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Chapter 200 - A higher level power!

“Yes, it is Nie Tian!”

Shen Xiu had still extremely doubted him, “Little Tong said that he had gained a Vital Fruit inside of the Heavenly Gate. That his blood now contains Vital Energy. He had used his blood to have awakened the Blood Demon Skeleton. Also, making it completely obeying his orders.”

“Isn’t it you who had used the Spiritual Blood Pearl to have sealed the Blood Demon Skeleton’s dead soul?” The Blood Sect’s leader Li Jing said.

“The Blood Skeleton’s dead soul has left the Spiritual Blood Pearl, and fused with its body.” Shen Xiu’s countenance was bitter, “Little Dong’s level is too low. Her knowledge about the art of controlling the demons is still shallow.  If it was me at that time, I could have suppressed the Blood Demon Skeleton’s dead soul, making it being entirely controlled by me.”

“Is that so?” Li Jing, who was covered by layers and layers of floating blood-red light, muttered to herself for a while, then said,  “If it were in the past, letting an outsider control the Blood Demon Skeleton, which our sect has diligently forged, would have been something I could have never allowed. But maybe right now, the situation now makes it different from those in the past. . .”

Li Jing averted her eyes, from Shen Xiu to Grout and Sarah’s place.

“As I see, this is a good thing. You go tell Yu Tong to let Wu Ji’s disciple lead that Blood Demon Skeleton in.”

“An eighth level Blood Demon Skeleton can still be considered as having a peak competency. It’s enough to cause that Sarah banshee a good headache.”

“If we have the Blood Demon Skeleton, and me on top of that, we can solve the misfortunes of the Blood Sect!”

Shen Xiu excitedly said,  “I understand!”

After finishing, she inaudibly used her secret art, once again connecting with Yu Tong through the Spiritual Blood Pearl, transferring Li Jing’s orders to her.

. . .
In the place where the demonic aura had retreated.

Feng Luo and Hong Can’s group of people were around Nie Tian, waiting for him to consume those Recovering Holy Pills and recover his mental energy.

Yu Tong was holding onto the Spiritual Blood Pearl in her hand; her smiley face had drastically changed. She was secretly connecting with her master – Shen Xiu.

A while later, she carefully retrieved the Spiritual Blood Pearl, then abruptly said,  “The situation at the sect is not too good!”

“You have connected with your master?” Feng Luo’s face was beaming with hope.

Hong Can’s group of people were all excited. Their eyes continuously changed back and forth between Nie Tian and Yu Tong.

They vaguely knew that the Spiritual Blood Pearl was Shen Xiu’s spirit equipment. Within a certain distance, Shen Xiu could have recognized that the Spiritual Blood Pearl, could as well have had connected with Yu Tong through it.

Even till now, they were still wondering about the situation inside of the Blood Sect.

Being able to clearly know the other sides disposition was incredibly important to them.

Facing Feng Luo’s question, Yu Tong didn’t hide anything. She detailedly talked about the calamity inside the Blood Sect, the severe damages of the spiritual beast’s blood, and the existence of several high-level demons.

Yu Tong had also clearly told them that Li Jing had been anticipating them. She told them that the Blood Sect was hoping that Nie Tian could have led the Blood Demon Skeleton to assist with their battle.

After hearing Yu Tong’s words, everyone had breathed out a sigh of relief.

The situation at the Blood Sect was relatively more optimistic than they had originally thought. Most of the supreme warriors of the Blood Sect were still safe. Only the Blood Transforming Great Formation was shattered, they couldn’t do anything but to temporarily defended themselves in one place.

“They only need Nie Tian to lead the Blood Demon Skeleton there to break through the impasse?” Hong Can slightly shouted.

Yu Tong nodded, “That was what the Sect leader said.”

“Alright!” Hong Can took a deep breath, then looked over to Nie Tian again and said, “Wait until Nie Tian wakes up, then we can immediately escort him, heading towards your Blood Sect!”

“Time is running out; we need to hurry.” Yu Tong saw that Nie Tian was far from waking up, she seemed quite impatient, “According to my master’s explanation. The spiritual beast’s blood inside of the Blood Sect does not have much remaining.  If we wait until the spiritual beast’s blood iss completely drained out, it would then be impossible for the giant blood shadow to form a blood shield to protect them. Right then, numerous low-level demons would rush to them, causing them tremendous damages.”

As soon as Feng Luo had heard what she said, he intended to forcefully wake up Nie Tian.

At this moment, Li Fan of the Lingyun Sect furrowed his brows then said, “He’s swallowed too many Recovering Holy Pills and have possibly overdosed. It would be best to let him wake up by himself. He is diligently consuming the pill’s powers, if you recklessly interrupt him, it could make his mentality became disordered, can you carry that responsibility?  Even if you don’t think for Nie Tian,  you should consider the welfare of your Blood Sect!”

As he just finished, Feng Luo who had wanted to yell out, instantly stopped his action.

He understood that Li Fan’s words were reasonable. With Nie Tian’s low cultivation base, consuming too many Recovering Pills, he also worried that he had almost been too reckless. It could have caused a counter-effect.

Hesitating for a while, Feng Luo decrepitly sat down, then reluctantly said,  “Then we shall wait. I hope he that can wake up soon. My Blood Sect needs him now. He is holding the hope of the entire Blood Sect.”

