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Chapter 264 - The Righteous Grandfather

Dugu Clique?




Everyone around immediately changed their faces when they heard these words from the young man. Once again, they took another dozens of steps back.




In the Snow Country, there were six plutocrats which belonged to long-standing aristocratic families, which had existed since the Snow Country was founded. They had been standing until now, which were not weaker than any great Sects. Their foundations were greatly concrete. And the Dugu Clique was one of them.




After the former generation of Dugu Clique – Du Gu Quan became the Snow Country Pill God, was the first master in the Empire who had joined the Imperial Serving Organization later, which had helped Dugu Clique’s influence  get stronger.




These past few years, the influence range of Dugu Clique had no longer stayed within Azure Phoenix province. It had started spreading out to other provinces throughout the Empire. They were like the sun rose in the West, exceedingly glorious.




Under such circumstances, Dugu Clique’s working style was ruder and more intimidating.




Few enemies of Dugu Clique had also vanished lately.




Therefore, when people heard of the names of the two young masters of Dugu Clique, they hurriedly moved away. If a fight really happened, with Dugu Clique’s working style, they would probably get implicated unreasonably.




“Get that bastard out?” Wen Wan used toothpicks to pick his teeth, didn’t lifted his head, saying, “This bastard, I am afraid that he is too scared to show up.”




“You. . .” The noble guy was furious, he wanted to say something.




Then an older noble guy suddenly pulled his little brother back, shook his head, pushed his little brother to a side, stepped forward, cupped his hands and said, “What shall we call you? If these lowly kids have done anything offensive to you, please excuse them.”




Wen Wan lifted his head to look at him, then nodded his head and said, “On the contrary, you are pretty understanding,” he pointed at Bai Yuanxing nearby, snickered and said, “The number one subordinate of the White Horse Tower Marquis Ye, Bai Yuanxing, is he qualified or disqualified to take care of your Dugu Clique’s matter?”




Bai Yuanxing’s face immediately turned red.




Why does he talk about me like that? General Wen is really reckless. Bringing up Marquis Ye’s name maybe work in the beginning.




He was about to stand up to explain something.




Just then.




“What?” That noble young master was startled. His eyes fell onto Bai Yuanxing’s body. He lightly examined then understood right away then bended his back to bow respectfully and said, “We didn’t know that Sir Bai would be here. I, DuGu TianXin, greeting to Sir Bai.”








Bai Yuanxing was really astonished right now.




He couldn’t react momentarily.




How. . . since when did I get such a great reputation like this?




This thing hadn’t been finished yet.




“DuGu DiXiu, greeting to Sir Bai.” After hearing Bai Yuanxing’s name, another highly noble young master seemed to realize something and be bewildered. He also went over to pay his greeting properly.




“My greeting to Sir Bai.”




Their guards immediately retreated their swords, respectfully paying their greetings.




The people, who were originally anticipating  something fun, were all taken by surprise.




This young man, at first look, looked like any other ordinary people. But his background was too good. Even the two young masters from Dugu Clique both paid him their respects.




Song Qingluo, who was being anxious, was also startled.




Only Wen Wan had already known this matter. His face was tranquil and full of happiness.






“This thing. . .” He didn’t know what else to say.




DuGu TianXin respectfully bowed again then said, “Don’t know how have Marquis Ye been lately? I’ve heard Marquis Ye has been in secluded cultivation when TianXin arrived in Youyan Pass few days ago. I don’t dare to go disturb him. May Sir Bai apologize to Marquis Ye on behalf of us.”




Bai Yuanxing had finally comprehended everything.




It turns out that Dugu Clique’s people are also scared of Marquis Ye.




This also makes sense.




After all, Bai Yuanxing had been very clear at heart. Any unusual matter would become natural if it involved De Qingyu.




At first, he couldn’t react because he didn’t think Marquis Ye would have had the relationship with Dugu Clique. But right now, after seeing these two young masters of Dugu Clique being respectful like this, he immediately understood why.




“Marquis Ye is still in seclusion. I don’t know when he will finish. YuanXing will definitely inform Marquis Ye about the appearancesof you two young masters as soon as he comes out.” Bai Yuanxing said while being neither humble nor pushy.




“Then, we are sincerely thankful to you, Sir Bai.” DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu rejoiced.




When the Dugu Clique’s master was in the prime of his life. His vital energy was different from ordinary men. He had countless wives and concubines. These two young men were the sons that he had with his first wife. His first wife passed away many years ago. The statuses of these two men had been reduced significantly. He had kids with some concubines. There were some fierce characters appearing, which threatened the position of these two men.




In everybody’s eyes, they were seen as the prestigious young masters of Dugu Clique, the so-called wealthy and powerful family, they could get whatever they wanted. But in fact, was it really like that?




It was like a fish drinking water; only itself would know if the water was really hot or cold.




Dugu Clique had also put a lot of effort to get the host position managing the Genius Garden’s transactions this time in Youyan Pass.




The main reason was that the master of the former generation, who was now the Great Master, the head of Dugu Clique, the Snow Country Pill God- Du Gu Quan, would come to the Youyan Pass. Even though, it had been a long time since Du Gu Quan involved in family business, he still got an ultimate position in the Family. The relationship between Dugu Brothers and their grandfather had been not bad by far. They wanted to take this chance to earn some affections from their grandfather.




