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Chapter 195 - High-level Demon

From that terrifying shriek, everyone understood that the Blood Demon Skeleton had already savaged that Demon.
“Good job!”

Hong Can couldn’t help but compliment. He cheerfully said, “If we can kill all the demons that are lingering around here, even if the demonic aura exists, we could still be able to try reaching the Blood Sect.”

Feng Luo was also thrilled; he hurriedly urged Nie Tian, said, “Let’s continue! We aren’t certain about the sect’s situation right now. Though I hope you can order this Blood Demon Skeleton to savage as many Demons as possible!”

Currently, even Yu Tong, who always thought of Nie Tian as an eyesore, was looking at him with anticipation.

Nie Tian nodded. He closed his eyes once again, using his mental consciousness to look for a new target inside the demonic aura.

Quickly after that, a demon, which possessed heavy living flesh aura, was locked by his mental consciousness.

He abruptly sent off his mental thought to the Blood Demon Skeleton which couldn’t be seen inside that demonic aura, commanding the second killing order.

Not long after that, another scream resounded. The demon, which was locked by Nie Tian, was killed.

Nie Tian didn’t need to waste any more words. He worked accordingly, released his mental consciousness to look for demons’ traces.

Shortly, shrill and painful shrieks started to reverberate from inside the demonic aura constantly.

The Blood Demon Skeleton savaged those demons one by one.

“The sixth one!”

Zou Yi of the Ghost Sect said with an exhilarating countenance, “One more! We just need one more to wipe out the obstacles totally! By then, everyone can try penetrating the demonic aura.”

People started to scrape their hands. They all believed that after six demons were killed, the next one might just be around the corner.

They were all looking at Nie Tian eagerly, waiting for him to lock on the seventh demon with his mental consciousness.

Nie Tian deeply inhaled. Constantly releasing his mental consciousness and sensing those demons had made him quite weary.

The demonic aura was moving aggressively as if it was constantly shaking the demonic sea. Every second his mental consciousness traveled inside of that demonic sea, it was rapidly drained.

After all, his cultivation base was just at Houxian Realm. His mental consciousness congealed level and refined competence couldn’t keep up with Zou Yi and Hong Can’s group of people.

Consuming the mental consciousness in a long time had dispersed his attention. His speed sensitivity was also decreased significantly.

After six demons had already been savaged, the direction of the last demon inside that fierce demonic aura seemed to be quite fleeting.

His mental consciousness could detect the existence of that demon, but as soon as he tried to lock his target, he realized that demon had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

His mental consciousness had been wandering for a while, but still couldn’t be able to lock that demon.

It was as if the demon was able to sense something. It had rapidly changed its direction and didn’t stay in one place for too long.

After a while, Nie Tian abruptly opened his eyes. His mentality was flurried.

“Nie Tian, what’s happen to you?” An ShiYi, who was standing beside him, gently asked. Her beautiful face was filled with concerns, “If it is impossible, then don’t force yourself. You’ve done enough.”

“Yeah, if you can’t find that last demon, then forget it.” Li Fan could also see he was far from being good, “Your cultivation base is low. If you are using your mental consciousness for too long, it would surpass your endurance limit. I’m afraid that even if you were able to find that demon, it would still be hard for you to control the Blood Demon Skeleton to kill it.”

“If not, why don’t you rest first?” Jiang LingZhu also said.

“We can’t rest.” Feng Luo of the Blood Sect grudgingly said with a bitter countenance, “ Time is tight, and my sect is encountering tremendous calamity.  Moreover, that Blood Demon Skeleton can’t maintain this state for too long.  It is the best to let the Blood Demon Skeleton kill as many demons as it can before it goes back to sleep.”

“Nie Tian! Here is a Recovering Holy Pill!” Hong Can of the Prison Department casually took out a pill, shoving it harshly into Nie Tian’s hand then said, “ This Recovering Holy Pill can help you to recover your mental energy rapidly.”

“A Recovering Holy Pill!” Feng Luo abruptly reacted. He also took out three pills from his storage bracelet, giving them to Nie Tian, “I almost forgot about the Recovering Holy Pill! I have three right here. Quickly, consume them. Then you should hurriedly congeal your mental consciousness to recover it to continue searching for that last demon.”

“Alright!” Nie Tian wasn’t courteous, he took four Recovering Holy Pills from Hong Can and Feng Luo, swallowing them all at once.

