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Chapter 268 - The Immortal Pavilion No.10

The cold breeze slowly blew across as the waves slightly rippled.




In the middle of the Bright Moon Lake inside the Genius Garden, under the sunlight, the light ripples were like broken pieces of golden fluid, giving off a shattering sense of beauty.




A shadow flickered inside the big Genius Garden.




It was less than half an hour until the ceremony officially started. When the sun was at its peak, the invited people would all gather here. The entire Genius Garden was closed. Elite armies would be placed on four sides of the garden. Unauthorized personnel were not allowed to get in. The highest security level was set up to protect the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting this time.




The positions for all the big Sects and Chamber of Commerce’s plutocrats had already been arranged in advance.




In the middle of the Bright Moon Lake, there was a ring (for martial contests) on the water, which suddenly rose straight from the ground. It was more than ten meters high and was built by golden bricks with Runes carved on it. A bunch of light beams appeared then disappeared from time to time. The golden pattern was dull. The ring had an octagon shape, with no railings. The floor of the ring was a giant octagonal surface, which was as shiny as a mirror. It could restrain the sunlight and appear incomparably strange.




Around the Bright Moon Lake, the positions of all the big sects were the ones with good views.  There was also the military flying boat pier, where the rune flying boat could dock. Then there was the seating area for the small sects, plutocrats and other influences. They were arranged to sit in a specific place based on their ranks.




And on the Southside of the Bright Moon Lake, the host seats area for the Sovereign Meeting could seat more than hundred people.




The Rune formation’s light flame circulated. A white dense fog hovered around each pavilion which was more than twenty meters away from the ground. Looking from far away, it looked like the clouds in the heaven, bringing a full-of-mystery formidable feeling. This was the seating area for the great characters. Anyone who had an ability to sit in this area would represent their formidable power as well as their prominent status. There were even some powerful influences which made people tremble from behind.




Time passed by.




The seats for the big influential Sects around the Bright Moon Lake had been all filled up.








A flowing light came out of the water, fell into the host seat in the Immortal Pavilion No.6.




“The violet seven stars sect’s people are coming.” a man beside the lake surprisingly yelled out while lowering his head, “Look, the tall and sturdy old man with white hair is the seventh violet seven stars sect’s elder – Zhang BuLiang. And the young man with a stubborn-looking face beside him is the young leader of the ‘Three Sects and Three Schools’, also known as the [Dragon Whip] Jing Qiming.”




There was a so-called saying, ‘tree haves shadows, people have names’.




The matter and people in Jiang Hu were no longer a secret. Many outstanding talents had become well-known Martial Arts Powerhouses. Although from the outside they didn’t look secretive, when facing with them, one could basically figure out this point once more, in just a few moves, a perspicacious person could guess that they were the Sect’s inheriting disciples.




Like the Seventh elder Zhang BuLiang and Ji Qiming, they were both prominent people. Their positions in Jiang Hu were like Lu Zhaoge’s position in the army. Nine out of nine people in Jiang Hu could recognize them at the first time.




The first people of Violet Seven Stars Sect had come.




Inside the Immortal Pavillion No.6, there were two people that had taken seats.




Everyone was discussing nosily.




Many young martial artists and Jiang Hu’s disciples were extremely excited to see their idol.




The honorable Martial Arts was the biggest influence in this world. Everyone all worshiped the powerhouse. It was some kind of crazy feeling that started from the bone marrow. No one was an exception.




Swoosh swoosh swoosh!




Another flowing light swiped across the sky.




Shadows fell down, respectively falling into different Immortal Pavilions, and had turned into some figures.




“Look quickly, the person in the Immortal Pavilion No.7 is the Head of the Criminal Law Courtyard of the [Sunset Great River Sect] Quan JiuLong, who is known as a champion in Chinese Boxing (Quan Fa – it’s a fighting technique in China that requires using a lot of fist positions). The young man in vulgar clothes is his eldest son, also a disciple of the outstanding young generation of the Sunset Great River Sect, Quan ZhenDong. . .”




