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Chapter 266 - The White Horse Tower Collapses

Even though it had been a while, not even one person could recognize this man. Song Qingluo was the first to realize him.




It was Ye Qingyu.




Back in the old days, he was always alone in the White Deer Academy, rarely communicated with other classmates. The majority of his peers didn’t know much about him. Even though the number of times Song Qingluo had met him was not much, they just had had a few conversations, the content of their conversations had prevented him from meeting Song Xiaojun.




As compared to the old days, the young man in white standing in front of her at this moment was radiating a kind of dazzling and intoxicating halo.




Although it had just been a year, numerous schoolmates from prominent family backgrounds in the White Deer Academy were helplessly put on the same spar with this ordinary junior with a poor family background. Carefully judging, at the moment, in the Deer City, there was perhaps nobody from a poor family background could be compared with this man, even if it was the outstanding Jin Family’s City Lord.




“Long time no see, little sister Song.” Ye Qingyu smiled and said.




He had just broken through, having reached the Second Limit of the Limitless divine way. In a blink, his striking force had insanely gone up above the Bitter Sea stage. This was some kind of extremely miraculous feeling. In an instant, Ye Qingyu couldn’t control his power, created the sight of a full-of-snow sky. Not to mention, his Divine Sense was like a sea swiping everywhere. He then unexpectedly discovered Song Qingluo’s energy.




Therefore, he came over here.




He didn’t think she would be Song Qingluo.




“Senior Brother Ye.” Song Qingluo hurriedly bowed.




Her heart was beating insanely.




“I didn’t think I would meet Little Sister Song here.” Ye Qingyu’s mood was quite good after seeing an old acquaintance. He then said, “Does the White Deer Academy perhaps come to the Youyan Pass to carry the field practice?”




“No, that’s not right. I have already dropped out of the White Deer Academy.” Song Qingluo’s face became gloomy.




Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows twitched, “Oh, what’s the matter?”




Song Qingluo summarized the Song family’s issues and told him at once.




The story was originally like below.




After Song Xiaojun had murdered Lu Zhaoge, Ye Qingyu had predicted that there would have been something happening in the future. But he hadn’t expected that the Song Family would have been implicated till here. In the Deer City, The The Qingluo Merchant Company was considered as a big monster. All the truly top plutocrats in the Snow County would just be as tiny as a dust if compared to them. Even though Lu Zhaoge was not that free to go get revenge, there were numerous influences from everywhere who tried to win Lu Zhaoge’s heart, they would not easily let the Song Family slip away.




“Sir.” Bai Yuanxing came closer, told everything that had happened briefly in one time.




Ye Qingyu was deeply shocked when he heard all of this.




He didn’t think something like this would happen.




If today he hadn’t bumped into Wen Wan, Song Qingluo would have had been. . .








“It’s my honor to meet you, Marquis.”




DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu both hurriedly went over to bow to him, and apologized first.




They were very anxious, were afraid that Ye Qingyu would get angry and not forgive this past offense of theirs.




“Alright, thank you both of you for all you’ve done today, Dugu Young masters.” Ye Qingyu said thank you with a calm face then continued,“I originally want to come to the Hundred Herb Hall to greet Senior Brother Du Gu Quan, I’ve come out of the secluded cultivation, I still have other important matters to handle. Please pass my greetings to senior brother. I’ll definitely visit him tomorrow.” After finishing those words, he pointed at Song Qingluo beside him and continued, “Miss Song is my close friend, please take good care of her.”




“We shall not dare not to follow Marquis’s order.” DuGu TianXin hastily pledged.




DuGu DiXiu also hurriedly promised regarding the Song family’s settlement, he was afraid that he might upset Ye Qingyu.




“How do you feel, Little Sister Song?” Ye Qingyu turned his head to ask Song Qingluo.




“Really good, really good. It is enough.” Song Qingluo hurriedly answered.




Ye Qingyu smiled, turned around to look at the Dugu Brothers and said, “So, thank you.”




These two constantly said, ”you’re welcome”




Just through this kind of simple conversation, these two could somehow figure out how truly important this girl was to Marquis Ye. They also secretively made a plan. Regarding to the journey to the Genius Garden, they had to protect miss Song Qingluo really well no matter what happened. As long as they could succeed in doing this, their journey to the Youyan Pass this time would get the biggest harvest so far.




Ye Qingyu was about to say something. Suddenly, his eyes moved. He saw a shadow from far away. His heart slightly shook. He looked at Song Qingluo and said, “I still have other matters to handle. I will leave first. If Little Sister Qingluo has time, you could come to the White Horse Tower to find me. We haven’t seen each other for so long. It will be good to catch up little bit.”




“Thank you, senior brother Ye.”




Song Qingluo was wholeheartedly grateful.




