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Chapter 272 - Cold River Old Man Straw Hat

The white light hovered above the tips of Ye Qingyu’s fingers like a dancing elf.




He was standing on the ring. His white gown fluttered in the air. The icy-cold mist on the ring disappeared as if it had shrunk into his body. His black hair was like a burning black flame. There was an indescribably independent demeanor, which was like an Immortal coming from Cloud Nine.




A strong gale burst out from his body and the ice fragments fell, hit the ring then dropped into the Bright Moon Lake.




The entire body of the enemy, who was killed by the Supreme ice flame, turned into ice from the inside out, . Not even the smallest bit of flesh could be seen from it, which was extremely strange.




These things fell into the water, quickly dissolved, and then turned into a part of the Bright Moon Lake.




Around the lake.




The people from Jiang Hu, who blusteringly cursed a minute ago, were as mute as fish.




They knew extremely well how powerful the Posion King – Lin Ziru was. In Jianghu’s myth, there was a saying: “Rather meet Yama then meet the Poison King” for this person. Many people, who were way stronger than Lin Ziru, had all died by his poison. People just died once when they met Yama, but they would not have been able to die, even if they wanted to, when they met the Poison King.




Such a dreadful JiangHu owl like this had eventually  died under Ye Qingyu’s hands. He was just able to walk one or two steps then turned into the water of the Bright Moon Lake.




Then who else could be an opponent of this Youyan Pass Greatest Ye?




In a short time, pressure was filling up the air. No one dared to step up and pick a fight with him.




Even when Ye Qingyu’s eyes scanned across these JiangHu’s grand fighters, they all hastily lowered their heads to avoid his gaze.




Song Qingluo’s heart went through a huge shock again. When she looked at the young man on the Water Light Seal Ring, once again, both flustering and admiring feelings was surging inside her since she’d witnessed with her own eyes how a secluded Divine Dragon from the White Deer College got to today, step by step. If such a picture like this was spread back to the White Deer College, would Qin WuShuang, Han ShuangHu, Bai YuQing and their people dare to have any intention to confront this son of evil?




But today, perhaps those Great Sects’ successors would have an ability to fight against him?




It was not only Song Qingluo who had this kind of thought, but also the other Great Sect’s disciples did too.




Countless eyes moved from the ring toward the host seat area of the Immortal Pavilion.




Only the leaders of the [Three Schools Three Sects] probably had a hope of defeating Ye Qingyu.




At this moment, inside the Immortal Pavilion, some people were quietly discussing as well.




“His strength right now is much more powerful than what it was a few days ago.”




“Did he perhaps have another breakthrough during these past few days?”




“Breakthrough, breakthrough. . . Hump. Breakthrough is not that easy. You and I have been practicing martial arts for dozens of years to get to the cultivation base like today. This commoner is just from a low-class family, does he perhaps have an ability to break through every day?”




“That is his hidden ability.”




“Judging from his capability at such a young age, I believe this Ye Qingyu is more likely an Ancient Sect’s successor. Since the Snow Country was established until now, only the Greatest Sect of those Sects could possess this kind of method.”




“So, what are going to do now, move or not move?”




“Of course, we have to move. An Ancient Sect’s successor, so what? Whoever hinders our plans must die.”




“A little dust wants to shine, wants to fire again. He is really dreaming.”




“Let people continue killing him, ruining his reputation, and damaging his disposition in draining out his vigor as it would then be easy for us to do our job.”




“Well, this is also good. We are a prestigious Sect, we must have principles when it comes to killing people.”




Four and five Divine Spirits exchanged secretly inside the Immortal Pavilion. In the end, they had already reached a mutual agreement.




. . .




“Ye Qingyu, please instruct me.”




A tranquil voice came up.




A gray silhouette flashed out.




On the Water Light Seal ring, there was another person.




