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Chapter 269 - Two Matters



This sound was not small or big, but it resounded in the entire Genius Garden, as if it rang beside everyone’s ears.




Ding Li frowned.




It was really annoying to be interrupted when one was about to speak, especially for a person in a host position like him.




This sound was sent out from the Immortal Pavilion No.1, he couldn’t show his irritation, instead, he just smilingly looked at the Pavilion No.1 and said, “Does Zhaoge have anything to say?”




Ding Li called him Zhaoge notthe War God as if because he wanted to silently state that his position was higher than Lu Zhaoge’s.




Inside the Immortal Pavilion No.1.




The man inside the dense gray frog was the War God – Lu Zhaoge  of the Youyan Pass.




Lu Zhaoge didn’t let Ding Li’s provocation in his eyes. He sat properly on the host seat. His voice was like a great golden bell, slowly transmitting out, “Today many outstanding heroes have gathered here. This is an important matter of the Snow Country’s Martial Arts. Before the Sovereign Meeting officially starts, I have two matters that I want to announce to my martial arts friends. . .”




When speaking to here, Lu Zhaoge raised his hands up, pointing into the void.




A bunch of silver beams were like a sword, shooting out from the tip of his fingers.




That bunch of beams fired up about hundred meters up to the sky. The ripples appeared out of nowhere in the void. They were like rolling waves. A dark shutter slowly opened under everybody’s gazes.




“Last night, there was someone who dared to attack the Empire’s officials and destroyed the White Horse Tower. The Empire is really angry. The army has ordered people to investigate, to find the position of this man. Turns out it is the sinner of the Battled Spirit Sect that year. He tried to stir up havoc to create an accident. Hmmm, this guy must have planned this scheme for a long time. He also has the Void Breaking Spell to help him run away. But how can he escape from the Empire’s hunt?”




Lu Zhaoge’s voice was neither too fast nor too slow, resounding from the Immortal Pavilion No.1.




The dark shutter opened. A shadow was flickering inside.




A middle-aged man with a fierce face, who was as skinny as a bamboo stick, was pushed out from the shutter. His entire body was tied by the chains with golden runes. The claws of the two barbs with the Rune secured his collarbone. His loser-looking messy hair fluttered in the wind. His body was just skin and bone. There was a faint black mist hovering around his body, which was the same as the one from the giant foot descending from the sky yesterday.




Behind him, there were two guards in golden armors, one left one right, securing him tightly.




The fierce middle-aged man struggled crazily, constantly released the energy which was like an ocean in his body to escape. But he was tied tightly by the Golden-rune chains. The lights from the strange runes turned into an invisible power, sealing all of his divine abilities.




Even if it was like this, everyone in the Genius Garden could clearly feel the great power from this defeated fierce middle-aged man.




This was a true powerhouse.




Many people’s hearts thumped crazily.




People in the other Immortal Pavilions had various expressions.




Deep in the pupils of the middle-aged man who originally mocked Ding Li showed an extremely surprising look. It appeared in a flash then disappeared. He turned around,  glanced over Li Qiushui, then calmly stared at him.




“ Old devil Hei Feng (means Black Wind)!”




Beside the Bright Moon Lake, one man yelled out.




This was the Divine Dragon of the sect world, the topnotch Bitter Sea stage powerhouse, who didn’t belong to any Sect. He rarely showed himself on normal days, didn’t have any friends, came and went alone. People rarely knew about his identity. His working style was very cruel and loved killing entire families. There wasn’t any evil things that he hadn’t done. Many sensational massacre events lately in Jiang Hu all had his traces behind it.




Rumors had it, that the Sects had tried to kill that bastard several times, but didn’t succeed in the end.




They didn’t think the mysterious powerhouse, who had crushed the White Horse Tower yesterday, could be this old devil.




They hadn’t heard about the battle between this old devil and the official, and also of the fact that he had belonged to the Battled Spirit Sect that year.




More than a hundred years ago, the Battled Spirit Sect was like the famous prominent great sect in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, which was really brutal and prestigious. No one dared to offend them. After it was crushed to pieces by the great army of the Snow Country’s royal family, everyone in this sect were all killed. Its monastery also collapsed. This sinner was unexpectedly from the Battled Spirit Sect. . .




People were more terrified when they recognized this middle-aged man’s identity.




Being known as brutal, also being known as careful, being able to escape from the chase of the great sects many times could show his ability and wisdom. This time, he had planned to deal with the Youyan Army, thus he had suddenly attacked and shattered the White Horse Tower. Once he had succeeded, he must have ran more than a thousand li (0.5km). But in less than seven hours, he was then captured by the Youyan Army.




This matter. . .




It would freak people out when they thought about the power of the Snow Country’s royal family and the Youyan Army.




“Insane, dare to offend the Empire, kill!”




Lu Zhaoge’s voice was forever calm like this, there was not a tiny wave in his voice.




But this voice was the kind of sound that could make everyone tremble in fear when hearing it.




A word “Kill” was spoken out.




There was a miserable shrieking sound growling in the sky.




