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Chapter 193 - Great Murderous Tool!

Everyone could see that although this Blood Demon was forged by the Blood Sect, right now, it seemed to only recognize Nie Tian.

It stood still beside Nie Tian, like a loyal guard.

Yu Tong was enraged as she knew how much effort the Blood Sect had put towards forging this Blood Demon.

This Demon was an eighth level blood vessel giant’ skeleton. Since it was brought to the Blood Sect, they immediately viewed this as the most critical process for breaking through the Blood Sect’s forging demon secret art.

Because of the giant’ skeleton, at the time, the Blood Sect had poured all their energy into the process.

The Sect had used all of their precious Spiritual Materials, immeasurable Spiritual Beast’s blood, several supreme masters, who were experts in forging demon, to cultivate untiringly without regard of time for this Blood Demon.

Nevertheless, the result was that this Blood Demon didn’t have enough Vital Energy due to its exhausted longevity. Hence, it couldn’t be truly formed.

Nonetheless, since the Blood Sect’s effort was all wasted on that Blood Demon, they were still waiting for a day when they could solve the Blood Demon’s lacking vitality problem to awaken this Blood Demon Skeleton, turning it into the Blood Sect’s formidable weapon.

Yu Tong could never expect that the scarcely forged Blood Demon which the sect had poured all of their financial and physical resources into would be taken advantage by Nie Tian.

It was impossible for her to accept the truth!


Right at that moment, the earth-shaking explosions once again echoed from the Blood Sect’s direction.


An ear-piercing shout resonated from the area surrounding the Blood Sect.

Everybody was overwhelmed with shock, looking at that direction.

Not long after, a ten meters tall Demon, whose body was covered in a dark purple color along with surging demonic aura, appeared.

That Demon’s capacity wasn’t too outrageous, but every time it jumped, seemed like it could plunge up dozens of meters high in the air.

Surging demonic aura was constantly emitted from its body. That explosion of purple muscle was from its two strong arms, which was currently holding tightly on a giant Wolf’s Tooth Cudgel.

It seemed that that demon had come over as it could feel the existences of the human race due to their qi and blood fluctuations.

Its true destination must be the Blood Sect. It must have wanted to gather with its fellow demons.

As soon as it came, the things that were floating in the air immediately got stained by the demonic aura. It moved accordingly with the demon like dark purple clouds gradually descended.


While Qiu Heng of the Ling Bao Court looked at the arisen demon, his countenance twisted.

He shivered in fear. He had thought of escaping here immediately as he didn’t want to fight to death with that demon along with the seven sects’ disciples.

“Prepare for the battle!” Hong Can shout.

Nie Tian suddenly tensed. He held his breath looking at the Demon which was constantly moving closer, inaudibly prepared. Murderous intent shot out from his pupils.

His murderous intent, however, had provoked the standing still and focused Blood Demon beside him. It abruptly flew out!


An over thirty meters tall Blood Demon dashed out almost instantly like an arrow, reaching in front of the other Demon’s face only after a second.


That Demon frantically roared as it saw the Blood Demon Skeleton suddenly coming toward him.

However, his eccentric growl immediately stopped.

The Blood Demon Skeleton that was awakened by Nie Tian’s Vital Energy was using its five fingers which were as sharp as blades to pierce through that Demon’s heart almost as soon as they confronted each other.

The mad Demon that had just come had gotten its heart directly pierced through by one strike of the Blood Demon Skeleton!

The celadon pupils of the Blood Demon Skeleton started to flickering. Its face was made of bones as it showed no expression.

As it had pierced through the Demon’s body, it was casually holding the Demon high up in the sky.

On the other side, he used his sharp joints to form a hand shape, directly stabbed into the Demon’s flesh with ease. Using both hands, the ten meters tall Demon was immediately torn into two.

The dark purple blood was like frowzy drizzle, spattering out from the torn Demon’s body.

The Blood Demon Skeleton emerged in the middle of the dark purple blood rain. The light inside his celadon pupils was getting brighter.

One by one blood spot which fell onto its skeleton was eccentrically absorbed into its bones like water, entering its fine veins and muscles.

The aura of the Blood Demon Skeleton was getting denser with bloody scent. It seemed that the Blood Demon had gained tremendous flesh and blood strength from that Demon.


It mangled the two halves of the Demon, which were falling down on the ground right now. Standing in the middle of the blood pool, his two feet bones seemed to be gathering the dark purple blood constantly.

One after another dark purple light spot started to sparkle inside the blood pool, rapidly melting into the Blood Demon’s blood.

