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Chapter 255 - Become Sworn Brothers

The white hood was removed.


Ye Qingyu exposed his appearance.


He had a handsome face with a faint smile, a decent manner like jade with a dignified aura., He looked like a dragon in a shape of a human.


“Youyan the Greatest Ye Ye Ye. . . Marquis Ye?”


Shopkeeper Sui was dumbstruck. He stuttered to call out.


He had never imagined that the mysterious master refining the Mysterious Heaven Pill was the most mentioned man lately in the Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu. If think back the time when Ye Qingyu had went to the Hundred Herb Hall to talk about the pill, everything seemed very natural.


“Marquis Ye?” Lin Qingyi vaguely figured out as well and unbelievably asked, “You you you you, are,. . . Youyan The Greatest Ye Qingyu?”


He still didn’t say anything.


One was Ye Ye Ye Ye, one was you you you you. Both of them were stuttering.


They were obviously in great shock.


Honestly speaking, the shock in Lin Qingyi’s heart was not any less than Shopkeeper Sui’s.


Lately, Lin Qingyi had wandered to many places in the Youyan Pass while waiting. He had met various friends from the army and the Sect. These past few days, he had heard countless myths about Youyan the Greatest – Ye Qingyu to the point that his ears were almost burned.


Although there were a lot of comments, Lin Qingyi naturally had his own judgment.


From his view, this Youyan the Greatest Ye’s way to handle things was too impulsive, extremely decisive. He didn’t mind any principles. His martial arts heart was as firm as stone. This was definitely a remarkable character. Not to mention at the young age, if he didn’t die young, he would have become a second Lu Zhaoge when he grew up.


Being too extreme could only result in loss. Ye Qingyu had offended so many people like this, his days would be exceedingly difficult.


Not to mention, offending Sect’s people would only got an extremely tragic outcome.


The Sect’s actions were surreptitious. The army definitely couldn’t protect Ye Qingyu.


In brief, Lin Qingyi was not very optimistic about Ye Qingyu’s future.


Using too many forces couldn’t solve anything.


Only an invincible force could change a person’s heart.


And obviously, Ye Qingyu’s force was way too far from reaching the invincible level.


In this infinite time, was there anyone who could achieve this invincible level?


Even though it was Lu Zhaoge, he had also gone through a severe injury.


Lin Qingyi had never thought that Ye Qingyu was not only a new talent that he had been very pleased but also a Pill-Refining Grandmaster.


Just simply by the look of the respect from this honorable teacher for this young man, one could figure out that the Mysterious Heaven Pill doesn’t only have a sensational effect but the technique to refine it is also superb. The fact that Ye Qingyu is able to complete refining this medicine shows that his Pill Skills in terms of refinement have far surpassed mine.


He looked at the young man who was smiling with an outstanding aura. He couldn’t help but want to shout out, is this guy possibly an evil?


How can he manage to cultivate martial arts at the same time with refining pills?


Not to mention he is that young?


Lin Qingyi was always proud of his youthful look, which looked young for his age. Right now, he was actually over forty years old. Thanks to his profound Martial Arts, he was able to refine a beauty anti-aging Medicine Pill. Therefore, he just looked like he was nineteen or twenty years old.


On the other side.


Du Gu Quan obviously hadn’t heard about the legends of Ye Qingyu before.


As a chief Pill Master of the [Imperial Serving Organization], he was really passionate about his Pill Skills. He rarely paid any attention to Empire army’s situation. These days when he came to the Youyan Pass, except for the Mysterious Heaven Pill, due to other matters, he was left with a great shock by the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s refining technique for the past two days in the Youyan Pass. The more he dug into it, the more bewildered he felt and the more respect he had for the pill maker.


With Du Gu Quan’s experience, he could be immediately clear about this handsome man in white by judging from the reactions of Shopkeeper Sui and Lin Qingyi. He was afraid that this young man might also have had an amazing identity and status behind him.


He is indeed an outstandingly talented young man!


Du Gu Quan laughed out loud then said, “Seems like little brother has revealed his identity, Qingyi, tell me more about him.”


