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Chapter 259 - Three Thousand Zhang White Hair

Is it that quick?


Ye Qingyu was shocked.


They were able to prepare thirty Jins of Origin Crystal in such a short amount of time and then deliver it to the Youyan Pass with such an incredible speed. The Hundred Herb Hall’s force definitely couldn’t be underestimated.


Ye Qingyu was really excited.


With the Origin Crystal in his hand, he could immediately go secluded to cultivate.  Before the martial arts sovereign meeting, he needed to have a breakthrough. This was like giving a coat on a freezing-cold winter day. To Ye Qingyu, the Origin Crystal was way more effective than a Mysterious Heaven Pill.


“Senior Uncle, yesterday, a disciple  told Lin family about this matter. Lin family has agreed to take out ten more Jins (0.5 kg) of Origin Crystals as a small thank you gift for giving us the Pill Formula. However, after ten days, we are then able to deliver this amount of Origin Crystal.” Lin Qingyi was a little flustered and continued, “Originally, Lin family was about to gather twenty Jins of the remaining Origin Crystals. But because we are short of time, we can’t collect enough the required amount of Origin Crystals. Please excuse us.”


Ye Qingyu glanced over Lin Qingyi. He was also clear about his intentions.


It seems like this Lin Family is not a lamp with drained oil. These ten Jins of Origin Crystals has immediately narrowed the distance between us. It isn’t only to thank me for giving them the pill formula, but it was also because I havebecome sworn brothers with the Snow Country Pill God Du Gu Quan. The Lin family wants to be one step closer with Du Gu Quan, the one who leads all the Pill Skill Grandmasters in the Snow Country. That’s why they’ve made this decision.


“Alright, don’t be hasty,” Ye Qingyu nodded his head, said, “We’ll talk again when the time comes.”


Lin Qingyi rejoiced.


He obviously didn’t think Ye Qingyu couldn’t see through everything due to his young age. After seeing Ye Qingyu’s works these days, this young Marquis couldn’t be regarded as naive. Such a dumb guy wouldn’t have had the ability to  reach such a position like he did today.


However, right now, Senior Uncle Little Ye didn’t reject Lin family’s friendly offer. This clearly showed that he also didn’t have any bad impressions on the Lin family.


While they were talking, Mother Wu held half of a broom running inside,  and said in panic, “Master, there are two people wanting to meet you. I can’t stop them. Ying’er and Little Qi [1] have tried to block them but they can’t. . .”


[1] Qi means monkey in Chinese.


Ye Qingyu didn’t know whether he should  laugh or cry.


However, Mother Wu was clearly furious.


Even the evil knew of her reputation, the capable guarding lady of the White Horse Tower. Her broom had chased away countless great characters in the Youyan Pass. But today, a middle-aged scholar and a little schoolboy  unreasonably rushed in, and even cut her broom.


While he was speaking, there was a sound coming out.


“Brother Ye, you should tighten your defense.”


Ye Qingyu immediately laughed when he heard that, stood up and went outside to welcome.


At the entrance of the courtyard, Painting Saint Liu YuQing unwillingly reached out his hands. Li Ying and Li Ji were both holding tight onto his legs, which looked like two koalas hanging on the tree. Li Ying was quite disobedient. He even bit Liu YuQing’s leg. His throat sent out some little tiger’s roars. . .


Meanwhile, Xing’er was holding his belly laughing out loud.


As an important character in the Military council pavilion, a capable assistant to a Youyan military officer, he had never been in such an embarrassing situation like right now. He was turned into a laughing stock by these two little kids.


“Little Ying, Little Qi, quickly come here.”


Ye Qingyu really wanted to bury his face.


These days, many opportunists had come to seek for a chance to meet him. They were like a bunch of annoying flies. Not to mention, they came time after time, bringing all kinds of gifts along, together with their fake smiles. Ye Qingyu simply let Mother Wu use her broom to chase them away immediately without inquiring about their identities. This sassy lady of the White Horse Tower was truly hard to deal with. Once there was a man, who lied saying that he was Ye Qingyu’s friend, and he was instantly exempted from entering after encountering Mother Wu one or two times.


Today, Liu YuQing and his people also claimed to be Ye Qingyu’s friends. They immediately got hit by Mother Wu’s broom after greeting her.


