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Chapter 261 - Isn't She Pretty?

These days, there were many caravans entering the Youyan Pass.


Even if the Qingluo Merchant Company had still been in its glorious time, they might not have been qualified to be able to enter the Genius Garden, let alone, the Qingluo Merchant Company’s current reputation today. Many big characters, who had used to be partners with them, were basically not willing to have any more relations with the Qingluo Merchant Company again. It had been six days since father Song had set foot in the Youyan Pass. He had been making use of his connections, finding countless of people, but it still didn’t have any improvements.


Back in the old days, father Song was known as one of the most handsome men in the Deer city. He was gentle like jade, was called an elegant merchant. However, this shock had literally worn him out mentally. He had recently been exhaustedly distressed. He wasn’t like his old self anymore, but looked more like an old desperate farmer.


Song Qingluo somehow could clearly feel that that those days, her backbone father, who had used to be calm when facing any  kind of situation, was getting older with an incredible speed, and would be wilted very fast..


Even Song Qingluo had begun to suspect the benefits of entering the Genius Garden. Even if they could have gotten into the Genius Garden and met those legendary characters, it perhaps wouldn’t have had any effects.


Because the Song family right now couldn’t possibly have offered anything to those great characters in order to please them.


But her father still held on to this.


Maybe this was his final hope.


Song Qingluo was sighing inside.


“Young master Song will be here in just a moment. Qingluo, you should be courteous with him. Don’t behave like a child as usual. Even if his behaviors were a little disrespectful, as long as he is willing to help, we will have a chance to enter the Genius Garden. . .” Father Song sighed sadly then said, “ I am Song Jiannan, who have been  . . haizz, Qingluo, you have to know that if it were for me, I wouldn’t have let you pay such a price. But this is because of your mother. She. . .”


When hearing her father mentioning about her mother, an uncontrollablepainful look immediately flowed out of Song Qingluo’s beautiful eyes.


Four months ago, when the Song family and the Qingluo Merchant Company were in a slump, as the former most beautiful girl in the  Deer City – Madam Song, she didn’t mind her pride in begging an old acquaintance for help. Who knew that that old acquaintance had improper ambitions and had been shaken by evil thoughts. He wanted to have Madam Song’s body. Despite Madam Song’s efforts to escape, she didn’t succeed. She both disgusted and raged, was both ashamed and resentful. She also got hurt then directly fell ill. . .


The pressure of an entire family was put on Song Qingluo’s fragile shoulders.


“Don’t worry, father. I’ve already known that. As long as I can save our family,no matter how big the price is, I am willing to pay.” She smiled drearily, stood in front of a dressing table, silently started to fix her clothes, combed her hair, put on makeup, and tried to make her beauty as shinning as possible.


Tears were welled up in Song Jiannan’s eyes.


He lowered his head and pretended like he didn’t see anything.


In this brutal world, the strongest always won. The jungle law applied everywhere. Only true strength could forever build a strong foundation. The power of the Chamber of Commerce  was the same. On a normal daily basis, from the first look, they might look like they spent money like water. However, in fact, they could be demolished at any given time. Money and power as well as their strengths couldn’t even withstand one blow.


Before, he was also aware of this point, therefore he was willing to pay a big price to get Song Qingluo admitted into the White Deer Academy. It was all because he wanted to change Song family’s fate. Unfortunately, such an investment like this was somewhat late. In any of the noble martial arts families, no one would have not accumulated for several even dozens of generations later.


After half of an incense had burned


There was a knocking sound at the door.


Song Jiannan swiped his face. His stiff muscles were tensed up. He tried to force a smile then opened the door.


A sleek-haired and creamy-faced young man came up.


“Uncle Song, how did you end up in such a wretched place? This indeed looks like a miserable slum. . .” At the first look, this young man appeared to be his twenties. He had dressed up nicely. There was a light rouge smell lingering around him. His face was ugly.  There was a mole sitting above his mouth. His eyebrows were thick and dark, which made him look even more despicable.


“We had come here really hastily. So we didn’t book any hotel rooms. Virtuous Nephew Song, please don’t laugh at us.” Song Jiannan laughed then said.


“Ha ha, has Uncle Song reached this state, where you can barely afford such a poor living place?” This ugly young man’s face was full of sarcasms. He relentlessly exposed their hard-up situation.


Song Jiannan just smiled, didn’t show any angers and then said, “How can it happen like this. The Qingluo Merchant Company still has some properties left.”


“But from what I’ve heard about that chamber of commerce, it is the opposite.” The young man folded a fan into his hand. His eyes fell on Song Qingluo, who was in front of the dressing table. His eyes were immediately flooded with shock. He swallowed his saliva, giggled then said, “Little sister Qingluo is really getting more and more beautiful.”



There was a spark twinkling from the deep place inside of Song Jiannan’s eyes.


“Before, virtuous nephew has told us that you could find a way to get us into the Genius Garden, don’t know. . .” Song Jiannan asked calmly.


He had been through countless ups and downs, met numerous faces. How come he couldn’t see what this young man Song Zhi had been thinking inside. His intentions had been clearly shown. Song Jianna basically didn’t need to put on any fake face. Unfortunately, he was like a tiger which would be bullied by a dog on a treeless plain. He really needed his help right now, hence he couldn’t help but be submissive.


It had been approximately a year since Song Jiannan met Song Zhi for the first time.


