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Chapter 196 - Breaking Cognition

The terrible pain made Nie Tian feel as if his brain was being torn apart. He released a thread of mental consciousness but was rolled back in an instant.
He immediately lost track of that demon. He also was not certain whether or not the Blood Demon Skeleton could find that demon with his fleeting murderous intent.

An icy-cold and devilish consciousness returned along with his own mental consciousness and conveniently entered his mind.

The seven star fragments inside of Nie Tian’s spiritual sea abruptly illuminated bright lights.

The lights were like sharp blades that were constantly chopping inside of his spiritual sea. One by one, the dark purple demon shadows were beheaded.

The headache, that Nie Tian had ,  felt as if his head was splitting apart, had gradually ceased along with the disappearances of those demon shadows.

Nie Tian opened his hand, scarily stared at where the vigorous demonic aura was, and lowly yelled, “That demon is different from the other six!”

“Are you alright?” Li Fan worriedly asked.

Nie Tian shook his head, “No problem.”

The Prison Department’s Hong Can carefully observed Nie Tian then silently sensed him.

After that, he astonishingly nodded his head, and said, “You rascal, you have exceeded my expectations several times. That high-level demon is definitely not ordinary. Your mentality has been under his attack, but you are still alright. It is really hard to believe.”

“High-level Demon?” Nie Tian was dumbstruck.

Towards the demons, even his master Wu Ji wouldn’t have been able to understand it better than the Prison Department.

They were the demons that dwelled at the Heaven Leaving Domain. Moreover, they had once conquered this whole world, and were the overlords of all living things, creating suffering on the entire Earth.

The era when the demons had been going on a rampage in the Heaven Leaving Domain was too long ago. To the extent that the seven sects of the Heaven Leaving Domain, only the Prison Department, which possessed the Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation, could have known a bit about it.

The reason for this was because of the Prison Department…which  was established by a formidable Lianqi warrior after a fierce and bloody war with the demons.

The other six sects had gradually entered the Heaven Leaving Domain and spread their powers after all the demons had been savaged and banished.

Therefore, the knowledge about demons of the other six sects wasn’t too deep.

“ The high-level demon was not too similar to those demons that we have previously encountered.”  Hong Can’s countenance was solemn, “The figure of a high-level demon couldn’t have been compared with the giant low-level demons. However, they are the noble demons and the masters of those low-level demons.  A high-level demon’s intelligence also  wasn’t lower in comparison to our human race.”

“Moreover, high-level demons possessed formidable blood vessels. Their innate blood vessels had contained magical power and attributes!”

“The high-level demons were also the ones that had led the low-level demons in the Heaven Leaving Domain of that year. They were also the true enemy of the supreme lianqi human warriors.”

“Before the Heaven Leaving Domain had fallen, all the high-level demons had soon retreated. They left behind the low-level demons to continue fighting, covering for their escape.”

“Therefore, we could not have even imprisoned a high-level demon inside our Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation.”

“Hence, no matter who are among you guys, certainly have never had encountered any high-level demons.”

Hong Can elaborated the differences between the high-level and the low-level demons to everyone with a somber face.

He continued, “I should have known sooner that if those demons had dared to step foot inside of the Heaven Leaving Domain again, there must have been high-level demons ordering them from behind. It is just that, I didn’t expect high-level demons to have appeared in the Blood Sect.”

“High-level demon!” Nie Tian’s face was slightly twisted.

The remaining disciples of the seven sects all felt heavy when hearing about the high-level demons. It seemed that they were all aware of how daunting a high-level demon could be.

“A low-level demon is just a giant body with flesh. Most of them are only able to gain enormous powers from their limbs through their blood-thirsty instincts from battling.  The high-level demons aren’t like that. Not only did they possess sufficient intelligence but also innate formidable blood vessel’s powers. Moreover, they were proficient in various fighting tactics.”

“On the other hand, only the high-level demons were able to understand how to put their spiritual energies to use!”

Hong Can deeply inhaled, using an uncertain countenance and staring at the moving demonic aura zone, said, “Right now, every body  needs to refresh their spirits completely! The terrifying  terror of the high-level demons have had far surpassed the low-level ones. This isn’t just based on the power from their levels, but the differences in the nature of their living shape!”


A demon shadow silently appeared from the center of the moving demonic aura.

As if that demon shadow could have avoided the Blood Demon Skeleton’s pursue, it then started to approach everyone from deep inside of the demonic aura.

The demon shadow was walking out of the demonic aura step by step, then it totally exposed itself in front of everyone.

It was a good-looking man, who was about two meters tall, with dark purple skin.

The man’s body was sturdy. He was wearing a fine armor; an icy-cold smile escaped from the corners of his mouth. At a first look, he did not seem to have been much different from a man of the human race.

However, when carefully observed, one would have noticed that both of his pupils and hair were all dark purple. A bent horn had also appeared on his forehead.

A two-meters long tail was placed at his waist, dragging on the ground as he was walking.

“The man from the Skeleton race, was forged by your Blood Sect?” He suddenly talked, using a relatively choppy and eccentric tone to ask everyone.

Although his voice was sloppy and strange, it was one hundred percent the human race’s language.

“He is actually proficient in the human race’s language!” Jiang LingZhu was incredibly terrified.

Not only him, except for Hong Can everyone else was dumbfounded. They looked at the high-level demon with an unimaginative look.

The appearance of this high-level demon had totally toppled their previous knowledges about the demons. It made them clearly understand that the nobles among the demons were different from the demons that they had usually encountered.


The sound of bones piercing on the ground plainly resonated. From behind that high-level demon, the silhouette of the Blood Demon Skeleton rapidly appeared.

As soon as Nie Tian saw the Blood Demon Skeleton walking out of the demonic aura from behind the high-level demon, the nervousness inside of him was abruptly loosened.

“Kill him!” Hong Can yelled.

The appearance of the high-level demon had clearly bewildered Hong Can. Inside of his innermost mind, he seemed to have been scared of this high-level demon.

He did not want to mince any words with that high-level demon.

“It was you?” The high-level demon beamed a smile, his glance fell on Nie Tian, and said, “The man from the Skeleton race was forged into a Blood Demon, and was controlled by you?”

“That’s right.” Nie Tian replied.

“Alright.” The high-level demon nodded his head; his smiled was getting even brighter, “In other words, I only need to kill you, then I don’t have to fear that Blood Demon.”

After he had finished his sentences, he walked towards Nie Tian step by step.

A wide dark purple saber suddenly appeared in his slender right hand. As soon as the Demonic Saber had appeared, the vigorous demonic aura floating in the air, as well as those behind his back, was gathered towards him as if they were led and stimulated by an unknown force.

Initially, he was standing outside of the demonic aura. Right at the moment that the Demonic Saber had appeared, his figure was once again emerged in the demonic aura.

It was impossible for Nie Tian to catch him.

Nie Tian could only see the vigorous demonic aura that was frantically gathered, gradually heading towards them!

“Nie Tian!” Feng Luo loudly shouted.

Nie Tian’s face was confused, and said, “I can’t lock onto him with my mentality!”

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