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Chapter 274 - Ancient Cauldron

Under this circumstance in which countless eyes of martial art practitioners were on him, if he retreated, he would definitely become a laughing stock in the entire Jianghu within the Snow Country.




But if he really went up. . .




As Zhao Chuan remembered those statues that had drowned inside the Bright Moon Lake, he couldn’t help but shudder.




He didn’t want to become one of the ice corpses like the others.




While he was in the dilemma, he unconsciously looked over the seating area in the Immortal Pavilion a little bit.




Inside the Immortal Pavilion, there sat a robust man, who was sitting upright and enjoying a maid’s massage. His eyes were calmly looking at the Bright Moon Lake, as if nothing had ever happened. From the beginning till the end, the face of this grim man didn’t even have the smallest transformation.




Zhao Chuan shivered at heart.




“Zhao Chuan, come here, let’s have a fight.” Ye Qingyu’s voice resounded for the second time.




Everyone’s eyes were on Zhao Chuan.




Those Jianghu grand outlaws with furious voices laid their anticipating eyes on the long since famous elder of the Dragon Tiger Sect. The Dragon Tiger Sect was one of the top Sects among the [Three Sects Three Schools]. Its position was prestigious. As an elder, Zhao Chuan’s reputation was splendid. Many Jianghu people who didn’t know much about the truth was earnestly expecting this Dragon Tiger Sect’s elder to behead that deceitful and wicked hero.




Zhao Chuan was smiling bitterly on the inside.




He knew today was unavoidable.




If I don’t go up on stage, losing my reputation is nothing, but once I become a laughing stock, the strict Dragon Tiger sect will definitely severely punish me. Not to mention the Tiger Holy Child – Zhao Shanhe, he’ll for sure not let me off.




In any case, I will die in the end.




If I die on the ring, my wife and kids may be treated properly.




“Ha ha. . .” He laughed out loud bitterly and he thought about those things he had done for these past few days since they were all utterly heartless things. Not to mention after he had followed Zhao Shanhe, he was sinking deeper and deeper. Maybe his karma had finally come.




“Fine, Ye Qingyu, I do want to meet you.”




Zhao Chuan shouted. His body suddenly leaped up from the ground. His body movement was extremely perfect and beautiful. That was the [Tiger jump stream], one of the masterpieces of the body movements that belonged to the Dragon Tiger sect. He flashed up then landed on the ring.




Compliments thunderously came up from all four sides.




This body movement had enlightened many of the Jianghu sect disciples’ eyes and they were all looking forward to this battle.




“Marquis Ye, please instruct me!”




Zhao Chuan stood up straight as both of his hands were like tiger claws warping around, making his body bent down in three parts, and the tiger vigorous murderous energy burst out as if a prehistorical Ancient Giant Tiger had just partly showed up. The fierce prestige surged on as his imposing manner soared to the sky, showing an extremely outstanding power.




Ye Qingyu also nodded.




Being able to stand in the Three Sects Three Schools had proved the Dragon Tiger sect’s power as they and Gao Han were different from the majority of the cultivation in Jianghu. Although Zhao Chuan’s strength was a little inferior to Gao Han’s, the energy he had shown was extremely powerful and boundless since it had vividly displayed the ‘serious and proper, a heavy sword with no vanguard’ charm of the Dragon Tiger Sect’s martial arts.




The reputation of the Dragon Tiger Sect in the Three Sects Three Schools was not bad. Their martial arts didn’t take the slant route. Dragon and Tiger, two schools had fit with each other, which created a pure Wuji [1].




The fact that Zhao Chuan was able to display this kind of pure Wuji martial arts had proved his cultivation as well as extraordinary nature and his characteristic was not an innate bosom either.




What a pity. . .




“Such a handsome face like this, why are you being a bad person?” Ye Qingyu sighed deeply.




Zhao Chuan sneered, “In Jiangu, one has to compromise.”




“I won’t be merciful.” The condensed ice intent slowly emitted out of Ye Qingyu’s hands as his Yuan Energy was constantly being stimulated, and didn’t show any signs of mercy.




