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Chapter 254 - You Are A Genius

The white shadow walked away in panic.




He could feel the threat of death, didn’t dare to stay and immediately decided to leave.


As long as he could run, there would have definitely been a possibility for him to have escaped.


This was the confidence of an assassin.


There was nothing inside of the White Ghost Formation that could have stopped him.


But at that moment, suddenly—-




An explosive sound came out of his body.


There was something exploding inside of his body.


He was incomparably desperate, lowering his head.


An icy dark power that he didn’t pay attention to blew up inside of his chest and smashed his organs.


The wound was extreme. His four limbs were paralyzed. His reaction was slowed down and so did his speed. . .




Snowflakes flew pass him.


Blood was splashing everywhere.


The enchanting snowflakes were slaughtered crazily on the inside. The white shadow was shattered into pieces.




Ye Qingyu beckoned.


Snowflakes twirled around everywhere, they constantly attacked one after another, circled his body, and turned into a palm-size group. They fell into his hand, then instantly diminished, changed into Pure Inner Yuan and Supreme ice Flame, and again went back to his body.


Along with the death of the white figure, the Rune Formation gradually vanished as well.


The watercolor painting on the mist was somehow uprooted as well. The small alley slowly exposed.


There was no blood or corpse on the ground as if nothing had ever happened.


In this small and normal alley, a No-face King, the scary assassin who used to make the entire Jianghu tremble in fear, was killed by a method that even him and the other experts on Jianghu couldn’t think of. He had finally died in an illusory formation. His remains were disposed as well.


After Ye Qingyu adjusted his breathing, he turned around and left.


This time assassination was unexpected, yet it was as though it was meant to happen.


If Ye Qingyu didn’t react in time and used his Flowing Shadow Kill to avoid the first attack, he would have been undoubtedly in real danger today. The first strike from an assassin was absolutely fatal. It could at least have caused its opposite party severe wounds. . .


This no-face ghost figure was perhaps overconfident in his own assassination technique.


And obviously, it was a big mistake.


Luckily, Ye Qingyu had always been preparing to pass on the Flowing Shadow Kill to Jin Ling lately. Therefore, he could have estimated the cultivation in advance. However, the Flowing Shadow Kill cultivation technique that Ye Qingyu had displayed carried an Icy-cold intent and Supreme ice flame, which was different from its original form.


This Flowing Shadow Kill was the top assassination technique. It was used to deal with assassins.


Due to his practice of the cultivation techniques, Ye Qingyu could quickly figure out the assassination technique. Therefore, he was able to avoid the first attack from the No-face Ghost figure easily.


Ye Qingyu turned around and left.


At this point, it didn’t matter who had assassinated him anymore.


This was definitely Sect people.


What more important was…, this event was to let Ye Qingyu know that he had really offended the Sect, that he even dared to assassinate a royal Marquis from the empire.


To destroy them , he must act crazily first.


The more crazily he acted, the more they showed themselves.


At the first look, the Youyan army today didn’t have any changes. However, Lu Zhaoge had recovered, the table had been turned around completely. The unbeatable Youyan Pass had already come back silently. The outcome would definitely have been a tragedy for those who didn’t recognize this point.


The shadow of Ye Qingyu’s back disappeared into a distant place on the street.


In the small and gloomy alley.


A rippling wave suddenly appeared in the air.


Two figures stomped on the wave and appeared from nowhere.


“Just happen to come across. Didn’t know that I would get a chance to witness such an interesting event. Ye Qingyu obviously excels in assassination techniques, not to mention the miraculous assassination technique. It is indeed unimaginable yet genuinely frightening. The No-face King is one of the top assassins from the Massacre Palace. He had planned for this assassination. But instead, he got killed by Ye Qingyu, which is totally out of my expectations.”


A figure, which was full of Dragon aura, sighed heavily and said,


The other figure nodded his head. There was a golden cold light, which was like a Light Cage, protecting him. His face couldn’t be seen clearly. He then said, “The technique Ye Qingyu has displayed is similar to the top Shadow Assassin Technique, which is extremely superior. It is at least at the level of a Divine Technique. The No-face King didn’t die unjustly.”


“Youyan the Greatest Ye really lives up to his reputation. We might have taken this man lightly.”


“Well, he is just a martial arts master from an academy, doesn’t have any Sect-related backgrounds. How can he acquire such a miraculous fighting technique?” The figure with a Dragon aura said with pensive slowness, “Heartless Young Master, Yu Baimei will soon be in his hands, not to mention his diverse cultivation techniques. This is clearly a Jianghu Sect’s path, which seems a little odd.”


“Can he be the Ancient Time Great Clique successor?” The heart of the figure with cold light was slightly wavered. He said, “Senior brother Zhao, this must be a bad news. These deep-sleeping Ancient Time Great Cliques must come to this world again.”


“If it is the case, then we can’t underestimate this Ye Qingyu. He has offended the army, defeated a Marquis. His schemes are not small.” The figure with cold light pensively said.


“Regardless of his background, his cultivation base is low anyway. Can he possibly have the ability to suppress me and you?” The figure with cold light was slightly furious: “These Ancient Time Great Cliques have been already sent to their graves. Their descendants are extinct. Wanting to come back to life, ha ha, this is the time of the [Three Sects Three Schools]. If they recklessly create troubles, we just need to destroy them all.”


“How about that Ye Qingyu?”


“When the [Martial Arts Sovereign Meeting] happens, I will get rid of him myself. Let me see his true colors, ha ha, I hope he won’t let me down.”


“If Senior brother Jing personally handles him, then everything will be easily settled down.”