“Are the men inside the Immortal Pavilion No.4 [Dragon Tiger sect] – the Tiger Holy Child – Zhao Shanhe and the Dragon Holy Child – Zhao Wo Yun? The true influential elder of the Dragon Tiger sect doesn’t come here. It looks like they really trust in the Tiger Holy Child and the Dragon Holy Child.”




“People said that the Tiger Holy Child and the Dragon Holy Child didn’t get along well. You see they are sitting far apart from each other. . .”




“This Tiger Holy Child is really like what’s in the rumors, wanton and unrestrained. Under such an important situation like this, he still brings along two concubines in the Immortal Pavilion. . .”




“Why is there only one person in the Immortal Pavilion No.8?”




“Who is he? He looks young and handsome.”






“Well, he is the new generation of the Peerless Saber City, being sent here by the King of Peerless Saber City – Qin ZhiShui.”




Guests from all the parties in Jiang Hu were discussing spiritedly.




According to the agreement with the army, except for the military experts, who were invited into the Genius Garden, other armies couldn’t appear here. All the people outside the Genius Garden were under the control of the army. Therefore people were extremely excited to see that more than fifty percent of the people showing up here were Jiang Hu’s disciples.




Song Qingluo and her father, Song Jiannan, were also standing beside the Bright Moon Lake at this moment.




Their positions were in the area of the Hundred Herb Garden.




The Hundred Herd Garden position they got this time at the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting was not only a good area, which they didn’t have to hustle in the midst of the crowd, but also a position where they could have sat besides DuGu DiXiu, the young master of Dugu Plutocrat. The view of this father and daughter was widened. They could clearly see any single person on the ring far away.




Song Jiannan was deeply moved at heart.




He had originally thought that the Song Family’s situation was incurable. He didn’t expect he would see a light at the end of the tunnel.




If the Song Family were still at their best, it was very unlikely that this kind of possibility would have happened. They now certainly had a chance to meet such legendary Martial Arts powerhouses’…in a flash, Song Jiannan had felt a high-spirited feeling that he had never had before. He suddenly thought that Heaven was challenging him and that it was now the time for the Song Family to turn the tide.




Song Jiannan certainly knew what would happen next.




He put hands on his chest and throbbed that stuff.




He was wondering how he would use this stuff and to whom should he have given this stuff to…Song Jiannan was still hesitant.




Song Qingluo, who was standing beside him, was a little anxious, looking around.




If it was in the past, Song Qingluo would have been really excited to see these big people’s faces in the Immortal Pavilion. But at this moment, the matter that had happened last night was all over her mind right now. The White Horse Tower was crushed into pieces in a blink of an eye by that huge foot. Song Qingluo’s heart had been hung on since that moment too.




After arriving at the Genius Garden, her heart didn’t have a glimpse of excitement. She had always been waiting for the image of the young man in white.




But until now, she hadn’t seen the person that she was looking for.




As DuGu DiXiu who was sitting beside saw her anxious expression, he showed a faint smile and said, “Is Miss Song worrying about Marquis Ye’s situation?”




DuGu DiXiu was a well-known noble playboy. His family was prominent. He was ‘gentle and cultured’, tall and handsome. He could be considered as an expert in girls, really good at reading people’s faces, especially girl’s minds. He had soon figured out Song Qingluo’s feeling, therefore he had asked a question like this.




Song Qingluo uttered, “Ah”. She was a little surprised, but then shyly nodded her head.




“What kind of character Marquis is. Nothing will happen to him. I believe he will show up soon. Miss Song, please don’t be worried.” DuGu DiXiu said firmly with a smile.




“Really?” The dark clouds on Song Qingluo’s face dissipated in a blink. She became livelier.




