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Chapter 257 - Sky-soaring Fighting Intent

After sending off Senior Uncle Little Ye, Lin Qingyi went back to the attic hall.


Du Gu Quan was like a stone, sitting still besides the table. His eyes were glued to the table top. His body was pulling off a crazy posture. He didn’t even blink once, but was motionless like a statue.


Lin Qingyi didn’t dare to disturb his Teacher.


He curiously looked at the table.


On the smooth ironwood tabletop, there was nothing, it was completely clean without any trace.


The wine on the table had turned warm. The dishes had lost its scents.


“Senior Uncle Little Ye has left, what makes teacher become like this?”


Lin Qingyi’s heart was like a little cat, which wanted to scratch its itchy spots.


Lin Qingyi had seen this appearance of his honorable teacher once.


That was when he and one Pill Skills grandmaster discussed with each other. In a split of a second, he turned into a statue right after figured out the insights of an ancient pill formula. This lasted for a time of a burned incense stick. . . Perhaps, was what Teacher and Senior Uncle Little Ye had said the deep meaning of Pill Skills?


Lin Qingyi thought to himself. He didn’t dare to disturb Du Gu Quan.


He closed the door, respectfully guarded outside, and didn’t let anyone disturb Du Gu Quan


. . .


. . .


QiuShi Chamber.


This was the temporary accommodation of the Crepe Myrtle sect.


The door of the highest floor opened.


A young man in white clothes silently sat in the center. There was a white jade cushion and a jade silk outfit. The moon shone on his eyebrows, which were as long as blades, on the beautiful face of the young man. Its glory had made people shrink. The handsome appearance of this young man looked like a shining moon, which was outstanding and magnificent.


There was a long saber, which looked like water flowing, hanging above his head.


That was QiuShi’s Long Saber.


The young man with the eyebrows, which were as long as blade, was the young leader of the Crape Myrtle sect, Li Qiushui.


This man was considered the most handsome man in thousands of years in the Crape Myrtle sect, was also known as a remarkable martial arts talent in hundreds of years in the Crape Myrtle sect.


The blade aura, which was gentle like limpid autumn waters, hovered around his body. It was fearfully dense, yet looked like mist. On the other hand, there was a sound which was like limpid autumn waters flowing, which were as wonderful as the singing voice of an elf. He was like being washing away all the fine dust from the mortal world, became refined, turning into a creature that was completely different from a mortal one.


As his chest beat wildly, a dense white blade aura that erupted out from his mouth became thicker and thicker.


The moonlight was brightening. The quintessence from the moon illumination also got forged into that dense blade aura.


The top of the QiuShi Long Saber gradually became blurrier along the saber’s body, which was like water was flowing in it.


Time passed by.


Ten fingers of Li Qiushui shivered intensely. The illusionary fingerprints on the spots were like illusionary silver Snow Lotus flowers. Every time he transformed the fingerprint, the top of the QiuShi Long Saber somehow became blurrier.


“Blade aura is endless, long saber is like water. . . End!”


A light yell came up.


A fingerprint was left behind.


Li Qiushui opened his eyes.


The top of QiuShi Long Saber finally became completely blurry then disappeared.


The endless Blade aura hovering around his body started to move. A genuine saber sound came out. A flaringly silver light flowed around five jade-like fingers of Li QiuShi. It was like a flexible small snake, wriggling around.


“It finally succeeds.”


Li Qiushui slowly stood up.


The silver halo in his hand suddenly moved slightly, turned in a long saber. The blade aura became weary. The blade body was limpid. That was the appearance of the QiuShi Long Saber. Under the influence of his mind’s transformation, the saber constantly changed accordingly. It was short then became long. It was hard then got soft. Sometimes there was as if flowing water grabbed around its body, sometimes it changed into an armor. It was like a living creature that changed according to the mood. . .


“QiuShi Long Saber has accomplished a big success. I’ve finally caught up the martial arts sovereign meeting. . . With this long saber in my hand, I can have the whole world.”


There was an intensely confident aura shooting out from Li QiuShi’s eyes.


“Three Sects and Three Schools, Snow Country army, haha, let’s have a match to define the high and the low.”


The QiuShi Long Saber was suck into his mouth densely.


With the moon shining, this handsome man in white was imposing like a demon.


. . .


. . .


The Dragon Tiger Tavern.


This was the temporary base of the Dragon Tiger sect’s disciples.


Tiger Saint Zhao Shanhe had big and bushy eyes. His body was sturdy like any young man. But his appearance was peculiar since he was born. His four limbs were exceptionally huge. His fingers were extremely big. There were four wrinkles on his forehead. There were three vertical lines on his face, which made his appearance unforgettable for anyone seeing him at the first time.


It was said that when he was born, his parents thought he was a monster, almost got him drowned to kill him. Afterwards, they reluctantly brought him up. The wrinkles on his forehead became clearer and clearer since then. Due to the fact that his appearance was completely different from an ordinary person, he was bullied a lot since he was little. His personality became bizarre as he had gone through countless sufferings.


When Zhao Shanhe turned ten, a Tiger Sect Leader from the Dragon Tiger Sect had accidentally discovered Zhao Shanhe while he was on his way traveling. He immediately startled, assumed that this little boy was the reincarnation of the Tiger God from the ancient time. He took him as a disciple right away, and put all his heart into training him.


The truth had proved that Zhao Shanhe truly had innate cultivation talent.


However, with his ten-year cultivation in the Tiger Sect, he had soared high, brought the tiger sect masterpiece Tiger Silver Moon Roar Scripture cultivation to level ten, half-stepped into the Bitter Sea stage. He became one of the young generation in the Snow Country, an outstanding talent.


At this moment, Zhao Shanhe was sitting cross-legged on the bed.


