared a smile. It felt like someone was whispering in his ears, “Come back alive!” Qian Ye was startled, this voice didn’t belong to Shi Yan but that person. [2]


Qian Ye closed his eyes, once again opened he felt completely awake. There was a person waiting for him, that person gave him a promise, and now he understood the meaning of the last name ‘Lin’. Everything he had to do was waiting for him upon his departure from this hell.


In this hell, the opportunity only came once. If he didn’t hurry up and grabbed it, he would have lost. Nothing stayed in one place and waited for him.


Qian Ye suddenly jumped off the bunk and silently landed on the ground. After that, he used the stealth technique in the fighting course and approached Chen Lei’s bunk without disturbing anyone.


Chen Lei didn’t seem like he was having a good sleep. His face looked uneasy, perhaps it was because of the dream he was having.


Qian Ye slowly but firmly reached out to Chen lei’s throat, ready to buckle it.


At this point, the kid on the next bunk suddenly stretched, opened his eyes, and he saw what Qian Ye was doing.


Qian Ye turned back and glared at him. The child shuddered, quickly turned around and got back to his sleep, and pretended as if nothing had happened.


Qian Ye’s left hand didn’t hesitate anymore. It rushed to Chen Lei’s throat with the speed of light, and deadly buckled his throat. At the same time, Qian Ye’s other hand hit Chen Lei’s ribcage with full power!


The quiet bedroom suddenly sounded a muffled noise! Most of the children immediately woke up. Some people had also instinctively jumped out of bed.


The sound continued.


Chen Lei’s round eyes were wide open. His eyes seemed as if it was going to pop out. His face had swollen up and started to turn purple while his tongue completely stretched out of his mouth. He desperately clutched and scratched at Qian Ye. Some failed, but the others successfully smashed Qian Ye and left severe marks on his arm.


However, Qian Ye’s hand didn’t even move, as if it was made of iron, as if the pain wasn’t there. In the meantime, his right hand constantly hit Chen Lei’s stomach and rib.


This scene was similar to the night when Chen Lei and his companions had attacked Qian Ye. However, the two’s reactions were different. Chen Lei was obviously panic-stricken. He couldn’t fight back, and only struggled in panic.


The strongest of the class shook their heads while looking at Chen Lei’s reaction. They would no longer put this person in mind after this night.


However, their looks for Qian Ye was full of fear.


Qian Ye constantly beat Chen Lei, but his breathing didn’t seem to change a lot, neither was his expression. He was like doing a small little errand. Sounds after sounds were like striking at the heart of every kid.


Chen Lei finally stopped moving, but his body instinctively curled up.


Qian Ye finally stopped, went back to his bed, as if nothing had happened. He pulled the blanket up and covered his head, and continued to sleep.


Only a moment later, Chen Lei suddenly jumped off the bed, and stumbled towards the window, pathetically shrieked and cried, “Instructors! Instructors! Someone wants to kill me, save me please!”


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