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Chapter 194 - Luckily,There is You


A Demon whose body was covered with black scale armor, along with a curved horn under its lower jaw, dashing out from behind the mountains.

As soon as that demon appeared, it let out a loud roar toward Feng Luo.

The urging dark purple demonic aura started to emit from the surroundings. Like shooting meteor, it rushed to Feng Luo while loudly rumbled.

Feng Luo was submerged in that demonic aura. He used his blood to form a protection light shield, frantically trying to resist the demonic aura infiltration.

He was well-aware that once this demonic aura was poured into his body, he would sink into the Demonic Sea, and might even be assimilated by the demon then would eventually become their slave.

That black scale armored demon ferociously smiled. The curved horn on his jaw glimmered with purple light.


Nie Tian who was following behind Feng Luo pointed his finger toward that demon and ordered the Blood Demon after seeing Feng Luo was being pulled into the demonic aura.

Murderous intention filled his mental consciousness. He firmly locked on that demon, pointing out the target for the Blood Demon Skeleton.

The Blood Demon whose body was almost double in height, hurriedly strode toward that demon. Right when they confronted each other, it used its invincible blade-liked hands to pierce through that demon’s bosom.


One by one blood-red light beam flew out from the inside of its joint. Before the Blood Demon’s hand bones reached the demon, it had already burst out each of the demon’s black scale armor.

The demon’s bosom became a mix of dark purple color blood and flesh in a flash.

The Demon growled, wanted to rip off the Blood Demon. However, it had already been torn to pieces by the cut from the Blood Demon’s hand bones.

Frowzy blood was shed on the Blood Demon Skeleton’s body, making its celadon pupils startto spark with eccentric light.

He looked like he was utilized the secret art of the Blood Sect – the Blood Refining Art, to devour the flesh strength inside this demon’s blood completely.

Feng Luo faced the blood-red light, gradually escaping from that dense and fierce demonic aura. Seeing this demon was also being savaged by the Blood Demon with ease, Feng Luo turned to Nie Tian and slightly nodded. A hint of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

He understood that the level of this Demon might even be a bit higher than the previous one.

If Nie Tian hadn’t ordered the Blood Demon Skeleton to take action, sinking in that surging demonic aura, he could have been easily torn to death by that demon.

“Nie Tian! Give me the Blood Demon!”

Yu Tong shrieked. A blood-red figure abruptly dashed over.

“Knock it off!” Feng Luo hummed, said with a tired look, “Our sect needs the Blood Demon Skeleton, but with our capacities, it would be impossible to wake up the Blood Demon Skeleton.  Regardless of whether the power to control this Demon laid on our hands or Nie Tian’s, both are considered lucky to our Blood Sect.”

“Especially right now!”

After he had finished that sentence, Feng Luo’s voice turned to an incredibly solemn tone; he loudly yelled, “The Heaven Leaving Domain has encountered tremendous calamity, if there weren’t any unwanted sudden event, our Blood Sect and the other six sects would have never been able to escape this catastrophe!”

“Nie Tian can wake up this Blood Demon. Moreover, he can also control it. This is a blessing for the Blood Sect, as well as the Heaven Leaving Domain!”

“That’s right.” Hong Can from the Prison Department helped Feng Luo added as soon as he came, “Yu Tong, before we can solve the problem in the Heaven Leaving Domain, about your own resentment with Nie Tian, please put it to the side.  Our Heaven Leaving Domain needs Nie Tian; your Blood Sect needs him even more!”

“Yu Tong, Yu Tong, the sect’s benefits and your own benefits, you need to distinguish them clearly.” Ghost Sect’s Zou Yi also interrupted.

All the warriors who were coming later also convinced Yu Tong, wanted her to acknowledge the fundamental and stop deliberately creating trouble.

Nie Tian stood beside the Blood Demon, slightly beamed a smile. He stroked his nose without saying anything.

Yu Tong immediately enraged but couldn’t express it seeing his complacent countenance. Facing everyone’s persuasions, she could only swallow down her grieve.

She had never expected that her own resentment for Nie Tian would end up in such situation.

When they were in the Green Illusion Realm and the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, Nie Tian didn’t only defeat her but also lustfully take liberties with her, making her sincerely wanted to kill him.

Initially, Feng Luo and the Blood Sect were both her solid supporters.

It might be because of the enormous changes in the Heaven Leaving Domain, as Feng Luo suddenly stood by Nie Tian. Not to mention the Prison Department and the Ghost Sect were all defending him.

This made her extremely mad.

“Alright, you are not allowed to act like this anymore.” Feng Luo looked at her twisted countenance, he didn’t yell but instead turned to Nie Tian and said with a gentle face, “You did great. As soon as you see any Demon, immediately order the Blood Demon Skeleton to take action. If this Blood Demon couldn’t maintain this state for long, then we have to take advantage when it hasn’t gone back to sleep to savage those Demons!”

