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Chapter 190 - Blood Demon Skeleton!

“What kind of sound is that?”


Li Fan was astonished while bending down to the ground below his feet. He followed his instincts and tried to examine it using his mental consciousness.


However, as soon as he had reached around ten zhang[1] underground, his mental consciousness was blocked by a layer of blood. It couldn’t go down from that layer onward.


The others who had also heard the strange sound from underneath had also released their mental consciousnesses, carefully sensing.


Nevertheless, they were the same as Li Fan. As they released their mental consciousnesses, they were all stopped by that blood layer. It was impossible for them to probe furthermore into the magical underground.


“No need to check.” Feng Luo from the Blood Sect explained, “ That layer of blood was concluded by our sect leader. With your cultivation base, there’s no way you can pierce through that layer with your mental consciousness.”



Right at that moment, the strange sound resonated from the ground the second time.

The Blood Sect’s Feng Luo and Yu Tong both showed a bizarre look; it seemed that they were also astounded.


“How could it be? One heartbeat is already abnormal, but two almost continuously heartbeats have resonated. This has never happened before.” Feng Luo stroked his chin. He had temporarily forgotten the fact that the Blood Sect could have been facing great distress. Instead, he stared at the ground below his feet dumbfoundedly then muttered, “It shouldn’t be like this. After so many years, such abnormalities had never happened.”


“Except for one sudden heartbeat, other movements shouldn’t have emerged. Also, there shouldn’t be any hints of vitality.”

“Even the elders in the Sect have given up on it. They have already decided to take it as a failure.”


Yu Tong hesitated for a while, then said in a low tone, “Uncle Feng, the earth-cracking changes in the Heaven Leaving Domain wouldn’t have incited this, would it?”

“I have heard people said that the changes in the Heaven and Earth would take place when the Heavenly Gate had opened. That This will cause lots of abnormalities.” Nie Tian suddenly said,


“Senior Wu said that?” Feng Luo doubted.

Nie Tian, who couldn’t sell Huo Mu out, nodded his head then said, “That’s right.”


“Don’t tell me this is because of the changes in the Heaven and Earth?” Feng Luo was dumbstruck for a while, then he suddenly stared at Yu Tong and said, “Do you still have your master’s Spiritual Blood Pearl?”

“My master was afraid that my capacity wasn’t enough to step into the Heavenly Gate. Hence, master had handed the Spiritual Blood Pearl to me before I had entered the Gate.”  Yu Tong answered.


“Your master has been looking after this for all this time.  Your master is also the one who have carried out the process of refining it. The Spiritual Blood Pearl is the key. It could show us whatever that is below this ground.” Feng Luo muttered for quite a while, then deeply inhaled. He said, “Little Tong, you do the spell, I want to watch it.”


“What!” Yu Tong frightened, “Should I? It will be fine if it is a failure, but if it wakes up, I am afraid that…”


“Don’t worry; the Spiritual Blood Pearl should be able to control it.” Feng Luo persuaded Yu Tong, “It is certain that our Sect is going to face catastrophe. Even right now, our Sect could have already been attacked by demons. At such time, even if it was to wake up, it wouldn’t worsen the already bad situation in our Sect.”


“However, if you could control it with the Spiritual Blood Pearl, its existence… can totally turn the table around!”

Feng Luo’s eyes lit up.


“Feng Luo, how about that thing? You guys have exchanged for it from the outer domains through our Prison Department?” Hong Can surprisingly said.

Feng Luo nodded, “Exactly!”


Hong Can was frightened, “Haven’t you guys said it before? That thing was a failure, because it was impossible to recover its exhausted vitality and that it could never have been wakened up?”


“That’s right.” Feng Luo said.

“Then what is happening right now?” Hong Can asked.

“God knows what.” Feng Luo was also in doubt.

“What are they saying?” Nie Tian curiously asked Li Fan.

Li Fan shook his head; he was also confused.


On the contrary, An ShiYi, who was standing besides them, abruptly said,  “Except for some restrictive arts, the Blood Sect also possesses a special ability. They can forge Blood Demons through their bodies.  Those bodies can be humans, but it can also be of their race.  They only need to be completely dead, then through the Blood Sect’ secret art, they can forge a Blood Demon for their own usage.”


“I guess, that thing below the ground is a Blood Demon forged by the Blood Sect.”

“It’s just that, that Blood Demon… seems to not have been completely forged.  If not, the Blood Sect could have used this Blood Demon to cope with the other demons.”

“It must be so.” Li Fan said.


He used a pair of complimentary eyes to look at An ShiYi then suddenly said, “Haha, if you can’t stay in the Ling Bao Court, you can come to our Lingyun Sect. Our Lingyun Sect isn’t as complicated as yours. If you came to our Sect, you wouldn’t need to worry about those people, who would approach you with ulterior motives.”


