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Chapter 271 - I will step on the top




Who’s next?




Three words were resounded to the air.




Everyone around was momentarily silent.




Maybe, normal Chamber of Commerce and plutocrat’s people weren’t quite clear about the meaning behind these four words ‘Evil Monk Kong Kong’. But many people in Jianghu were very clear. Evil Monk Kong Kong’s ability passed the 50th Spirit Spring a few decades ago. In the Northeast road, he had killed people for money and could easily savage a whole family. He was extremely outrageous and was one of the famous murderers. A couple of his talking could be weighed up to dozens catties (500g), creating thunder and storm. His strength was extremely intimidating.




Such a ferocious person with more than ten years of reputation was beaten to death on the ring with just nine fists from Ye Qingyu.




A pair of opened alms bowls was shattered into pieces.




The 50th Spirit Spring was one of the ‘Dao’ thresholds of the Spirit Spring Stage. Fifty stages above and fifty stages below this were different like day and night.




Ye Qingyu had comfortably beaten the evil monk Kong Kong to death, so his true ability must be…




Some people could not understand.




There were some rumors about Ye Qingyu’s true strength and it seemed like every single one of them was proved to be wrong, one by one.




Who else?




Ye Qingyu asked three times.




Silence still surrounded.




When he asked the fourth time, a silhouette, which was like a lonely goose floating on the clear and crystalline waves, landed on the ring.




“Lin Ziru, greetings to Marquis Ye.”




He was  middle-aged man with gray hair whose body was muscular. His arm’s length was over his knee and his upper body was somehow lightly longer than his lower half. He was now standing on the spot like a ferocious ape though the energy on his body was steady but there was not a yuan power fluctuation emitting from his body, and Ye Qingyu could only somehow feel an extremely light dangerous aura from this person.




“Lin Ziru? The former Poison King of the Five Poisons Sect? Ye Qingyu’s pupils shrank.




How couldn’t this name “Lin Ziru” be prominent in JiangHu?




But the name the Poison King of the Five Poisons Sect made  everyone’s face all change. His poisoning skills could be rated as supernatural beings as it could silently take away someone’s life, and people had said that he always carried 365 highly toxic types of poisons with him. If he wanted to kill someone, just a small breath of his could be enough to turn the opposite party into pus.




“It’s my honor, that such a noble Marquis position like you, know of this small person’s origin.”




The middle-aged Lin Ziru smiled and slightly tilted his head.




A group of light gray mist shot out from the back of his hand like a sword toward Ye Qingyu when he lowered his head.




“Good scheme.”




Ye Qingyu smiled and lifted his five fingers up, which looked like a claw.




The ash-gray mist was captured by his hand and instantly  froze into a dazzling ash-gray Ice Ball.




“I heard that Poison King has been in seclusion, so may I ask what  brings you here today?” Ye Qingyu crushed the Ice Ball and  turned it into to threads of ice air. The poisonous air in that was also completely withered away.




“There’s nothing to be done, you killed my grandson and I have to come out to ask for your explanation.”




The entire body of the Poison King was covered with colorful mist as he slowly stepped out.




“What, young master of the Five Poison?” Ye Qingyu lightly nodded his head, “To be reasonable, that year, you had killed countless people. 41 years ago, you murdered eleven military officers of the Youyan sentry post. 38 years ago, you attacked the Northeast road and killed 37 Jiang Xiao Yu’s soldiers. 32 years ago, 310 people from the family of JiangNan, a millionaire, were also slaughtered in your hands…”




Ye Qingyu listed out every single deadly sin that the Poison King had committed.




All of his sins were covered with dust. However, from Ye Qingyu’s mouth, no matter it was the time, the location, the number of dead people, or specific details, everything was accurate without a flaw.




“Due to the secret support from the empire Right Minister influence, these years, you are still ‘unfettered and beyond the law’, going back to the mountain and escape from the death sentence, enjoying the rest of your life. However, it seems like seclusion is fake as you are still secretly breaking law,” Ye Qingyu smiled then continued, “You have already come today, so don’t leave so soon. After being ferocious for all these years, it’s time to pay your sins.”




“Ha, ha, Marquis must be joking.”




The Poison King – Lin Ziru coldly smiled and slightly emitted each strand of colorful mists out of his body which was like a bunch of different flames, strangely fluctuating. It was like the flame from the nine-floored hell.




Under his feet, there were also strands of light mist, which was like a poisonous snake crawling toward Ye Qingyu and surrounding him.




“I happen to want to gain a little bit more knowledge about the poisons from the Poison King.”




Ye Qingyu smiled.




Every single glowing snowflake slowly fluttered around his body, which was like a group of gray elves doing the same joyous dance.




An icy-cold intent filled up everywhere.




Squeak…. Squeak, Squeak!




The sound of ice condensing was indistinct.




Under Ye Qingyu’s feet, each strand of icy beams started to spread out. All the places that they went by, the ring and the ground were directly covered in a thin layer of silver ice. The magnificent snowfalls were like a splendid and magnificent house. The six-cornered snowflakes joined with each other forming into a singularly frosty beautiful painting.




The ice and poisonous air collided in a blink, creating a strong wind.




In the air, a raging sound vaguely transmitted over.




There were also sparks in between




In the collision of the invisible energies.




The Poison King – Lin Ziru’s face slightly changed. The colorful poisonous air became more intense, covering his body from head to toe. A colorful poisonous substance soared up dozens meters high in the sky and it was like a weird light beam with fishy smell. Inside that ambiguous light, many poisonous substances and poisonous insects were tearing and growling, creating mournful sounds like the sounds of hundreds of ghosts, which freaked people out.