After talking for a while, they once again stomped on the rippling air wave, and went into the void. Their figures disappeared completely.


. . .


. . .


While Ye Qingyu was coming to the Hundred Herb Hall, Shopkeeper Sui had soon been waiting for him at the door.


He greeted Ye Qingyu respectfully. He had instructed the servants not to disturb them no matter what had happened. Shopkeeper Sui brought Ye Qingyu to the third floor into the old secret room.




His eyes went past the hats and clothes. Apart from Lin Qingyi, Ye Qingyu saw another man in the secret room.


It was an old man.


His face was fair. His white hair was endless, which made him look like a snowman.


While Ye Qingyu was observing this old man, the old man, who originally closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes.


There were two light rays shooting out to Ye Qingyu from his aged pupils. Those eyes were genuinely sharp as if it could pierce through any hallucinatory barriers in this world.


Ye Qingyu wavered a little inside. A group of Supreme ice flames burst out from his mouth, densely lingering around his face.




A surprising look came out on the old man’s face. He stood up all of a sudden.


Ye Qingy’s face was indifferent. His internal profound power secretly moved. His vital energy was raging out, spreading all over his body.


The body of the white hair fair old man emitted a formidable great pressure. This was the one from a supreme martial arts master, which couldn’t be overlooked.


“Ha ha, good good good, definitely a genius Mysterious Heaven Pill maker. This old man can’t see your true appearance. This is great.” The old man uttered a sonorous and a loud laugh. “I am Du Gu Quan, what shall I call you, little brother?”


Du Gu Quan?


I haven’t heard of this name before.


Ye Qingyu was on guard, he lightly said: “I am Yuqing Ye. Pleased to meet you, Senior.”


“Grand master is the chief Pill Master of the [Empire Imperial Serving Organisation], called Snow Country Pill God.” Lin Qingyi couldn’t stand but add up a sentence. He looked over at Ye Qingyu, who was listening to his explanation about his honorable master. He immediately knew that this guy definitely hadn’t heard about the master’s reputation when he saw Ye Qingyu expressionless face.


His words really surprised Ye Qingyu.


An [Imperial Serving Organization Chief Pill Master?




This is such a majestic person.


In the [Empire Imperial Serving Organization], there is no one that is not a top legend. To be able to become the chief Pill Master of the Empire Imperial Serving Organization means that this man must hold a high position, which is not under Yan Buhui of Youyan Pass. Moreover, with his honorable Pill Master position, he perhaps doesn’t need to bow to anybody besides the Empire Emperor, and genuinely stands on the top of the pyramid of the social class system.


No wonder this old man’s speaking was forceful like this.


“Ha ha, what is the Chief Pill Master?!. It is just a false fame. In front of a genius Mysterious Heaven Pill, it is nothing,” Du Gu Quan stroked his beard, laughed loudly then continued saying, “I think little brother is just twenty years old. But you’ve already made a pill, which is just a level lower than Spirit Pill. Definitely an outstanding young man, you make this old man feel ashamed.”


Ye Qingyu was fluttered, modestly asked, “Senior, what make you so certain that I am not over twenty years old?”


“Ha ha ha ha,” the old man laughed then said, “This old man’s eyes not only can distinguish any [spirit herb wonder drugs] in this world or the level of the pills but also can judge people. Little brother, even though you hide your face, a person’s aura can disclose so much information. I can determine you are not over twenty years old. . . well, you should be around sixteen years old.”


Ye Qingyu found this astonishing.


Definitely a Pill God of the Snow County, he is indeed not ordinary.


“Although I don’t know you, little brother, why do you want to hide your face? I think it must relate to the Mysterious Heaven Pill?” Du Gu Quan laughed out loud, and gave Ye Qingyu a signal to sit down. His face was amiable. He sincerely said, “So your name, Yuqing Ye, it must be fake, right?”


Ye Qingyu sat down, laughed then said, “I just have no choice.”


“The Mysterious Heaven Pill is indeed exceptionally valuable, especially to the Snow Country. Its value merely lies on material aspect to an ordinary person. In my eyes, its value is way less than that Little Brother’s. Being able to refine such a pill that only one level lower than a Spirit Pill at your age, your future is definitely limitless.” The old man continued with a smile, “However, little brother, don’t you worry. You have had this old man pave your way. Even if your true identity is revealed, no one would dare to touch you. The title of the Mysterious Heaven Pill Maker belongs to only you, not anyone else.”


“Senior, you might have praised the wrong person. The Mysterious Heaven Pill isn’t refined by only me. I’ve accidentally discovered the Ancient Times Pill Formula then randomly attempted to make it. Such an honorable praise from you, I don’t dare to take.” Ye Qingyu obviously didn’t want to trade the Mysterious Heaven Pill for fame. He hurriedly clarified.


“I’ve also thought about this point.” Du Gu Quan laughed then said, “I’ve been examining the Mysterious Heaven Pill for the last two days and two nights. I can naturally tell from the pill attribute that it’s been integrated with some techniques from [the God and Devil era]. It must be an ancient pill formula. However, your refining techniques are too superb. Uniting the sky and earth, using ice and fire to refine pill. This really makes me surprise apart from the pill formula reason. Little Brother, it is not an exaggeration to state that you are a Pill genius.”


Those words from a Pill Master like this old man really made Ye Qingyu have more respect for him.


Just by a look from a Medicine Pill, he was able to see many things like this. He was indeed a [Snow Country Pill God].


Therefore, there was no need to hide anything.


Ye Qingyu took the hood off his head.


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