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Chapter 270 - Feel no qualms at heart




“Marquis Ye, since you had dared to kill my husband, a father-in-law and a brother-in-law of a family. Why don’t you dare to show up and fight. Are you perhaps scared of a weak girl?”




The woman in mourning clothes asked loudly.




There was still no response.




In the host seat area in the Immortal Pavilion.




A secret wave circulated.




Someone had a dry cough.




“Ye Qingyu, JiangHu’s matter is solved by JiangHu’s way.  Since you have accepted the invitation to come to the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting, you could also be considered as a member of Martial Arts JiangHu. There is no Marquis, no noble status in this place. Please come to the battle. Life and death are decided by Heaven. No matter what the reason is, let’s finish these old scores so please show yourself, Marquis Ye.”




In the Immortal Pavilion No.2, Ding Li spoke loudly.




With his profound power, his voice was like a melodious drum and bell spreading all over the Genius Garden. Everyone could hear him clearly.




All eyes were on Water Light Seal on the ring in the middle of the Bright Moon Lake




“You guys have tried to cope with me from the beginning and it seems like all of you are really in a hurry.”




Ye Qingyu’s voice eventually came up.




Everyone looked back.




They couldn’t clearly see who but in the empty Immortal Pavilion No.10, a man unexpectedly sat there. His white clothes were like jade as his black hair was like a waterfall. His demeanor was eminent. Under the sunlight, his gown was like a pile of snow, reflecting radiances. He stood still in that place. His hair fluttered in the air. Every strand of his hair seemed to contain glory as all of these formed into a holy inviolable marking.




Ye Qingyu!




Ye Qingyu finally appeared.




Youyan the Greatest Ye. He was about sixteen or seventeen years old; he had fallen in love with white clothes and was indeed a rare handsome man.




That was how JiangHu described Ye Qingyu.




Countless hearts of Jianghu’s disciples pounded crazily when they saw the shadow of that man in the Immortal Pavilion No.10.




Everyone in this place had known by heart about Youyan the Greatest Ye’s matter because they had heard of it so many times but listening was just listening. When they saw the evil homicidal maniac youngster with their own eyes, many people were more or less in awe. The wind blew by,  and their discussion vanished as well.




“Ye Qingyu, come here and fight with me. Even, I, Liu Ying, dare shed blood on this Bright Moon Lake, I still want to seek justice.”




On the ring.




The young female in mourning clothes, Liu Ying, loudly growled.




This scene had won numerous sympathies and sighs from people.




“Your husband Wang Xiong, your father-in-law Wang Zhijiang, and your brother-in-law Wang Ying have killed ten people in the Youtan City. Especially Wang Xiong as he has raped then killed two women. One of them was pregnant while the other was Xuan Xuan sect’s disciple. Their hands were all stained with fresh blood. . . I don’t feel wrong about killing him at all.” Ye Qingyu opened his mouth. His voice was serene and strangely calm. He continued, “Liu Ying, you are from HuiNing Province. You also have a bad reputation and are known as Poison Raksasa. The number of people you have killed is not small. Reasonably speaking, death cannot even wash away your sins. Yet, your matters are under the control of the HuiNing Province’s officer. Today, in the Youyan Pass, you have dared to pick a fight with me. Consider you are still deeply in pain after losing your husband. As a human with each other, I give you a way out.  Don’t make things harder for you. Get on the ring by yourself.”




His serene voice carried an honest and trustworthy dignity.




“You. . . Liar.” Liu Ying coldly snorted back, “You have killed a husband of a family and dared to tarnish their reputation. You. . . You are indeed not a human, I, I, I, …”




After saying, she spat out blood from her mouth.




Discussions immediately arose around.




Countless eyes were on Ye Qingyu, countless fingers were pointing to Ye Qingyu as lamenting sounds could be vaguely heard.




“Animal, this Ye Qingyu is really a demented animal!”




“Miss Liu is too pitiful.”




A person from the crowd loudly exclaimed.




A voice suddenly came up from the chaotic crowd.




In the seat area of the Dugu Clique.




Song Qingluo was clenching her hands tightly. Her fingers had gone white. She bit her lips looking at the direction of the Immortal Pavilion No.10.




She believed the young man from White Deer with a poor family background was not a demented person.










Although her time being in the White Deer Academy was very short, she absolutely believed that young man in the Immortal Pavilion No.10 would not kill people with no reason.




But in JiangHu, once a bad reputation was spread out, it would be hard to clean. Not to mention today, when lots of powerful people had gathered here. Such a bad fame like this was put on him and it would now become his lifelong affair. He would be classified as evil person that had a depraved life. It would be very difficult for him to live in Jianghu. . .




This girl somewhat worried for Ye Qingyu right now.




Inside the Immortal Pavilion No.10.




Ye Qingyu was now facing hardship with equanimity.




“Still don’t strike?”




He calmly asked.




“Evil thief, today, I, Liu Ying, will kill you. I resent that I cannot eat your flesh and drink your blood. You think you can threaten me! Come here, we will die together. . .” Liu Ying was fiercely outraged.








Ye Qingyu nodded his head.




“Then go to hell.”




He pointed toward one dot.




An icy-cold energy pierced through the void.




Liu Ying’s fierce and angry body was then stabbed by this icy-cold energy.




She stopped for a while, inconceivably looked at the wound on her chest, then opened her mouth wide, wanting to say something.




Unfortunately, she didn’t say anything in the end.




She turned her head back to look at the host area in the Immortal Pavilion No.2 and stretched out her arms to take something.




But her body was completely stiff.




