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Chapter 198 - Take the Chance

That high-level demon seemed to have immediately realized the problem.He, who was still wandering around, didn’t wait for the Blood Demon Skeleton to approach. Instead, he directly headed towards Nie Tian.

He knew that Nie Tian had definitely found a method to help the Blood Demon Skeleton to detect its target.

Before, he had remained fearless. He had been already prepared to slowly play around with Hong Can’s group of people until they were dead. He didn’t have a single gleam of worry that he would have been locked on by that Blood Demon Skeleton.

The Blood Demon Skeleton’s movement and its eyes when it was going towards him, made him realized what was happening.

His wide demonic saber had suddenly slipped out of from his hand, bursting open into a dazzling purple rainbow.

Nie Tian, who was surrounded by everyone, had seen every single movement of that high-level demon clearly through his seven “eyes”.

The rest didn’t know of the high-level demon’s direction. However, they knew that it had just abruptly released a fierce strike.

“Kill him!”

Nie Tian used his concentrated murderous intent to lock onto that high-level demon, turning towards the Blood Demon Skeleton and spreading his order.

The over thirty meters high Blood Demon Skeleton, which was several times bigger than the high-level demon, then rapidly rushed towards him.

The Blood Demon Skeleton was stomping heavily towards the high-level demon. Its feet were being lingered with blood-red light.

At the same time, the Blood Demon used his skeleton hand, easily swung and stopped the strike from that demonic saber.

The demonic saber, which was illuminating demonic light, suddenly became gloomy.

That demonic saber had hacked into the Blood Demon Skeleton’s hand. But from its palm, only broken brown-gray sparkles were sputtering out. Other than that, it had no damages.

Right at the moment when the Blood Demon Skeleton had stamped its foot on the high-level demon, his face twisted then immediately turned into a demon shadow to be able to have dodged the attack.

The pupils of the Blood Demon Skeleton were empty, but it still constantly pursued that high-level demon. His footsteps were continuous. Moreover, the frequency was getting faster and faster.

After a long while of continuous dodging, seeing that he couldn’t have had broken away from that Blood Demon Skeleton, the high-level demon coldly snorted. An eccentrically spiritual movement was abruptly released on his body.

The demonic saber, which had just left him, returned to his palm in just a blink.

“You rascal, you’re not bad.”

The high-level demon, which was holding the demonic saber, used its dark purple eyes to stare at Nie Tian intensely. It then abruptly flew towards the Blood Sect, which had been emerged in an even more vigorous demonic aura right now.

The Blood Demon Skeleton, which was trying to detect its  target didn’t even wait for Nie Tian’s order, and diligently followed after.

As the high-level demon was retreating, it seemed to have drawn the demonic aura that surrounded everyone with it.  The demonic aura was like a tide, flowing towards the Blood Sect.

The seven “eyes” of Nie Tian had moved along with them, continuously penetrating towards the Blood Sect’s direction.

Nonetheless, after pursuing for a while, the residual force of the mental energy he had released had also seemed no to have been enough.

The covering range of his “eyes” might have reached its limits. Unless he was also moving along with them, those “eyes” wouldn’t have been able to haved covered the entire area surrounding them.

As the seven “eyes” had lost trace of that high-level demon, the Blood Demon Skeleton became vague, then stopped once again.

The place where the Blood Demon Skeleton stopped was also where the surging demonic aura was. However, following the tide, the place where everyone was now standing didn’t have a gleam of demonic aura coming from it.

Seeing the withdrawal of the demonic aura, everyone, ,who was releasing their light barriers, all heavily quickly exhaled and stopped their spirit qi from being further drained.

Each  and every one of them then started to take out their spiritual stones, thus immediately recovering their powers.

“Nie Tian, did you use the Blood Demon Skeleton again just now?” Hong Can from the Prison Departed asked Nie Tian while taking his spiritual stone out and rapidly recovering his power.

“Yeah.” Nie Tian slightly nodded.

Concurrently, the seven mental consciousness threads, which were covered with sparkling, brilliant starlight, had returned to his spiritual sea.

This had drained more than half of his mental consciousness.

The flickering light coming from those seven star fragments  were also reduced by three times; now it had fused as one with the star fragments again.

