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Chapter 256 - Six Ancient Chinese Characters



Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui were dumbstruck.


Become sworn brothers?


Sworn brothers?


What kind of joke is this old man cracking. What is he saying?!.


Especially Lin Qingyi, if Ye Qingyu really becomes sworn brothers with my teacher, then my position will get a huge downgrade and another Senior Uncle without any reasons. Not to mention, he is younger, which drives me crazily up the wall even more. How will others think of me later on?


However, in a split of a second, he somewhat figured out what the respect his honorable teacher had for Ye Qingyu was all about.


There must be something behind this.


Have I perhaps, had missed out on something?

Lin Qingyi thought inside.


On the other side.


Ye Qingyu was slightly startled when he heard this. However, he didn’t hastily decline, instead, he thought carefully for a while, then nodded his head and said, “Well, Big Brother, please receive one bow from Little Brother, Ye Qingyu.”


Du Gu Quan jumped out of excitement.


At this moment, his childish personality had really worked wonderfully.


“Ha ha ha, great, this is really great, this makes me like you even more Little Ye, you don’t have that ludicrous personality,” Du Gu  Quan laughed out loud, took Ye Qingyu’s bow, then grasped Ye Quingyu’s wrist and said, “You and I have become sworn brothers. No need for any unnecessary ceremony. One word is gold, uproots into ground. This old man is several years older. From now on, Little Ye let me be your big brother.”


“Big brother Du Gu.” Ye Qingyu smiled brightly.


This sworn brotherhood was absolutely beyond Ye Qingyu’s expectation.


To such a prestigious existence like this in the Snow Country, countless people wanted to have a relationship with him. Taking Lin Qingyi as an example, after he had become his disciple, he got to be the highest Pill Master in the Hundred Herb Hall. His status was extremely honorable. This could show how prestigious the status of Du Gu Quan was in the Snow Country.


This certainly was also one of Ye Qingyu’s consideration when he agreed to be sworn brothers.


Song Xiaojun’s matter eventually became a thorn. He didn’t know how it would evolve afterward. But there was one thing he was sure that if he wanted to protect Song Xiaojun, he had to increase his powers insanely. Broadening his network was another thing. No matter what happened, he had to have other plans to maximize the probability of success.


Of course, except for that, Du Gu Quan’s sincerity and his passion for Pill Skills had also left a good impression on Ye Qingyu.


Apart from the fact thatone third of the pills were the Pill Mantra from the outside, the majority of Ye Qingyu’s refining Pill Skills was from the Cloud top cauldron, which was engraved by 108 ancient letters from the Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron. Ye Qingyu had comprehended the first six ancient letters in it, which could help him one hundred percent to succeed in refining the Mysterious Heaven Pill. So, how miraculous could the 108 ancient letters have been? Thus made it exactly like a Pill Skill dictionary.

If Ye Qingyu didn’t have a passion for Pill Skills, that Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron in his hands wouldn’t be able to unleash its mighty power.


As the same way, if this meritorious secret art fell into the right person, it would be able to display its true glory.


After all, this was the heart and sweat of the Human race’s ancestors, which made the Human Race survive and prolong their wealth in this cruel world with a jungle of the Alien Race. If it was buried in oblivion because of one’s selfishness, then it would really be a pity.


Aside from Ye Qingyu, Du Gu Quan was absolutely the most perfect candidate.


However, Ye Qingyu wouldn’t hand out all the Pill Skill cultivation techniques. He obviously kept some great parts behind.


With the Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron in hand, being sworn brothers with Du Gu Quan wouldn’t count as taking away Ye Qingyu’s advantage.


“I am Disciple Lin Qingyi, please receive my most sincere greetings, Senior Uncle Ye.” Although Lin Qingyi still felt little discontent at heart, he couldn’t forget the courtesy. He hurriedly fixed his posture, and bowed to Ye Qingyu.


“No need to be overly courteous, Qingy,” Ye Qingyu wasn’t ceremonious as well, calmly lowered his head, took out from an Inter-dimensional Pouch a silk paper, giving out with an Inner Yuan and said, “Take it as a present to celebrate our meeting.”


