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Chapter 201 - One step ahead

After heading forward for a few more li, the vigorous demonic aura was getting five times denser.

The demonic aura was surrounding Hong Can’s group of people. Even inside of the various colored light barriers, they could have only seen humans and things that were within five meters.

The whole area was filled with bones of  people from the human race; blood stains were scattered everywhere.

Those bones were the remainings that the low-level demons had casually thrown out after consuming the flesh.

Low-level demons would have only eaten flesh; they couldn’t have digested the bones.

The scattered bones of the human race had let Hong Can’s group understand how cruel the massacre was, that the human race had experienced, when they had gotten closer to the Blood Sect’s gate.

After a while, even Li Fan of the Lingyun Sect could have felt that something was terribly wrong.

“Nie Tian, are you sure you can hold on?” He tilted his head to one side, with a serious countenance, and solemnly said,  “You can’t be tenacious. This is not the time for you to be stubborn!”

A few remaining people had also furrowed their brows, looking at Nie Tian with a solemn face.

Normally speaking, Nie Tian who was only at the Houtian Realm should have soon become incapable of withstanding this.

Even for the Zhongtian Realm, An ShiYi, if she were to follow them here, she also wouldn’t have been able to have held on. She would have definitely needed to use spiritual stones right away to have replenished her spirit energy.

The light barriers needed to fight off the erosion of the demonic aura. Therefore, this had resulted in everyone’s spirit energy being rapidly drained.

The fact that Nie Tian could have maintained himself until now had made the other people astounded. At the same time, they were incredibly worried about his strength.

They were scared that Nie Tian had beenusing the very last of his energy in getting to the Blood Sect’s gate, then ultimately would have fainted at the most critical moment, leaving them with no options within the demons palms.

At that moment, without Nie Tian’scontrol on the Blood Demon Skeleton, it would be impossible to have further supported the battle.

“Alright, I will try sensing it for a short while.”

He had understood what the others were worried about, Nie Tian hesitated for a while, then used his mental consciousness to take a peek at his spiritual sea.

The source of power had come from the flora whirlpool; a green light barrier was shielding his entire body.

During this period, the light barrier he had used to defend the infiltration of the demonic aura had inaudibly transformed into different various attributes.

It was just like that and the entire area was filled with the vicious demonic aura. His ever changing colors light barrier was being hidden behind the dark purple demonic aura, making the people unable to have recognized it.

On the other hand, the existence of the vicious demonic aura had significantly decreased everyone’s ability to sense. Also, they needed to gather their own powers to be able to withstand the erosion of the demonic aura. Hence, they didn’t notice the sudden changes in his breathing.

However, when he had finally stopped sensing his spiritual sea, those supreme Tianxian Realm warriors instantly recognized it.

Because the dark purple light barrier had been too dense, it was impossible for them to see with their bare eyes the true color of the light barrier which was covering Nie Tian.

They could now gradually have figured out the fact through their mental consciousness sensing that Nie Tian’s spirit energy had been transforming into different attributes.

“Wood energy!”

“Flame energy!”

“Star! Star Energy!”

“Pure Spiritual Energy!”

When they had noticed that there was the spirit energy of the three other attributes that had all existed within Nie Tian’s body besides his own spirit energy, they were all astonished.

The looks that they were giving Nie Tian suddenly were filled with fear. Then, they seemed to have clearly understood something.

“Nie Tian, you didn’t specialize in any attributes. There had been no attribute.” Li Fan slowly talked with a complexed countenance,  “A warrior without any attributes could cultivate any spirit energy art of any attributes. Different spirit energy arts might have been mixed, then formed a solid foundation for him, helping him easily withstand the demonic aura.”

“Nonetheless, cultivating different attribute arts at the same time would have wasted much energy and time. The time expansionwould have been enormous.”

“We- the human race, have a limited lifespan. We can only breakthrough the significant realm to have gained additional lifespan.”

“Variegated attributions would make the cultivation path become more and more complicated.”

“He has chosen such a hard path. With his longevity, it wouldn’t be certain that he could make it to the end.”


Li Fan deeply sighed. He was worried for Nie Tian after realizing the certainty of the situation.

“Brother Li, you shouldn’t be too sorrowful. Doesn’t Nie Tian have a Vital Fruit with him?”  Feng Luo consoled, “The Vital Fruit could gain him a couple hundred years of longevity.  Those additional years might help him avoid the impasse that had happened to his master, letting him move forward with his cultivation path.”

I had heard about the Vital Fruit, Li Fan’s eyes lit up, he nodded, “ With your lucky words, I hope that he could escape his master great-uncle’s calamity through that Vital Fruit.”

Right at that time, Nie Tian who was checking his spiritual sea had abruptly opened his eyes.