Lin Qingyi didn’t dare to be disrespectful, hurriedly bowed and told every detail about Ye Qingyu’s identity at once…


After hearing his story, Du Gu Quan’s pupils lit up. He constantly complimented, “The youngest meritorious Marquis in the Empire, Little Brother Ye, you really surprise me. It might sound like I am blowing my own trumpet. Ever since I started to find disciples, I’ve seen countless young men with outstanding abilities. But such a talent like you, little brother, this is the first time that I’ve ever met… ha, ha, good job, Yuqing Ye. If reverse, it will be Ye Qingyu. A really good name.”


Ye Qingyu was flattered ecstatically.


As a Demon King Ye, his pride was definitely bigger than an ordinary person’s.


He obviously didn’t show it out right away. He just laughed out loud satisfactorily


Then the Demon King Ye stood up, was still extremely modest, said, “Senior, you are really praising the wrong person.”


“Wrong! I feel more regretful for you, Little Brother.” Du Gu Quan changed the topic, he shook his head then said, “Oh, then what do you mean, senior?” Ye Qingyu smilingly asked.


Du Gu Quan was somewhat serious and said, “With your Pill refining skills, little brother, your future is limitless. Even I, myself, feel inferior to you. However, if you keep staying in the Youyan Army to fight, it will just waste your time. It will really waste your innate Pill Skills. You should follow me to the Imperial Capital, I know many Pill Skill Grandmasters. Trust me. I just only need to open my mouth, they will definitely put all their hearts into teaching youHahaha, in less than twenty years, I believe a Pill Skill Divine Master, who can truly refine a Spirit Pill, will appear in the Snow Country, ha, ha, ha, ha. . . Let’s go. Come to the imperial capital. I’ll introduce you to some old friends of mine.”


While speaking nonstop with an extreme excitement, the old man suddenly jumped up and pulled Ye Qingyu’s arms as if he wanted to leave with him right away.


On the other side, Lin Qingyi was dumbfounded, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


This respected teacher of his had an honorable position. His Pill Skills had reached perfection. However, his innate impatience was really extreme.  If he had saw a Divine Herb wonder drug, or any exceptional pill formula, or a raw gem, he would be excited like a child, and must get them no matter whatregardless of the fact if the opposite party agreed or not.


Ye Qingy was also taken by surprise.


He avoided the old man’s grasp with an emotionless face, just smiled and said, “Senior, I am still carrying the army responsibility, can’t act freely. I am afraid I might disappoint your good intentions.”


“Oh right, let me talk to Lu Zhaoge. Make him let you go. This matter, ha ha, I remember that this War God Lu still owes me some favors. . .” Du Gu Quan said halfheartedly, “Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll go meet the War God Lu. As long as I ask, he’ll definitely oblige.”


This old man is too persistent.


Ye Qingyu laughed painfully.


However, Ye Qingyu had a good impression with this Snow Country ‘s God Pill.


This fair old man with white hair indeed had a child-like and pure heart.


“Senior, please don’t be bothered. I just accidentally succeeded in making the Pill. I am not passionate about it. I still have other matters that I want to take care of. Therefore, I would only disappoint your good intentions.” Ye Qingyu stood up, bent his body to bow and said.


“Ah!” What? Do you really not want to inherit the Pill? Haiz … You have to think carefully. If you refine pills, in less than ten years, after achieving the Great Pill Skill, you will become the most honorable existence in the entire Empire. Even the imperial family doesn’t have the right to freely command you. Those Great Sect’s elders will all fearfully serve you. Until that time, you become the greatest existence throughout the Heaven Wasteland Domain. You can do whatever you want.”


Du Gu Quan anxiously rubbed his hands and started to tempt him again.


Ye Qingyu still declined.


The reason he started making pills was to improve his cultivation. His ambition was forever in the Yuan Energy Dao marital arts technique. Medicine Pill was just a medium to achieve the cultivation.


“This rascal!”


Du Gu Quan saw that his temptation didn’t work out. His moustache all stood up.


After successfully acquiring the Pill Skills and becoming the chief Pill master of the Snow Country [Imperial Serving Organization], he had been into Pill Skills for these past few years. Unfortunately, there was no significant progress or breakthrough. The more he was on the path of the Pill Skills, the more he and the other Pill Skill Grandmasters in the Snow Country were aware of the importance of an innate talent. His aged bones clearly didn’t have any possibilities to advance. Therefore, he changed his thoughts. Nuturing the younger generation, putting all of his might to train them then making use of his disciple’s achievements to get his hands on the Spirit Pill Great Skill while he was still in this world.


