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Chapter 273 - Roll-call

A silhouette crazily rushed to the ring.




The man was about more than twenty years old. He had thick brows and big eyes. His ability was also not that high. In a blink of an eye, he landed on the ring, instantly took out a long blade on his waist, crazily slaughtered toward Ye Qingyu




Ye Qingyu dodged, then grabbed the blade.




“Who are you?” Ye Qingyu asked.




“Superior Senior is my savior,” the young man tried to take his blade, but it was still in Ye Qingyu’s hand without moving an inch as he angrily screamed, “Butcher, I risk my life with you. Even if I die today, I have to get revenge for Superior Senior!”




He couldn’t take back the long blade,  so he then stimulated his inner yuan, which seemingly made his body inflate and was about to explode on its own.




After hearing this, Ye Qingyu calmly nodded his head, “If it is the case, then you have to go to meet Gao Han.”




A voice was sent out.




An icy-cold air erupted out of his palm. A mystic crystal icy frost, which spread out from the long blade, instantly sealed this young man’s entire body, and turned him into a dazzling ice statue. The angry face of that young man was frozen into an ice face sculpture as well.




The power gushed out from the palm of Ye Qingyu.




Puff puff.




The ice statue fell into the Bright Moon Lake.




He indeed had no hesitance and no mercy when it came to killing.




“Who else that isn’t content, come up together.”




Ye Qingyu said with a calm face.




“Evil bastard!”




“You dare to kill people.”




“You are able to kill Kong Kong and the Poison King. I really admire your strength. But senior Gao Han and big brother Lin Jing are all good people, you. . . You also killed them. I’ve really mistaken you. You are a butcher, a demented butcher. . .”




Cursing sounds surged on from everywhere like a tide.




Shadows flickered.




Three or five silhouettes leaped on the ring.




“Ha ha, there are few people that aren’t scared of death.” Ye Qingyu shook his head and revealed a smile




“Die why not? In this immense heaven and earth, righteousness forever exists. Butcher Ye, I, Zhang XianLin, also owe Senior Gao Han a life-saving favor. How can I be scared of death anymore? Let me see whether your Cold Ice can freeze my hot blood.” A robust man with a messy hair was in the lead. Both his hands were carrying a magistrate pencil, each of which had a size of a child’s arm. He was like a male lion, roaring and charging forward.




“That’s right, I am Tie Zhan, willing to sacrifice my life for the right. Let me tell you, evil butcher. Although JiangHu’s people were born from wilderness, we are not weak.” Another young scholar quickly rushed over with a red face and a gagger folding fan.




“Ha ha, I , Bitter River Three Demons, also seek for instructions from Marquis Ye. Although Senior Gao has never saved our brothers’ lives, he had taught us martial arts. Once being a teacher, forever being a father. An enemy who killed my father cannot live under the same sky with us. Why not die?”




Other three men  vigorously came over.




The weapon of these three men was snow crystal fish bones which flickered white light. Those must be from the remains of a big type of fish. They unexpectedly looked pleasing to the eyes. When layer upon layer of sharp fish bones moved, they created an extremely bizarre sound of flowing fish.




“Good, good, good. If you are all not scared of death, I’ll let you meet Gao Han too.”




Ye Qingyu laughed out loud.




Countless snowflakes spurted out from his body.




In the blink of an eye, the snow color, which was like an avalanche, covered the entire ring.




If Gao Han wasn’t Ye Qingyu’s opponent, then even if these hot bloods had used all their might, there would still be a gap between their strengths and Ye Qingyu’s. Ye Qingyu’s 50th Spirit Spring Stage power completely broke out and the intimidating ice intent immediately hovered around. In about hundred meters of Bright Moon Lake’s water surrounding the Water Light Seal ring was instantly turned into a black ice.




When the white ice frog dispersed, the Black Ice around the Water Light Seal suddenly melted.






The snow frost on the ring had also completely disappeared.




Five silhouettes turned into five ice statues once again.




Their bodies were still in the striking poses as their faces showed a furious indignation and their weapons were hung in the mid-air, but they couldn’t go forward, and just stood still on the spot.




“I let you, hot blood, go meet Gao Han with your intact corpses.”




Ye Qingyu killed people like cutting grass. There weren’t any changes in his expression and a tremendous force was sent out from his palm. as these five ice statues were all hit flying into the Bright Moon Lake.




“Who else isn’t content, come forward.”




He stopped on the ring since it looked like he had just finished an insignificantly small thing.




At this moment, around the Bright Moon Lake, many people had stood up as their faces all showed angry looks, and all kinds of cursing and accusations came up nonstop. The crowd’s emotion was aroused since the deaths of Zhang XianLin, Tie Zhan and Bitter River Three Demons had ignited the angers in countless people. Especially when Ye Qingyu had plucked out these five grass roots and unflinchingly slaughter theJiangHu people’s lives. It made many JiangHu Sect’s people distressed.




“But. . . But. . . But Senior brother Ye cannot just stand there and let them kill him.” Song Qingluo’s white jade fingers were clenched so tightly till the point that all the finger joints had gone white as she lowered her voice then said, “That is the life-or-death ring. The moment someone comes on stage, it means that they agree to this law. . .”




The young girl lowered her head. Her voice was so low that only she could hear her voice.




In fact, there was a little wave in in Song Qingluo’s heart. It was naturally a good thing if he could monopolize the leader position by himself, but it would be better if he had killed less innocent people. . .