In a blink of an eye, a layer of icy fog covered her entire body, which had turned into an ice sculpture and she fell down on the ring.  A ‘bang’ sound resounded as she was then transformed into numerous broken ice pieces, which hit the surface of the ring and created a ding dong sound. Some pieces directly fell into the Bright Moon Lake, producing a jingling sound as if someone was playing a death song.




The discussion from four directions went mute.




Deadly silent.




After that, a bang sound faintly appeared in the air. The discussion, which had gone silent, came up again more noisily and frantically. Many faces of Jianghu’s disciples, which were originally like angry black bears, revealed inconceivable looks. They didn’t think that Ye Qingyu would have brazenly killed a pitiful widow here.




Cursing sounds constantly rang up.




Ye Qingyu smiled.




He stood up, then took one step to walk out the Immortal Pavilion No.10. In the next blink, his shadow had fallen in the Water Light Seal on the ring.




“All of you know better than me what kind of order the Xuan Xuan Sect is and how many innocent lives that are taken away by them so you don’t need to wear those indignant looks here. . .”




Ye Qingyu stood upright on the ring.




His body was as straight as a lance. He then spoke up with a solemn face, “Someone has acted a pitifully pathetic victim’s image, slinging mud at me as they are so, so, so very naive to use such a scheme on me. In this Martial Arts world, in Jianghu, the strong are forever respected and these dam tricks are useless.  . . Ha, ha, I know a lot of great people want to have a fight with me. Ha ha, I am here, who wants to trample on me on this ring, who‘s next? Please come on the ring.”




His white gown flapped in the wind as his black hair danced in the breeze.




Youyan the Greatest Ye was standing imposingly like a mountain.




His eyes were tranquil and calm, which made many swashbucklers around, in feeling indignant towards all the injustices, and every single one of them were all shocked.




In the seating area of the Dugu Clique…




Song Qingluo, who was originally so worried that her beautiful eyebrow almost entangled each other, and suddenly glowered her eyes bewilderedly.




The heart of this young girl, at this moment, was as if it had been hit by something.




All the noisy and showing-off sound in a split of a second completely disappeared. The Immortal Pavilion’s lake light vanished. The silhouette of all the Martial Arts heroes faded out as well. . . in her eyes, there was only the image of that young man in white whose figure was as imposing as God’s.




In a flash, this scene looks like the ten fights in White Deer Academy that year.






That year, it was also this young man in black clothes with a spike with his glowering eyes that were as cold as those noble youngsters’.




And right now, he is still the same young man as that year, still forever confident and carefree, forever calm like a thousand years mysterious ice. He still doesn’t compromise until now. He is like an arrow, like a knife, like a sword, which would rather break than bend.




It is just that the person he is dealing with right now is not a student but a bizarre and dangerous Jianghu person.




Can he cope with it?




Song Qingluo’s heart beat with the same speed with a running deer’s when everything changed.




“Let me take you to meet the butcher.”




An extremely furious voice transmitted into the Bright Moon Lake from the Northwest.




A silhouette slid across, then fell onto the Water Light Seal on the ring.




This was a tall and sturdy monk. He was wearing a reddish brown monk gown, short clothes and pointy shoes. His shoulders and arms were naked. His muscular arms were like sturdy old tree branches while hismuscles were like dragon knots. His side-burns were like steel needles. He was carrying two big brass trays. His impetuous energy made the other people extremely frightened.




“Lay down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot. Ye Qingyu, you should bow down to do penance.”




The monk put one hand in front of his chest and shouted.




“The great alms in your body is in shape of a wicked dog and if I am not wrong, your nickname are [Thousand Riteau blood earthen bowls] evil monk Yang ZhenNing, your dharma name is Kong Kong,” Ye Qingyu looked at this monk, nodded his head and then continued. “Blood bow hold NorthEast, you have killed 100,000 people. This is your complacent Buddhist hymn until now. You practice martial arts by tormenting those poor villagers until death. Have you ever thought that when you die, whether or not you should kneel down to repent?”




“You. . . What nonsense are you talking about?” The evil monk Kong Kong growled, “A poor monk like me, how can you…”




He was extremely shocked at heart.




Only the talents from the martial arts circles in the Northeast Empire can know about my origins but how is it that this Ye Qingyu can speak out my origins so familiarly like that? This is so strange.




“Stop talking nonsense. You are also here to act. You should die as well.”




Ye Qingyu stroke out a fist.




“Good timing.” The evil monk Kong Kong’s muscles vibrated. He opened the alms bowls in his hands, fiercely laughed, stimulate the great alms bowls, and directly hit toward Ye Qingyu’s fist.








Fist and alms bowls collided.




The air on the ring circulated frantically.




The evil monk Kong Kong was immediately frightened within his heart as he felt that his scheme was paralyzed and was panic-stricken of Ye Qingyu’s power. When he was about to fight back, Ye Qingyu’s fist was like lightning and was constantly surging forward.




Bang, bang, bang!




An ear-piercing sound came up.




Nine fists in a row.




Ye Qingyu then retreated.




The evil monk Kong Kong was like a wooden statue and stiffly moved backwards, step by step.




His face had soon lost its halo as he took one final step to leave, then directly fell into the Bright Moon Lake. The gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight was splendid. After a while, the surface of the lake went back to be as smooth as a mirror, his body was nowhere to be seen.




“I am not ashamed to kill this kind of trash.”




Ye Qingyu smiled.




Wen Wan looked like he didn’t do anything all day long, but the list of the Jianghu people and their backgrounds were extremely correct.




A strong wind arose.




The white gown was like a flag flapping in the air.




“Who’s next?”




Ye Qingyu raised his hand to invite a fight.


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