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Chapter 260 - The Song Family's deterioration

“Master Wen, are you kidding?”


Sang Fusheng’s body was as straight as a blade.


“Who are joking with you. I have talked to General Liu earlier this morning. I have been appointed to go to the White Horse Tower. Right now, I am now part of [Patrolling Sword Envoy] Marquis Ye’s people, ha ha ha ha, do I look like I have time to relaxingly enjoy noodles?” Wen Wan swiped his whiskers, laughed excitedly then said, “Dang it, these days have really suffocated me. Military discipline after military discipline, military order after military order. I don’t dare to drink to relax. The slightest mistake, which possibly violates military regulations, could make me lose my head. This is absolutely not a place for humans to live.”


He drank up a bowl of hot organ soup, then relaxingly loosened his tendons and bones.


After making a loud noise, he ate another bowl. Wen Wan narrowed his eyes, and said in satisfaction, “You know what, after being transferred to the White Horse Tower, I have been sleeping till the sunrise, for several days consecutively. I wander around every day, do everything that I like. Live a so-called carefree life. Ha ha , ha ha, ha ha !”


Sang Fusheng couldn’t say anything.


“Hey, what do you think about coming to the White Horse Tower, ha ha, I and Marquis Ye will have a word for you to get you here.” Wen Wan winked and said.


“Marquis Ye is not a type of person who indulges his subordinates like this.” Sang Fusheng said with a serious face.


Wen Wan snickered.


“Maybe not, he doesn’t have to care about me, oa ha ha ha ha, it’s been six days since I was transferred to the White Horse Tower. I haven’t seen him once in these past six days. People said that he had gone into seclusion to cultivate. You see. How good is it to have such a superior like this. You don’t have to worry, he would suddenly appear in front of you. . . every day eating noodles then sleeping and sunbathing. What a happy life.”


Sang Fusheng’s face was heavily tanned.


He didn’t know what to say.


Wen Wan had a higher position than him. He and Liu Zongyuan had a close relationship with Ye Qingyu. Sang Fusheng obviously didn’t have a right to criticize.


Moreover, he knew better than Wen Wan. This vanguard camp was known as a crazy tiger. This was absolutely not a place for a lazy person who liked to idle around. General Liu had agreed to transfer him to the White Horse Tower. Then he must have had some hidden reasons behind this. He definitely wouldn’t have done this without thinking.


Sang Fusheng said few more words then turned around to leave.


“Haiz, such a wooden head, doesn’t know how to joke even a bit.” Wen Wan glared at Sang Fusheng’s back. The bowl of steaming hot organ soup in front of him was smashed. There were many hashed meat left in the bowl.


“Master sergeant, please don’t be hasty.” The man, who was originally shivering in fear, had lit up at this moment.


After knowing that Wen Wan was not a monster or a military officer from the vanguard camp, he felt relieved. His treatment also became more hospitable.


Wen Wan nodded his head then continued to eat.


After a while, Bai Yuanxing rushed in while panting, holding an inkwell, pen, and a notebook.


“Well, you are still here eating noodles?” Wen Wan pointed to the stool beside him, indicating for him to sit.


Bai Yuanxing shook his head, “I’ve already eaten.”


After he had done eating, Wen Wan wiped his mouth then said, “I speak, you jot down, carefully remember everything I say.”


Bai Yuanxing was puzzled. He sat down, opened the book, grinded ink, and then followed Wen Wan’s words, jotting down everything.


Wen Wan made him write down everything.  Since he entered the Genius Garden, names of the chambers of commerce, origins as well as the number of people in the Sect. Although Wen Wan didn’t know these things thoroughly, he still could be able to call out every single name of those young sect disciples. Meanwhile, Bai Yuanxing was carefully writing down everything.


“Ka Ka, even though De Qingyu has gone into seclusion to cultivate, I can’t idle either. I have to take note of everything in case we need it. Wait until Little Ye finishes his cultivation, I could have something to report, ha ha ha ha. . .” Wen Wan laughed with satisfaction.


Bai Yuanxing glanced at him.


Why do I always feel that this Master Wen only works half-heartedly?



Two people, one spoke, one wrote down. Half of hour passed by really quickly.


Far away.


At the Genius Garden’s entrance.


Several guards, who had appearances of the Jiang Hu people, were paying attention to those two faces of the two men, who were excitingly speaking and writing. One was a sturdy man with side-whiskers, who had been secretly hiding there for the past few days. He looked like he hadn’t come with good intentions.


Then a few guys came over.


“What are you two doing?” A leader of the Crape Myrtle sect disciples pointed at Wen Wan, solemnly asked.


This Crape Myrtle sect disciple’s strength couldn’t be underestimated. He was one of the leaders of the guarding force at the Genius Garden’s main entrance.


This time, the Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting, which was initiated by the ‘three sects and three schools’, was being hosted by the Crape Myrtle sect. It played an important role. Therefore, the Crape Myrtle sect didn’t dare to be reckless. More than ten days before it started, the Crape Myrtle sect had arranged the Genius Garden, and tightened the security. Any action of climbing trees or breaking the roof tiles to take a look was  totally restricted. This leader of the Crape Myrtle sect disciples had been spoiled. Hence, his behavior had been gradually getting arrogant and bossy.


“What the hell has this got to do with you?” Wen Wan couldn’t stand but glare at them and said, “Get out of here quickly, don’t block my sight.”


“You. . . must have eaten tiger liver and bear galls.” The Crepe Myrtle sect’s disciple outraged, “Don’t you know who I am? What are you two secretly writing down? You both dare to spy on a solemn ceremony of the ‘three sects and three schools’. . .”