The snowflakes on Ye Qingyu also started to dance frantically.




One by one, snowflakes was like a shooting star firing to the sky, tearing the void, producing swooshes…swoosh sound. Swoosh…the sound was like a sharp arrow, breaking the air and it was like an omen informing that a storm was coming. Just one swing from his arm could perhaps make an ice mountain collapse.




The energies from both sides rapidly rose up.




On one side, there was a group of pure and holy snowy ice.




On the other side, there was a colorful poisonous air.




One was the long time well-known Poison King.




One was an upcoming talent who hadn’t met his true rival yet.




One wanted to get revenge for his grandson and kill a thorn in his eyes.




One was under a big pressure from the Jianghu chaos in seeking justice for the departed spirits.




Both sides had accidentally met.




There was no death.




On the side of the Bright Moon Lake, countless eyes were staring attentively at the ring, staring at those two fierce lights, silently waited for both sides’ energies to rise to the top, for a decisively earth-breaking life and death battle.




One breath’s time had passed by.




Ten breath’s -time passed by.




Twenty breath’s -time passed by.




The expected peak of the battle didn’t happen.




The energies on those two bodies gradually weakened.




After that, the sky with full of icy intent and colorful poisonous air started to vanish and then completely disappeared without a trace.




The expression on Poison King – Lin Ziru’s fface was kind of bizarre, a contented and ferocious one.








“Marquis Ye, don’t you feel the Inner Yuan in your body that slowly weakens?” His look was like the one from someone who saw a dying chicken, full of sarcasm.




Ye Qingyu lightly nodded his head.




“Everybody who is attacked by the Congealed Yuan Scattered Poison has the same feeling.” Lin Zinru’s smiling expression was eerie.




Ye Qingyu wowed.




“You think that you have been very careful, and have completely blocked the poison from entering your body. However, you still got poisoned in the end, so do you find this really unreasonable?” The Poison King satisfactorily said.




Ye Qingyu lightly nodded his head.




“You are still very young.” The Poison King – Lin Zinru’s smile was cruel and brutal.




He slowly approached closer, step by step.




“I am a Poison King. I can poison you at any time. You shouldn’t have climbed onto this ring a thousand times. After saying too much like this, you then started to defend… Ha, ha. When you still didn’t know who I was, the Congealed Yuan Scattered Poison has filled up the entire ring, no color, no scent. It was everywhere since you don’t need to breathe as it just needs to touch your skin and even if it is just a small kernel, it is enough to make you nurse an eternal grievance.”




Ye Qingyu’s look was like someone who suddenly saw the light in the darkness.




“I heard that when you killed my grandson, your method was swift, and fierce, made him from the beginning to the end unable to display his poison work. Today you will die under the poisonous works of the Five Poison sect as karma.” When the Poison King spoke these words, his expression was ruthless like a Devil.




“Karma, it is not like this.” Ye Qingyu finally spoke up. “Evil like you must die. Karma is using death to stop evil. Like me, a kindness. Kindness doesn’t have karma.”




Ye Qingyu also took one step forward.




“Seems like you don’t really know the reason of your grandson’s death since maybe it is because that they haven’t told you my official scheme which is to lure you out to seek for your death.” Ye Qingyu laughed out loud. “Someone definitely feels that I will make the highness Empire Right Minister angry after consecutively killing two people in your family. I have showed up myself, sooner or later I have to come to the end… Ha, ha, honestly speaking, it has been a year since I had made a debut. All the roundabout methods They have used up all the roundabout methods on me.  It seems like fighting and scheming against each other on normal days have become a common habit.”








Until this moment, the Poison King – Lin Zinru started to feel something wrong.




“You see, I coordinated with you just a moment ago since you have become complacent and don’t know anything else, hadn’t discovered that your heart has been frozen,” Ye Qingyu pitifully shook his head and said, “Being old like this, having been in Jianghu for many years like this, you don’t even have a tiny alert but have reacted so slowly like this. If you were immortal, then who would die?”




“Impossible, I…” The Poison King instantly put his guard up in stimulating his strength as his face suddenly changed tremendously.




“Feel?” Ye Qingyu chuckled,. “Words have been finished. If you want to resent, resent those who gave you false information, giving you a chance to get revenge, giving you all the convenience. On the outside, they look like they are helping you, but in fact they are making use of you and turning you into a cannon fodder. You will die and they will harvest some profits.”




The Poison King – Lin Zinru’s face was solemn as he coldly smiled.




He was overconfident about his Congealed Yuan Scattered Poison. At the same time, he had underestimated Ye Qingyu’s true strength. Therefore, he had been tricked by the others and had received this defeat.




Failure in the Jianghu road meant death.




“Oh, oh, good for you Marquis Ye as I take one step first and will wait for you at the nine springs (the underworld of Chinese mythology). Jianghu is not only a Sect. It is a dynasty. Once you have stepped into Jianghu road, don’t ever dream of getting out. Even if your power is tremendous, you will one day definitely fall. Ha ha, ha ha ha ha…”




His words hadn’t been finished yet.




The Posion King’s body was suddenly stagnated and the terrifying ice intent poured out of his body as a white fog gushed out from his nose and mouth.




His entire body in a blink turned into an ice statue and then exploded into dazzling ice pieces, jinglingly collided with each other, and was scattered everywhere.




The icy intent was still in the air.




The white fog hovered around.




“After deciding to take this road, I’ve never wanted to get out. Only an idiot retreats. A brave man only knows in pressing forward to step on the top someday.” A group of Supreme ice flame danced on the tips of Ye Qingyu’s fingers.




With the Supreme ice flame, no matter what kind of the poison was, it was considered nothing to him.


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