This man was short and stout. He wore a gray outfit, and a Bitter bamboo rain hat. His hand was holding a mild cyan-colored three-meter long fish, which looked like a walking stick. He was carrying a bamboo tube in his left hand. This man looked like a normal leisured fishing man. A normal aura, which appeared ambiguously on and off was hovering around.




Under the broad-brimmed hat was a plump, amiable, yet slightly miserable face.



At the first look, this man was about thirty or forty years old.




[Cold River Old Man] Gao Han, greetings to Marquis Ye.” The man in the broad-brimmed hat cupped his hands across his chest to kowtow.






Ye Qingyu slight furrowed his brows.




“Gao Han? Do you also have a grudge towards me?” Yan Chen Yu asked.




“I do not have any enmity with Marquis Ye.” Gao Han shook his head.








“No resentment.”




“No enmity, no resentment so why do we meet on this life-and-death ring?” Ye Qingyu puzzledly asked.




Gao Han’s eyes showed a glimpse of a helpless look as his hands grabbed the fishing pole tightly and he answered: “Marquis’s way of handling things is too ruthless. You have murdered countless Jianghu’s fellows. Gao Han cannot stand by idly and watch. Therefore, I’ve decided to come on stage. If I win, I could get rid of a danger for the martial arts circle but if I lose, I could die without any resentment.”




“So, this is the reason?”




Ye Qingyu found this reason to be really ridiculous.




[Cold River Old Man] Gao Han along with other previous people, Liu Ying, the evil monk Kong Kong and the Poison King…those evil mighty fighters were rising powerhouses in the southwest.




It was said that when Gao Han was young, he had obtained the [Koi Fish Traveling Waves Image], which contained a profound meaning of martial arts, from an eccentric person with extraordinary talent. After he had deeply comprehended, his skills had significantly progressed as his reputation also rose up and when he did things in JiangHu, he always thought of the common benefits, thus was a well-known knight-errant. Afterwards, due to some misunderstanding, he killed another famous knight, which was such a pity. He then withdrew from JiangHu and was secluded in the house above on one of the Cold River of thirty-six waterways in the Southwest.




Such a capable senior, who had already been sick of the slaughtering in JiangHu, would come on stage to have a fight with Ye Qingyu because of this reason.




“Marquis Ye, please instruct me.” Prepare for my first move, [Lonely Bird Cold Snow River]!”




Gao Han reminded him and then came forward to do his greeting etiquette. After that, he brought his bamboo tube forward while he moved his right hand. The fishing pole was like a lightning charging forward.




Wherever the fishing pole went, the air was like an ocean, instantly sending out waves by waves to both sides rapidly. Such energy terrified people. It was like the snowy water of the cold ricer was split in half by this fishing pole. It was like some type of double-edged sword but then looked like some kind of blade. The entire thousand lis (500km) cold river was completely drained out by a single fishing pole.




Ye Qingyu turned his body around and then took six steps to avoid this strike.




This [Cold River Old Man] had become famous 30 years ago. His power was unimaginably profound. This move he had just made was like sudden clap of thunder. It was like a poetry painting appearing far away in the air. It also shared the same eccentric rhyme like the one the evil monk Kong Kong had made above.




Coming back to the void.




Little Shang Sword showed up in Ye Qingyu’s hand.




This was the first time he used a weapon.




“The second move, Qianshan Bird Soaring!”




Gao Han roared, stroke out his fishing pole once more.




Swoosh…swoosh…. Swoosh…swoosh….




There were all the wind-tearing sounds in the air.




Numerous fishing pole images were dancing and flickering in the air. They were like invisible strokes, drawing a picture in the air. The phantom outlined numerous curvy images of the mountain range which appeared endlessly like thousand to ten-thousands of wings flying over here and circling around Ye Qingyu. They looked like Dragon Wings separating heaven and earth.




It would be harder for Ye Qingyu to escape from this mountain bird cage.




“What a quick move. I completely cannot catch the fishing pole’s track.”




Ye Qingyu was frightened in the inside.




Since he had mastered martial arts, this was the first time he had ever encountered such a superior opponent.