DuGu DiXiu’s eyes showed a glimpse of stunned feelings. He had met lots of pretty girls. But it was hard to use words to describe the beauty of the girl from a small chamber of commerce in front of him. He couldn’t help but be fluttered inside. But DuGu DiXiu didn’t dare to have his eyes on Song Qingluo. Because he knew very well that she and Ye Qingyu must have had some kind of relationship. . Therefore, he didn’t hope to get involved with her.




“Miss Song, please don’t be worried,” DuGu DiXiu nodded his head while saying, “Yesterday, Marquis has been with my grandfather all day to drink tea and have a chit-chat.”




Song Qingluo was entirely calm this time.




The sun shone brightly on the girl, whose feelings could be seen through completely. There was a faint golden light on her exquisite fair flesh, enhancing her beautiful features which could have blown people’s minds. DuGu DiXiu was once again fluttered. He didn’t dare to look at her anymore and hurriedly looked away.




Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!




The flowing light on the sky flickered again.




Almost all the host seats in the Immortal Pavilion were basically full.




The holy child Wang YiFeng of the [Deer Cauldron sect], Li Qiushui of the [Crape Myrtle sect], Du Gu Quan and DuGu DiXiu of the Dugu Clique. . .






Every single prominent character had all showed up.




DuGu DiXiu was impatiently longing to enjoy the show. He didn’t have strong ambition. He accidentally got on the Immortal Pavilion with his grandfather. DuGu TianXin, who was more mature than his actual age, always worked hard. Obviously, people would think that he was going to be the next head of the DuGu Clique. In such a moment like this, Du Gu Quan certainly showed his first grandson.








The bells rang.




The time had come!




The martial arts Sovereign Meeting finally started.




Everybody looked at the Immortal Pavilion. They didn’t know when but there was a show in the Immortal Pavilion No.1. This guy was covered in a dense gray fog, sitting in the host seat in the Immortal Pavilion No.1. There were also three other people besides him.




One was a middle-aged skinny scholar.




Another was a young-looking schoolboy, who appeared to be about fourteen or fifteen years old.




There was also a young military officer wearing armor. His face was decent. He was standing respectfully beside the man who was covered entirely in a dense gray fog.




Only the Immortal Pavilion No.10 was still empty as before, didn’t have a single person.




“This Immortal Pavilion must be prepared for Youyan the Greatest, Ye Qingyu.”




“Why is there no one there?”




“Ha ha, perhaps Youyan the Greatest Ye had been crushed to death by the giant foot from the sky?”




Some people in Jiang Hu looked at the Immortal Pavilion No.10.




Regarding Ye Qingyu, the point of view from a Jiang Hu’s person about Youyan Army’s trusted adviser and from a normal Youyan’s citizen were completely different. The news about Ye Qingyu using such a fatal method to deal with people in Jiang Hu had soon spread over the other Sects. They definitely didn’t have any good impressions about this powerful military character. Since Ye Qingyu had instantly destroyed the Xuan Xuan Sect, did that person know that whether or not that he would be the next object to be hunted and killed by Ye Qingyu?




It seemed like Jiang Hu’s people took Ye Qingyu’s fall as just a loss of threat, a loss of a devil.




Yesterday, when the giant foot stomped down from the sky and crushed the White Horse Tower into pieces, numerous people in Jiang Hu were overjoyed.




The fact that Ye Qingyu didn’t show up today made them even more enthusiastic.












Three long bell sounds resonated, incessantly, constant falling on the ear.




The Immortal Pavilion No.10 was still empty as before.




Inside the Immortal Pavilion No.2, Li Qiushui, who was sitting beside the Crape Myrtle sect’s first elder – Ding Li, stood up.




One hundred years before Ding Li became famous, he was the character from the old generation. His ability was unreachable. His reputation in the Sect world was prominent. He was an elder-ranked existence. Before the Sovereign Meeting started, many communities everywhere had nominated him to be the host of the congress this time. Regardless of his reputation or his ability, they all made people bow down.




Ding Li laughed out loud, waved his hands around, wanting to say something.




“Wait a minute.”




A sound suddenly came out from the Immortal Pavilion No.1.


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