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Chapter 192 - Waking up!

The flickering celadon pupils of the Blood Demon Skeleton had stunned the other people, making them feel anxious.

Yu Tong used his five fingers to hold the Spiritual Blood Pearl delicately. A Blood Shadow which was obviously clearer than the others slowly appeared. That Blood Shadow. . . undoubtedly had some relations with the Blood Demon Skeleton.

Feng Luo and Yu Tong didn’t need to waste any words for the people to notice that the Blood Demon Skeleton was showing hints of waking up.

Feng Luo had already said, that the Blood Demon Skeleton was not completely forged. It lacked the most basic element, which was the Vital Energy. Unless that problem was solved, if not, although that Blood Demon reeked of blood and flesh, it would still have been extremely tough to be wakened up.

However, just because Nie Tian had shed several blood drops onto that Blood Demon’s heart, it unexpectedly displayed an indication of waking up!

Everyone’s countenance changed when looking at Nie Tian. They all felt that he was too hard to see through.

“What is happening?”

Nie Tian got out of that quarry, once again stood beside Li Fan. Li Fan lowered his voice, and asked him with a solemn face, “What did you do? How can your blood awaken the Blood Demon?”

Jiang LingZhu and An ShiYi were also looking at him confusingly.

An eccentric light had appeared in the pair of enchanted eyes of Yu Tong, who was still holding the Spiritual Blood Pearl.

Concurrently, Nie Tian was also aware of his reckless actions.

He quite regretted it.

The secret ability existed in his blood vessel was something only Huo Mu knew. He himself was even confused by it.

Maybe it was because of his desires to prove the mystery of his blood vessel, or because the Heaven Leaving Domain had encountered a massive catastrophe, hence, this was as if the work of the demons and gods that he had been manipulated to shed his blood drops onto the Blood Demons Skeleton’s Heart.

He hadn’t even thought that the blood inside his body would have the ability to transfer its vital energy to the Blood Demon Skeleton.

That thread of Vital Energy had made up for that sole lacking step in the process of forging this Blood Demon, helping it to show signs of waking up.

He knew, to the Blood Sect, this could have been viewed as an enormous good deed.

But he. . . had revealed the secret of his blood vessel because of it.

He hesitated for a while then used a lie to explain, “ That time, that time when I had disappeared for three months, I was taken to a mysterious palace.  In that palace, I ate a kind of fruit which was filled with vital energy.  Because of that fruit, the Vital Energy in my body was a lot more than regular.”

“However, this Vital Energy is getting less and less with time. Really quickly, it won’t be here anymore.”

“I can feel the surge of Vital Energy that doesn’t belong to me will soon be drained. Instead of waiting for that, why shouldn’t I transmit it into the Blood Demon skeleton? So as to see whether I can help awaken it or not.”

“Unexpectedly, I succeeded. I myself am incredibly surprised right now.”

Hong Can from the Prison Department was shocked in hearing Nie Tian’ story, he yelled, “Could it be the Fruit of Life?”

“What?” Nie Tian astonished.

He had just casually told a lie, but Hong Can. . . seemed to think that  it was true. This made Nie Tian didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

“It has to be the Fruit of Life!” Hong Can deeply inhaled, with a totally focused face, he said without a hint of joke, “I heard that the Fruit of Life comes from the Tree of Life.  Regardless of any race, as long as they possess souls and vitality, a single Fruit of Life can enhance their Vital Energy, and increase their longevity!”

“Lets take your master – Senior Xu as an example. He is facing the problem of not having enough longevity. Before he could reach the Spirit Realm, it will be impossible for him to lengthen his longevity.”

“Right now, if he could use one Fruit of Life, he could immediately gain a couple of hundred years of longevity. Just these couple of hundred years and your master’s current comprehension, are enough to reach the Spirit Realm!”

However, the Fruit of Life is too rare and precious. Not to mention our Heaven Leaving Domain, even if it were the other eight domains at the Land of the Meteorite, the Fruit of Life remained a legend.”

After he had finished his sentences, Hong Can changed into a tone of admiration and said, “You truly have heinous luck, being able to consume one Fruit of Life inside the Heavenly Gates. Quickly after you have eaten the Fruit of Life, it emitted Vital energy inside of your blood vessels, letting your blood contain the Vital Energy.”

“It was your blood which carried the Vital Energy that has enhanced the longevity of this giant’ skeleton, helping it to wake up.”

“The Fruit of Life!”

“ It is actually the Fruit of Life!”

“This rascal’s luck is too good, isn’t it?”

“One Fruit of Life is enough to gain him couple hundred years of longevity. So long as he didn’t die mid-way, and continued to cultivate, he could gradually break through the binding realms.’’

“Wu Ji indeed have chosen a disciple.”

The disciples of the other seven sects, all felt that their blood was boiling after hearing that Nie Tian had consumed the Fruit of Life. They all admired him.