There was a time when he did some trading with the chamber of commerce. Song Zhi was a member of the Du Gu family, the number one plutocrat in the Azure Phoenix province. At that time, Song Zhi’s position was not high. His words and behaviors were not pleasing. Therefore, Song Jiannan also didn’t pay attention to this young man. What a pity, the circumstances had changed over time.


This time, Du Gu  plutocrat also sent their people to the Youyan Pass. Song Zhi was also one of them.


With Du Gu plutocrat’s influence, they could have easily gotten into the Genius Garden. Song Jiannan had been pushed into a corner. He had to gamble. If Song Zhi could negotiate with the members of Du Gu Plutocrat’s group, on the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting day, they would be able to get into the Genius Garden.


As long as they could get into the Genius Garden, with the thing that they got in their hands, they would definitely convince some great characters by talking and watching their faces.


Until that time, the Song family would be saved.


“Qingluo’s greeting Younger Uncle Song.” Song Qingluo stood up, gracefully did the proper greeting etiquettes.


Song Qingluo wore a long tight-fitting green dress, which was like an early blooming white flower. This young and naive girl had an irresistible charm. She had lived like a princess since she was born, which had made her skin extremely smooth like a jade. Her slender waist and slim thighs gave her a mesmerizing curve. Her chest was full yet not too overwhelming. Her collarbone was beautiful as white jade. Her face was small, elegant and sophisticated. . .


Song Zhi’s salvia was about to flow out.


His eyes lit up. He then said, “Ah! . . Just call me Big Brother Song. I am not that old.”


After saying these words, he turned to Song Jiannan and said, “Alright, Uncle Song, today the Genius Garden will officially arrange positions for some big chambers of commerce. Let me bring little sister Qingluo over to take a look. My family’s young master also departs. This is a chance. I will have a word with my family’s young master for you both. Maybe, I can help you get into the Genius Garden’s short list.”


Song Jiannan’s face was lit up a little bit, and he replied, “I’ll go with you. . .”


“Ha ha, Uncle Song, you don’t need to come with me. I just need to bring little sister Qingluo. We, young people, can easily talk to each other.” Song Zhi’s eyeballs rolled. He harshly rejected Song Jiannan’s offer, then reached out his hand to take Song Qingluo’s white-jade-like hand.


Song Qingluo unconsciously avoided it.


Yet Song Zhi still held her sleeve, then walked out.


Song Qingluo clenched her teeth, didn’t say anything, and was pulled outside like a puppet.


. . .


. . .


“Have you remembered all of that?”


Wen Wan finally finished abowl of cooked chopped sheep entrails. He patted his belly while saying with an uttermost satisfaction.


On the other side, Bai Yuanxing slightly nodded his head.


These past few days, under Wen Wan’s force, Bai Yuanxing had been attentively observing the opponent’s situation from this small noodle stand. He didn’t have time to go cultivating. But no matter what Wen Wan  said, he immediately remembered it by heart, and recorded everything at sixes and sevens. The number of notebooks that he used to record had gone up to thirty four.


From what Bai Yuanxing saw, the majority of these news were useless, not to mention that the contents of these news were mostly duplicated.




Right now, he started to believe that Wen Wan really found an excuse to sunbathe here, not doing any planning-related stuff for the big affair.


“Should I go to General Wen or keep staying and making trouble?”


“If Marquis Ye knows, he might punish us, what are we going to do then?”


Bai Yuanxing’s heart was beating crazily inside.


He had hesitated for quite some time, before eventually having gathered his courage to give Wen Wan a little advice.


Right at this moment —


“What?” Wen Wan suddenly shouted out. His originally lazy eyes congealed, looking over the Genius Garden’s entrance.


Bai Yuanxing was lightly startled and followed Wen Wan’s eyes.


Several sleek-haired and creamy-faced young men had arrived at the Genius Garden’s entrance out of nowhere. Leading them was a monkey-like fellow, who looked really despicable, who turned to the guard who was the Crape Myrtle sect disciple, Zhong Dajun. He then beamed an obsequious smile as if he had wanted to compromise something.


“He is Du Gu plutocrat’s people.”


Bai Yuanxing could recognize that right away.


According to his observations for the past few days, the majority of people coming and getting out of here were the Genius Garden’s people. He was also aware of and  clearly remembered anyone, who had had any daring behaviors.


“The other person is a female. . .”


Bai Yuanxing’s eyes squinted. He had never met this girl before. At a first glance, she was around fourteen or fifteen years old. However, she was really beautiful, and looked like a legendary fairy in the mythologies. Her long green dress made her beauty even more captivating, which could blow people’s mind. Her body looked as if it was illuminating.


Despite his long time staying in the Youyan Pass, Bai Yuanxing had never seen such a beautiful girl like her.


Bai Yuanxing’s face immediately turned red after looking at her for a while. He hurriedly turned away.


“She must be from the outside. A freezing-cold place like the Youyan Pass couldn’t bring  up such a beautiful fairy-like girl like as her. . .” Bai Yuanxing thought to himself.


At this moment, Wen Wan patted Bai Yuanxing’s shoulder for several times.


“Do you see the girl in long green dress over there?” Wen Wan giggled then asked.


Bai Yuanxing puzzledly nodded his head.


“Isn’t she pretty?” Wen Wan asked again.


Bai Yuanxing was blushing.


“Ha ha, you are blushing. . . Ha ha ha, I might die from laughing.” Wen Wan hugged his belly while laughing out loud, then knowledgeably said, “Go, this is your chance to be close with a beautiful girl, get her here for me.”


“What?” Bai Yuanxing was extremely bewildered with his mouth wide opened.


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