Lin Qingyi skeptically took the silk paper and scanned it. He was then immediately terrified.


“This is. . . this is too precious. I don’t dare to take it.” Lin Qingyi hurriedly gave the silk paper back.


On the silk paper, there were tiny written words which regarded the Mysterious Heavan Pill’s formula.


What Ye Qingyu had done really frightened other people.


Before, according to their negotiation, the value of this folk remedy was priced at fifty jin’s of Origin Crystal.


This gift was way too precious.


“Aren’t Qingyi perhaps pleased with this gift?” Ye Qingyu laughed then continued,‘ “I just give this folk remedy only to you. Only you know is enough. As for the Hundred Herb Hall, if they want to obtain this folk remedy, I am afraid they might need to shred some fleshes.”


“Alright alright, Qingyi, don’t hesitate, just take it. I am sure you know what the meaning of this Pill Formula is. If it is used in the right way, you and your family will gain a life-long profit,” Du Gu Quan waved his hand negligently, then turned to Shopkeeper Sui and said, “You go back and tell Sui Wenxiang, if he also wants the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s formula, send here fifty jin’s of Origin Crystal. If my little brother Ye opened his mouth, there is no room for bargaining. Sui Wenxiang’s business has been quite good these years, shredding some fleshes would be no problem for him.”


How could Shopkeeper Sui dare to say anything more?


The Hundred Herd Hall was truly the biggest Pill Herb World for trading in the Snow country, not to mention its connection with the Emperor and the army, which made it a supreme influence.


However facing such an existence of the Snow Country Pill God like this, judging from the natural supply-demand relation, the Hundred Herd Hall was absolutely on the upper hand.


Because Du Gu Quan didn’t only represent the Snow Country Imperial Serving Organization, but he also had close relationships with other Medicinal-Pill Spirit-Herb sect Masters, which was a huge group.


Moreover, what more important was that the reason the Hundred Herb Hall could have a smooth development like this was due to the secret support from Du Gu Quan and his people.


Ye Qingyu waved his hands when he  heard that, continued saying, “Big brother Du Gu, don’t make difficulties for the Hundred Herb Hall. Before I offered the price of fifty Jin’s of Origin Crystal. But now one pill formula is sold for two. Let’s do it like this. I just take thirty Jin’s of the Origin Crystal from the Hundred Herb Hall. As for the distribution of the Pill formula’s benefit, Qingyi and the Hundred Herb Hall, please negotiate it yourselves. I won’t inquire about that.”


“How can it be like this?”


Du Gu Quan rolled his eyes.


This Sworn Brother was into his role really quickly. He had already put himself in his sworn little brother’s shoes to think. He was scared that others might have plundered Ye Qingyu.


“Let’s do it like this. I’ll take Big Brother’s good intention. But I am afraid that the Hundred Herb Hall and I will have more chances to cooperate in the future. I also don’t want to ruthlessly rip you off.” Ye Qingyu smiled and said.


Du Gu Quan lowered his head and thought for a short moment, then said, “This is good though. . . Being able to hear this from Little Brother is enough.”


On the other side, Shopkeeper Sui was hurriedly jotting down, his face smiled shamelessly, which blossomed like a daisy.


Thirty Jin’s or Fiifty Jin’s of Origin Crystal was not much of a big difference to him. He was just from the smallest branch in the huge Hundred Herb Hall family. He had risked his life for many years to get to the position of the Youyan Pass Hundred Herb Hall shopkeeper. What was more important to him was that through this time matter he could have a better position.


As the first person to have discovered the Mysterious Heaven Pill, as the man who had witnessed Du Gu Quan and Ye Qingyu become sworn brothers, as the person who attended the discussion about the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s formula, Shopkeeper Sui knew very well that as long as he held on tight to Ye Qingyu’s thigh, that promotion would be very quickly in his reach. The other people in the Sui family wouldn’t dare to shake his position.


