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Chapter 1 - Bloody Night

Book 1 –  Day and Night

Chapter 1 –  Bloody Night


Most of the time the Yong Ye Continent was covered in dust, especially in the dark season, the upper continent blocked the sun, which left the daytime with a few short hours.


Tonight, thanks to the Castor star orbit, a few moonlights lit up the ground. It was a rare evening, blessed by the moonlight.


A huge round of the moon almost occupied a full half of the sky, so close that as if in the next moment it would crash together. Even the ‘ordinary’ [1] could clearly see the majestic mountains upon that huge surface.


However, the ordinaries in this continent couldn’t fall into sleep. They were frightened.


The moonlight was of a scarlet red, like a bloody gauze that felt from the sky as if it was a living creature, spreading and rolling, wrapping its body along the ground, dyeing a large area of gray and black silhouette, rendering it red. The moonlight was fragile, each scar and wound flashed from time to time out of the metal coldness.


From a distance, along with the wolf’s howl was an unknown beasts roar, they echoed each other, and filled up the atmosphere with tyrannical and truculent sounds.


On this continent, there was a myth. That the Bloody Moonlight was ominous, very rare, but along with it came chaos and pain. When the moon was fully soaked in blood, the Dark Army would open the Door of Scourge, spreading rage and disaster to Yong Ye.


The myth existed for a reason. Under the moonlight, all the creatures would lose self-control and became more aggressive, thirsted for blood.


In the crimson night, there suddenly appeared a small dot. It flew through the sky, slowly drawing a line and became bigger and bigger. Finally, the dot reveal itself as a few kilometers long airship!


It was excessively tattered, the huge balloon was full of patches, all of it’s the metal parts were rusty, stitched and tilted as if it would fall apart at any given time.


As to confirm the people’s concerns, the airship violently shook a few times, then collapsed into pieces.


A ten-meter long metal beam fell off of the larger frame and onto the ground, crashed and made a huge noise. Bang!


The airship shook loudly, the outer walls that were made of brass was trembling, from the tail of the ship’s chamber, groups of steam emitted to the sky. Every part of the ship was creaking, shaking, and rotating crazily. It was barely holding itself together.


Below the messy airship, hanging down from it, were dozens of thick ropes, on the other end of the ropes hanged the same rusty cargo. Through the open doors of the cargo containers, people could see that the insides of the containers were filled with garbage.


The rusty old airship looked like a wounded giant whale, it wasn’t able to move forward to the end of its journey, and finally sunk to its graveyard at the bottom, hundreds of meters downwards into Yong Ye Continent. It was a gigantic airship cemetery!


At the same time, tens of thousands of people were flocking from their various hiding places, as they had left their fear of the Bloody Moon behind. Facing the airship, they waved their hands as fast as possible, expressing their cheerful excitement!


This piece of land had been forgotten by the Empire, and the scavengers were the ants at the bottom of the world, struggling every day to survive.


This very place once was the morgue of the ancient monsters. Their bones could be found in every inch of dirt. Just like this time, broken airships from the Upper Continent usually brought with it a huge amount of trash. From time to time, this place turned into a Landfill. And the people in this cemetery relied on whatever that was thrown from the Upper mainland in order to survive.


If there were no airship crashes or garbage delivery for a short time, the people would starve to death. To them, this garbage was all of their hopes.


Tomorrow… tomorrow was a word of luxury. There was no such thing as tomorrow in this Landfill.


The airship roared painfully for its last time, its engines ceased moving one after the other. The giant body shook violently and started to bounce up and down for ten-meter gaps in the air. At the same time, the front-left wall split up and from that split came out a tiny airship.


The small airship appeared to be much cleaner, it flew around the garbage dump, then slowly turned around and climbed up into the sky.


As if the small airship was the big airships nuclear generator, with it leaving, the giant beast lost its power, and started to freefall.


It fell faster and faster till finally hit the ground. Like a nuclear explosion, numerous garbage and scrap metal flew all over the Landfill. It was a rain of garbage.


The carnival had started!


People shouted and screamed at the falling airship, and some even crawled onto the ground like animals.


Metal fell from the sky. Many of them hit the ground crawling towards the airship. Some people couldn’t run away from the debris, and were crushed directly into meat sauce by the several tons of heavy metal. However, neither they nor their companions cared about the danger, they were too busy in struggling forward, and risked their lives toward the center of the fresh garbage.


There were men, women, old people, and children; but neither age nor sex meant anything. The ‘group’ was classified based only on their strengths. This was the only criterion for the Landfill’ division. The strongest men could rush to the center of the wreckage, followed by weaker men and strong women, and then weak women, the outer perimeter were filled up with the elderly and children.


Together, they formed the concentric circles, each layer had an invisible boundary. Invisible but unbreakable.


At the edge of the circle, hundreds of children were constantly rummaging through the rubbish, looking for foods that were almost non-existent.


Among the kids, there was a skinny boy, also trying to dig.