“I got it.” Nie Tian nodded.

“ Young fellow, when we were at the Heavenly Gates, I can already tell that you’re not bad.” Hong Can laughed out loud, unselfishly complimented, “I believed, you will have a spot in the Heaven Leaving Domain later on.”

“Thanks for the compliment, though I don’t dare to accept.” Nie Tian laughed.

“Let’s continue?” Feng Luo asked.

Nie Tian nodded, “Alright!”

Feng Luo instantly dashed forward again, followed closely by Nie Tian and the Blood Demon Skeleton.

After that, on the way to the Blood Sect, they had encountered several Demons.

There was no exception, Nie Tian had controlled that Blood Demon Skeleton to savage all those Demons which appeared on their way, without letting any of them slipped off.

Each of those Demons which was killed by the Blood Demon Skeleton was getting their flesh strength absorbed by the Blood Demon using the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Art.

That Blood Demon Skeleton’s Vital Energy was drained as time was passing by, but probably due to its aura, it was getting more and more terrifying.

Not long after, the group had finally reached the Blood Sect.

Situated in the middle of the mountain range, the Blood Sect now was devoured by demonic aura, to the extent where it was hard to see the scene inside.

Demon’s roars seemed to resonate from inside the demonic aura. One could still see giant demon shadows, which were frantically dashing toward the Blood Sect one by one.

Right at the mountain pass, Feng Luo stopped his step, solemnly looked at the sect which was now emerged in the demonic aura.

The mountain pass which led to the intersection of the Sect was now submerged in the demonic aura. They had to penetrate that demonic aura to enter the sect.

However, those things were considered excellent tonic for Demons, but to human lianqi warriors, it would cause great damage.

Even if one didn’t get emerged by the demonic aura, just by stepping inside the area which surrounded by the demonic aura while battling with demons, one would need to constantly release their spiritual energy to withstand from being infiltrated.

Once they stepped inside, their five senses would be affected by the demonic aura. Their mental consciousness, sensitivity, and speed would all be decreased.


One by one growl which primarily belonged to demons started to reverberate. Fierce demonic aura emitted from the inside, making the countenances of those people who were standing at the mountain pass became more solemn.

“What should we do?”

Zou Yi of the Ghost Sect released a thread of mental consciousness, sent it ahead into the demonic aura and started sensing.

His face twisted, then shouted, “A hundred meters ahead, there are at least seven demons, their capacities. . . might not be too low. If we recklessly enter, we would be savaged by those seven demons before even reach the Blood Sect.”

Nie Tian didn’t say a word, released his mental consciousness heading toward the fierce demonic aura and dispersed.

He closed his eyes, held his breath and sensed. He realized that as soon as his mental consciousness entered the demonic aura, his initially sensitive observation, as well as recognition skill toward flesh and qi, had started to decrease significantly.

His mental consciousness inside the demonic aura was like traveling in vast sea. He could clearly feel it was being blocked.

Nevertheless, after using his consciousness for a long while, he finally recognized an irritable living breath filled with flesh aura.

“That’s him!”

As soon as his mental consciousness acknowledged the target, he immediately gave order.

The Blood Demon Skeleton dashed to the demon which Nie Tian had locked his murderous intent on almost instantly.

The Blood Demon Skeleton stepped inside the demonic aura in a blink. It was as if the Blood Demon wasn’t affected by the surging demonic aura; it basically didn’t need to waste any energy to resist the aura.

A thirty-meter Blood Demon Skeleton disappeared into the demonic aura just like that.

Nie Tian used his mental consciousness to lock on that demon firmly. On the other hand, he signaled Feng Luo’s group who were still waiting, to let them know, ” Don’t be impatient, I will let the Blood Demon opens a path first.  Those wandering demons over there, I will try my best to gather them up, then let the Blood Demon Skeleton savage them one by one!”

“Luckily, there’s you.” Feng Luo determinately said, “If the Blood Sect could go through this calamity safe and sound, you – Nie Tian have done a great favor for the Blood Sect.  After this, even if one day the Heaven Leaving Domain has recovered, and the seven sects once again returns to their opposing positions, you – Nie Tian can still come to the Blood Sect as a guest at any time.”

“ I – Feng Luo can guarantee to you, everyone in the Blood Sect will not consider you as their enemies!”

He gave him a promise.

“I am flattered.” Nie Tian beamed a smile then stopped talking and totally focused on locking the target on that demon.


Not long after that, a painful and shrill scream resonated from inside the demonic aura.

The Blood Demon Skeleton savaged the Demon which was being locked as the target by Nie Tian in just a short while.

. . .

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