She knew herself that she could avoid today’s nightmare and the fact that such an identity like the Dugu Brothers had behaved so courteously in front her was all because of this young man.




They had spent their teenage years together. Right now, they also shared the same difficulty.




. . .




. . .




In the White Horse Tower.




“Hey, little rascal, don’t scare me. Have you really entered the Bitter Sea stage?” Wen Wan circled around Ye Qingyu several times, he seemed to be skeptical.




Ye Qingyu shook his head, “It is not easy like this. It has just been a year since I have entered the White Deer Academy.”




“But the phenomenon from the sky, and that flow of energy. . .” Wen Wan still half-believed and half-suspected.










Ye Qingyu honestly said, “Thanks to my body-building cultivation, my power could be at the level of the Bitter Sea stage for a short amount of time. It couldn’t last long. . . However, in that short amount of time, I’ve gained a considerable amount of benefits. The reason I can be on the powerhouse’s level is not only because of the abundant Inner Yuan, but also because of a kind of feeling that was similar to Dao. Unfortunately, the duration is too short. This kind of feeling is only good on the outside. I cannot gain anything from that either.”




Wen Wan dropped his jaw looking at Ye Qingyu like looking at a monster for a while. Then he cursed, “Monster.”




Ye Qingyu was heaved with joy.




He recalled the time when he was still in the White Deer Academy. Wen Wan always looked for me to show off his body martial arts then left. That old fellow is still the same, likes showing off as always. But this time, he has been startled by me.




“How is your cultivation?” Wen Wan kept asking.




If it was from before, he could clearly see through Ye Qingyu’s cultivation inner yuan. But right now, after Ye Qingyu had succeeded in breaking through, Wen Wan completely wasn’t able to determine Ye Qingyu’s cultivation anymore, which had made him scared a little.




Ye Qingyu smirked.




The illusory images of sixty snow dragons were screaming crazily inside his body, which was half true half virtual. They were constantly roaring, hovering around his body like a coiled dragon protecting its owner. The imposing manner slowly spread out. A silver light’s fluctuation started to move fiercely. The Dragon Power was filling up the air. The air current was raging on in the secret room adding up to the reborn of the War God Ye Qingyu.




“Spirit Spring No.60?”




Wen Wan was shocked.




If other person wanted to get to the Spirit Spring No.60 Cultivation, even though that one was a genius, it would have taken at least ten to twenty years to fully finish the path. But it just took him less than a year, this was too terrifying. He could firmly state that Ye Qingyu’s inner body was definitely hiding some secrets. However, he certainly wouldn’t have gone asking about that.




It was only because the Spirit Spring No.60 cultivation made him question a lot.




Of course, Wen Wan wouldn’t show out his doubts as well as his shock.




“Well, I am afraid that it might be a bit hard if you want to enter the Genius Garden to hide from those Jianghu Sect’s disciples and those geniuses.” Wen Wan pretended to be normal, raised his voice.




“He naturally has other methods.” Ye Qingyu giggled. As he suddenly remembered something, he asked, “How can you be so free like this? Has anything happened at the Vanguard Camp?”




Wen Wan laughed out loud, “I was transferred to the White Horse Tower.”




“How did it happen?” Right now, it was Ye Qingyu’s turn to be startled.




“A few days ago.” Wen Wan proudly said, “Ka ka, Marquis Ye, I am presently your person. As you and I are teacher and student, you should probably consider about giving me less work.”




Ye Qingyu was speechless.




“It’s up to you, can I really order you?” Ye Qingyu rubbed his forehead saying, “You said you had no choice but to leave the vanguard camp, isn’t perhaps you want to come here to slack off?”




Wen Wan was silently smiling satisfactorily.




Ye Qingyu shook his head nonstop,“What do you want to do next?” Wen Wan changed the subject. “You have made such a big fuss today. I am afraid other parties have noticed this. It is just three days away from the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting. You can just temporarily avoid their attack.”




Ye Qingyu chuckled: “Do what? Of course, I will continue to seclude myself to cultivate.”




When Wen Wan heard this, he was deep in his thoughts.




. . .




. . .




If Ye Qingyu goes for secluded cultivation once again,




there will be ten Jins out of thirty Jins of Origin Crystals left.




However, he couldn’t continue breaking through. Going up to thirty Spirit Spring Cultivation was already at the apex. Although the Origin Crystal was good, it couldn’t be overused. There was a saying, indicating that if someone wanted to build a skyscraper, they must have a solid foundation first. Next, there would be a long wait. Ye Qingyu would obviously not absorb the Origin Crystal’s power and he  presently wanted to solidify his cultivation realm.




Ye Qingyu was like a baby growing up in one night. He was having hard times adapting to his new body. Through this three-day period, Ye Qingyu just wanted to rapidly adapt to the growth of the Yuan Energy inside his body.




Time passed by really quickly.