They didn’t expect that after arriving at the Youyan Pass, they would receive the news of their grandfather and little Marquis becoming sworn brothers.




These two brothers had known really well their grandfather’s personality. If their grandfather had seen Marquis Ye as a brother, when he came here, they would probably had to obediently call Marquis Ye Uncle.




Those two inquired every detail about Ye Qingyu’s matter.




From Lin Baiyi’s and Shopkeeper Sui’s mouths, they had gotten some news. Those brothers were also frightened by Ye Qingyu’s background as well as his legends. They immediately knew this little Marquis was not simple as they had thought him to be. And then after several times meeting with their grandfather to talk about some stuff and judging from their grandfather’s attitude toward Ye Qingyu, they were aware that the hope that they had been spending time to find maybe was from Ye Qingyu.




They decided to pay attention, must take this favorable situation, which he and their righteous Grandfather had become family.




It was just that Ye Qingyu had been in secluded cultivation for the past few days. They didn’t dare to disturb him.




They didn’t think their subordinates would offend his people today, not to mention they were Righteous Grandfather’s subordinates, this matter. . .




DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu couldn’t help but worry at heart.




“My subordinates are not sensible, dare to offend Sir Bai. I will definitely teach them a lesson after returning.” At this moment, DuGu TianXin wanted to cut Song Zhi and his scoundrels into pieces.




Bai Yuanxing shook his head then said, “The one they’ve offended is not me but our Marquis’s lover. I hope they can apologize them.”




His words hadn’t finished yet.








Wen Wan leisurely picked his teeth, almost spat it out, but then directly chewed it off.




This Bai Yuanxing is indeed a blockhead. I’ve just teased him a little bit but he really thinks that it is real. Ha ha ha ha, of course, Little Ye doesn’t have a lover, a ha ha ha, this is really interesting... it is too interesting.




Wen Wan immediately felt enthusiastic and lively.








On the other hand, the fine, small, delicate and beautiful face of Song Qingluo’s instantly turned red. She couldn’t even lift her head up.




Since when did I become Ye Qingyu’s girlfriend?




On the other side.




DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu also didn’t know the root of this story.




After hearing those words from Bai Yuanxing, their hearts simultaneously drummed crazily, they were scared till being numb.




In other words, if their grandfather knew of this, the legs of their brothers would probably be cut off.




“Bring Song Zhi and other his damn bastards are here for me.” DuGu TianXin gritted his teeth.




When hearing this, other people around Song Zhi, who still didn’t know what was happening, were frightened to the point that their limbs were numb. They couldn’t even speak a word. Not to mention Song Zhi, his mind was completely blank. He had just gotten such a big support like Song Jiannan, who was like a headless-fly coming in front of him. Was he a pig then?




“Grandfather, grandfather,  grandfather. . . Young master. . . I. . .” Song Zhi crawled over on the ground.




DuGu TianXin kicked him away with his foot. His eyes were as cold as a blade,“Bring me stick, I’ll beat this rascal till death.”




As a disciple of an aristocratic family, even though he was not cruel or sly, he definitely went through countless circumstances. Therefore, he would know when and what he should do. He would definitely not be reckless. Hence, he for sure knew when he needed to be cruel.




“Arg, young master, please, I. . .”




His words had not been finished yet.




The guards around them had taken their swords, their sheaths were like clubs. They could have turned these cunning fellows into dust in a blink of an eye.




His hunting dogs were scared crazily by Dugu brothers and their guards. Their faces were as white as sheets. Cold sweats were all over their bodies. They wanted to run but their legs were shaking too much that they couldn’t move. Even though the world was big, if they had offended Dugu Clique, no one could keep them alive.




“All of you beat him to death.”




DuGu DiXiu said with a frigid voice.




After all, Song Qingluo was a kind girl at heart. As a girl, she naturally had a soft heart. Until this time, she wasn’t brave to do this and hesitated for a while. As she was just about to say something, Wen Wan  directly pulled her to a side.




“This kind of dog who thinks that it is a lion at home is full of evil dirty tricks. Today if we let them go, they will do something meaner later. Today, I am really embarrassed that I’ve humiliated you and the others.” Wen Wan said with a serious tone, “Today you guys don’t need to mind these kinds of lowly and cunning rascals. In terms of dealing with these sly rascals, little Ye is far way better than you.”




Song Qingluo was surprised, and instinctively nodded her head.




“Don’t know what shall I call you sir?” DuGu TianXin clasped his hands together in front of his chest while asking.




Wen Wan laughed out loud, pretended to be a noble person, said, “Oh, I am just a small servant. I have just been ordered by the vanguard camp to come here to wait for Marquis Ye.”




“Oh. . .” DuGu TianXin nodded his head.




Then he heard Wen Wan continuing his speech, “In fact, my relationship with Marquis Ye is not that close. I just happen to have taught him Martial Arts Cultivation for a while before. . .”




DuGu TianXin and DuGu DiXiu immediately changed their expressions. They almost kneeled down to bow.




Ye Qingyu was their grandfather’s sworn brother. Based on their rank, they had to call Ye Qingyu, grandfather. But this man in front of them was Ye Qingyu’s teacher. Teacher was like a father. Must they call him great grandfather?




This kind of rank is too confusing.


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