Seeing Ye Qingyu’s expression right now, Mother Wu instantly knew that she had hit a true Buddha, thus she was shivering in fear. She dragged out a boy and a girl to apologize to Liu YuQing right away. A moment ago, this woman was still fearless. But at this moment, she was seriously regretful to the point that she wanted to choke these two small rabbits to death.


“Forget about it. It is not your fault if you don’t know.”


Liu YuQing was also being put in a dilemma; he obviously didn’t pay any attention to this and let it go.


On the other hand, Liu YuQing brought Xing’er inside and Ye Qingy curiously asked,  “Mister Liu is our rare visitor. What brings you here today?”


“Ahem, I of course have something to look for you.” Xing’er coldly harrumphed.


This little fellow was still holding a grudge over the matter that day when Ye Qingyu left the Pass Lord residence without saying goodbye.


Ye Qingyu pretended not to know anything and just welcomed him in.


In the meantime, Shopkeeper Sui certainly knew this Liu Yuqing from the Pass Lord residence was a newly  appointed character. In a blink of an eye, he and Lin Qingyi bowed to say goodbye.


Ye Qingyu didn’t stop and let Bai Yuanxing send his guests off on his behalf.


The Sun was shining warmly down the street when they went out of the White Horse Tower.


Lin Qingyi still didn’t figure out the identities of Liu Yuqing’s clique, he turned his head back to glance at the White Horse Tower and couldn’t help but ask, “The middle-aged scholar, who has just come, is. . .”


Shopkeeper Sui answered in a low voice, “He is the new appointee of the Youyan Pass. Rumor has it that he is the number one character in the War God Lu’s Pass Lord residence Military council pavilion. He is known as the Painting Saint and is an extremely wise man. Many people said that it had been a while since the War God Lu was involved in the Youyan Pass’s matter. Mister Liu’s background is not simple. I heard that small schoolboy beside him could freely enter the War God Lu’s Pass Lord residence. He can meet the War God Lu at any time. He might receive some little favors.”


Lin Qingyi was in a daze.


He discovered that he, himself, had underestimated Senior Uncle Little Ye.


Such a powerful character like the middle-aged scholar, Mister Liu was willing to let two kids cling to him in the White Horse Tower. Clearly, it was not because he had a good temper that didn’t say anything after getting hit. It was because of their Senior Uncle Little Ye.


If that was the case, then was the relationship of Senior Uncle Little Ye and the War God Lu not abnormal?


This young Pill Skill Genius rubbed his face. He had been receiving a lot of lucks ever since he came to the Youyan Pass. This was without a doubt a right choice for him.


At the beginning, he was just curious about the Mysterious Heaven Pill. On the way coming out to get some relaxations, leaving the oddly stormy imperial capital, he didn’t expect that he would have had such luck. His fate and the entire Lin family’s destiny could also now be changed.


. . .


In the White Horse Tower:


The host and visitors sat down.


After apologizing, Mother Wu hurriedly brought up a platter of tea and cake.


“I heard that Brother Ye had also received Li Qiushui – Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting’s invitation?” Liu Yuqing took a sip of tea and complimented the tea then asked,


Ye Qingyu nodded his head and said, “He indeed came.”


“Are you planning to go or not?’


Ye Qingyu laughed out loud then continued, “I will definitely go. I happen to want to meet those so-called Martial arts Geniuses.”


Liu Yuqing’s face told that he had soon known this would happen. He smiled brightly then said, “However, Marquis Ye, your doings lately have offended the Sect. As far as I know, there are many powerhouses, who are really discontented with you. I am afraid there might be a storm till that time.”


Ye Qingyu smiled and said, “Alright, if Mister Liu says so, I won’t go.”


Liu Yuqing almost spat out the tea in his mouth.


How can he play like this?


“Ahem, coward.”  Xing’er on the other side groaned.


Ye Qingyu glared at that little schoolboy.


“This is not Marquis Ye’s usual style.” Liu Yuqing put down his tea, smiled and said,


“Mister Liu’s words must mean something else. Just tell me frankly.” Ye Qingyu snickered.


Liu Yuqing wanted to beat around the bush a little more but seeing Ye Qingyu’s eyes of certainty looking at him. He then smiled and said, “This time is not me. But Xing’er, Xing’er has something to say to you. Let me give the two of you some space to talk.”