A much stronger surge of aura was emitted from the Blood Demon Skeleton. This aura had affected everyone around it, making them feel the powerful energy waves in him. People were inaudibly whined.

“This, this is?”

Feng Luo of the Blood Sect looked at that Blood Demon in awe; then said, “It can use the Refining Blood Art to suck out the refined flesh qi in one’s blood! The other Blood Demons that our sect has forged shouldn’t have such ability, should them?”

Yu Tong was also dumbstruck and paled, “His capacity was above all the other Blood Demons at least by two levels! My masters, as well as everyone else, had applied countless of new experiments on him! I’m scared that this Blood Demon, later on. . .” Yu Tong’s voice was shivering. The blood-red light inside his pupils was filled with anxiety and fright.

“It could mangle a Demon with such ease. This Blood Demon is indeed formidable.” Nie Tian was also frightened inside.

Depended on a single thread of mental consciousness, at that moment, it seemed that he and that demon had had a feeble connection.

He vaguely felt that since the moment this Blood Demon was wakened up, its Vital Energy was slowly weary.

The Vital Energy inside dozens of his blood drops seemed to be not enough to maintain its longevity and Vital Energy.

He felt that, this Blood Demon Skeleton would soon use up its Vital Energy, then falling into deep sleep again.

After attentively sensing, he realized that after he had dropped dozens of blood drops, his own energy wasn’t too well either.

His cultivation base was only at Houtian Realm. The flesh strength inside his body still wasn’t enough to completely awaken it.

The Vital Energy in his blood was too weak, and not enough to let a living entity which had run out of longevity, to exist for too long in this world.

“Senior Feng Luo! I’m scared that this Blood Demon won’t be able to stay like this for too long. The Vital Energy in his body is slowly drained with time.” Having understood this point, Nie Tian immediately turned toward the direction of the Blood Sect, loudly shouted, “When it is still able to operate, I hope that it can use its all to savage those demons!”

Feng Luo immediately reacted, said, “Good! Follow me!”

He took the lead, abending everyone behind him and directly dashing toward the Blood Sect’s direction. He even ignored Yu Tong.

He understood well that with the Vital Energy granted by Nie Tian, it would be tough for the Blood Demon Skeleton to remain its awakening state forever.

The capacity that this Blood Demon displayed had made him delight yet scared. However, he also hoped that before it went back to deep sleep the second time, it could help the Blood Sect to savage those Demons.


Nie Tian followed closely after Feng Luo. Using his fastest speed, he also dashed toward the direction of the Blood Sect.

That over thirty meters Blood Demon just needed to slightly move his two leg joints to catch up with him casually.

Although Nie Tian didn’t inform anything, the Blood Demon just naturally followed his scent to chase after him.

It only had a death soul left, without much intelligent, it basically worked with only its instinct.

Li Fan and the other disciples of the seven sects were still dumbstruck seeing Nie Tian and Feng Luo leaving. They stood still at one place, indulged in tremendous fear.

The Blood Demon Skeleton had killed the other Demon in a fast speed, too fast they didn’t even have enough time to react, and that demon had already been torn in half.

The slaughter Blood Demon Skeleton followed Nie Tian, once again proved to them that this Demon seemed to truly only listen to Nie Tian’s order.

Although Nie Tian was only a warrior at Houxian Realm, for him to gain control over this Blood Demon Skeleton, it was undoubted that he had held a great murderous tool.

Based on this great murderous tool, Nie Tian could go on rampaging inside the Heaven Leaving Domain which was currently being uninvaded by demons!

If Nie Tian took this Blood Demon Skeleton to Lingyun Sect, the sect’s capacity would be skyrocket. It could firmly surpass every other sects except the Prison Department!

“Nie Tian! Give me the Blood Demon Skeleton!”

The Blood Sect’s Yu Tong was too enraged she wanted to spurt out blood seeing the Blood Demon Skeleton that was controlled by Nie Tian had easily teared up a Demon.

She then rushed to chase after Nie Tian.

The Blood Demon Skeleton that the sect had poured all efforts in making, truly possessed such formidable capacity. Then, they gave Nie Tian the advantage for nothing. This had made her uncomfortable to death.

“Go! Everyone follows Nie Tian!” Hong Can of the Prison Department didn’t care about Yu Tong’s rage. With a high mentality, he urged the others.

“Go! Go to the Blood Sect!”

The formidable Blood Demon Skeleton seemed to have transmitted courage to people, making them suddenly wasn’t afraid of demons anymore.

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