“Ha ha, I can’t imagine about my last fight but it obviously had to have happened with the new talent, Marquis Ye,” Zhao Chuan put aside countless distracting thoughts in his heart. His will had never been determined as right now. There was only martial art in his head as his fighting spirit was bursting out. He laughed out loud once, and then his whole body strangely became calmer. The look in his eyes was tranquil. He raised his hand up and said, “I hope Marquis Ye can use your killing to clean up dust and dirt in this world, please!”




A voice descended.




The heaven’s vault shrieked.






Zhao Chuan had completely turned into a prehistorical Ancient Giant Tiger as the tiger’s murderous energy soared high to the sky.




“Please go ahead!”




There was also a glimpse of respect in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.




A fight broke out in a blink.




However, this fight didn’t last long.




After all, Zhao Chuan’s strength was still inferior to Gao Han’s. Even if after he had vented out his murderous will, giving his all for this battle, it was unlikely for him to win. Having done stealthy things for many years had silently affected his marital art’s personality and had destroyed his state of mind. If he practiced another Sects’ art, he might not have been affected like that. However, having practiced such an imposing art like the Dragon Tiger Sect’s would leave a severe impact on him.




After the time of ten breaths, Zhao Chuan turned into an ice statue.




Ye Qingyu directly sent him out of the ring.




Slosh slosh!




Water splashed everywhere.




The cold air of spring slightly rippled on the surface of the lake. Those bubbles which were as cold as ice hit the hearts of everyone, cooling down  the hearts of every sect disciple around.




The young man in white who was called butcher had consecutively killed ten people but his snow-white clothes didn’t have any bloodstains.




His face didn’t have many transformations since he was still as calm as before and it seemed like he hadn’t taken anybody’s life to heart.




“Deer Cauldron Sect Wang Ping, please come up on stage.”




Ye Qingyu once again called out a name for another fight.




Deer Cauldron sect – Wang Ping was also a long-since famous warrior since his reputation was even higher than Zhao Chuan’s as he was one of the core elders of the Deer Cauldron Sect and in the past fifty years, he was known as one of the young talents in the Snow Country. One of the famous precious weapons of the Deer Cauldron Sect – the Ancient Cauldron was in his hand. His cultivation had increased vigorously these years. People said that he might have already entered the Bitter Sea stage.




The lakeside of the Bright Moon Lake stirred up noisily.




The vibration was getting more and more obvious this time.




More and more people started to question whether or not Ye Qingyu was crazy. He even dared to pick a fight with a senior fighter. Did he perhaps think that he could have swiped away all the powerhouses here, merely with his own ability?




In the seating area of the Deer Cauldron sect.




Wang Ping stood up as his face wore a faint smile.




He knew that he was different from Zhao Chuan who was no match for Ye Qingyu since he was even more confident in his strength.




“It is an honor to get my name called by Marquis Ye.”




Wang Ping laughed coldly as he walked out of the seating area, step by step.




He went to the lakeside, slightly jumped up and in the next blink his entire body had appeared in the Water Light Seal ring.




His moment was on the contrary much more leisurely than Zhao Chuan’s.




“Young hero Marquis, I really admire your courage. In the end, this is just a life-or-death ring, since swords have no eyes, if i hurt Marquis. . .” Wang Ping spoke as he was adorned in golden fighting clothes though his figure was still lanky as his face was solemn, but his eyes were full of a mocking and sarcastic look as if his words contained wisdom.




“Since this is the life-or-death ring, I have to listen to Heaven’s order,” Ye Qingyu didn’t wait for him to finish as he continued talking, “On the life-or-death ring, any grief below is not counted.”




“Fine, if Marquis has said it like this, I am at ease.” Wang Ping smirked. “I can’t bear to throttle a new martial art talent of the Empire to death, but today, Marquis has been stained by countless Jianghu sect people’s blood, and I have no choice but to ask for a reasonable answer for my Jianghu friends.”




His words were powerful and resonating. They produced tinkling sounds like the ones from swords.




A chant of supporting cheer came up from the side of the Bright Moon Lake.






Many Jianghu sect disciples were applauding crazily.




A glimpse of murderous intent appeared in Ye Qingyu’s eyes. “As compared to Zhao Chuan, you, the germ of disaster, deserve to die 1000 10,000 times. . . for the atonement of the countless innocent people who had died on the Beheading Demon Platform.”




