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Chapter 191 - Vitality Connection!


“Don’t worry; it’s just a faulty product.”


Feng Luo was calm. He had signaled for everyone to stay alert, not to fall into the quarry and couldn’t approach too close to the Blood Skeleton Demon. He turned to the Prison Department’s Hong Can and explained to him, “However, when we forged this Blood Demon, its capacity might have been dropped by one level.  Although this skeleton’s blood vessel is at level eight, when it was successfully forged, the powers it could release could only be at the level seven Blood Vessel.”


“Its capacity is at level seven Blood Vessel, which is equal to a Xuanjing Realm warrior. Even if we lost control of it, our Sect leader could still suppress it.”

Hong Can frowned then said, “Let’s hope so.”


“I will come down there and look around. “ Feng Luo was careful. He jumped down from the edge of the quarry. In just a blink, he had reached the bottom, already standing beside the giant skeleton.

The thick bloody scent emitted from the body of that giant skeleton. Inside those gray bones, fine veins could be seen. Blood was slowly flowing inside each of those veins.



A clear heartbeat from that giant’ skeleton echoed again. Everyone who was standing around the quarry got their minds shaken by that heartbeat.

Nie Tian’s countenance also changed.


With every heartbeat from that huge gray heart of that giant’ skeleton, he was slightly affected. His own heartbeat was also getting faster and faster.

He released a stream of mental consciousness, silently sensing.


From that giant skeleton, he could feel a bloody rushing aura. He guessed that the skeleton might have contained unimaginable tremendous energy.

It was just that, no one knew why that giant skeleton didn’t wake up although its heart was still beating.


He stared at the skeleton’s eyes then realized its pupils were two dim and dark treasure pearl. Right now, it was covered in a gray color.

Feng Luo walked around the skeleton, constantly emitted blood-red light rays. As soon as the ray came in contact with the skeleton, it would have turned into numerous blood threads.


Soon after that, Feng Luo stepped on the bones of the giant’ skeleton and walked toward its chest area.

He took a deep look at the brown-gray heart which was protected by one joint after another; he then came closer.


After a long while, he shook his head and said, “No fluctuations of life force.”

“Fluctuations of life force.” Nie Tian was stunned. He turned towards Li Fan and asked, “That giant’ skeleton is clearly full of bloody aura, but just because it lacks the fluctuations of life force, it can’t be wakened up?”


“That’s right.” Li Fan deeply sighed, then gave Nie Tian a complicated look, said, “Your master. . . His longevity limitation is coming soon.  Longevity limitation is actually Vital Energy.  Although his body possesses true blood and flesh, if his Vital Energy is drained, death will be unavoidable.”

“That giant skeleton is the same. Just with blood and flesh, it can never be wakened up without the Vitality source.”


“Vital Energy is an extremely complicated and mysterious original energy.  It is similar to the soul. To every race, as soon as either their Vital Energy or Soul is drained, it means that death is coming.”

“So it’s like that.” Nie Tian stroked his chin and was drowning in his own thoughts.


He vaguely felt that the energy inside of his heart was not the one from the awakened blood vessels, but the Vital Energy.”

He knew nothing about the Vital Energy. However, whenever he felt the power of his blood vessels, he always thought that his longevity . . . had far surpassed that of a regular member of the human race.


This meant that, if he had diligently cultivated, he wouldn’t have needed to face the same problems as his master – Wu Ji.


He didn’t need to worry about his longevity running out, or regret not being able to reach his desired realm before he died of old age.


“It’s a pity.” Feng Luo stood right at the bosom of the giant’ skeleton, shook his head, his face showed a hint of reluctance, then he said, “Vital Energy is the most mysterious energy in this world. This skeleton doesn’t lack anything but that vitality energy.  If the vitality energy can incite him and let him be born again with a true living body, he could genuinely be wakened up. “


“That Spiritual Blood Pearl can control him, hence, using him to fight with other demons.”

“For him to be useful, he has to be at least at the Xuangjing realm to be able to change the current state of the Blood Sect.”


After he had finished his sentence, Feng Luo dashed out of that quarry. He wanted to order Yu Tong to use the Spiritual Blood Pearl to move those large stones and block up the quarry.

Without the Vital Energy, although this skeleton’s heartbeats were quite eccentric, it could never be wakened up.


They didn’t have to continue to waste time and come down there.


Right at that moment, an earth-shaking explosion sound resonated at the Blood Sect’s direction.