He knew,that after just a short while, his mental consciousness had been drained quite a bit.

“It really is you?” Feng Luo of the Blood Sect was relatively scared, and said,  “Even I couldn’thave been able to use my mental consciousness to detect that high-level demon’s direction inside of that demonic aura. With your cultivation base, it…shouldn’t have reached such a refined level, should it?”

Nie Tian hesitated for a while, then said,  “My master must have passed a secret art onto me.”

He threw this matter onto his master’s head. He didn’t dare to say how mysterious it was that he had gained the Art of Fragmentary Stars inside of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, hence, congealing those seven star fragments.

“A, so it is senior Wu.” Feng Luo nodded his head, although he might seem half-believing, half-doubting.

Because from what he knew, even Wu Ji shouldn’t have had the capacity to let Nie Tian who was only at Houtian Realm, have such a formidable secret mental technique.

“That, who still has more of the Recovering Holy Pill’s?” Nie Tian wearily asked.

“You wastedthat much mental energy just now?” Hong Can asked.

Nie Tian nodded.

Hong Can didn’t even hesitate. He casually took out three Recovering Holy Pills, gave to Nie Tian then said,  “I only have this much left.”

Nie Tian wasn’t being courteous. He received the three pills, immediately consumed them, then said,  “Many thanks.”

“I have two more.” Zhou Yi of the Ghost Sect also took out two Recovering Holy Pills.

The dangerous situation right then had let Zhou Yi be aware of the fact that it would have been totally impossible for them to have overturned the disadvantaged state of the Blood Sect.

What they could have depended on right now was Nie Tian’s ability to control the Blood Demon Skeleton. Previously, thanks to the Blood Demon Skeleton, the high-level demon had been forced to retreat.

Nie Tian constantly needed to use his mental energy to control the Blood Demon Skeleton. If they had wanted Nie Tian to continue, the fastest way was to use the Recovering Holy Pills.

Because of that, even though Zhou Yi was well aware of the value of the Recovering Holy Pill, which was even considered as rare items in every sect, he still gave them to him.

“Thank you.” Nie Tian said thanks again, then similarly swallowed those two pills at once.

The mental threads from the previous four Recovering Holy Pills had mostly rushed into the seven star fragments.

He believed that the Recovering Holy Pill definitely had tremendous benefits to those seven star fragments, and those Recovering Holy Pills were also precious.

If it wasn’t for the dangerous event that had befallen the Blood Sect that called for his abilities  in controlling the Blood Demon Skeleton, he was afraid that even his master, Wu Ji wouldn’t have had any methods in letting him freely use the Recovering Holy Pills to nourish those seven star fragments as he had just done.

Seeing the magic of those seven star fragments, he wanted to use all of his efforts to let those seven star fragments illuminated even more dazzling light.

This chance was rare; he didn’t want to let it slip away. He wanted to take this chance to ask for as many Recovering Holy Pills as he could from everyone.

“For you. . .”

Currently, Yu Tong from the Blood Sect had also reluctantly given him one Recovering Holy Pill.

Nie Tian was astonished, he looked at her strangely, and said, “It will not be poisoned, will it?”

“Then forget about it!” Yu Tong’s face was solemn. She wanted to retrieve the pill.

Nie Tian laughed out loud, snatched back the pill with the speed of lightning, then swallowed it and said,  “Thanks.” He didn’t expect that Yu Tong would have also given him a Recovering Holy Pill.

“I will let you borrow this. Wait until the danger surrounding the Blood Sect is removed, you will then have to give it back!” Yu Tong’s eyes were beaming with ill-intentions, and said,  “ I lent this pill to you because of the Blood Sect, because of my friends and seniors in the sect. Don’t overthink it! Our resentment is still there! Also, sooner or later it will be resolved!”

“Understood understood.” Nie Tian laughed. He had already been determined inside, even if she had beaten him to death, he wouldn’t have returned it.

After swallowing one by one Recovering Holy Pill, he then turned to the other people. Seeing nothing but astonishment on their faces, he knew that there would have been no more pills coming.

With a slight disappointment, he suddenly closed his eyes then went to smell the Recovering Holy Pills, nourishing the seven star fragments.

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