“Ha ha, then I have to see if Marquis has this kind of power or not.” Wang Ping lowered his voice and mockingly said. “I have seen so many so-called geniuses. They’re all turned into dried skeletons and loess (yellow sandy soil typical of north China). You are not the first one, but definitely not the last either.”




A bronze colored great cauldron slowly floated up above his head.




That was the Ancient Cauldron.




The famous precious weapon was now in Wang Ping’s hand.




When the sacrifice came, the cauldron silently spanned as the copper rays of light reappeared, which was like the appearance of the Great Dao.




A copious irresistible power gushed out from the top of the Ancient Cauldron. A faint trace of copper color overflowed from the brim of the cauldron, which looked like the flower of the Great Dao, hanging down, quickly covering and protecting Wang Ping inside. It seemed indeterminate but it was one of the strong defenses.




Cauldron had all along held a special meaning.




The Deer Cauldron sect took cauldron as the cultivation method. They might have only one attacking method, but their defense was the first among the Three Sects Three Schools.




Wang Ping’s face didn’t change its color on the ring since greatest confidences came from this cauldron.




“Ye Qingyu, you have to pay your life if you have killed one, take my strike!”




He laughed out loud as the secret art was being kneaded in his hand and the great cauldron was now like a moving mountain crushing toward Ye Qingyu’s direction.




“You must not be willing to give up until you arrive in the Yellow River. I heard that many heroes had died under the hands of the Ancient Cauldron. There is also one cauldron in my place right now and it was just right at the time that I want to experience Elder Wang’s scheme too.”




Ye Qingyu didn’t hide any murderous intent in his pupils at all.




To a person like Wang Ping, he would absolutely have no hesitation to kill him a thousand times.




During the rotation of the heart, the [Heaven and Earth copper furnace] was summoned. It then turned into a copper rays of light, spouted a whirling wind from its mouth. In an instant, it changed into a head size. There was a faint yellow luminescence radiating around. Its imposing manner was not like the Ancient Cauldron’s which scared people.




After Ye Qingyu had used this Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron to cultivate, the pill cauldron completely changed its shape.




At this moment, there was basically no person who had an ability to recognize the pill cauldron of the Azure Phoenix’s Pill King – Chen Moyun.




“Ha ha, you have overestimated yourself, Ye Qingyu. You dare to call a broken furnace a cauldron,” Wang Ping snickered. “Today, you are destined to be executed. . . Bang!”




The Ancient Cauldron was like a big millstone rolling over.




Ye Qingyu moved the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron], and controlled the [Cloud top cauldron] to hit it directly.




The contrast of the scene was huge.




It was like sesame seed that had struck the millstone.












A sound that resembled the one of hitting rock resonated.




The matchless outer layer of the Ancient Cauldron instantly collapsed like paper at the collision. The chaotic energy that erupted at the time when the Rune Formation was shattered from the collision could be clearly seen. That energy was then all absorbed by the [Heaven and Earth copper furnace] in a blink of an eye. . .




Cracking cracking cracking cracking.




A crisp sound came up and the giant Ancient Cauldron which seemed to be made of wood was crushed and scattered everywhere.


All credits goes to John Fullmer, who has written this amazing piece.


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[1] The Chinese word Wuji (pinyin) or Wu Chi (Wade-Giles) refers to the unmanifest aspect of Tao: Tao-in-stillness, in other words.  Wuji is the undifferentiated timelessness which, in the Taijitu Shuo (a traditional Taoist diagram) is represented by an empty circle. In Taoist cosmology , Wuji refers to a state of non-distinction prior to the differentiation into the Yin and Yang that give birth to the ten-thousand-things– all the phenomena of the manifest world, with their various qualities and behaviors.  The Chinese character for Wuji (Wu Chi) is composed of two radicals: Wu and Ji (Chi). “Wu” includes the meanings: without/ no/ none/ non- / [where there are] no. “Ji (Chi)” includes the meanings: limits/ extreme/ end/ ultimate/ extreme boundary. Wuji (Wu Chi) can, then, be translated as: infinite, unlimited, boundless or limitless.

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