“Crepe Myrtle sect, Zhong Dajun, is that you?” Wen Wan boldly asked back, “A small third generation disciple is a cock, who is valiant on his own dunghill. Do I look like I am scared of you? What if I am not scared to tell you that this old man is secretly watching you? Don’t you recognize it? You guys, a bunch of Jianghu people, are not anything good. I for sure have to monitor really well. I have to remember all of your names, every single one in the registry list. . . I am Wen Wan from the vanguard camp, the top golden thug in the White Horse Tower. Ye Qingyu has ordered me to come here, ha ha, aren’t you scared, if yes, then quickly leave!”


“You. . . I. . .” Zhong Dajun was irritated to the point that he almost spat out blood.


The other Sect Disciples around them suddenly went pale.


They didn’t wait for Zhong Dajun to  to say anything further, hurriedly pulled him away.


The present Ye Qingyu’s fierce reputation was like a thunder piercing ears of the disciples in the Sect. Ordinary disciples would have been chickened out when they heard of this name. Not to mention, the uncompromising face of Zhong Dajun, they didn’t dar to say anything else. But he actually really coordinated with his companions, he then directly left immediately…


A few days later, Wen Wan kept haughtily observing everyone, who came and left the Genius Garden.


No one dared to touch him.


Due to the Mad Tiger Wen’s existence, a small mobile noodle stand appeared. Every day, it would come to this place at a fixed time to sell over hundreds of bowls of noodles for him. This man couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Ye Qingyu didn’t show up even once over these past few days.


It was quite peaceful in the city.


Every day, there was a massive group of the chambers of commerce entering the Genius Garden. Apart from the big chambers of commerce which were occupying the Genius Garden, other small traders, who were qualified to enter the Genius Garden, also fished into troubled waters.


The Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting hadn’t officially begun yet. On the two main roads outside of the Genius Garden, small and big stands were growing more and more every day. Some chambers of commerce even built tents, which turned this place into a big grocery market. Many people came and left. There were numerous  bizarre goods. It was hard to distinguish between the fake and the real one, which just could only be done based on their personal experiences and luck.


. . .


“Father, can we enter the Genius Garden this time?”


Inside the inn room.


Song Qingluo inquired with a solemn face.


In front of the window, there stood a white-haired man. This middle-aged man’s face appeared exhausted. He sighed heavily after hearing that. He didn’t say anything for a while, then smiled painfully and finally spoke up, “Judging from our luck, if that young master Song is like what he has said, really skillful, maybe we really do have a chance. The Genius Garden [Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting] is perhaps the Qingluo Merchant Company’s last hope.”




Seeing the tired face of his father, Song Qingluo couldn’t help but feel like his heart had been ripped out.


In the past, the Qingluo Merchant Company was the biggest financial group of the Deer City. This was the most glorious time of the Qingluo Merchant Company. Unfortunately, these past six months, everything had completely changed. Due to the eruption of  Song Xiaojun’s dark bloodline, the Song family became the object of an investigation. Although after a careful investigation, the Qingluo Merchant Company didn’t have any relations, father and children from the Song family were all clean, they didn’t have any Dark bloodline, but the Qingluo Merchant Company business had still suffered from a huge damage.


Many old partners had hastily canceled theirt agreement and walked away.


The competitors had purposely spread a rumor, which said that the Demons had transformed into the Qingluo Merchant Company. Any residents, who had held grudges over the Demon Race, would be immediately punished by the Qingluo Merchant Company. The Qingluo Merchant Company’s business immediately went downhill without a break. The company store, which originally was crowded with horses and carriages, now could net sparrows at the door. They couldn’t even have possibly made a penny a day.


From the beginning, the City Lord Palace had biased the Qingluo Merchant Company, which was only natural.


After all, the Song Family had full-heartedly been doing business with them for many years. They had become the City Lord palace’s ally, which also had some certain benefits that was entailed with it.


But afterwards, the people said that Song Xiaojun had appeared the second time in the Youyan Pass and killed the Youyan Army’s Lu Zhaoge. This sensational news had shocked many people. Even the Deer City Lord and the four great military leaders didn’t dare to…have any relationship with the Song family and the Qingluo Merchant Company, cut all ties with them. . .


The Song family was totally abandoned.


Although Father Song had used every single possible methods and poured countless of money in, they still could not save the declining tendency.


The Song family was rapidly going downwards.


Servants scattered.


Their shops were sold.


Their business went bankrupt.


As a precious lady of the Qingluo Merchant Company, Song Qingluo was bullied and isolated by many people in the White Deer Academy because of her identity. She had been through indescribable hardships. In the end, the Song family also didn’t have enough financial resources to support her studies. Thus, Song Qingluo had to drop out from the White Deer Academy. She painfully gave up her martial arts cultivation path and then started to follow her father because of the decline of their family..


Her life was getting worse. Song Qingluo, who had used to be lively, was continually having nightmares.


She knew that her life wouldbe changed completely from this point onward.


She was no longer the classy young lady she used to be before. She didn’t have luck to become someone’s darling. She also couldn’t put on any random vulgar clothing or eat plain food. She had just saved twelve silver’s, and now had to support the family which was about to collapse.


A cruel destiny suddenly slammed  on her face.


Song Qingluo felt that she had unexpectedly fallen into an endless darkness, which didn’t have the slightest rays of light.


All of this was because of Song Xiaojun.




Maybe she should have, but  Song Qingluo couldn’t resent her.


Because she knew Song Xiaojun, her little sister, was a very poor kid.


At this moment, Father Songwas bringing Song Qingluo, the last hope of the Song family, to the Youyan Pass. Under the recommendation of an old friend, they were  able to enter the Genius Garden, which gave them chances to meet these great characters. Until that time, the Qingluo Merchant Company would have a small hope to survive.

However, could the Genius Garden easily get their old fame back?


All credits goes to John Fullmer, who has written this amazing piece.


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