“Whirlwind Sword Blade!”




Ye Qingyu didn’t dare to strike his sword recklessly, even just a bit.




He used the strongest attacking move from the fighting technique he had learned in the [bronze ancient book] to deal with Gao Han’s move. He found that there was no room to defend this move. He firmly decided to use a straight-forward attack instead of defense. [Little Shang Sword]’s cold light flashed on then off. The sparkling and translucent snowflakes were crazily dancing around its body. The sword light shot forward that thousand li mountain range to slash down.




Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching!




The sound of metal hitting was densely packed like a snow storm transmitting over.




In an extremely short amount of time, the long sword and the fishing pole had probably collided more than a hundred times. In the sky full of snow wind, many clusters of sparks were intermittently visible.




Ye Qingyu displayed the [whirlwind Sword Blade] to its apex. However, he could vaguely feel some numb spots on his back.






He knew that this was the breakthrough of the fishing pole on his barrier of his body.




I can’t stop it!




Ye Qingyu was frightened at heart.




This [Cold River Old Man Straw Hat]’s fighting technique was indeed made by heaven. Its rhyme was really natural. Every orbit was like a trace from an antelope which was nowhere to be found. But this was Ye Qingyu, his inner yuan energy had the essence from the [bronze ancient book], his reaction was extremely quick. If it were someone else, that one might be poked and turned into a bee’s nest by the fishing pole.




“Good scheme, Marquis. Then try taking my move, Thousand Human Traces Perish.”




Gao Han shouted again.




The fishing pole’s energy in his hand changed and the illusionary mountain’s image suddenly vanished.




Only a mere fishing pole could produce such countless dreadful transformations.




Ye Qingyu was startled a little bit in the inside.




Because he could dimly feel the [Qianshan Bird Soaring]’s energy was entirely released. It seemingly had other extremely fatal moves which were far more dangerous and intimidating but at this moment, for an unknown reason, Gao Han suddenly retreated and changed his move.




But Ye Qingyu knew really well that he couldn’t keep going like this.




If Gao Han casually displays this move with full power, I absolutely cannot block it with my current ability .




He slightly screamed out then said: “Superior Senior, let’s stop here, please don’t blame senior.”




His words had not been finished yet.




The Silver Dragon hairpin between his hair slightly moved.  The Dragon Head was like it was alive, burst out a silver light like lightning, past the fishing pole aiming at Gao Han’s face.




Gao Han didn’t expect things would change like this as his face was full of shock.




Squeak… Squeak, squeak!




The sound of ice freezing was rapidly transferred out.




Gao Han didn’t have time to react to anything as he had soon turned into an ice statue.




Ye Qingyu stroke out.




Puff puff!




The ice statue was directly struck flying away and falling out of the ring into the water in the Bright Moon Lake.




The battle spontaneously came to an end.




Ye Qingyu was standing alone in the ring.




On his back, there were three finger-sized blood holes.




Those were the wounds he received when the fishing pole broke the defense of the [whirlwind Sword Blade].




Luckily, Ye Qingyu’s body was way more powerful than any of the peered Powerhouses’. After several confrontations, Ye Qingyu immediately found out the secrets hidden inside his body that he hadn’t known before. Therefore, such wounds were merely scratches on his skin. With his incredible recovery ability, those wounds just turned into three faint scars.




But at this moment, the four sides of the Bright Moon lake had just completely exploded.




There were numerous shouts from Jianghu’s disciples.




Gao Han has already died.




Gao Han is killed by Ye Qingyu.




In front of the Evil Monk Kong Kong, Liu Ying and the Poison King, everyone’s reaction was pretty calm, not furious at all. They were just frightened at Ye Qingyu’s true ability but this time, Gao Han’s death had caused a rage among the crowd.




JiangHu didn’t lack hot bloods either.




The death of a genuinely honorable man would surely boil  some people’s blood..




“Ye Qingyu, this butcher, I will risk my life with you.”


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