“Don’t! Don’t be so ferocious!”  Feng Luo’s face was twisted.

Both Li Fan and Hong Can were terrified seeing him swallowing four Recovering Holy Pills at once without knowing whether it was good or bad.

Just when they were about to stop him, he had already swallowed those four Recovering Holy Pills.

“Stupid!” Jiang LingZhu stomped his feet while yelling, “Your cultivation base is only at Houxian Realm, one Recovering Holy Pill is enough for you to recover your mental energy.  You swallowed four Recovering Holy Pills at once, you rascal,are insane!”

Nie Tian, who had just consumed all four pills, surprisingly said, “I can’t? Will there be. . . any bad after effect?”

“The power flourished from four Recovering Holy Pills might be too aggressive for your competence. I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it.” Li Fan frowned, “There’s more. The value of this Recovering Holy Pill isn’t small. You swallowed four at once; it is quite wasteful.”

“Nie Tian! Be careful about the effect of the Recovering Holy Pill!” An ShiYi reminded him.

“Ah, so the effects are quite strong.” Nie Tian was dumbstruck for a while. He sat down on the ground, feeling power scattered from the four Recovering Holy Pills.

Not long after, inside of his inner organs, threads by threads started to float up high. The threads were like paper kites under the wind, gradually entered his spiritual sea.

It was just like what Hong Can have said. The Recovering Holy Pill indeed had tremendous benefits towards recovering mental energy.

After one by one thread had flown into his spiritual sea, he could clearly feel his mentality was getting better.

As compared to the unusual force he had drawn out from the spiritual ball inside of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the medical effect from this Recovering Pill had given his spiritual sea an even better support.

Shortly after, the wasted mental energy inside his spiritual sea had gradually recovered under the aid of those threads.

However, more and more threads were still constantly floating inside his inner organs, then entering his spiritual sea.

Currently, his exploited mental energy was all fully recovered.

If this was an ordinary person and if  one’s spiritual sea was already full of mental energy, with the extra infusion from those threads, this process.  . . would definitely have been uncomfortable.

Too many spiritual threads could lead to the spiritual sea became unbearable, hence, created many unwanted accidents.

For example, the chaotic spiritual sea, overly expansion of mentality, or even aberration mentality.

Nevertheless, Nie Tian seemed to feel the newly entering thread inside his already full spiritual sea was naturally heading toward the seven star fragments inside his spiritual sea.

Those seven star fragments were something that he had condensed into from the star tips that fell from the dome inside the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Seven Star Fragments were illuminating his spiritual sea. The bright, stunning light had added the mysteriousness to his spiritual sea.

The floating thread entered his seven star fragments one by one.

The star fragments which were already emitting dazzling light were getting even brighter due to those threads.

Those seven star fragments seemed to have no limit towards the threads. Coming from four Recovering Holy Pills, those threads were all absorbed by the seven star fragments.

However, Nie Tian couldn’t feel that, from the threads, which were released from his inner organs, the seven star fragments which were hanging up high in his spiritual sea seemed to have enlarged. Moreover, the mysterious energy inside those star fragments had also become pure and refined.

When he was refining, he had totally absorbed all four Recovering Holy Pills. Everyone, who was there, was looking at him with astonishing on their face.

On his countenance, people couldn’t even see a hint of pain or any sign indicating that Nie Tian couldn’t take it anymore. On the contrary, they realized he was totally enjoying this.

“Four Recovering Holy Pills, . . . has he absorbed all of that?”

“He is just at Houxian Realm, how could he tolerate the effect from four Recovering Holy Pills?”


Everyone was discussing. They all felt that Nie Tian truly possessed lots of unsolved mysteries.

“ Wu Ji has chosen such powerful disciple. The Heaven Leaving Domain is indeed the best.” Hong Can couldn’t help but exclaim.

Right at this moment, Nie Tian opened his eyes. He used his mentality which was now in its best condition to continue searching inside that constantly moving demonic aura.

He didn’t know why but he could clearly feel his sensing ability and observation skill had significantly increased.

He only needed to wander for a few seconds to accurately catch that demon’s direction, then locked on it immediately.


The demon angrily growled. It loudly stomped out of the demonic aura.

After a second, an icy and devilish consciousness was dashing toward Nie Tian.

“ A high- level Demon!”

Nie Tian who was standing beside Hong Can had also felt the abnormality from that demon, abruptly crying out.

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