Oh please?


Ye Qingyu didn’t think it would have been like this, he turned back to look at Xing’er.


The pupils of Xing’er lit up a rare embarrassing look then he pretended as if  nothing happened, puffed out his chest, and furiously said, “I originally wanted to help but you had ignored me that day. . .”


This is really annoying.


The timing between theses two matters is basically not right.


Ye Qingyu was  silently cursing inside.


“Alright, I did have other urgent stuffs on that day. . .” Ye Qingyu disguise a sincrerely apologetic look.


Xing’er immediately felt satisfied, nodded his head and said, “Fine, a great man like me doesn’t mind a little brat like you. . .” After finishing these words, he took out a jewelry box, which was a white jade and platinized box with a Taotie pattern on it. He carefully handed it over, then continued saying, “This stuff, I have borrowed it for you. With it, people from ‘three sects and three schools’ can’t touch you. However, do not use it when it’s not necessary. Remember to return it to me when you use it up.”


“What is this?”


Ye Qingyu was curious when he saw Xing’er being cautious like this and he said, “What is this . .”


He opened the jewelry box.


There was nothing inside.


Ye Qingyu lifted his head up to look at Xing’er, are you kidding me?


Xing’er gave him a disdainful look.


Ye Qingyu lowered his head to look again. . . What, what is this?


In the bottom of the Taotie-pattern jade box, there was a tiny strand of white hair, which was not over half of a ruler. It was stilly placed inside. Is this perhaps the stuff Xing’er is talking about?


Ye Qingyu looked closely.


This was basically just a strand of white hair.


He was about to say something, but his expressionsimmediately changed dramatically. Somehow this strand of hair projected an eccentric energy.


Xing’er lauged out loud and waved his hand. Then that strand of white hair floated out, fell into his palm, and became longer against the wind. In an instant, it was like an endless thread of silk, entangling around Xing’er’s hand, loop by loop, which created a white glow around his hand.


An eccentric energy, which was some kind of an extremely unbeatable aura, was partly visible on Xing’er’s hand.


Even so, Ye Qingyu could beable to feel the terrifyingly enormous explosive power hidden in it as well.


In a blink of an eye, this kind of strange delusion in Xing’er’s hand had turned into the God’s right hand, which was capable of controlling everything.


“Ka ka, it is the Three Thousand Zhang (3,3 m) White Hair. It is the top Dao Tool, which belongs to a Bitter Sea stage’s powerhouse. One of its strikes can kill anything right away.”


Xing’er arrogantly lifted his hand up. A group of silvery threads glowed, he said with an extreme confidence.


Ye Qingyu’s mouth dropped. He nodded his head.


“Oh please. . . It is not right, Xing’er. You wouldn’t actually have only Martial Arts, but also such a competency.” Ye Qingyu shockingly said.


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  1. I don’t agree with potter being so blunt, but there are a few spelling errors, quite a few grammatical errors and the occasional issues with mixed up names and poorly worded titles and technique names (youyan the greatest ye). Reviewing the old translations and getting a good proofreader should fix all of that. Most of the blame has to do with how different English is from Asian languages. Most people don’t understand how difficult it is to first translate the work then rearrange the sentence structure, remove unnecessary words, add other words, explain certain idioms, jokes, history, etc. Much of what makes certain novels great is how well the translator polishes up the work to make it flow well in English. Rainbow Turtle used to translate the Korean novel Ark and its sequel Ark the Legend. When she dropped it, the new translator was ridiculed for how poor the new translations appeared. He had to explain how blunt Koran was and how much work it took to make the translations sound right in English. I thank you for all of your hard work, I just hope that you can get someone to check for error and polish up the grammar. Again, it would be best if they read the previous translations for inspiration.

  2. I do appreciate that you’re translating this, and at a good speed, but you desperately need someone fluent in English to help you, it’s clear that your English skills are very poor.

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    You keep using “the Sect” to refer to all the sects collectively, which again doesn’t make sense. In most cases just changing “the Sect” with “the sects” works well enough as a fix, but in some places you need to rephrase the sentence entirely for it to make sense. Also, I have no idea why you capitalise Sect when using it as a general term, but don’t capitalise it when it’s actually part of a proper name (like “Crepe Myrtle sect”).

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