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Chapter 267 - The New Secretive Boundary

In the Hundred Herb Hall’s attic.




Du Gu Quan was happily looking at Ye Qingyu.




“Trust me, I told you so. That day, you had caused such a huge fuss. These fellows must not stand with you and want to get rid of you. These past few years, even though everything had looked fine on the outside, the dynasty and Sects have been silently eliminating numerous talented seeds of their opponents. The sword shadows in the dark scare the crap out of people. This world isn’t short of geniuses. But there are just a few, who can truly grow up. And you have caught these guys’ attentions. You’d better watch yourself.”




Du Gu Quan smiled brightly.




Ye Qingyu calmly nodded his head then said, “I didn’t think they would dare to do such a crazy thing, daring to offend the Youyan Army. Can we possibly investigate the one behind all these occurences?”




“It is really hard.” Du Gu Quan shook his head and continued saying, “If the opposite party dared to make a move, they must have prepared everything, disguised very well. It is very hard for us to distinguish them. How can we trace them out? In the eyes of an ordinary person, the emperor of the Dynasty controls everything. But in fact, the Sect’s influence is much more powerful than other people could have ever imagined. Even though they are still somewhat cautious, they don’t dare to look straight and be up against the force of the Snow Country’s Royal Family, they aren’t afraid of being investigated by the Snow Country. From the past until now, many of them have violated the prohibition law of the army. But a true top ‘Dao’ powerhouse wouldn’t mind the ordinary power of the Dynasty.”




“A top ‘Dao’ powerhouse?” Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows twitched, he surprisingly asked, “Do Senior Brother Du Gu perhaps mean that there are still top ‘Dao’ powerhouses left in the Sect?”




The master above a top powerhouse was a top ‘Dao’ powerhouse.




A top ‘Dao’ powerhouse was an existence that had surpassed the Bitter Sea stage, had entered the legendary realm. His body had left the chain of the Houtian Stage. One breath of his could shake the space and time continuum. One roar of his could create boundless raging storms. One suction of his could drink up the whole blue ocean. His life span was almost endless. Every single top ‘Dao’ powerhouse could have the power to change the sun and moon, which was considered as a true invincibility.




This kind of unbeatable top existence was definitely some kind of commoners which the dynasty could have an ability to restrain.




If there was such a powerhouse existing in the sect, wouldn’t the Snow Country be soon destroyed?




Unless. . .




Unless there was also a top ‘Dao’ powerhouse in the Snow Country’s Royal Family.




This thought freaked Ye Qingyu out.




Du Gu Quan shook his head.




“This is really hard to tell. That year, when the Snow Country was founded, they had gone everywhere to conquer, had gone through countless battles with the sects in the Heaven Wasteland Domain. A hundred year ago, sects had existed like a forest inside of the Heaven Wasteland Domain. All the small and big, the numbers were not less than several thousands. At that time, [three sects and three schools] was not really the lord of the sects. There were some prominent sects, which had more than millions of disciples in their sects, which could be regarded as a huge monster. That time was indeed the time of Sect.”




Du Gu Quan recalled his memory.




After he succeeded in Pill Skills, with his Bitter Sea stage Cultivation Base, he could have lived for a very long time. Having been through these years, he couldn’t help but feel emotional when recalling these years.




Ye Qingyu listened in silence.




As for Heaven Wasteland Domain’s condition before the Snow Country had been founded, Ye Qingyu didn’t know much about this. In the White Deer Academy’s library, there were not many documents recording about this matter. Not to mention, there was even fewer information about those legendary stories. Honestly, Ye Qingyu hadn’t heard about these stories before.




The Snow Country seemed to have purposely controlled the information and opinions on this aspect.




“You know what, the legend about the Snow Country’s Royal Family is not from the native residents of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but from a Foreign Domain.” Du Gu Quan seemed to be thinking about something else, he lowered his voice and mystically said.




“What?” Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.