Then again, Lin Qingyi was extremely excited.


Ye Qingyu had really gifted him a humongous present.


The Mysterious Heaven Pill was a strategic Medicine Pill. Its value was indescribable. Its following benefits were also endless. He didn’t only gain a huge fortune, but his position in the entire Snow Country also increased tremendously. This was absolutely an extremely enormous breakthrough for him after the long and boring days following his teacher to cultivate.


His status in the family would rise high with the river tide.


The conversation in the secret room soon came to an end.


They had tea after that.


Shopkeeper Sui ordered people to prepare a feast. Du Gu Quan and Ye Qingyu both sat in the highest positions in the Hundred Herd Hall, drank wine, exchanged their knowledge about the Pill Skills– obviously, most of the time was the Snow Country Pill God – Du Gu Quan constantly forced Ye Qingyu to tell him about the benefit of the Medicine Pill as well as other good types of refining pill skills. He had determined to be a Big Brother of Ye Qingyu. He definitely had to get some instructions from Ye Qingyu about the directions of the Pill Skill Great Path.


This also made Ye Qingyu happy.


His Pill Skills could reach to the God level, to the extreme. He then was able to wander around the world, and be a champion everywhere.


Being able to get some experiences from such an honorable teacher like Du Gu Quan was naturally exactly what he had been looking for. Although Ye Qingyu didn’t lie in these Pill Skills, he didn’t reject the idea of getting the deep insight in this aspect.


Lin Qingyi and Shopkeeper Sui, one was carrying the wine pit, one was carrying wine cups, standing beside them to pour wine and serve.


This was a one in the million opportunity that Du Gu Quan had casually spilled out some insights about the Pill Skills, which were all the things those two had been guessing all these times. Especially Shopkeeper Sui, even in his dreams, he didn’t imagine that he would get a chance like this. He was being so emotional that his hands were shaking to the point that his cup amost slid out of his hands.


Time flew really quickly.


In a short time, the moon had come up.


Ye Qingyu saw that the time was getting late. After finishing the wine in his cup, he said, “Big Brother Du Gu, today I also have other important matters. I am afraid that I have to return to deal with it.”


Du Gu Quan wasn’t very pleased with it, but he still nodded his head and said, “This is good too. For my time being in the Youyan Pass, we will have other opportunities.”


Ye Qingyu nodded his head, then looked at both Shopkeeper Sui and Lin Qingyi, who were standing still, without saying anything.


Shopkeeper Sui was quick-witted. He immediately bowed to say goodbye when seeing this situation and said, “I suddenly remember that I still have other matters to deal with. I may leave first.”


Lin Qingyi was startled. He immediately understood. Although he didn’t want to miss, he still excused himself to leave in the end.


“Little Brother Ye, this  is . .” Du Gu Quan was a little surprised.


Ye Qingyu laughed, he dipped his finger in the wine pot, lifted his fingers to the table, and slowly drew.


Really quickly, an ancient character like a painting appeared on the table.


Du Gu Quan was skeptical at first. But soon after Ye Qingyu had finished his writing, his face immediately turned shocked. His eyes were gazing at the pattern on the table. His body was as if it had turned into stone. Despite his high position and the fact that he had been thoughcountless ups and downs, at this moment, his breathing became fast and heavy.


“This is. . .”


Du Gu Quan yelled out in shock.


The pattern on the table in other people’s eyes could just be an ugly doodle from a child. But to Du Gu Quan, he could recognize that it was the technique trajectory diagram of the Pill Skills.


Ye Qingyu’s face was indifferent. He dipped his finger into the wine pot and continued drawing.


In one time, all the six ancient Chinese characters were drawn out.


When he finished all of the six ancient characters, the first two characters had been completely dry.


Du Gu Quan as if froze like a block of ice, staring attentively at the table, and didn’t move an inch.


Ye Qingyu could tell that Du Gu Quan had clearly got a glimpse of the insight. With his Snow Country Pill God Refining skills, he definitely could see more things.


Ye Qingyu didn’t disturb him, stood up and directly left.


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