Two young beautiful women of the Tiger Sect, one on the left, one on the right, wore exposing-clothes, revealing their shoulders. They were carrying good wine and fruit, charmingly feeding him.


Zhao Shanhe rubbed his hands against these two female disciples’ fleshes. His eyes squinted, but they didn’t have any desirable flame.


In the opposite of the bed, there were two wooden boards hanging on the snow-white wall.


The one on the left had Ye Qingyu’s name.


On the wooden board on the right, there was Liu Suifeng’s name written on it.


“One situation’s is unknown, another is a muscular jackal, who dare to ruin this tiger king’s matter.”


Zhao Shanhe’s eyes were dreary, which was like a fierce tiger on its way down to forest to hunt, making other people shiver in fear.


“Lu Zhaoge is dead. The person will be in charge of this Youyan Pass is still uncertain. The Butcher of Youyan for sure has some powerful influence behind. They definitely lose their power someday. I need to wait a little more, but this Ye Qingyu. . .” He drew a line in his palm. The wooden board, which had Ye Qingyu’s name written on it, fell into his hand, “I need to find this ant first. Even if I don’t kill you, I will truly make you lose all standing and reputation, shatter your martial arts will!”




The wooden board turned to fine dust.


. . .


. . .


The night was getting darker.


The Moonlight was like blade.


Thirty li (0.5km) to the north Youyan Pass.


The weather became more shivering cold like those severely cold winter days when getting closer to the area of the Explosive Snow glacier.


Three feet of the great brass cauldron disappeared into the black clouds.


The holy child of the Deer cauldron sect, Wang YiFeng, sat cross-legged on the brass cauldron below. His long black hair hanging loose looked like a black waterfall on the horizon, which covered his entire body in it. A strange aura along with night breeze concealed his face.


The great brass cauldron was twirling around silently.


The rune engraved on it  twinkled. An angelic bell sound, which was like the sound from a circulation of Great Dao, came up. The golden light was flashing on and off erratically.


On the top of the twirling cauldron, a dark glow sparked, which was a heaven cauldron. An oddly huge power flowed out from the cauldron’s mouth, swiped thousand meters  across the void , tore the sky full of star light spirit energy, constantly twirling and shrinking into the great brass cauldron.


Every time the great cauldron moved, Wang YiFeng’s chest fluctuated.


As time passed by, the aura around him was getting stronger and stronger, became more majestic.


Using the cauldron as a vital energy to absorb the core power of the Heaven and Earth was the cultivation method of Deer Cauldron sect.


Wang YiFeng was the holy child of the Deer Cauldron Sect, whose cultivation was the most brilliant mantra. That great brass cauldron was a rare Dao tool, which was extremely formidable. He had sacrificed his own vital energy to cultivate it. When cultivating, he would be forged into one with the great cauldron, which made his cultivation speed became tremendously fast, way surpassed the one of a normal person.


Time flied.


Dark clouds had dissolved.


There was a terrifying star light shot straight down from a deep blue sky, shining like a daytime in a range of more than li (0.5 km). Wang YiFeng was in the center of the gloomy star light pillar.  The great brass cauldron, which was also under the illumination of the star light, suddenly released endless, covering Wang YiFeng inside.


Stars joined together, which formed into a big star.


This was the sign indicating a phenomenon of a Deer Cauldron’s breakthrough.


The holy child of the Deer cauldron sect broke through once again.


Under the baptism of star light, his body somewhat became transparent, didn’t have any color. His flesh was like jade, which somewhat looked like a newborn.


. . .


. . .


At the White Horse Tower.


Ye Qingyu was a little startled when looking at the sky far away.


The night sky with big star suddenly had a phenomenon. The star light appeared to be like a pillar shooting through the night sky. One could be able to see even standing far away.


In an instant, Ye Qingyu could feel a powerful energy aura.


There was a powerhouse breaking through!


A new powerhouse was born.


One was called a powerhouse only after entering the Bitter Sea stage.


The one under that  Bitter Sea stage could only be seen as a normal powerhouse. Although they were the powerhouses from the Bitter Sea stage, they couldn’t be acknowledged as a top powerhouse.


In other word, that intense energy light pillar represented for the birth of a Bitter Sea stage powerhouse.


There were numerous thoughts appearing in Ye Qingyu’s head. Judging from the distance, that must be outside of the Youyan Pass. If this was the case, then it was not a newborn  Bitter Sea stage powerhouse from the army. Not to mention, that star light was really wide, the light was tranquil, it didn’t have any Demonic energy. This was naturally not a breakthrough from a Demon Race’s powerhouse. Considering carefully, this must be a breakthrough of a character from the Sect.


“A moment ago, from the Crepe Myrtle sect’s base, there is an extremely powerful energy transmitting through. This is clearly a breakthrough from the Crepe Myrtle sect. At this moment, a gloomy cloud pillar is born. . . Today is definite n

ot going to be peaceful night. There are so many people constantly breaking though. Not to mention, they are the Sect people.”


Ye Qingyu was terrified inside.


Sect didn’t live up to its name as a holy land, which had inherited thousand year martial arts. There were countless talents from the Sect and sensational generation.


I’ve killed so many people. However, they are just some small prawns, not any Sect elites. Even Yu Baimei is barely considered to be in the mid position inside the Sect. Although he looks very powerful, in fact, he hasn’t officially confronted any geniuses inside the Sect.


Ye Qingyu’s mind was on guard. He couldn’t stand the fighting energy that was clashing on the sky anymore.


Only the collision between geniuses could produce such fire sparks like this.


“I’ll show you the fact that a martial arts master is not any less different than a sect. As compared to finding a person-in-charge-of Sect, a wealthy and splendid empire can have more power to protect the Heaven Wasteland Domain Human Race.”


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