In this split of a second, the young girl lifted her head to see the young man in jade-like white clothes, whose demeanor was like a god’s and she suddenly felt distant.




“Marquis must have his reason when doing things. It is just we don’t know what it is.”




DuGu DiXiu, who stood beside her, opened his mouth and spoke up.




A glimpse of bright color suddenly lit up in Song Qingluo’s eyes, then rapidly darkened.




DuGu DiXiu painfully smiled, shook his head. In fact, he somewhat couldn’t understand what his young sworn grandpa was doing. Does he perhaps want to use killing to prevent killing through this ring, slaughtering until everyone is frightened and creating an ominous name for himself?




Although DuGu DiXiu’s personality was a playboy’s. He didn’t have any ambition and just preferred playing and enjoying. However, he was not a dumb one.




On the contrary, he was extremely, extremely smart.




Having experienced the cruel internal dispute for power in such a rich and powerful family, he knew better than anyone else, in this world, only the most brutal direct and powerful scheme was the most effective one. He had seen so many deaths. The deaths of  Zhang XianLin, Tie Zhan and other people were nothing to him. Even the death of the prominent Gao Han didn’t get into his eyes.




In his eyes, a child of a prestigious and wealthy family, the so-called JiangHu masters were not much different from other people in JiangHu. Death was death. After all, in this world, there would be a dead person in every second, every minute. Even those higher-ups to the great people, they all had to die anyway.




But what made DuGu DiXiu not understand was what his sworn grandpa could harvest from this massacre on the ring.




But inside the Immortal Pavilion.




The conversation in the dark hadn’t come to an end yet.




“This man immediately killed Gao Han when he said so. Such a ruthless move like this was way out of my expectation.”




“Ha ha, his Martial Arts Nature is the Asura Slaughtering Six Martial Arts. On a life-or-death ring, he naturally can’t keep his hands. Isn’t this what we all anticipate?”




“If so, even if he can survive today, his life in the army will be destroyed as well. The Empire will not promote a man with a bad reputation. On the contrary, in JiangHu, there will be one more bloodthirsty madman. Ha…haha…ha ha, he might be useful for us in the future.”




“This freakbastard has killed many people from my sect. He can only die.”



“Speaking of which, the Youyan Army is also pitiful. In the end, Yan Buhui’s joined the Demon Race and they have been through so much difficulties to find another person, ha ha, he still follows the track of an overturned cart anyway.”




“All of these are in my calculation.”




“About the matter over there, hasn’t it finished?”




“Just received the information a moment ago and everything is set up properly.”






“Ka ka, this is also good. An inescapable net has been set up already and we just need to wait for Ye Qingyu to fish the trap as I am afraid that after Youyan Army experiences this blow, their military morale will collapse soon.”




“As long as there is still Lu Zhaoge, we cannot underestimate them.”




“Lu Zhaoge? Ha ha, don’t tell me that you don’t know he has been severely injured and passed away, becoming a Clay bodhisattva?”




“We can’t underestimate him. Who knows if his injury has recovered or not.”




“Recover? How can it have happened? The information from the palace of the Right Minister doesn’t say the Prisoned Black Lotus Flame has arrived in Youyan Pass. You also haven’t seen him. With his dense Inner Yuan, how can we not see him? He has never accepted any disciples for these past decades. But these days, there are many rumors saying that he has publicly handed down his legacy.”




“What you mean is. . . Lu Zhaoge perhaps can’t live any longer, so is this the settlement for his funeral?”




“Yeah, sort of.”




“If that is the case, Heaven must be on our side.”




“Ha ha!”




“Ha ha!”




. . .




In the Bright Moon Lake, on the Water Light Seal ring.




“No one takes the initiative to come up here?”




Ye Qingyu’s eyes were tranquil.




He sneered, “If no one dares to come out, then I will make a roll-call. . . Dragon Tiger sect – Zhao Chuan, please come forward.”




His clear voice was like a drum resounding everywhere.




In the seat area of the Dragon Tiger Sect.




A face of a middle-aged man, who was about thirty years old, slightly changed.




This man was none other than Zhao Chuan.




The Blood Eyed Tiger – Zhao Chuan was one of the elder leaders of the Dragon Tiger Sect, was renowned thirty years ago, as well as one of the famous powerhouses in The Snow Country’s JiangHu. These years, due to the fact that he had suppressed the rebellion of the master Zhao Shanhe, he was greatly benefited. As one of the main character in Zhao Shanhe’s system, his influence in JiangHu also rose.




A month ago, Zhao Chuan had arrived in Youyan Pass.




He had just rarely showed his face and still hadn’t attended in Youyan Pass’s JiangHu chaos.




The first person Ye Qingyu called out was  Zhao Chuan, which was absolutely out of everybody’s expectation.




Instantly, numerous eyes were focusing on  Zhao Chuan’s face.




Zhao Chuan’s body lightly shook as he distinctly shivered but still slowly stood up in the end.




Only he knew the reason why Ye Qingyu called him out first.




But this thing was not in his plan as well.




The ability that Ye Qingyu had just shown had left him in fear. In terms of ability, although his reputation was resounding in JiangHu, his true ability was far behind the Cold River Old Man Straw Hat’s and due to Gao Han’s seclusion, not many people in JiangHu knew about his reputation but when those two were put in a real fight, Zhao Chuan was not a match for Gao Han.




Even Gao Han was not Ye Qingyu’s opponent and if he went on stage, he would die for sure.


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