Nie Tian who had been meditating for a while, had totally been submerged into his own spiritual sea. He looked at the seven star fragments, which were getting stronger as well as emitting brighter light due to the effects from the pills, with a happy mood.

The light from the star fragments had mixed with his mental consciousness, transforming his mental consciousness. It had now projected the same divine light as the “Heaven Eyes”.

The stunning light had illuminated his surroundings, letting him clearly see the direction of the flesh as well as vaguely predict his opponent’s true cultivation base and realm.

Before, through his mental consciousness, he could have only sensed but not see the facts.

His mental consciousness might have been drastically enhanced regarding the sensing powers, and observation powers due to the help of the light from those star fragments.

This made him realize that those seven star fragments and his soul inside of the mental consciousness spiritual sea had possessed two entirely different types of powers.

He even felt that the powers inside of those seven star fragments was the spirit energy, but not the mental energy!

Spirit energy was something that only a warrior at the Mortal Realm could have created through transforming their spiritual Sea and then condensing their mental energy into a higher level power.

He was only at the Houtian Realm. If those seven star fragments actually did contain power, and it was the spirit energy, then he wouldhave had entirely toppled the notions of every Heaven Leaving Domain’s Lianqi warriors!

The Art of Fragmentary Stars, which originated from the mysterious Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, was the most valuable treasure inside the Heavenly Gate!

He believed that such magical Art of Fragmentary Stars might have been able to have transformed him, giving a Houtian Realm cultivator like himself a chance tohold a part of the spirit energy earlier than others.

Carrying excitement and happiness, he looked at the threads from the Recovering Holy Pills, one by one entering the star fragments.

After a while, when he couldn’t have felt any more threads that were being released in his body, he slowly opened his eyes.

As soon as he woke up, he immediately realized that everyone was staring at him with worry.

“What’s wrong?” He said in astonishment.

“Have you recovered your mental consciousness?” Feng Luo hastily asked.

He slightly nodded.

“Good!” Feng Luo didn’t want to waste even a second, and said,  “We will head towards the Blood Sect now. My Blood Sect needs you, they need for you to control the Blood Demon Skeleton now!”

“Why are you in such a rush?” Nie Tian was confused.

“We will talk as we go!” Feng Luo loudly yelled.

“Alright.” Nie Tian stood up, following everyone and hurriedly heading towards the vigorous, dense demonic aura.

Before stepping inside of the demonic aura, everyone had taken out different colored light barriers one by one, solidly protecting their entire bodies to prevent themselves from being infiltrated by the demonic aura which would have turned them into demon slaves.
Nie Tian slightly swayed his mentality. He had drawn out his spiritual energy from his diaphragm, transformed it into a pure white faint light barrier, covering his entire body.

Everyone had followed Feng Luo’s instruction to have moved forward inside of the demonic aura slowly.

On the way, they were constantly using their spirit energies. Moreover, as they were going deeper, the demonic aura was also getting denser. Hence, their draining spirit energy speeds were gradually increasing.

A minute later.

The Black Mist Palace’s Zheng Bin and Lingyun Sect’s Jiang LingZhu were  feeling odd. They couldn’t help but stop; their faces were twisted.

The spirit energies inside of their bodies had been drained more than half. They must have used the spiritual stones to replenish their energy to be able to have continued going deeper.

Yu Tong’s countenance was also changing. The blood-red light barrier covering her was flickering.

“I forget that their cultivation bases arre too low.” Feng Luo frowned, then said,  “Little Tong, give me the Spiritual Blood Pearl. We will temporarily stop here.  If they are still draining too much energy here, then headback to the previous path and wait where there are no demonic aura.”

Hong Can stroked his chin, pointing towards An ShiYi and several other Zhongtian Realm warriors, and instructed, “Your cultivation bases are not enough. I’m afraid that it would be impossible for you guys to withstand it till we are able to have reached the Blood Sect. You guys and Yu Tong can either wait right here or return.”

He didn’t think about that fact that their draining speed of the spirit energy would have increased as the demonic aura was getting denser.

“Alright.” Yu Tong obediently gave Feng Luo her Spiritual Blood Pearl, then said,  “Uncle Feng, Nie Tian’s cultivation base is also lacking, I’m afraid that he . . .”

“We will cover him. We will divide our powers and help him not to get encroached by the demonic aura.” Feng Luo received the Spiritual Blood Pearl and said.

“You better uphold until you reach the Blood Sect’s gate!” Yu Tong glared at Nie Tian then said.

“I will.” Nie Tian gave her a determined reply.

The others didn’t have any objections. Even An ShiYi who was worrying about Nie Tian’s safety, also knew that she herself couldn’t have stepped into the Xiantian Realm, she might not have been able to have withstood till the end.

She had also stopped right here.

After that, several Xiantian supreme warriors were shielding Nie Tian, heading towards the Blood Sect again.

“Nie Tian, how are you? Do you need any help?”

“Temporarily, I don’t.”

A while later.

“Nie Tian, you don’t need to be stubborn. If you can’t do it then just say it.”

“I really don’t need it.”

Half a day had passed.

“Nie Tian, can you handle it to the end? Don’t gnash your teeth to try withstanding it, because you will collapse as soon as we reach our destination!”

“ I can still carry on for a while.”

. . .

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