“Damn it! He received the Fruit of Life!” Qiu Heng of Ling Bao Court inaudibly yelled.

“Uncle Feng! I, I’m afraid I can’t hold on anymore!” Nonetheless, right at that moment, Yu Tong slightly exhaled. Chaotic flesh waves could be seen on her body. Her hand which was holding the Spiritual Blood Pearl was constantly trembling.

Looking at her, that Spiritual Blood Pearl was as if it was equal to the weight of thousands of catties as she couldn’t hold on anymore.

Inside that Spiritual Blood Pearl, a matching gigantic Blood Shadow of the Blood Demon Skeleton was hysterically twisting, like it would have escaped shortly after.

Feng Luo’s face twisted with fright. He instantly shifted to Yu Tong, used his two hands to pushed at her without saying a word.

From his hands, one by one blood light threads could vaguely be seen. They were wildly transmitted into Yu Tong’s body.

Even with the aid from his flesh strength, Yu Tong still couldn’t be able to control the Spiritual Blood Pearl. The Blood Shadow inside the pearl was still struggling, wanted to escape the restriction spell of the Spiritual Blood Pearl.


Concurrently, Nie Tian saw the weaving light inside of the Blood Demon’s celadon pupils was getting brighter and brighter.

The slowly flowing blood inside of the Blood Demon’s veins was also getting faster in just a short while.

A dangerous breath came from the Blood Demon Skeleton started to circulate, leaving the people standing around the quarry shivering in fear.

A level eight Blood Vessel Blood Demon Skeleton, once awakened, its capacity would have been weakened. It now could only release the power equal to a Xuangjing Realm lianqi human warrior.

Nevertheless, out of everyone here, the highest one was only at the middle of the Xiantian Realm.

Once they lost control of that Blood Demon, just in a short time, they would definitely have been savaged by it.

“Nie Tian, it was you who transmitted the Vital Energy into him, maybe you can think of a method to control him!”  Feng Luo had been consistently pouring his flesh strength into Yu Tong’s body. However, he had realized that with Yu Tong’s capacity, it was impossible for her to have suppressed the death soul of the Blood Demon.

Inside the Heavenly Gates, Nie Tian had created countless of miraculous happenings. Nie Tian had awakened the Blood Demon; he could only count on Nie Tian to aid him.


Nie Tian bitterly smiled. He knew nothing about the restricted art of the Blood Sect. Basically, he couldn’t think of any methods to calm that Blood Demon down.

The only thing he could do was to experiment. He released a thread of mental consciousness, entering that Blood Demon’s body.

The fleeting mental consciousness escaped his spiritual sea, suddenly turned strange.

He vaguely felt that a death soul had appeared in his surroundings. It was like . . . that death soul was attracted to him.

At the same time, his heart was beating frantically.

“ Thump Thump Thump!”

The heart of that Blood Demon Skeleton which was beating at the same frequency as his heartbeat at that moment, was abruptly getting faster.

The sharp as blade joints of the Blood Demon Skeleton which was still lying quietly on the ground, suddenly bent, then started to move.

The Blood Demon Skeleton changed his position from lying down to sitting up, then slowly stood up.

Behind his back, sharp thorns were flickering, as if there were no strongholds it couldn’t overcome; like it could pierce through shield and metal.

His celadon deep pupils were glancing at the Spiritual Blood Pearl in Yu Tong’s hand.

The death soul inside the Spiritual Blood Pearl was floating out, then immediately flew straight into his pupils.


The over thirty meters tall Blood Demon Skeleton abruptly flew out of the quarry, with a loud “BOOM”, and it landed next to Nie Tian.

The Blood Demon’s two legs were piercing deep into the solid stone ground below as if it was piercing through a block of tofu.

It stared at Nie Tian with its celadon pair of eyes. It seemed that Nie Tian’s body possessed some kind of aura that could help him became comfortable.

That aura came from the Vital Energy inside of Nie Tian’s heart, from every single thread of Vital Energy in Nie Tian’s blood.

Moreover, he woke up due to this Vital Energy inside Nie Tian’s body!

From the death soul that had escaped from the Spiritual Blood Pearl and entered the Blood Demon, Nie Tian suddenly felt an eccentric feeling. The Blood Sect had used tremendous efforts to forge this Blood Demon Skeleton. However, towards him, it seemed to have harbored a feeling of dependency and acknowledgment.

“Stay away from him!”

Li Fan of the Lingyun Sect was paled in fright. He held An ShiYi in one hand and Jiang LingZhu in another, then rapidly took the two who were standing next to Nie Tian, away.

The disciples of the other seven sects looked at Nie Tian with extreme fright in their eyes. They also gradually stepped away from him.

“Nie Tian! Give me the Blood Demon Skeleton!” Yu Tong widened her eyes and yelled.

“Don’t be impulsive!” Feng Luo firmly pulled her so as for her not to go mad, or recklessly dashed towards Nie Tian.

. . .


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