He hesitated before saying,  “That, everyone will have to get away from me for a bit.”

“Why?” Li Fan didn’t know the reason.

“I want to try the art that my master had passed on to me, to see if I could use that art to completely flee from the demonic aura or not.” Nie Tian said.

As he just finished, everyone intuitively stepped away.

When they were about five meters away from Nie Tian, he then had his two palms facing each other, firstly, releasing his mental consciousness.

After that, numerous different attributes of spirit energies all emitted from the inside of his fingers.

Different powers were surrounding  him as their center, then slowly dispersed, forming a chaotic twisted magnetic field.

As soon as the magnetic field had appeared, it had covered the demonic aura. Being disorderly distorted, it seemed to have become a source of energy inside of the twisted magnetic field.

Nie Tian released his spiritual light barrier and inaudibly sensed the transformations of the chaotic magnetic field. He noticed that the chaotic magnetic field was leading, one by one, demonic aura threads. It basically didn’t have any methods to have approached him.

He repealed the light barrier. As he didn’t increase his spirit energy, he let himself be completely exposed to the muddled magnetic field.

He delicately sensed. His pores were all opened; he wanted to see whether or not the demonic aura could have poured into him.

The wonderful thing was,  only the light spots of the wood energy, flame energy, spirit energy and mental energy coming from his body were able to have gathered around him.

The demonic aura which had belonged to the demons, and not him, couldn’t have approached him at the slightest effort.

“Uncle Li, I might bother you for a bit.” Nie Tian opened his mouth.

At this time, those Tianxian Realm warriors were all focusing on Nie Tian’s surrounding, which had formed a three-meter wide eccentric magnetic field .

They silently released their mental consciousness and approached that magnetic field, but had instantly gotten twisted.

Their countenances had changed. They were scared inside, then took the initiative to stay away from Nie Tian. It seemed that they were worried they would have been pulled into that magnetic field.

As soon as Li Fan had heard his pledge, he instantly walked over.

Nie Tian took several steps towards Li Fan. He only needed to have moved slightly and that magnetic field would have naturally followed him.

Li Fan who was covered with the dense demonic aura was pulled into the chaotic magnetic field. The demonic aura was weirdly being distorted underneath the magnetic field’s power and quickly being eradicated, only spot by spot, of the dark purple threads could have been seen.

Because those threads didn’t belong to Nie Tian, they were suppressed by the chaotic magnetic field. It seemed like it would have taken a long time until they were able to to have entered Nie Tian’s body.


With the chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian only needed to have wasted a small amount of different attribute powers to have completely eroded the demonic aura !

“I’m fine, no problem.” Nie Tian smiled while looking at everyone, then said,  “From here onward, everyone doesn’t need to worry about me. Also, you guys don’t need to take care of me anymore.  That demonic aura. . . is now useless to me!”

“Nie Tian, is this the secret art that your master had taught you?” Li Fan asked in shock.

“Yeah.” Nie Tian replied.

“How come I didn’t know that our Lingyun Sect have had such mysterious spiritual arts?” Li Fan asked again.

“That … might have been because our master has just comprehended it.” Nie Tian casually said.

Li Fan doubted. He had also felt that Nie Tian was lying, but there were too many people of the other sects around them, it wouldn’t have been good for him to have asked more.

“How formidable!” Hong Can from the Prison Department was looking at his eccentric magnetic field. When the demonic aura had been entirely eradicated, he complimented, “Senior Wu Ji is truly the unusual person of the Heaven Leaving Domain. Today, I’m totally convinced.”

“Huh, no wonder senior Wu Ji could have taught the three disciples into such superior competencies.” Zhou Yi also said.

“Alright! Nie Tian, if you are fine, then hurry up and continue!” Feng Luo of the Blood Sect urged.

“Understood.” Nie Tian answered.

After that, everyone headed towards the Blood Sect’s gate again.

Nie Tian who had formed the magnetic field, was even more relaxed as compared to the other Tianxian Realm warriors because he didn’t need to have worried about being invaded by the demonic aura.

He could even release his mental consciousness once in a while to sense the movements in his surroundings.

He didn’t know how long it would have lasted, but Li Fan of the Lingyun Sect also couldn’t help but stop, then said,  “I’m no good. I need time to recover my spirit energy!”

“I have reached my limits as well.” Zhou Yi of the Prison Department continued.

Hong Can and Feng Luo were  desperately trying to hold on. They also needed a period of time to have recovered their wasted spirit energy. If not, with the continuous draining of the spirit energy, when they had reached the Blood Sect, they might not be able to have even withstand one strike.

“Ah, since you guys can’t hold it anymore, but the situation in the Blood Sect is urgent. If you don’t mind, should I, myself, go on ahead?” Nie Tian said.

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