This was the first time he had ever heard about this.










From a Foreign Domain?




“Well, if it’s from a Foreign Domain. It must be a rumor. It is really hard to verify it. However, one thing that can be stated that 150 years ago the Snow Country indeed didn’t exist in Heaven Wasteland Domain. There wasn’t a person calling it Snow Sect or any similar Sect names. The Snow Country was like under some kind of influence dropping from the sky, suddenly rose, and swiped across the universe. Then in a time of sixty years, countless Sects have been leveled. They have beaten hundreds of small and big influences then united the Heaven Wasteland Domain and the Human Race’s region to establish the current dynasty.”




When Du Gu Quan had found that Ye Qingyu had an interest in such a historical story, he then told of everything in details.




The infinite universe and the three thousand Domain couldn’t exist in the same place. The Heaven Wasteland Domain was an extremely young Domain in the Infinite Universe. There was still a huge piece ‘Chaotic Fog’ region, which hadn’t been explored yet.




There would be the Domain Portal to connect between Domains.




Apart from the possession of the Divine Ability, a true top ‘Dao’ powerhouse could freely get out of the Domain without going through the Domain Portal. With their incredible inner powers along with the power of the Dao Tool’s magical energy, they could temporarily connect to different Domains outside while other influences and experts could only step into this Domain through the Domain Portal.




However, each Domain had a limited number of Domain Portals, which had already been kept by the top influences of the Domain. Therefore, the amount of Domain Portals was considered as a scarce source, which led to the rare communications between different Domains. They were almost in a condition of completely losing contact with each other.




The inadequate amount of Domain Portals also made the invasion in the other different Domains become very difficult. Due to some unstable domain strength principles, if some Domain Powerhouse forcefully entered other Domains, their cultivation would be damaged and their influence would be downgraded. It would even lead to the Heavenly Punishment. Therefore, those true [top ‘Dao’ powerhouses] didn’t dare to descend rashly.




The true value of the Domain exchange was the exchange of cultivation resources and minerals.




One normal herbal medicine, mineral or resourced from one Domain could be considered a treasure in the other Domain. Through the exchange, they could make up for each other, at the same time, gain a big amount of mutual benefits.




The scarce amount of Domain Portals was also the reason why many big influences wanted to seize as many of them as possible.




A Domain could produce the power of creation and principles to evolve by itself. The power of the heaven and earth naturally condensed as well. Many years had crazily passed by, in a split second of a chance, inside the vast [Domain of the Infinite Universe], there were more than 1 million of new Domains, which were born in thousands of years.




The [Domain of the Infinite Universe] was like a living creature. It had a same life cycle as human, being worn, growing up, maturing, stabilizing, weakening then dying. Based on the density level of the spirit energy inside a Domain; the abundant area, the plenty level of the resources and other factors of Domain Age were not equal, were divided into order.




When speaking to here, Du Gu Quan added, “The Heaven Wasteland Domain now is a growing Domain, which is extremely young. The power to operate the earth and heaven’s principles is not stable. There is a big gap between the Heaven Wasteland Domain and the Martial Arts Influence as well as other mature domains. Through some certain ways, it is not hard to unite the Heaven Wasteland Domain.”




There was a light coming up inside Ye Qingyu’s head, but he still said calmly. “What Senior Brother meant is. . . Does the Snow Country’s Royal Family perhaps release their Upper Bound power?”




“This is just a myth. Without any evidence, it is really hard to distinguish the real and the fake. If a powerhouse from the upper bound descends, he will have to contend with the reversed Domain Power of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, which is some kind of developing and unstable Domain. There are many big influences in the restricted land. These Domain Influences also didn’t dare to release their powers recklessly.” Du Gu Quan said uncertainly.




Ye Qingyu didn’t say anything and was deep in his thoughts.




