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Chapter 263 - Bring That Rascal Here

After hearingWen Wan say that, Song Qingluo unconsciously turned around then she saw Song Zhi and his people, who definitely didn’t give up their intentions, following over.



The little girl  immediately got startled. The miserable face of her father came up in her head. She was instantly aware of the fact that without Song Zhi’s support, they would never get a pass to enter the Genius Garden. Until that time, the Song family’s fate would be put in a dead end as well. Even though Teacher Wen Wan was here, he would probably not have an ability to help her get the qualifications. Therefore, they could never ever do anything upsetting Song Zhi. . .



Without anyone noticing, Wen Wan had already flown towards Song Zhi with an invisible formidable strength.



“You. . .” Song Zhi was both scared and angry, struggling.



“Don’t you have eyes, rascal. Every dog is a lion at home. You dare to hit me.” Wen Wan lifted his hand up and slappedhim several times resoundingly.



Some teeth along with blood, flew out from Song Zhi’s mouth.




The despicable, lowly, ugly man was constantly slapped till the point that he had lost his consciousness.




Several scoundrels besides him were immediately dumbstruck when seeing this sight. Some of them turned around to run away.




Wen Wan had had a really hard time finding something fun like this. How could he let those fellows run away?




“Oa  ha ha ha, here I come.”




The invisible Yuan Power started to surge. Four of the young men’s faces were being completely frightened. They were mud fishes, which were being pulled out of the water after biting baits. They were risking their lives to fight, but were unable to do anything.




“Come come come here, let’s play some games. Let me see whose teeth are stronger.”




Wen Wan was more excited. He suddenly stood up, moved his body, smiled widely and said.




Bam bam bam.




After finishing his words, he slapped each and every one of them.



Immediately, the half-faces of these dandies were swollen like ripe peaches, which were aggressively stamped on. Their faces were inflamed with threads of blood. Few of the front teeth from some of the guys, who hadn’t been prepared for this attack, had completely fallen off.




“See see, do you think you can still be able to play with me anymore?” Wen Wan was extremely unpleased, he said, “This is just the first round, but all of your damn teeth have already been plucked off? This is not cooperative at all. I am extremely pissed off. . .”




“A… A… . . Swoosh! . .”




Song Zhi’s scoundrels were directly beaten till they were stunned. They opened their mouths wide, but were not able to utter a word.




They were originally hunting dogs. Their abilities were extremely weak. However, they were good at taking opportunities. Their mouths were quick. Sometimes, if their business encountered some troublesome opponents, these lowly dogs would be made use of. Therefore, the young master of the Dugu Clique always brought these guys along whenever he was out. But today, meeting such a psycho like Wen Wan, even if their mouths were filled up with lotus flowers, it would be useless anyway because they actually didn’t have a chance to speak up before he brought out his palms a few moment ago.




“I am not pleased with all of your behaviors, therefore. . .” Wen Wan tilted his head to think for a while, then clapped his hands and laughed out loud, “Let’s do it like this. We will change the rules. Whoever that has his teeth completely fallen out first can receive lesser slaps.”




These words made Song Zhi’s scoundrels directly dumbstruck.




Right now, they had just received one slap but their entire bodies from head to toe had been fully numb. If they took several more, they would probably be beaten to death.




Song Zhi was anxious, shouted at Song Qingluo’s side, “Slut, you still don’t hurry to talk to me. Have you, the Song family, given up that thought of standing back up again already? Without me, Song Jiannan would never ever get a qualification to enter the Genius Garden. . .”




Song Qingluo was startled. Her face was full of fear.




Wen Wan burst out laughing, “A dog is a lion at home. You still want to threaten our Little Qingluo. Ah ha ha ha, what a funny scumbag. What kind of influence that such a hunting dog like you can get to help them get a qualification to enter  the Genius Garden. Stop deceiving people.”




His words hadn’t been finished yet.




Bam bam bam.




Wen Wan once again raised his hands up.






Mad Tiger Wen’s strength was undoubtedly strong. He could easily smashed a block of iron with just a few slaps.




Song Zhi’s scoundrels’ faces went pale one by one.




“You. . . your guts must explode . . you. . . I. . . Dugu Clique. . . will turn you into mud. . .” Song Zhi’s eyes fired out an insanely resentful look, he opened his mouth widely,  cursing something out loud.




“What?” Wen Wan sneered, “I guess you must think that  you guys, Dugu Clique’s people, definitely have a bad luck in meeting me?”




“Teacher Wen, these guys, are truly the Dugu Clique’s people. Their wealth and power are not small. . . let it be, I don’t want you to get involved in this.” Song Qingluo hastily explained.




Although at heart she hated Song Zhi, who took advantage of her hard situation, to the point that she wanted to cut him up into pieces, she couldn’t help but be submissive because she needed his help. Only because of the Song family,  could she let go of her pride, let alone, she didn’t want teacher Wen Wan get involved in this matter as well as Ye Qingyu.




“A ha ha ha, Dugu Clique, wow, I am scared of that.” Wen Wan stood with hands on his hips, wickedly smiled, rolled his eyes around, threw out something from his body, which dropped loudly to the ground.




“Hey, go find your Dugu Clique’s master. Tell him that if he wants this old man to grant him a privilege,” Wen Wan was rude and unreasonable like a barbarian, “I only give you the time of a half-burnt incense. If you can’t bring him here on time,  I will hang these idiots in front of the Genius Garden’s entrance. Let me see whether or not you, the Dugu Clique’s person, can bring him here.”




This guy fell to the ground, stumbled around, then made out a strange noise while standing up. He now hated  his parents because they only gave him two legs, which made him unable to run away like a stray dog.




