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Chapter 199 - Outside and Inside Connected

Right when Nie Tian was smelting the Recovering Holy Pills, the murderous intent had soon covered the entire Blood Sect.
Not far from Nie Tian’s group, several lis around the Blood Sect had been all emerged inside of the condensed demonic aura.

One by one, the giant demons were going on a riot inside of the surging vigorous demonic aura. They were screaming on one side and using various demonic equipment to strike those Blood Sect’s disciples on the other side.

The demons which were moving among the demonic aura were totally not affected. Their eyes could still have seen their surroundings very clearly.

Moreover, the fighting capacities of those demons could have been enhanced while working inside of the demonic aura. They could only have recovered their fighting energy through absorbing the demonic aura.

The high-level demons had developed their spiritual consciousness. They could clearly sense their directions by spreading  their spiritual consciousness around.

The Blood Sect, which previously had still been a majestic and heroic ancient stone palace, had now deafeningly crumbled.

Beside those ancient stone ruins, blood was constantly flowing. However, not a single corpse of the Blood Sect’s disciples could be seen.

On the contrary, the remaining limbs could be seen in those low-level demons’ hands and mouths. . .

Low-level demons had possessed an innate desire towards the human race’s flesh.

The biggest difference between them and the high-level demons were their lack of intelligence. With a same level spirit beast, things like eating the human race’s flesh would have happened.

At the center of the Blood Sect, on a large public square, the sect leader Li Jing was meditating on a lotus platform, which was illuminated by dazzling blood-red light.

Congealed blood and red light lingered around Li Jing. A giant blood shadow was floating on her head. That blood shadow was emitting fierce power, forming a layer of bright red light barrier and shielding numerous of the Blood Sect’s disciples.

The giant Blood Lake that surrounded the public square was one by one. The fresh blood inside of the Blood Lake was going against the stream, under the urging from Li Jing’s secret art, frantically pouring inside the blood shadow.

The blood shadow, which was like a mountain that was gradually expanding, released powers which could have oppressed people.

Yu Tong master’s Shen Xiu and several supreme warriors of the Blood Sect were gathering around Li Jing. Each one of them was worried and silently prepared.

They were all aware that that enormous blood shadow would  have needed continuous fresh blood inorder to have maintained its power.

The blood from those spiritual beasts that the Blood Sect had possessed were not endless. Moreover, they had drained more than half of it to provide the power for the Blood Transforming Great Formation.

Once the spiritual beasts’ blood had been completely drained, that last layer of defense coming from the demon shadow would have been entirely shattered. By then, the demons would have been able to have penetrated directly inside of it. In a blink, they could have then reached the public square and started the massacre.

Those low-level demons relatively hesitated around the blood-red light barrier. The low-level demons were pulling on the side, but before they were able to step foot inside of the light barrier, they had to frantically make contact with the blood-red light barrier.

Among the crowd of demons, there were five high-level demons that looked really alike the human race, although their pupils and hairs were all purple.

Five high-level demons stood there and talked in the demon’s language. Once in a while, they would glance over to the Blood Sect’s Li Jing with a relaxed expression.

They had seemed to be daring, wanting to use the numerous low-level demons to shatter the red light barrier and drain Li Jing’s power.

Until those low-level demons had shattered the red light barrier, they would have concentrated their powers and killed the Blood Sect’s leader Li Jing.

With exquisite clothing, slender figures, five attractive male, and enticing female demons were happily chatting in the demon’s language.

However, right then.

The high-level demon, which was forced to retreat into the inside of the Blood Sect by the Blood Demon Skeleton, had abruptly descended.

As soon as he came, the five demons, which were talking, instantly stopped their conversation.

The five high-level demons bowed towards him, using the etiquette of the demons to greet him. The leading one was an incredibly seductive demon; she asked in astonishment using the demon’s language, “Grout Your Highness, you should stay outside, this place is not safe.”

“Your highness, where are your protectors?” Another male demonic asked.

The capacity of the high-level demon called Grout  was obviously a level lower than theirs.

However, his identity and status among the demons were far above theirs. Hence, the five demons had remained in their humble and respectful attitude.

In addition, with his noble status and ability that hadn’t reached a mature level yet, the five had arranged for him to stay on the outside.

To the five, Grout’s safety and destroying the Blood Sect were equally critical.