Ten years ago, Du Gu Quan started to accept disciples.


More than ten Great Pill Masters united, borrowed the Empire power, and roamed everywhere to find an outstanding Pill talent seed. Lin Qingyi was originally chosen to be fostered to be a remarkable Pill Genius successor. Unfortunately, his progress was weak and he hadn’t had any improvements during these past few years.


For Du Gu Quan , getting to meet Ye Qingyu today was really like a drought that suddenly had a heavy rain after a long time.. It was as if a desperate soul had found light after living in darkness.


In fact, since the moment Du Gu Quan saw the Mysterious Heaven Pill, he had become more sensitive to the news.


While looking forward to Lin Qingyi’s assessment of the Mysterious Heaven Pill’s huge value, Du Gu Quan was paying more attention to the pill maker. Because judging from the Mysterious Heaven Pill, he was astonished by the pill maker’s experience as well the excellent refinement method, which was the combination of an ancient method and a newly created one. This definitely stood out from the normal classic methods. Du Gu Quan had gone through an unexpectedly tremendous shock that he had never had before while immersing himself in the Pill Skill inside of this pill.


Therefore, he decided to postpone his meeting with Lu Zhaoge to come to the Hundred Herb Hall to strenuously wait for the Pill Maker.


And from that very moment when he saw Ye Qingy, he couldn’t help but make efforts to find out the face under the white clothes.


Right after he discovered that the pill maker was unexpectedly a young man, he felt rejoiced and uplifted inside. Words couldn’t describe the joy he felt. He was instantly aware that the invincible Pill Genius, whom he and the other Pill Master had been having hard times finding, had finally appeared.


In Du Gu Quan’s eyes, a Mysterious Heaven Pill couldn’t even compare to one Ye Qingyu.


Things were dead.


Meanwhile, human was alive.


Only a living human being could have an ability to create boundless miracles.


Therefore, he used his Empire chief Pill Master status to convince Ye Qingyu to be his disciple.


However, Ye Qingyu once again declined his offer, which made him, a Pill Master with an honorable position, aware that he surehad no way to change this young man’s mind.


This was the situation he had never expected.


He originally thought that with his status and fame, isn’tasking him to be his disciple just a piece of cake? Even an Empire Prince kneels on his knees to ask me to be his teacher, I might not accept. Who knows this invincible genius that I’ve just found basically doesn’t pay attention to me.


Du Gu Quan couldn’t help but sigh constantly. His face was full of disappointments.


On the other hand, Shopkeeper Sui’s eyeballs were about to fall to the ground when he witnessed this sight. This was the Snow Country Pill God, Du Gu Quan. His Pill Skill could be placed on a par with the Emperor’s. When he opened his mouth to take disciples, more than ten Pill Skill Sect Masters representing for the prominence and reputation of the Snow Country would  compete to be his disciple. However, they obviously all got rejected.


Lin Qingyi couldn’t help but feel jealous.


He recalled the time when he became Du Gu Quan’s disciple, he had to go through countless tests, kneel three times and kowtow nine times to enter the Snow Country Pill Master sect. At this moment, everything was turned upside down. His most respected teacher had unexpectedly gotten rejected when asking another young man to be his disciple.


Fortunately, his thinking was not bad, which was more open-minded than an ordinary person. He also didn’t mind these tiny matters.


Ye Qingyu didn’t say anything else and just stood still on the side.


The Snow Country Pill God rubbed his hands while going back and forth in the secret room. After a while, his eyes lit up, indicating he had just come up with something. He pulled Ye Qingyu’s arm with a smile then said, “Little Brother, meeting you is fate. You don’t want to have any relations to the pill matters. So how about we become friends?”


Ye Qingyu was about to nod.


“Well, we can’t end it like this. Let’s become sworn brothers,” As soon as the Pill God spoke those earth-shaking words, the face of the man in white had gone green. He excitedly continued, “Hahaha, this cannot be regarded that this old man has a high ambition. Despite our age differences, we can still be good friends, hahaha …”


He was overwhelmed by his own brilliant idea and couldn’t bear but laugh out loud.


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