In a blink, it was already on the third day’s afternoon.




Tomorrow morning would be the day the Martial Arts Sovereign official opening.




On the streets in the range of thousand meters from the Genius Garden, it was severely crowded, even an ant couldn’t sneak in. All the high-story pavilions were completely booked. There were even people putting up tents on the streets. On the four tall trees in the Genius Garden, there had already been people guarding. The army also increased the number of the patrols to keep the order.




Many attic seats in the highest floor of the teahouse, which overlooked the main entrance’s direction, had already been fully booked at rip-off prices.




Many chambers of commerce had already come before the due day of entering.




The majority of the powerhouses from the big Sects had also arrived at the Genius Garden.




Even standing really far away from that, many people could clearly feel the burst of air fluctuation from the inside of the Garden. An ordinary person could realize the air whirlpool was different from the one on a normal day when there were so many martial arts powerhouse gathering at the same time.




The afternoon sunlight was red like blood.




The heating aura was circulating in the silent air.




The White Horse Tower, which was four miles away from the Genius Garden, stood firmly like a mountain.




Under the sunset glow, the body of the tower looked like it was stained by blood.




This place had a focal point as well.






Everyone all knew that these past few days that Marquis Ye had been in the Youyan Pass was to implement a secluded cultivation.




The Genius Garden’s Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting was the time for all the sects to gather and have feast. It also was the time for Jianghu and the army to officially meet to resolve any internal issues. The result of the Sovereign Meeting this time would affect not only the Youyan Pass’s situation but also the entire Snow Country’s situation.




On the Youyan Army’s side, regarding the new talents who could possibly fight against the Sect Genius, if carefully counting, there would only be two people.




One had turned into an Evil person.




While one was staying at the White Horse Tower.




On their patrol, the army officers always had their eyes on the White Horse Tower along with a slight expectation.




A soldier took his honor seriously.




Glory was their life.




The title of Jianghu and army merit were the two best things on earth representing a man’s spirit.




However, they couldn’t give either of them.




The Youyan Army had been guarding the border for dozens of years, preventing the formidable Demon Race from stepping in. Everybody knew of their sensational merits. Even if there was one person, who didn’t excel in this field, and didn’t wanted to get caught by the Jianghu Sect, and didn’t wanted to be the first person to be mentioned, and didn’t know who to think of first, that one also put his hopes on the owner of this White Horse Tower.




Their last hope was in this tower.




The vault of heaven gradually turned dark green.




The lanterns on four sides were on.




In the sky, clouds suddenly raged on, which was like an upside down boundless sea in the sky. The air flow whirlpool abruptly showed up. The space and time barrier became soft like water as if it was being hit by a full gravel storm. The dark clouds along with the giant foot unexpectedly stomped on the high dark green vault of heaven by treading the water layer and breaking the void.




The entire Youyan Pass seemed to be in an intense shake.




A giant foot stomped down.




That stomp was exactly  on the White Horse Tower.




The White Horse Tower, which had been standing strongly in the Youyan Pass for more than sixty years, was like a haystack being smashed by a giant rock, instantly twitched then cracked, collapsed and finally turned into dust. . .




The rubbles and smoke of dust, which hadn’t flown up yet, were again stomped by the giant foot that descended from the sky.








A giant footprint landed several meters deep into the ground, replacing the White Horse Tower.




A black airflow which was like whirlpool, was twirling around.




Still the surrounding architectures of the White Horse Tower was not affected at all.




The giant foot shattered in a blink of an eye.




A thick black energy filled up everything between the earth and the sky.




The raging sky vanished as well.




However, the entire process just lasted for two or three breaths.




Everything had happened as fast as a lightning strike, which made everyone stunned and unable to react.




After that giant foot disappeared, everybody started to react.




“What a daring traitor.”




A piercing curse came up from the direction of Pass Lord residence. A golden light, which looked like a glowing sun, shot up to sky, poked through the void, tore the void, firing towards the place that the Giant Foot had appeared. Then the light flickered, continued flying several miles then disappeared into the distant place.




There seemed  to be a shrieking sound coming deep from the void.




Swoosh swoosh swoosh!




Dozens of flowing flights fell down from everywhere in the sky. In an instant, they had landed above the White Horse Tower.




“Dang it!”




“The entire tower has turned to dust.”. .”




“There is someone in that tower.” . .”




“ Who did this?”




Many growls came up from the group of powerhouses in the Youyan army.




Among them there was the Butcher of Youyan – Liu Suifeng.




In the surrounding area, which was about several meters wide, there were clearly three giant footprints. Liu Suifeng was both scared and angry. First thing first, his Divine Sense was like being covered in a tide. He wanted to see if there was any vital energies left inside of there, particularly Ye Qingyu’s. . .




I hope this rascal is not currently in the tower —


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