“Met some troubles.” Grout frowned, then said, “A group of human race lianqi warriors came out of nowhere.  Those warriors’ capacities were ordinary. I could have easily killed them with one strike.  However, they had controlled a Blood Demon.  That Blood Demon must must have been forged from an eighth level blood vessel man that came from the skeleton race.”

“That Blood Demon Skeleton was the one that had killed all of my protectors. He forced me to the point where I couldn’t help but to find you guys.”

Grout explained.

“An eighth level man from the Skeleton race!” The incredibly seductive demons possessed an extremely enticing body. She was mostly naked; purple armor only covered the important parts on her body like her chest and waist. She frowned and said,  “If someone is controlling that Blood Demon Skeleton, then one would just need to kill that guy to solve the problem?”

“Sarah, of course, I am well aware of that. I have tried it.” Grout was quite dejected, “ The controller is a small reptile, but the others were firmly protecting him. I thought that I could have avoided in being locked on by his mentality and killed him before he could have controlled the Blood Demon Skeleton.”

“But the weird thing was that I don’t know through what kind of method that has allowed him to be able to have accurately detected my location despite his obviously low capacity.”

“He had locked on to me, then let the Blood Demon Skeleton track and pursued me. He basically didn’t give me a second chance to have approached him again.”

“Luckily, his method of locking on to me has  limitations in range.  As I left his controllable range, that Blood Demon Skeleton immediately lost track of me, and was unable to keep on chasing after me.”

“My apologies, I shouldn’t have doubted Your Highness’ wisdom.” The female demon named Sarah bowed to apologize, then said, “If not, since the other people of the Blood Sect can only have stayed at one play, should I go savage them? A level eight blood vessel man from the Skeleton race, even after he was forged into a Blood Demon, his capacity possibly still couldn’t have been compared to me.”

“Even if he was being controlled, with my powers, I could still have savaged them all.”

Grout thought for a while, then shook his head and said,  “No need to rush.  Sarah, your opponent should be that female called Li Jing.  She is the Blood Sect’s leader. Moreover, she is clever. She must have soon recognized that only you could have threatened her.  If you leave, that female will not remain in her defensive position, but will lead her Blood Sect’s disciples to counterattack us instead.”

“If you were not here, just with those low-level demons, it would definitely have been impossible for them to have stopped her.”

“I need you to guard this place.”

Sarah didn’t dare to violate his orders. As soon as she had heard so, she could only nod and say, “I will listen to your highness.”

“Uh, it should temporarily be like this.” Grout was remarkably calm, “From what I can see, the fresh blood of the Blood Sect is to be completely drained soon. That blood shadow will run out of power soon. Right then, the light barrier which is protecting them right now will also collapse. We can totally savage every person in the Blood Sect first, and then go deal with that Blood Demon Skeleton.”

“From there till here, it is a long path. The closer they get to us, the denser the demonic aura will be.”

“The guy, who was controlling that Blood Demon Skeleton, has a very low capacity. He definitely won’t have enough power to gradually penetrate the corrosion layer of the thick demonic aura to come here in such a short time.”

“If he doesn’t come, the Blood Demon Skeleton won’t come either. We will have enough time to solve the problem in front of us.”

“I believe in Your Highness’ prediction!” The female demon Sarah respectfully said.

Right then.

Yu Tong master’s Shen Xiu changed her expression, and suddenly said, “Yu Tong is near, I can feel the aura of the Spiritual Blood Pearl!”

Li Jing’s figure was vague due to the lingering blood-red light. As she heard Shen Xiu’s words, she wasn’t startled. Using a gentle tone without being frightening, she said,  “She came back from the Heavenly Gate? You should use the connection secret technique of the Spiritual Blood Pearl and immediately contact her. Tell her not to come here, and hide as far as she possibly can. She definitely shouldn’t return to the sect. We need to leave a seed of hope for the sect!”

“Yes!” Shen Xiu’s countenance then became sorrowful. Nevertheless, she instantly went to connect with Yu Tong.

A while later, Shen Xiu, whose face was covered, abruptly showed an abnormal expression. She yelled,   “Sect leader! Little Dong has successfully awakened a Blood Demon!”

“What?” Li Jing was startled, “How could that have been? Even if we have gathered the powers of the entire sect, the Vital Energy is still lacking. We couldn’t even be able to have awakened the Blood Demon Skeleton, how could they have done it?”

“It is Wu Ji’s disciple, Nie Tian!” Shen Xiu said.

“Nie Tian?”


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