Wen Wan rubbed his beard, laughed out loud then sneered.




Then, he turned around, he couldn’t help but scold Song Qingluo after seeing her hesitant and desperate face, “This little girl, is really at the White Deer Academy, you looked like a girl who can judge people. How can you trust this kind of person? This really make old man embarrassed.”




Song Qingluo just lowered her head crying and didn’t say anything.




That’s right.




Back then, her confidences soared up to the sky. Countless of men from wealthy families surrounded her as if she was the moon at the academy. She had gotten numerous compliments and was like a prestigious princess. But how about now?




Her family’s troubles had sucked up all of her pride.




Song Qingluo felt that herself was like a fine doll, which was left floating in a stinky stream. Even if it was made of the best materials, it would have eventually become dirty and stinky due to the black polluted water.




“Haizz, you must probably have learned from that freaky bastard Ye Qingyu, who used to be my student as well. Right now, He is having the best time of his life right now in the Youyan pass. No one in the Pass Lord residence dares to stop him, even this old man. Currently, I also want to follow his ash to make some livings, you you. . .” Wen Wan was wishing that he could turn iron into steel at once.




“kuh kuh!”




Bai Yuanxing was exceedingly panic-stricken after hearing that and hastily coughed twice.




If someone dared to use this tone to speak to Marquis Ye, Bai Yuanxing was afraid that that person’s life might be on the line.




“What are you coughing at?” Wen Wan glowered his eyes.




Bai Yuanxing just lowered his head without saying anything.




“Boss, another two bowls of mixed noodles.” Wen Wan returned to his seat and waved his hand at the boss.




The boss happily hurried back to cook more noodles.




“Come here, sit down, today teacher will give you a good lesson for free.” Wen Wan signaled for Song Qingluo to come sit beside him at the noodle stand, flicked a ball, swoosh…swoosh.. Swoosh… A tearing-wind sound came up. One leg of a person from Song Zhi’s gang was broken. He was like a pig moaning while struggling, he couldn’t even run away.




Until this point, Song Qingluo also didn’t have any other choices.




Moreover, Wen Wan’s confident attitude made her somewhat feel hope deep down inside of her heart.




“Just eat the noodles first, just eat until you are full then we will discuss everything else later.” Wen Wan brought the boiling hot mixed noodle soup over to the beautiful girl.




Maybe she was really hungry. Normally, she basically didn’t give a look at this kind of mixed soup. The scent from the soup hovered around Song Qingluo’s nose. She hesitated for a while. The tears in her eyes had also disappeared. Then she took a big gulp.




At this moment, there had been numerous people surrounding them.





People around were pointing at the bunch of Song Zhi’s scoundrels, who were moaning, and commenting about something.




At the main entrance of the Genius Garden, several days ago, this place had become a trading area. Flows of people in a blink of an eye gathered around here, which probably could be up to thousands of people. . .


Wen Wan was bearing hardship with equanimity and continued eating his noodles.




Some people had soon witnessed this mad man eating noodles and they didn’t find anything strange. Meanwhile, some people that dumbfoundedly looked at this man with the whiskers, in a blink of an eye, had finished the four bowls of noodles. However, when they saw more than twenty empty rice bowls at the side, they couldn’t help but look at him like a ghost.




There were few people, who couldn’t help but be curious about the mixed sheep soup taste. Therefore, they ordered a bowl to try.




The noodle stand’s boss was so happy that tears rolled out of his eyes, he smiled joyfully.




“Move out move out. . . all of you move out!”




“Young master, he is inside, that evil butcher is too brutal, Song Zhi and his people have been quite miserable!”




A shout came in.




More than twenty warriors in armor marched in through the crowd.




The man in the lead was about thirty years old. His face was fair with a long beard. His body was sturdy. A giant Yuan Power releasing from his body made everyone around unable to stand firmly, being pushed to the side. His power was extremely formidable indeed.




Two young masters, who were surrounded by twenty armored warriors, had good-looking faces, looked like brothers from a wealthy family, making their way to the noodle stand.




“It is him, Young Master, this cruel bastard basically doesn’t let our Dugu Clique in his eyes. We have told him about our Dugu’s prestigious name, but he. . .” That hunting dog, who previously ran away, added details while telling a story with his swollen face.




Dozens of warriors thunderously went circling around the noodle stand.




The noodle stand’s boss, who was happy a minute ago, was wearing a mourning face, and didn’t dare to say anything more.




Song Qingluo, who was usually calm, at this time became immediately anxious. Especially when she saw the jade clothes on the two young men, the imposing manners from the opponents as well as their noble gestures, she knew right away that they were the two precious sons of the current legendary master of the Dugu family, who was truly a great character.




“I. . .” Song Qingluo wanted to say something.




Wen Wan dusted his sleeves, directly interrupted, then burped, glanced over them, and nonchalantly said, “Can you two little kids of the Dugu Clique have a place to speak up here?”




“Such an imprudent bastard, you dare to speak like this to our young masters.”




These warriors immediately growled angrily.




Bang bang bang…..




Swords were partly taken out of their sheath; murderous energy was surging on like a hurricane.




People, who were watching, immediately stepped back.




These guards under the Dugu Clique were truly professional killers, who had gone through mountains of blades, seas of fire, had seen rivers of blood and killed countless of people.




“Young master, young master, please save me, save me. . .” Song Zhi and his scoundrels growled crazily, crawling to their side.



The older one of the two young masters sneered then said, “Getting into the Youyan Pass really widens my eyes, there is someone who dares to offend our Dugu Clique’s people… this is so humiliating. . . friend, where are you from, come here.”

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