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Chapter 262 - Let Her Go

“Doesn’t dare to go?” Wen Wan said with a despising look, “What a coward, how can you  follow Marquis Ye to do big things?”


“But. . . I. . .” Bai Yuanxing stuttered.


This was basically not an issue about courage. If he were asked to go to kill the Demon Race instead, he would have done so immediately without saying anything. But now that he was asked to go to a girl. . . this was indeed way too sudden.


“Ka ka, don’t think that I don’t see you blushing. You have secretly glanced at that girl. Your face is red as a beetroot.” Wen Wan slyly winked his eyes.




Bai Yuanxing’s face was completely like a monkey’s bottom.


“Come on, take this chance, don’t you know that that girl is being bullied?” Wen Wan pointed at the Genius Garden’s entrance, saying seriously.


Bai Yuanxing lifted his head to look back.


The little fairy in the light-green dress was indeed having a hard time. She looked very timid and was slowly moving backwards. Meanwhile, that lowly, ugly,  and despicable man was holding her hand tightly. He seemed both hasty and angry, cursing at something. The crape myrtle sect’s disciple’s Zhong Dajun and his fellow brothers smirked. . .


Are they forcing her to do something that she doesn’t want to?


Bai Yuanxing’s heart was beating crazily inside.


The ugly, lowly and despicable young man pulled her hand, threating about something loudly. The girl’s face was both ashamed and resentful. But in the end, she still lowered her head silently, and didn’t fight back anymore. . .


“Hey, don’t you want to go or not. If you don’t go, that little girl will probably be bullied.” Wen Wan lowered his head, continued eating noodles, and talked to himself loudly: “Don’t blame me for not letting you know about this. That girl is actually Marquis Ye’s ex-lover.”




Bai Yuanxing suddenly stared at Wen Wan.


Wen Wan dusted off his hands, “I’m not fooling you. When Ye Qingyu was at the White Deer Academy, this little girl was one of his best schoolmates. These two seem to have something. Their relationship is not normal. I didn’t expect she would suddenly show up at the Youyan pass like this, not to mention, being with a group of thugs. . .”


He hadn’t finished his words yet when Bai Yuanxing unexpectedly jumped off.


This White Horse sword slave, whose strength was the lowest in the White Horse Tower, had a calm personality. He didn’t say anything. He was like an arrow leaving a bow, charging forward with the fastest speed .


. . .


The corners of Song Qingluo’s eyes were flooded with tears. Deep inside of her heart, she didn’t want to accept this. However, in the end, she still lowered her head. Her black hair hung loose like a waterfall wildly flowing.


Song Zhi beamed a satisfactory smile.


He knew this arrogant girl had let go of her pride at this moment. He could now freely do whatever he wanted later on.


This thought made his lustful desires boil inside of his loins.


He wasn’t sure  whether or not he could help Song Jiannan to get on the Genius Garden’s short list. Moreover, the most important fact was that Song Zhi actually didn’t want to help. The reason why he had put so much effort into this matter was to pick this little flower to freely play with it.


After all, the Song family Qingluo Merchant Company today had gone completelyt downhill. Song Jiannan couldn’t even afford a better hotel to stay in and was in such a pathetic condition. Song Zhi wasn’t afraid that such a pathetic businessman like this would be capable of avenging himself.


In fact, a year ago, when Song Zhi saw Song Qingluo for the first time, he was startled.


Even in his dreams, he wanted to completely take off this prestigious lady’s clothes, trampling all over her.


At that time, there was a huge gap between those two’s positions.


That thought had already taken root in his head. It was just that he didn’t dare to show it out.


He didn’t think that the Heavens would favorably give him a chance like this.


He had also heard of the Song family’s situation.


Right when Song Jiannan opened his mouth to ask for his help, Song Zhi was aware that his chance had finally come.


He claimed that he had gotten a solution to help them get into the Genius Garden list, which made Song Jiannan can’t help but  compromise. He eventually handed over his precious daughter. This kind of feeling when holding someone’s fate, forcing someone who used to have a higher position than him, to compromise was indescribably satisfying.


But in fact, where was it?



Song Zhi was ‘the fox exploiting the tiger’s might’.


He was just an errand boy in the Du Gu plutocrat’s chamber of commerce. He basically couldn’t say anything in front of the Du Gu’s young master.


Until Song Jiannan’s girl knows all of this, everything is done. Song Qingluo’s virginity has become my booty. . .


Ha ha, this thought made him all over the moon. A beautiful girl from a wealthy, prestigious family, who used to study martial arts in one of the ten great academies of the Empire – White Deer Academy, was laid under his body. This feeling made Song Zhi unable to wait any longer.


“This man is the Crape Myrtle Sect senior brother Zhong, this is. . .”


Song Zhi toughly held onto Song Qingluo’s hands tightly. He complacently introduced her, showing her off to everyone that she was his.


While Song Qingluo was like a body without a soul, she kept lowering her head, absentmindedly, and gave up the thought of struggling.


Everyone around was grinning happily.


Especially Song Zhi’s pack of rouges, their faces all wore the same mutual-understanding smiling faces. Because they had discussed with each other before. Song Zhi took the meat. Everyone else could eat the soup, they could do whatever they wanted until that time. This beautiful girl had already been trapped, no one was able to escape.


At this moment —


“Let this girl go.”


An angry voice transmitted from besides them.


Everyone’s eyes immediately looked back.


Bai Yuanxing was completely in rage. His eyes were like  fire, looking at these people.


Song Zhi’s face was somewhat sluggish.


He looked back and forth at his fellow companions besides him.


He discovered that no one knew or recognized the young man in white, who had just jumped out of nowhere.


The Crape Myrtle Sect Zhong Dajun and his people didn’t say anything or have any expressions.