After he finished, he unintentionally glanced at Qiu Heng who was running towards them.


Qiu Heng was the last to come, as he didn’t hear the whole conversation. He only heard this last sentence.


His mood was not good to start with. Qiu Hung hummed but said nothing.

He knew, with his unsociable actions that most people here rejected him.

If he dared to do anything or made it difficult for Li Fan, then he would indeed become their target.


He could only endure Li Fan’s mocking.

“Many thanks.” An ShiYi gracefully bowed then sincerely said, “If there is one day when I find it hard to stay in the Ling Bao Court, I will come to Lingyun Sect!”

“Betraying the sect is a felony!” Qiu Heng coldly said.


“I will let my master inform Ling Bao Court’s Fang Hui senior. Fang senior will definitely give my master some face.” Nie Tian interrupted them.

As soon as he had finished, Qiu Heng’s countenance became stiff.


Everybody knew that Wu Ji and Fang Hui had a good relationship. Moreover, Fang Hui’s position in the Ling Bao Court could have even been considered higher than the sect leader.


If Wu Ji said he wanted that person, Fang Hui certainly couldn’t have ignored that. An ShiYi would then come to the Lingyun Sect from Ling Bao Court without any obstacles. It would become something rational.

“Then … Let me see about it.”


Concurrently, Yu Tong, who was persuaded by Feng Luo, had hurriedly taken out the Spiritual Blood Pearl from his storage bracelet.

Right when the Spiritual Blood Pearl was taken out, the valley was submerged in blood-red light, as if a layer of bright blood-red color was drawn on it.


From inside the pearl, there were numerous vague blood shadows. These shadows were constantly changing their positions like they were fixing some crucial points.

Yu Tong calmly sat down. He held up the Spiritual Blood Pearl with two hands, using his mind to communicate with it.


After a long while, light beams followed each other and started to shoot out from inside the Spiritual Blood Pearl, instantly disappearing into the deep ground beneath them.


In the dead quiet valley, countless explosions resounded from underground. The Blood Lakes immediately changed their places one by one, rapidly agitated.



Wherever the Blood Lakes went, large stones, which were being drawn by some kind of forces coming from deep down under, started to depart from the ground one after another.


Soon after, at the center of the valley, a huge quarry appeared.

A thick and pungent smell of blood emitted from the quarry as soon as it appeared.


Feng Luo was the same as Yu Tong, they both came from the Blood Sect. Smelling that bloody scent, their countenance became somewhat satisfied. They could even vaguely gain some power from that.

The others immediately frowned when they smelled this bloody scent. Everyone looked like they couldn’t have gotten used to it.


Among them, only Nie Tian was calm and at ease when smelling the scent.

When he was at the Green Illusion Realm, he had already let Yu Tong’s blood threads entered his body one by one, in an attempt to enhance his own flesh essence and Qi.


Maybe this was why he wasn’t affected by the blood aura, and his blood flow wasn’t reversed by the Blood Sect’ Restricted Art when he was fighting with Yu Tong.

“As expected!”

Hong Can of the Prison Department glanced at the direction of the large quarry and instantly screamed in fear.


The others hastily rushed over, stood beside the quarry and curiously examined the quarry.

Inside the quarry, laid a skeleton which was slightly above thirty meters. It was laying there quietly.


There was absolutely no flesh on that skeleton. Its whole body was made from gray bones. Inside of those bones one could have still seen it’s fine veins. It seemed that there was still blood slowly flowing from inside of those veins.

Right at the skeleton’s chest, numerous intertwined joints embraced a brown-gray heart.


Those strange sounds from before all came from this gigantic brown-gray heart.

Except for its size, the skeleton didn’t look much different from one of the human race. However, there were sharp spurs at the back of the skeleton, piercing deeply into the quarry bottom.

“The Giant’s Skeleton!”


Shi Hang came from the Black Mist Palace suddenly paled. He hurriedly asked, “This person from the Skeleton Race, before he was captured by the Blood Sect, what level is he?”

“Blood Vessel level eight.” Feng Luo said.

“My god! How could you guys dare to forge him into a Blood Demon?” Shi Hang was dumbstruck.


A level eight Blood Vessel Giant’s Skeleton. It’s capacities were equal to a human Lianqi warrior at the Spirit Realm. Yet, on the whole Heaven Leaving Domain, the highest ranked warrior, was only at the Xuangjing Realm.


The Blood Sect had forged a level eight Blood Vessel Giant’s Skeleton into a Blood Demon. Once they had lost their control of him, that Giant Blood Demon could have destroyed the entire Heaven Leaving Domain!


[1] Chinese unit of measures: 1 zhang = 3.33 meters.


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