“Today, there are two big races that control the Heaven Wasteland Domain. They are the Human Race and Demon Race. In addition, there are Barbarian Race, Beast race and legendary Ghost race, which have scattered everywhere. However, these small races still have certain rights. Rumor has it that the Heaven Wasteland Domain has ten Domain Portals, four in the Snow Country, three belong to the Demon Sect, one in a small race in Sect. . . Only a person, who possesses a Domain Portal can have an ability to talk with the Domain Influence.”




When speaking until here, Du Gu Quan sighed heavily, then said, “Having the Domain Portal in hand is like having a way to live, an escape way, an unlimited ability. Even I, a member of the Snow Country’s aristocratic family, still haven’t seen the true shape of the Domain Portal.”




“If that is the case, right now the Snow Country’s Royal Family is holding four Domain Portals, then their position is unshakable.”  Ye Qingyu said.




“This is also not entirely correct. The Domain Portal is dead. Humans are alive. Nothing is impossible in this life if someone determines. The Snow Country might fall into other people’s hands, the Domain Portal is also taken away accordingly. Then other people can steal again from that person.” Du Gu Quan smiled and said, “Not to mention the development of the Domain in the Heaven Wasteland Domain. There are many Domain Portals appearing. If someone with good luck gets a new Domain Portal, then the balance will be broken.”




“A new Domain Portal?” Ye Qingyu was extremely shocked.




“Of course, the Domain Portal is the channel between space and time. If an old Domain Portal can possibly be destroyed, then a Domain Portal will possibly appear. Everything can happen.” Du Gu Quan said like it was a certain thing. “At the beginning when the Snow Country was founded, they had swiped across a thousand li (0.5km), and caused countless deaths. Even though everything looks peaceful now, many sects are living harmoniously with each other, if a war really happens, the seeds of hatred, which have already been planted, will explode. The Sect and the Dynasty, which have already coexisted and look like they are in peace for the past few years, will still have many intense conflicts. Even though those conflicts can’t lead to a large-scale war, it wouldn’t be impossible either.”






“Thank you for telling me all of this, Senior Brother Du Gu.” Ye Qingyu sincerely thanked.




This was the first time Ye Qingyu heard such a story and mysteries.




After hearing Du Gu Quan saying these things, Ye Qingyu felt like he had just been enlightened.




DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu relaxed their hands, standing respectfully on the side.




The faces of the Du Gu brothers were somewhat frightened as well.




This was obviously the first time they had heard of such mysteries from their Grandfather’s mouth.




But in the meantime.




Behind the Hundred Herb Hall’s store, Jin Ling and Li Ying Li Qi were practicing martial arts. Mother Wu, on the other hand, was hurrying in the kitchen. A dense fragrance flew out little by little, towards the Hundred Herb Hall, which made every single servant drool. They were constantly looking at the direction of the kitchen. . .




In just one night, the Youyan Pass had already been in a storm.




The White Horse Tower was shattered. News flew like birds, spreading all over the Youyan Pass.




The army was the first to react.




The surrounding area of the White Horse Tower was blockaded.




The Pass Lord residence had sent out experts to investigate and find the clues.




What people wanted to hear was about Ye Qingyu’s life and death situation. It was just that there was numerous information, they still hadn’t gotten an accurate result.




The chaotic period also passed by really fast.




On the second day, the weather was clear.




The sky was deep blue. Sun shone mildly. This was a rarely nice weather.




The Genius Garden became the center of the entire Youyan Pass.




A formidable [Rune Formation] was flickering around the Genius Garden. The Sect and the army both took out their formations, which could withstand a full force attack from a top powerhouse. The enormous [Rune Formation] inside the garden had already been appropriately set up. The amount of heroes who would shed their blood on the platform today was unknown.




Jiang Hu’s matter belonged to Jiang Hu.




The Sect’s people had dug a big hole. They wanted to use Jiang Hu’s method to solve their conflicts.




The big curtain of the grand occasion would gradually be pulled up finally when the first light shone on the rock garden in the Genius Garden.


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