It seemed like this fellow was not that great a character.


Moreover, the most important thing was that Song Zhi couldn’t feel any sensational yuan power from Bai Yuanxing’s body. This young man clearly sought for his death. Not to mention the fact that he was just a small Ordinary Martial Stage insect.


This must be some kind of an idiot, who saw unjust things, and wanted to play as a hero saving a beauty.


He had also seen of these types of idiots many times before.


Song Zhi silently smiled, then harrumphed, “Damn you, do you think you have a right to speak up here? Get lost if you don’t want to die.”


“Let this girl go.”


Bai Yuanxing said every single word very clearly.


If this little fairy in the green dress was really Marquis Ye’s lover like he heard, then even if the bunch of fellows in front of him had died ten thousand times over, it still wouldn’t be enough.


“Ka ka, what a fearless idiot ,” Song Zhi’s face revealed a deadly impatient color, “Get lost when I count to three. . .”


Bai Yuanxing didn’t want to talk nonsense with Song Zhi.


He looked at the Crepe Myrtle sect’s disciples on the side. His eyes were as sharp as sword, staring at Zhong Dajun, saying each word clearly, “You guys should know who I am. I warn you that you should take this opportunity when our Marquis Ye hasn’t arrived yet, letting this girl go. Otherwise, until this matter becomes irredeemable, they, and also you, all must have to die.”


A moment ago, Bai Yuanxing was still teased by Wen Wan due to his blushing face. But at this moment, his solemn imposing manners had made  people not dare to look at him directly.


The expressions of Zhong Dajun and the others immediately got extremely pissed off.


They, of course, did not know who Bai Yuanxing was.



The White Horse Tower in the Youyan city today was absolutely a restricted area of the Jianghu Sect’s people. Youyan the Greatest Ye Qingyu was a taboo existence in itself. There was no one in the Jianghu Sect who didn’t know of this. Except for Ye Qingyu, the other people in the White Horse Tower had been soon thoroughly investigated.


Zhong Dajun obviously knew who Bai Yuanxing was in the White Horse Tower from the beginning.


However, everyone also knew of how low Bai Yuanxing’s competency was. Therefore, they didn’t fear him.


However, after hearing Bai Yuanxing’s cautious words as well as his mentioning about Ye Qingyu and Zhong Dajun, his people immediately realized that this matter was not that simple like they had originally imagined. As long as it was involved with Youyan the Greatest Ye, the other Sects didn’t dare to be reckless.


“I don’t know this guy.” Zhong Dajun shook his head, turned back to look at Song Zhi then said, “This guy is the fourth class heroic Marquis, who is Marquis Ye Qingyu’s subordinate, sir Bai Yuanxing. You go solve your own conflict. We, the Crepe Myrtle sect, no longer have any relations with you.”


After finishing speaking, he brought his Crepe Myrtle sect’s people and left right away.


His attitude fully showed no intentions of being further involved in this matter.


In a blink of an eye, even Song Zhi, who had a pig’s brain, could figure out that the matter was not to his likings anymore.


Yesterday when Du Gu plutocrat just entered the Youyan Pass, Song Zhi and his people had vaguely heard about Ye Qingyu’s reputation.  They hadn’t officially comprehended Marquis Ye’s intimidating force in the Youyan Pass. However, today, after witnessing Zhong Dajun and his people leaving like this had made them want to give up as well. But it was hard for them to let such a mesmerizing beauty like Song Qingluo go. . .


“Still don’t want to let her go? Do you really want to die?”


Bai Yuanxing growled.


Song Zhi slightly trembled and eventually let go of her hand.


On the other side, Song Qingluo dumbfoundedly gazed at Bai Yuanxing. Her eyes stood still. Those words that Zhong Dajun had said kept hovering inside her head: The fourth-class heroic Marquis Ye Qingyu. . . Ye Qingyu. . .


It is him!


An incomparable halo from the old days at the White Deer Academy could make countless genius disciples pale?


Looks like he has come to the Youyan Pass, but. . .


Song Qingluo’s brain was like a big piece of dough.


“Let’s go.”


Bai Yuanxing protected Song Qingluo, and led her to the opposite site, towards the noodle stand.


Song Qingluo unconsciously followed.


Song Zhi’s people looked at each other. They didn’t know what to do for good.


“Older brother Zhi, what should we do now? We are just let her go like this?”


“Such a quality good like this has come into our hands. What a pity that we let her slip away.”


A fellow regretfully said.


Song Zhi gritted his teeth, completely lost his mind, and said ruthlessly, “Seems like they are not just small subordinates, but extraordinary ones. I guess they must be some kind of inheritors. Can we, the Du Gu plutocrat, offend the young marquis?”


The other people followed as well.


On the opposite side.


Wen Wan was holding a cup of tea, smirking satisfactorily. When seeing those two coming over, he smilingly said, “Good job, rascal. You really brought other man’s girl here. . .” Then he turned to look at Song Qingluo and said, “Shouldn’t you be at the White Deer Academy to cultivate at this moment? What brings you to the Youyan Pass?”


Song Qingluo glowered at him with her beautiful eyes, “Teacher Wen?”


Back in the old days, Wen Wan used to be the teacher at the White Deer Academy, teaching body-building cultivation techniques. Song Qingluo had once followed Wen Wan to study. She didn’t expect she would meet her old teacher  under such a circumstance in the Youyan Pass.


“Well, turns out you still remember me.” Wen Wan grinned brightly while nodding his head. His eyes glared at Song Zhi and his people, who were regretting, sneered then said, “Come here, sit down, do you want to have a bowl of noodle to calm down? I’ll help you chase away that bunch of pudding headed stray dogs.”


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