Feng Luo’s countenance changed. He stared at that direction then discovered that the dark purple aureoles carrying the demonic aura was pouring down the Blood Sect from above.

Inside that dark purple demonic aura, he could faintly make out the silhouettes of the demons, as well as hearing their growls.


“The Sect’s Blood Transforming Great Formation might have been broken through!” Yu Tong was frightened until paled, he flustered, “We have to hurry, the Blood Transforming Great Formation has been broken through, the demons must be rampaging in our Sect, we need to stop them!”


The other’s countenances also became solemn as they focused on the deviation that happened in the Blood Sect.

Qiu Heng of the Ling Bao Court had also chickened out; his eyes were filled with fear.

Before, he wasn’t too certain that some great changes had occurred in the Blood Sect. However, as soon as he heard that even the Blood Transforming Great Formation had been broken through, he got even more nervous.


His expression varied, he silently thought about whether leaving here right now would be considered as a good idea.

“Damn it! If this Blood Demon’ skeleton could be wakened up, then we could control it, and give our sect tremendous aid!” Feng Luo angrily said.


“It only lacks Vital Energy.  . .” Nie Tian’s eyes were constantly flickering.

He was a hundred percent certain that the blood vessel energy in his body was that mysterious vital blood vessel.


The magical vital blood vessel which was deeply carved inside of his heart, still couldn’t have been wakened up.

However, the energy of the vital blood still existed in his blood!


After his fight with Dong BaiJie, the wounds that resulted in his body  from being pierced through had totally recovered to its regular state, not a single trace could be seen.

The recovering speed of his flesh was a couple of times faster than an ordinary human.


He believed that his abnormal recovering speed definitely had something to do with his blood that contained the vital energy!

Only the vitality could have immediately stopped the bleeding holes on his body and erased the painful feeling when he finished his battle with Dong BaiJie.


If his blood contained the vital energy, if. . . he was to shed a drop of his blood onto that brown-gray heart of the giant’ skeleton, could he have been able to fill up what the Blood Demon was lacking? Could he successfully wake up the Blood Demon that the Blood Sect had spent their uttermost effort to forge?

Even if that thing could just be wakened up for a while, if Yu Tong could control it, he could have brought tremendous damages to those demons!

“Wait a minute!”


The hasty Feng Luo and Yu Tong was stopped by Nie Tian, who had come up with an idea in his mind. In front of everyone’s confused looks, he abruptly jumped down the quarry.

“What are you doing?” Yu Tong, who had wanted to move the stones to seal the quarry, changed his expression and angrily said, “What the heck do you think you’re doing?”


“Nie Tian! What do you want to do?” Li Fan also yelled.

Jiang LingZhu and An ShiYi’s group were dumbfoundedly looking at Nie Tian’s actions. They didn’t know why he was acting so recklessly.

“Get out quickly, do you hear me?” Feng Luo of the Blood Sect solemnly shouted.


Nie Tian totally ignored their advices. As soon as he had reached the bottom of the quarry, he followed the bones of the Blood Demon, quickly rushing toward its bosom.

Where he stood was the same place where Feng Luo had just left. Under his feet was the giant brown-gray heart.

“Give me a minute.” Nie Tian’s face was solemn. He casually took out a dagger in his storage bracelet and carefully pricked the middle finger of his right hand.

Blood started to drip onto the giant brown-gray heart of that Blood Demon from his finger.

“Drip! drop!”


One by one blood dripped from his body and fell onto the brown-gray heart. That heart. . . was like a sponge, rapidly absorbing the blood drops.

The brown-gray Blood Demon’s heart which was taking in Nie Tian’s blood suddenly beat faster.


The gray skeleton which initially didn’t have a single light in its pupils started to flicker small light spots.

After dozens of blood drops had fallen onto the skeleton’s heart, Nie Tian was feeling ill. It was as if he had lost a significant amount of blood essence.


He temporarily stopped, bowed his head to carefully look at the Blood Demon’ skeleton, his eyes were filled with anticipation.



A Blood Shadow, which was obviously bigger than the rest, appeared in Yu Tong’ Spiritual Blood Pearl.

“Blood Demon’ Skeleton!” Yu Tong was astonished.


“You’ve wakened up the Blood Demon’ Skeleton?” Feng Luo was dumbstruck; he gave Nie Tian a look as if he seen ghosts in daylight. He was totally bewildered.

. . .


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