He was around seven or eight years old, he was so dirty that no one could see his real face. Covering his body was an adult shirt, made from pieces of rags, which wrapped around him like a robe.


He was using both hands to dig into the cold trash, his bony hands were cut up with wounds, some of them were festering, but he didn’t seem to feel the pain, and continued desperately searching through the rubbish.

He had not eaten for three days, without any food today, he probably wouldn’t be able to survive until the next arrival.


But no matter how hard he tried, there was always nothing.


This area had been flipped over for countless of times by the other groups before they left it behind for the kids. These children were the weakest among the pack. And when the strong couldn’t find any food, they would… they would lay their eyes on the old people and children.


Here is the abandoned land, here is the Landfill, where people lived no differently than wild beasts. Even the wildest beasts desired to live rather than have dignity!


The desire to live prevented the boy from giving up, he kept digging through the rubbish, many of his wounds cracked open again, bleeding, and he still was unaware of it.


There was another garbage rain and one of the big pieces of garbage fell by him.


The garbage bag was torn up, rolling out a variety of useless garbage. There was a paper bag, it immediately attracted the little boy. It wasn’t any paper bag, it was a wax paper bag.


Like a wild cat, he snapped at the bag. Hadn’t taken a blink, with the bag tightly in his hands, he tucked it inside of his clothes. After checking around carefully, he climbed outside vigilantly.


Among the children, there was a lot of competition and snatching, and even murder! Cruelty wasn’t just only between the adults.


The boy was very skinny, even among the kids, he belonged to the weakest. Once the bigger children found out that he had something to eat and thought that he had deliberately hid it from him. Being beaten up was the easiest punishment that he could think of.


It was fortunate that the little boy had avoided the sights of all the big children and had succeeded in fleeing out of the area, he seemed to have innate talent in avoiding those little beasts.


Away from the wreckage, the boy ran, all the way to another garbage mountain, and sneaked into an empty iron bucket.


That was his little nest, a place to hide from the wind and rain, and even the eyes of the other boys. This shelter was only more than one square meter wide, though to the boy, it was heaven.


He carefully took out the paper bag, held his breath, with a saintly look he slowly opened it.


Inside of the bag was a donut! It had only a bite taken out of it!


At the first glance, the boy knew it was made of bread, even though he had never seen food this complete in the dumpster, he couldn’t remember where and how he had known about this bread thing.


In fact, it was just an ordinary round bread, at the Upper land, even the lowest blue collar people could have thrown it away just after one bite, just like the one in the little  boys’ hand. However, in this Landfill, it was worth several lives.


He came in a little closer. He could smell the cereal within the bread, and he felt as if all the pain had left his body. He held the bread carefully. It was unbelievable that he could find such a treasure like this.


Is this a dream?


A small drop of blood broke from the wounds on his hand and dripped onto the bread. The little boy shrieked, he hurriedly wiped off all the blood and sweat in his hands. Looking back at the bread as if he just committed blasphemy against such holy relic.


Suddenly, his stomach started to growl, it was twitching up painfully to remind him of his hunger. He torn off a piece of bread that was stained by his own blood, gathered all his determination and prepared to put it in his mouth.


But his hand suddenly stopped midair.


Outside of his iron shelter, stood a little girl . Nobody knew when and how long she had been standing there for.


She was around four or five, the little face was covered in black, completely drowning out its original color, but the facial contour predicted the future of a beautiful girl. Her eyes were so bright, so lively, those eyes that were staring straight at the bread in the little boys’ hand.


The boy immediately stood up while his other hand rapidly grabbed an iron stick. This was the most instinctive reaction of the garbage life. When the food in one’s hand was seen by another’s eyes, it usually ended with a life or death fight.


The girl didn’t run away. Her eyes were stuck to the bread, she didn’t even move.


The little boy slowly put down the iron stick in his hand, hesitated for a long time before his final determination. After a while, he slowly tore off half of the bread and handed one half to the little girl.


His movements were very, very slow. His hands were trembling. There was sweat all over of his head, and all the wounds in his body were protesting with the most intense pain.


But the bread still ended up in the girl’s hand.


The little girl didn’t seem to believe her eyes, her hand clung to the bread, the other hand wiped her eyes hard to make sure it wasn’t a dream.


In just one second after that, she desperately stuffed the bread into her mouth, the piece of bread that was even bigger than her fist disappeared into her tiny mouth in just under three seconds!


After eating the bread, she licked her hand carefully for any left overs, she raised her eyes, stared at the boy for a minute and ran away.


The little boy didn’t know why he done that. Perhaps the pure eyes had touched something deep down his heart.


But what the hell was this feeling? The little boy leaned against the barrel wall, carefully tore a nail-sized piece of bread, put it into his mouth and didn’t swallow it. Instead letting his tongue feel the fragrance of the grain.


At the moment, from outside of his little nest, suddenly came a girl’s voice, “He got his hand on such great food! You promised to give me half!”


The boy’s heart suddenly sunk to the bottom of his stomach, he saw several big children standing outside.



[1] Ordinary: people who cannot or do not practice Force.

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