The chains with golden runes emitted golden light one by one. It was like a golden flame burning his body. The body of this man, who was a veteran Bitter Sea stage powerhouse, ignited a flame which started from inside of his body. His skin, organs, muscles, each part on his body was swallowed by the flame. Finally, his eyes started to fire out a golden flame as well.




“Ah ah ah ah. . .”




The painful shrieking sound resonated everywhere.




A true powerhouse could have lived up to a thousand years and was the symbol of invincibility in many people’s eyes. But in just a blink of an eye, he had turned into ashes.




Countless gazes were on the guards in golden armors, who had retreated inside the dark shutter.




The dark shutter slowly vanished as well.




In the void, almost everything had recovered to its normal state.




It was as if nothing had happened.




Several ashes flew down from the sky, were carried away by the breeze, then melted away. Normal eyes couldn’t have seen this.




Each time this formal ceremony started, many people in Jiang Hu would jump out of excitement at the beginning. But then really quickly, their hearts were in a freezing cold storm. Even a dumb guy could be aware of that move, which was killing people in front of others. They were all very clear that this was actually the Empire’s way to show their muscles to Jiang Hu’s people.




However, in a just one night, a well-known Bitter Sea stage powerhouse was caught and killed. The Sect absolutely didn’t  prepare for such a power like this.




The faces of many Successors and elders from the big Sects in the Immortal Pavilions became more serious.




Moreover, the Empire’s quick reaction this time had taken people by surprise.




Something like this had happened before. But the Empire let it slip. They didn’t think the Empire would  furiously react like this.




Was it because this matter was related to Ye Qingyu?




There may be more reasons behind this.




“The second matter is that, taking this time in the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting, I want to announce to all the Empire that I have taken Ye Congyun from the Youyan Army’s vanguard camp to be my disciple.” The dense gray fog still covered Lu Zhaoge entirely, which made it hard for the people to see its appearance.




This was also a sensationally big affair.




Although the matter about Lu Zhaoge taking disciples had been spread out, many people hadn’t known about this yet.




Although there were several powerhouses in the Sects, the God of the Youyan Army hadn’t taken any disciples for many years. His unexpected announcement of taking disciple had made lots of people question who on earth this Ye Congyun was, and how is it that he could win the favor of the God from the Youyan army?




The young military officer, who was standing respectfully, had kneeled down and bowed to Lu Zhaoge, kowtowed to him and showed gratitude to his teacher while lowering his head.








Everyone was enlightened.




So this is this guy.




In a blink of an eye, countless eyes were all on Ye Qingyu.




After finishing the ritual to pay his respect to the teacher, this young military officer lowered his head like before, and stood respectfully behind Lu Zhaoge.




“Alright, Elder Ding, you can continue.”




After Lu Zhaoge had finished talking, he turned into a flowing light, and directly disappeared out of the Immortal Pavilion No.1.




He definitely didn’t have much interests in the thing called the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting, which was about to start.




The successor of the army God Ye Congyun still stood in one place, without blinking. His stance was like a long spear, was full of dignitiy. Many people here could somehow figure out this young man’s identity, background, innate talent, who had gotten such a luck that many people yearned for.




Ding Li couldn’t help but be angry when he looked at the empty seat in the Immortal Pavilion No.1.




Lu Zhaoge’s pretending act, in a blink, was as if it had just slapped the faces of  many people in the Sect.




His speech, which he originally had prepared to agitate Jiang Hu’s fighters, had turned extremely casual. The listeners below hadn’t calmed themselves after hearing these two big matters. Hence, they wouldn’t listen carefully to his speech. An unimaginably fiery situation that had never happened before was taking place right now. In the fresh and clean air under the sunlight, the entire Bright Moon Lake was in a chaos.




That Immortal Pavilion No.10 was still empty.




“Let Jiang Hu deal with Jiang Hu’s matter. These days, outside the Youyan Pass, there are many things happening in Jiang Hu. There are some conflicts occurring between the sects. Many Jiang Hu friends have become enemies. To prevent any upheaval in the Youyan Pass, everyone is being strictly watched. Today, on the ring of the Bright Moon Lake Waterlight Seal, whoever wants to solve old scores can have a life-and-death battle.”




Ding Li’s voice resonated in the entire Genius Garden.




This was the most important part of the whole Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting.




The martial arts contest, at any time, all made the Martial Arts Masters’ blood boil.




His words hadn’t even finished yet.








A shadow fell in Waterlight Seal on the ring in the Bright Moon Lake.




It was a girl in mourning clothes. She was very young. She also carried a willow wrapped white paper. Her face was haggard. She resentfully yelled, “ Widow Liu Ying of the Xuan Xuan Sect, asking Ye Qingyu to show up to settle our old scores.”




The voice was not loud.




But it could be heard clearly from four sides of the lake.




Everyone was all frightened.








It was so indeed.




This girl was the first one to challenge. Indeed, in these times, Ye Qingyu’s hands were stained by the blood of many people in Jiang Hu.




However, there was no trace of any person in the Immortal Pavilion No.10.


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